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Craft Room Tour with Carla La Vera

Posted by Graphic 45 07/31/2020 11 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Home Decor,Craft Studio Tour,


Hello, G45ers!

  We are excited to send you into the weekend with 5 Genius Craft Storage Solutions.  Today on the blog, Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Carla La Vera opens the doors to her vintage-inspired Craft Room and gives us a Tour.  Below you will find brilliant organization tips and lots of gorgeous inspiration that will get your wheels turning on how to keep your space nice and tidy, that is until it is time to have some fun papercrafting.  Be sure to share your tips on how you stay organized in the comments below, and send Carla some love for letting us peek into her craft haven.


My Eclectic Studio

By Carla La Vera


“I invite you to know today my little world, my eclectic studio, a place where I enjoy being and, where I feel inspired to do my projects.

It is a relatively small room and I always feel that I need space to put everything I want, more papers, more flowers, more...everything but, for me it is adorable and I enjoy the time I spend here.




These are views from all angles and as you may have seen I am definitely a Vintage Style lover.

I like to keep my studio tidy but it inevitably turns into chaos when I'm doing my projects.


TIP 1: If you are lucky enough to have a space to develop this beautiful art, try to surround yourself with those things that inspire you.



My work table is convenience furniture when I am working on the edition of the tutorials, I have it folded, but, when I am working on my projects, I can unfold it and, it becomes a 40 ”x 54” table.  Over here I have too this old chair is a 1920-1930s spinning chair.



This farmhouse style cabinet is my place to store my albums. It is supposed to be placed in a bathroom, but I like its style and I like how it fits in my studio.

Those two illustrations are from my favorite Illustrator: Norman Rockwell, the genius, whose style is represented in various Graphic 45 collections, and I can't fail to mention the beautiful typewriter of the 20's.



This old mannequin that shows the effects of time is one of my favorite treasures, I did not want to restore it because I think that its essence would be lost. In these hat boxes, I keep my flowers and my Christmas ribbons and cords. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

Sometimes I get inspired by music and I'm definitely retro, I have a collection of vinyl records: Elvis Presley, Ragtag, 40’s, 50’s and 80’s and obviously ... Christmas !!!!


TIP 2:  Take advantage of dual-use items, decorate, get inspired and organize your materials using them instead of boxes and drawers.



In this cube organizer shelf, I have my Graphic 45 collections, more flowers, some albums, my vinyl records, my big shot, fabrics, and my new projects.



These paper holders have only my Graphic 45 papers, I tried to classify and organize them, but ... there is no more effective anti-stress therapy than rediscover beautiful papers and imagine the perfect projects for those papers.


TIP 3: If you store your papers vertically, it will be easy to review and grab the papers that you were looking for.



For me, it is impossible to work on a single project. I usually work on the project that inspires me that day, so this is the best way to keep my studio a little organized.  I save each project in process on these boxes.


TIP 4: If you like to work simultaneously on several projects, get organized by keeping each one in a box where you can even put the ribbons, flowers, and other decorations that you plan to use in each project.



Finally another little corner with my small old suitcases in which I keep the Dies I use the most and some small projects.

In one of the baskets, I have tags and travel notebooks, etc.



I store in small Ziplock bags all the cards, ephemera cards, chipboard pieces and die cuts I had left from past collections. This is one of the things I love about Graphic 45, several of its collections can be combined and will look great.


TIP 5: Use small ziplock bags to classify the leftovers, this will make your job easier when you want to do small projects with these little treasures.



These were my husband's suggestions, he uses them for his nails and screws, and, although they are not with the same style of my studio decor, they are practical and perfect for storage brads, eyelets, and other metal embellishments.



Also in my closet, although small, I have the option of saving all the tapes, past projects, leftovers, solid cardstock, and some of the objects that I find in the flea markets and to which I see the potential for future projects.


I hope you like my little world and that the simple tips I have given you, help to keep your studios organized.” ~Carla






Happy Papercrafting!  


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11 Comment(s)

Michele Taylor:
07/31/2020, 11:55:09 AM

Thanks for sharing! Looks great.

Carla La Vera:
08/04/2020, 02:53:30 PM

Thank you so much Michele

Cathy Grills:
07/31/2020, 12:13:25 PM

Thank you so much for this craft room tour. Your room is full of inspiration and beautifully decorated. I am new to paper crafting and trying to figure out the best way to store my supplies and this post has given me some great ideas.

Carla La Vera:
08/04/2020, 02:57:44 PM

Thanks Cathy! I'm so glad to helped you with some ideas. The first thing is, the only one who need to enjoy your studio are you and decorate it to feel yourself inspired.

07/31/2020, 01:54:49 PM

Great room and storage tips!

Carla La Vera:
08/04/2020, 02:59:18 PM

Thanks RJZ!!!

07/31/2020, 01:54:49 PM

Great room and storage tips!

Marcia Blair:
07/31/2020, 02:31:12 PM

I love love love organization....You have done a beautiful job!

Carla La Vera:
08/04/2020, 03:04:48 PM

Thanks! it looks good, but...when I'm working in some projects it become a mess

07/31/2020, 02:57:43 PM

Hi Carla, Really love how you have set up your craftroom, it's awesome and "soooo me"-:) Love your picture with the "Family quote" which is one of my favourite sayings and including the family photos is a great idea. I use fishing tackle boxes for my brads etc,and as you say don't really go with the room but are so practical and hold lots. Thank you for sharing your lovely room. Take care and keep safe. Jeanette, New Zealand.

Carla La Vera:
08/04/2020, 03:28:28 PM

Hi Jeanette!! Thanks!!!. I Love that panel too. It is a canvas and I did a collage with many Graphic 45 papers with black and white colors (vintage white), there are many collectios with these matching papers. Hugs and be safe!

Carol Powers:
07/31/2020, 04:03:54 PM

Carla,I LOVE everything about your studio, in particular, the chocolate-themed signs.Can you tell me where you found them? Do you think Graphic 45 will ever offer a chocolate-related line? Carol Powers

Carla La Vera:
08/04/2020, 03:32:58 PM

I love those signs too. I found them in a yard sale and paid 10 for the three signs...good deal. The colors are really beautiful and I believe it is a good suggestion for a new collection.

Jenny Curthoys:
08/01/2020, 04:30:06 PM,

You look so organized I just don't seem to be able to get it together when it comes to organization, I'm going to have to try harder... Just love your studio

Susan Steele:
08/01/2020, 06:16:53 PM

Absolutely a most beautiful, vintage looking room Carla! I luv your room and your furniture! Your gorgeous room is the most uncluttered craft room I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing your great craft studio and your big tips to stash leftovers! P. S. Almost got myself one of those white farmhouse glass door cabinets last fall I'm kicking myself! Lol! Hugs, Suzy Q

Ellen Haydon:
08/03/2020, 06:55:43 PM

Thank you sharing your tips with us. I am always wanting to have tips because I have a lot of small stuff. I have to check my husband if he has any tool boxes he will give me.

Claire Gagne:
08/05/2020, 08:58:49 AM

Wonderful space for your crafting. As I'm in a mobile home I have a very limited space, but try to put furniture pieces in the room a label the drawers on a dresser I use. Also keep thinking about going up, like make shelves on the walls, etc. Your room is beautiful and very well organized. TYFS

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