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#SimplyG45 - Stamp & Embossing on Vellum

Posted by Graphic 45 09/10/2018 23 Comment(s) Cards,Mixed Media,Tutorials,Videos,#SimplyG45,


Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to the Graphic 45 blog!  Let's kick start this week with a fabulous #SimplyG45 Stamping and Embossing tutorial. Embossing is great for any of your paper crafting projects but looks especially dreamy on cards.  This card and tutorial are both by Brand Ambassador, Kasia Bogatko.  Kasia has used our Communique paper collection, and Imagine Stamps to create this show-stopping card.  



#SimplyG45 - Vintage Card

Stamp Embossing on Vellum

By Kasia Bogatko


Hello Graphic 45 Fans!


Today I have for you a quick and simple project. I decided to make a card! This is not my domain, but sometimes I have to make a card and I wanted to show you how it can be easily done. You do not need much experience and products, just a little time. You can prepare a project in any style, I like vintage and I tried to stick to it here. I used Communique collection, very stylish and vintage.

Choose your favorite papers, maybe flowers, it all depends on your imagination. Remember that a very simple way to add a piece of space is to separate layers from each other with pieces of 3d tape, or simply cardboard. I don’t like flat projects and always make this 3D trick with mine.


On today's occasion, I also wanted to show you how to use stamps in a different way, not just by simply stamping on paper. Just a piece of vellum paper, embossing ink, and embossing powder. In my project, I used clear acrylic stamps Dream from Imagine collection.


First, you have to stamp the chosen design with embossing ink on vellum paper. Then - use your favorite embossing powder - black, gold, white - any color you want to. Melt the powder with the heat tool and you will get beautiful, shiny print. Now just cut the pattern and it’s ready to use.


I believe that now such quick and simple projects will not be a problem for you. Try to get inspired by my video tutorial and the tricks shown. You will certainly receive effective works that will please many recipients.” ~Kasia



Graphic 45 Communique Card - Stamping Tutorial by Kasia Bogatko




Communique—Deluxe Collector's Edition

Dream—Clear Acrylic Stamps


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Absolutely stunning work Kasia!  Thanks so much to you for joining us on the blog today, and Kasia for sharing this tutorial and mixed media inspiration.  We hope you try out this fun technique, and as always be sure to share your results with us on our Graphic 45 - Official Community Page.  


Happy Papercrafting!

23 Comment(s)

09/10/2018, 12:00:16 PM

Brilliant ideas - must give them a try. Thanks for showing us how to do it!

09/10/2018, 12:01:45 PM

What a beautiful card! I've never tried embossing on vellum, but I will today!

Carole Effting Lohr:
09/10/2018, 12:57:50 PM

Thank you for sharing this card tutorial, Kasia. Since card making is my thing, and I have this collection, I can make this card soon. I appreciate your artistry and helpful hints.

Sue MacFall:
09/10/2018, 01:27:50 PM

Brilliant video - guess what I will be doing tomorrow. Love this card, thank you,Kasia

Regina Harrison:
09/10/2018, 02:07:28 PM

This card is so pretty. I love it for the cover of a mini album. Thank you for the idea:)

Bev Drake:
09/10/2018, 02:40:26 PM

Lovely card. Really enjoyed watching it com to life on the video. Bev Drake

09/10/2018, 03:34:34 PM

I’m ruining to my scrapbook room to try this right now! Love it!

09/10/2018, 03:34:34 PM

I’m ruining to my scrapbook room to try this right now! Love it!

09/10/2018, 03:55:03 PM

Love the idea of embossing on vellum. Thank you.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Too cute!! Thanks for the tips!!!!

Debbie Siddle:
09/10/2018, 04:26:09 PM

Everything about this is just absolutely gorgeous xxxxxxx

Glenda Buster:
09/10/2018, 07:37:12 PM

Lovely card! Thank you so much for the tutorial, embossing on vellum! Definitely going to do this.

Sharon Gullikson:
09/11/2018, 08:20:25 AM

I have never embossed on vellum--it just seems like it will burn or curl. So now I will try it. I like your colors--so subdued and vintage looking...

09/11/2018, 08:20:36 AM

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the vintage style and the splattering. And that stamp set is divine!!

Sandra Featherston:
09/11/2018, 08:28:38 AM

Thank you for your tutorial. I am always learning from shared techniques posted on this Graphic 45 blog.

Martie Rollin:
09/12/2018, 02:36:15 PM

Vellum is an interesting kind of paper. Thanks for this idea.

Kate LeBlanc:
09/12/2018, 07:11:32 PM

Great card, and I love the Imagine stamps! I like the embossing method, it always looks so nice on vellum.

09/12/2018, 10:00:21 PM

Thank you for the tutorial. I love this stamp set

cindy yinger:
09/13/2018, 05:52:12 AM

Lovely idea and tutorial. Thanks for sharing

Dorothy McCarthy:
09/13/2018, 06:48:04 AM, handmadebydorothy.blogspot.com

Amazing card!

Denise Shepherd:
09/13/2018, 12:35:55 PM

Absolutely stunning card. I love it especially the simplicity of it. Thanks for sharing. Dx

Kathy Brown:
09/13/2018, 01:29:16 PM

I love vellum and emboss together!! Beautiful card!! Thanks

09/13/2018, 04:14:20 PM

Thanks for the technique! The colorful flower against the gray background is gorgeous!

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