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Craft Room Tour with Ginger Ropp

Posted by Graphic 45 09/16/2019 30 Comment(s) Videos,Craft Studio Tour,


Hello, G45ers!

  Let's start the week out clean and organized!  Today, we have a fabulous Craft Studio Tour with YouTube Extraordinaire, Ginger Ropp - My Sisters Scrapper!  Ginger has been so kind to open the doors for her craft rooms, yes, that is right, rooms.  In the video tour you will get so many wonderful ideas on how to organize your space no matter how big or small.  So grab a cup of tea and take some notes.  


Craft Room Tour

By Ginger Ropp - My Sisters Scrapper


"Since we recently moved from Washington to Arizona that meant a new crafty space and better organization of my stash. It took awhile, however, I think I finally have it under control. The best way for me to utilize my abundance of Graphic 45 patterns and solids is to have them stored in the cube with just the color band showing. This way when I need a coordinating color I don’t worry about the specific collection, only the color needed. This is the best way for me to utilize my stash and as you know Graphic 45 patterns and solids are very versatile. 


Storage Tip: Store your G45 patterns and solids with the color band showing so you can utilize your stash when needed. 


Here’s a quick video tour of my crafty space." ~Ginger


Video Tour:


Craft Room Tour 2019 by Ginger Ropp






Tip: Clear bins make it easy to see what you are storing, and look great on your shelves as well.  Try storing your paper pads, and embellishments this way. 


Find clear bins in the pantry section at the Container Store.



Happy Papercrafting!  



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30 Comment(s)

Anne Schilling:
09/16/2019, 10:31:08 AM

Amazing and wonderfully organized. I’m going to IKEA this week!

Vanessa LeClear:
09/16/2019, 10:37:01 AM

Wow! Thanks for the tour and tips!

Kim Russell:
09/16/2019, 10:46:44 AM

Thanks for the tour! I love the clear bins and would love to know where they came from?

Charee Filimoehala:
09/17/2019, 12:15:14 PM

Hello Kim, Ginger found these clear bins at the Container Store, they are iDesign pantry storage containers.

Stephanie Cook:
09/16/2019, 11:13:01 AM

Love the clear containers, I wanna come and play. Thank you for sharing.

Daphne Dorce:
09/16/2019, 11:14:08 AM

Fabulous! I love the way you organized your craft room.

Stephanie Cook:
09/16/2019, 11:17:07 AM

Thank you for sharing your wonderful craft room. Love the clear containers and the idea of reversing the paper pads to match by color.

Rosann Barnes:
09/16/2019, 11:24:51 AM

I so love Ginger's craft space! Who wouldn't love that Graphic 45 "Wonderland" ! Great tips for storing too !

Rosann Barnes:
09/16/2019, 11:27:39 AM

Who wouldn't love Ginger's Scrap space... especially that Graphic 45 " Wonderland " !! Great storing tips too !

09/16/2019, 11:40:32 AM

Wow, awesome craft room Ginger! I love all the G45 goodies!!!

Kathleen Capachione:
09/16/2019, 11:46:35 AM

Thanks Ginger! Loving the clear holders. I moved recently and I have alot still packed. There will be one more move and my craft space will be the first to create. Your tips are so helpful.

Christy Boyd:
09/16/2019, 11:51:48 AM

Hi Ginger! It’s Christy from Colorado Springs! I love your Craft Room! You are very organized! I love your use of the clear bins! I’m going to use that idea for sure. Where did you get them? So many good ideas. Thank you for sharing!

Kathy Ruemler:
09/16/2019, 12:21:26 PM

Your new craft rooms are superb! Thx for all the tips & sharing your very well organized space!!

09/16/2019, 12:51:51 PM

Wow what gorgeous rooms and the organization. Please!!!! come and help me:)

09/16/2019, 01:12:23 PM

Lovely and well organized! Please let us know links for your various sized plastic bins. It would be amazingly helpful!

09/16/2019, 01:45:18 PM

I have just relocated myself and really struggling with the reorganization of my craft room. Your ideas are wonderful and will definitely use more clear containers to store my G45 paper pads and accessories.

Michele Rogers:
09/16/2019, 02:02:26 PM

Love your very organized space. You inspire me. I really like how the 8x8 pads fit in those plastic bins. Can you let me/us know where we can get them? They look heavier than usual.

Charee Filimoehala:
09/17/2019, 12:16:03 PM

Hello Michele, Ginger found these clear bins at the Container Store, they are iDesign pantry storage containers.

Bev Drake:
09/16/2019, 02:08:19 PM

Oh wow! All that wonderful Graphic 45 beautifully displayed. A fitting setting for Ginger’s wonderful creations.

Traci Vanover:
09/16/2019, 02:19:29 PM,

Did anyone else hear the heavens open, and angels begin to sing? I was in HEAVEN!Thank you so much for sharing your space, Ginger!

Cheryl Johnson:
09/16/2019, 03:47:17 PM

Wow! All I can say is that I just got a G45 overload looking at this humongous craft room and all the STUFF! Never, in a million years, could I use up all that paper and other products, and since I have nobody to hand it down to, I have gone on a G45 diet....I just buy the sets I "could die" for and forget anything, however cute, that I can't use in sending cards to friends and family and making "treasures" to be passed down when I'm no longer here. At 75, I no longer envy these wonderful craft rooms, but I do want to use everything up before I go. Immense admiration for Ginger's sense of storage and the beautiful craft area.

Dawn Holmes:
09/16/2019, 03:47:22 PM

Oh my goodness. Wow. What a brilliantly organised craft space. Brilliant tips and advice. I could use some help if you are ever in England.... Thank you for sharing this with us. You have inspireed me to try harder to be tidy with the space I have.

Julia Chacon-Larson:
09/16/2019, 04:39:08 PM

Where do you get the clear storage bins to hold your 12 x 12 paper?

Charee Filimoehala:
09/17/2019, 12:17:02 PM

Hello Julia, Ginger found these clear bins at the Container Store, they are iDesign pantry storage containers.

Barbara Zane-Wilson:
09/16/2019, 05:06:00 PM,

I could not see the video. I could hear her commentary, but no picture. As I am moving into a new space not being able to see it is a big disappointment.

Charee Filimoehala:
09/17/2019, 12:13:15 PM

Hello Barbara,Here is the link to Ginger's video tour: link should be working above as well. Thanks so much for taking the tour. Happy Papercrafting!

Susan Vogt:
09/16/2019, 05:47:08 PM

Loved seeing how you've organized your craft room...both of them! I will have to take a trip to Ikea and The Container Store! Thanks, Ginger, for the tour.

Joyce G.:
09/16/2019, 07:28:48 PM

Ginger, thank you for sharing your Craft Rooms with us. I only wish I had that much space to put a great Craft Room in like yours. My husband won't move so I can get that amount of extra space, just love your Craft Rooms.

Sharon hastings:
09/16/2019, 10:28:11 PM

Love your room and so many graphic 45 papers. I am so full of envy. Fantastic

Dorothy McCarthy:
09/17/2019, 06:45:06 AM,

Amazing!! Thank you!

Von Pride:
09/17/2019, 08:41:59 AM

This is what i call a “Scraper Candy Room” This is amazing and love the organization. “A Place for every thing and every thing in place “ Beautifully done.

Ellen Haydon:
09/17/2019, 04:37:44 PM

Welcome to Arizona! I love all the beautiful ways that you have set up your great Craft Room. Especially the clear bins and all your tips on how to organize them. Hopefully you will be setting up a date for a class here in Phoenix. I know you would have some very loving people showing up. Ellen from Phoenix.

09/17/2019, 11:02:39 PM

You are one organized and neat crafter. I see you favor G45 paper products. Me too.

Glenda Buster:
09/20/2019, 09:42:59 AM

Thank you for the tour. The beauty and organization in your craft rooms is inspiring!

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