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Fall Sneak Peeks Bonanza

Posted by Graphic 45 10/30/2019 76 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Home Decor,Tutorials,Planners & Calendars,Collection Reveal,


Hello, G45ers!

  Let's keep this party going with a Fall 2019 Sneak Peek Recap, two projects from Diane Schultz's Workshop, and a Pagoda tutorial from Jim Hankins the Gentleman Crafter.  We are loving your feedback on our new Fashion Forward and Bird Song collections.  Be sure to leave your comments below to be entered to win one of our 12 Sneak Peek Prize Packages, and join us tomorrow on Facebook for a Halloween party live from the Graphic 45 HQ.  



Celebrate Halloween with Graphic 45

Facebook Live

12 pm PST - Thursday, October 31st, 2019 


  • New Collections Tour with Head Designer and CEO, Diane Schultz

  • Prizes

  • Costumes

  • Fun!






 Would you like a chance to win?  


We thought you might, so here it is... We have 12 $100 Fall Release Prize Packages!  To enter to win leave a comment on the blog, Facebook, and/or Instagram.  


Winners will be announced on the blog

Friday, November 1st, 2019!



Fashion Forward

  Graphic 45 is proud to present a stylish new calendar collection, Fashion Forward!  With the pages of this collection, you’ll be able to celebrate the entire year with imagery of glamorous ladies, timeless sentiments, and art deco florals for each season.  Featuring a vibrant color palette of sapphire blue, amethyst purple, emerald green, ruby red, and citrine yellow. 


 Fashion Forward -  Now Available 


Fashion Forward Altered Art Box

By Diane’s Workshop


  Create holiday home decor with G45’s newest calendar collection, Fashion Forward.  This G45 Box has been covered in the February paper, and layered with fussy cut images of fashionistas.  


Tip: Use those cut-a-part borders to frame your focal point.  


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Large Tag, ATC Tag and Flower Dies

Antique Brass Claw Feet

Rose Bouquet Collection—Classic Ivory & Natural Linen

Matte Pearl Gems






Fashion Forward December Daily Album

Project by Diane’s Workshop


  Document the busy festive fun with our Mixed Media Albums.  Just adhere photos and add your journal to capture each day.  This album has been created using the December paper from our Fashion Forward calendar collection, and embellished with G45 Rose Bouquet flowers and Decorative Hardware


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Mixed Media Album - Red

Antique Brass Ornate Metal Key Holes

Matte Pearl Gems

Rose Bouquet Collection—Classic Ivory & Natural Linen



Ornate Metal Corners



Bird Song - Deluxe Collector’s Edition


  Step into a harmonious land of lavish decor and rich traditions with Bird Song, a new Deluxe Collector's Edition by Graphic 45!  Cherry blossoms flourish with dreamy jasmine and a myriad of delicate spring blossoms. Exquisitely dressed ladies exude strength and wisdom against a serene garden landscape. Bird Song is a celebration of joy and femininity, mixed with that unmistakable Graphic 45 vintage charm.  The richly saturated color pallet radiates with petal pinks, bamboo greens, sunrise blues, China reds, and charcoal blacks. Let your creativity soar on the wings of Bird Song!



Bird Song - Now Available





Bird Song Pagoda 

By Jim Hankins 

The Gentleman Crafter


“One of my favorite collections is back! I went back to my roots here and made another pagoda with this collection.  The original pagoda was my mother’s favorite project and if Mama Nell liked it...I hope you all would too. This time around it’s functional.   Slide back the shoji doors to find a segmented container. Open the box and there are a set of flip-flop memory books perfectly sized for those tiny printers that work off your phone and make fun little photos.” ~Jim



The Secret Pagoda

By Jim R. Hankins

The Gentleman Crafter

Copyright 2019



Supply List:

As always, please read through the entire tutorial before beginning.  We will begin by building a simple box…this time it’s in the shape of an Asian Pagoda.


Printable Pagoda Tutorial 

The Secret Pagoda Templates .SVG files


Building the Box-


Place the solid base piece down on your work surface.  Find the (2) 2-1/4 x 8-1/2-inch Left/Right Side pieces.


Apply a bead of glue down the long edge of the sidepiece and adhere on top of the left side of the base piece flush with the edge.  Repeat for right side.




Please Note:  You will want to adhere the piece all the way from under the pagoda roof midway down to the foot.


Next, find the (2) 2-1/4 x 6-1/4-inch Top/Bottom Pieces and apply glue to the left, right and bottom edges.  Adhere the piece to the top of the base piece and in between the Left/Right walls. The top piece should be level between the Left/Right walls.



For the remaining 2-1/4 x 6-1/4-inch piece we need to do a quick measure and mark.  Grab a pencil and a ruler. Measure up from the interior bottom left and right side 1-1/2-inch and mark.  Next, come up 7/8-inch from the center of the oval area on the center bottom and mark.



Apply glue to the left, right and bottom edges of the 2-1/4 x 6-1/4-inch piece and adhere down onto the base piece on the marked lines and in between the left/right sides.  GOOD JOB!


Apply glue to all the top edges of the pagoda assembly and adhere front pagoda piece down on it.  Again, aligning the bottom edge of the pagoda to be on the same level as the top of the box we just made.




Adding the Slide Pieces- 

Find the two curved leg bottom pieces.  One will be shorter than the other. Apply glue to the backside of the shorter base and then adhere the piece down on top of the larger matching the leg shapes.




Please Note:  If any glue seeps out on the top edge please clean it off with a rag or paper towel.  This will be the track that the door slides on so we want it to be free of glue “bumps.”


Next, apply glue to the front side of the shorter leg piece and adhere the matching shape on the front of the pagoda.



Find the 1/2- x 6-1/2-inch top slide piece and the ¼ x 6-1/2-inch piece.  Apply glue to the thin ¼-inch piece and adhere it on top of the larger piece making one edge flush with the other.



Apply glue to the front side of the ¼ piece and adhere to the top of the pagoda right under the pagoda roof as well as the top of the box.




The Shoji Doors-


Find the two shoji doors and the medallion pieces.  Adhere the medallion pieces to the door centered.




Install the (2) hitch fasteners to the holes in the center of the door.



Place the doors into the slide channels on each side.  Slide the doors in place. The back of the hitch fastener screw will stop the doors from coming out of the track.



Adding the Dragon Top-


Apply glue to the bottom edge of the dragon roof piece and adhere the piece down into the middle centered between the front and back roof.




Making the Interior Box-


Find the following pieces:

(1) 4-5/8 x 6-1/2-inch Base Piece

(2) 1-3/4 x 6-1/2-inch Left/Right Walls

(4) 1-3/4 x 4-3/8-inch Top/Bottom/Middle Pieces

(2) 3-1/4 x 4-5/8-inch Lid Pieces


Start by laying the 4-5/8 x 6-1/2-inch Base Piece on your work surface.  Apply a bead of glue to the long edge of one of the 1-3/4 x 6-1/2-inch Left/Right Walls

And adhere on top of the base piece plush with the edge.  Repeat for opposite side.



Apply glue to the left, right and bottom edges of the 1-3/4 x 4-3/8-inch Top/Bottom/Middle Piece and adhere down onto the base piece and in between the longer left right walls.  Repeat for opposite side.



Apply glue to the top face side of one of the 1-3/4 x 4-3/8-inch Top/Bottom/Middle Pieces and then adhere another matching piece to the top of it forming a double ply piece.  Next, apply glue to the left, right and bottom of the pieces and adhere down into the center of the box from left to right.





Cut (2) 1 x 4-5/8-inch strips from cardstock that matches your chipboard.  Score the piece down the center at ½-inch. Apply Scor-Tape or similar to each side of the score line. 



Bend the piece into a “V” tape sides together.  Place the 3-1/4 x 4-5/8-inch Lid Pieces on top of the assembly.  Pull the tape backing and adhere to lid and then bend it down onto the box top side forming a hinge.  Repeat for opposite side.




Making the Interior Box Closure-


Find the 3-1/8 x 3-1/4-inch Closure piece and the 1-5/8 x 3-1/8-inch backing piece.



Apply the glue to the backing piece and adhere to the top-matching portion of the Closure.



Apply tape to the raised backing piece.  Adhere a magnet set toward the center bottom (the lower section) and then pull the tape backing from the backing piece and the paper magnet cover.  


Adhere the piece onto the top section of the box front.  Adhere the magnet to the bottom section.




Making the Flip-Flop Books-


You will make (2) of these books to place inside the interior box. The same steps apply for both books.


Find the 2-7/8 x 4-1/4-inch covers and some cardstock that matches your chipboard.


Cut (3) 4 x 12-inch strips from one sheet of cardstock.  Place one of the pieces onto your scoreboard and score it at 2-1/2, 5, 7-1/2 and at 10-inches.  Do this for all three strips.




On the first strip find the smaller section and apply Scor- Tape to this front side section.  Accordion fold the piece up then down until the piece is completely pleated.



Again, apply score tape to the smaller section of the second strip and adhere to the backside of the larger 2-1/2 x 4-inch section from the previous strip.  Lastly, repeat the same steps for the last piece. You will end with a larger section.



Apply tape to the face of this larger last section.



Pull the tape backing and adhere the flip-flop pages to the center of the cover piece.  Repeat for remaining cover on opposite end.




Place the books inside the interior box, place the box inside the pagoda and slide the shoji doors closed.



You Did It!  Great Work! I’m proud of you…Hope you enjoyed making the project.









Happy Papercrafting!  



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76 Comment(s)

Cathy Frailey:
10/30/2019, 12:00:35 PM,

I've got the Fashion Forward collection on pre-order! I'm fashionably early!

10/30/2019, 12:08:01 PM

Cool Pagoda and art box! Love these collections!

Linda Fowler Johnston:
10/30/2019, 12:13:52 PM

Eagerly awaiting the release of these two collections. Gentleman Jim projects are always awesome and his directions are really clear and easy to follow. Great job G45.

Anne Schilling:
10/30/2019, 12:15:52 PM

This is unbelievably amazing! Way to showcase this collection with your brilliant skills.

Sue D:
10/30/2019, 12:20:51 PM

Fabulous and unique projects with these collections.

10/30/2019, 12:25:34 PM

I'm so excited to work with both of these collections. You never cease to amaze and delight me.

Karen S:
10/30/2019, 12:29:14 PM

Love love love the Bird Song. I've one 8 x 8 pad that I have been hoarding but now I can use the "old" and "new" Bird Song papers.Thank you for re-releasing this collection. Now on to Faerie Dust ;o)

Roisin Doyle:
10/30/2019, 12:31:09 PM

What wonderful projects! Fantastic inspiration!

Jan D., FL:
10/30/2019, 12:37:31 PM

That's amazing!!!

Martie Rollin:
10/30/2019, 12:37:52 PM

Beautiful paper collections! Happy to see Birdsong come back!

Rhonda Shiflet:
10/30/2019, 12:54:30 PM

WOW it’s so beautiful. I can’t wait until they come out

Ellen Haydon:
10/30/2019, 12:58:14 PM

Jim I love your projects. Your tutorials are also fantastic and quite fun to make. The Fashion Forward and the Birdsong Collections are lovely and I sure would love for them to come out soon.

Kitty Tatman:
10/30/2019, 12:58:27 PM

OMG YES YES YES on the pagoda! Eeee! I'm so in love with this collection. Gonna have to get 2 sets, one to play with and one to hoard!

Debbie Siddle:
10/30/2019, 12:58:59 PM

Amazing projects and I do so love the collections. That pagoda is gorgeous xxx

Tracy lawrence:
10/30/2019, 01:06:25 PM

Amazing collections can't wait to get a hold of these

Susan Ashby:
10/30/2019, 01:21:08 PM

Love the Bird Song and all your ideas. Can hardly wait to get started!

10/30/2019, 01:33:49 PM

Such an amazing tutorial! <3

Regina Harrison:
10/30/2019, 01:35:07 PM

I love the idea for a daily journal in December. The holiday is so busy and this would be a great way to slow down and focus. Thank you for the great idea.

Debra neisen:
10/30/2019, 01:58:38 PM

I was so excited to see Bird Song come back. I love the collection and missed it the first time around. Thanks so much for bringing this back. i also love the new Fashion Forward collection. G45, you are amazing!

10/30/2019, 01:59:33 PM

Wow, wow, wow!! I am in love with all the new collections. Bird Song has a special place in my heart, tho, since I'm a birdie addict and the hubby does Bonsai as a hobby, which is quite popular in the Japanese culture.

Kim Russell:
10/30/2019, 02:06:06 PM

Lovely collections, and lovely projects! I just love the colors in Fashion Forward!

sharon gullikson:
10/30/2019, 02:10:38 PM

The dragon on the secret pagoda is perfect!!!! I didn't see how he made it.I will have to look again. I have a thing for dragons. I have an Asian dragon ring, and a Viking dragon necklace. AMAZING project.

Kathy W:
10/30/2019, 02:25:27 PM

I am so excited for these releases!!!

Carolyn Oldham:
10/30/2019, 02:41:06 PM

Wow absolutely gorgeous, must have this simply stunning collection, it’s blooming gorgeous xx

10/30/2019, 02:44:28 PM,

Loving the new collections! The papers are gorgeous as usual! Love the Japanese theme of Birdsong (I'm learning Japanese!) and oh the calendar theme of Fashion Forward! Can't wait!

Fran Diggle:
10/30/2019, 03:26:03 PM

More wonderful inspiration for both sets of papers. So excited that you included the avg files too!

Sue Webster:
10/30/2019, 03:32:59 PM

Gorgeous papers, as usual. Would love to work with them; am looking forward to more projects on the blog!

Susan Hirsch:
10/30/2019, 03:33:09 PM

Beautiful projects! I am so excited about the release of both of these collections.

carla diaz:
10/30/2019, 04:20:15 PM,

I love all the new collections and these projects are beautiful.

Sue McKitrick:
10/30/2019, 04:20:29 PM

G45 never disappoints. Love the colours and patterns in both collections.

10/30/2019, 04:38:12 PM

What exquisite product designs in these sneak peeks...the creations and tutorials are like icing on the cake! A chance to win?! Wow! Thanks!

Carol G.:
10/30/2019, 04:44:13 PM

I’m so happy you brought Birdsong back! I was only able to find some of the papers from the collection first time around. And Fashion Forward is beautiful! So many ideas are running through my head! Can’t wait to get it all! Thank you!

Brian Poteraj:
10/30/2019, 04:57:07 PM

This would make a great gift. The patterns on the papers are very classy.

Michelle Nettleton:
10/30/2019, 05:01:09 PM

I so love your sneak peaks. What beautiful papers, and wonderful creations!

Kathleen A Read:
10/30/2019, 05:14:19 PM

The Fashion Forward calendar Collection is a beautiful link to the past. It reminds me of pictures of my mother and the fashions she wore back in the 20s and 30s. And thank you so much for the tutorials you share! Love G45!

Marie Rodriguez:
10/30/2019, 05:21:33 PM

I love the new Fashion Forward collection the images are amazing. I can't wait to carft with these beautiful pages.

tina z.:
10/30/2019, 05:32:03 PM,

wow, I love your collections, they are stunning!

Myra Skidmore:
10/30/2019, 06:46:26 PM

I love these two collections! Bird Song is so lovely with it's peaceful, colorful images, and I'm very glad to see it being re-released! Fashion Forward would be great fun to play with and come up with a design unique to me. Graphic 45 always does the best job illustrating it's new collections, and I can't wait until I can purchase them!!!

Cindi Lutz:
10/30/2019, 07:09:13 PM

G45, once again you have done it! The images and colors on these new collections are breathtaking. Definitely on my must have list!

Carla Hundley:
10/30/2019, 07:20:27 PM

Fabulous creation and looks amazing! Carla from Utah

Jacqueline Hedlund:
10/30/2019, 07:43:27 PM

I will be watching for Fashion Forward!

Katie Baird:
10/30/2019, 07:45:11 PM

What amazing projects! I am especially in love with Diane’s album! Wow! And Jim’s fantastic pagoda is another reason I need an electronic cutting machine:)

Jacqueline Hedlund:
10/30/2019, 07:46:43 PM

As I read the instructions for Gentleman Jim's Pagoda I thought it would be a nice kit all ready cut to diy!

Beth M Beery:
10/30/2019, 07:50:08 PM

Amazing projects!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Beth M Beery:
10/30/2019, 07:50:27 PM

So happy Birdsong is back!!!!!

Deborah Cox:
10/30/2019, 08:00:28 PM

Another winner with Fashion Forward!

Deborah Ciafre:
10/30/2019, 09:50:21 PM

Love both collections and have already pre-ordered. I like the look of the accordion album and may give it a try.

Glenda Buster:
10/30/2019, 10:23:15 PM

Can hardly wait for Fashion Forward and Bird Song to arrive at my local craft store!! Fashion Ford is a beautiful new collection and I am so excited Bird Song is back!!

Bernadette L:
10/30/2019, 11:05:01 PM

These are great projects! The armoire is perfect for Bird Song and Fashion Forward collections. I'd be grateful to win one of the 12 Fall releases. These collections are absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad Bird Song was brought back as a DCE!

Bernadette L:
10/30/2019, 11:05:05 PM

These are great projects! The armoire is perfect for Bird Song and Fashion Forward collections. I'd be grateful to win one of the 12 Fall releases. These collections are absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad Bird Song was brought back as a DCE!

Liron A:
10/30/2019, 11:25:10 PM

I LOVE the Pagoda project!!! It's perfect

Maryann Laursen:
10/30/2019, 11:48:29 PM

WAUW both the box and the Pagode are amazing creations and soo sooo beautiful. I´m absolutely stunned by these pprojects here and they would both make amazing gidfts for christmas, Ii´m sure. Stunning work both, well done.

Janet Ladd:
10/31/2019, 12:09:21 AM

Love this collection!!! And the pagoda is amazing!

Bev Drake:
10/31/2019, 12:12:03 AM

These projects are incredible & Jim has fantastic tutorials. The colours of the papers are just superb & Fashion Forward is so stunning. I’m really forward to more project presentations from you other wonderful designers using these divine papers.

10/31/2019, 12:19:06 AM

Bird Song is a real favorite and that I would never believe that pagoda was made of paper and chipboard, wow!

10/31/2019, 03:56:05 AM

Love the 2 collections ! I'll make the pagoda with Bird song and customize my 2020 planner with Fashionista forward ! Love the bold colors and art deco look of Fashionista forward and the soooo chic look of Bird song. Thanks Graphic 4y for creating so gorgeous collections !!!

Donna Russell:
10/31/2019, 04:07:56 AM

Another great collections. Fashionista would make a beautiful mini album. I can't wait to play with these paper.

Helle Bilde Müller:
10/31/2019, 06:42:38 AM,

Such stunning new collections <3 I love everything about them and I especially look forward to Bird Song as I missed that one the first time around <3

Donna Leutloff:
10/31/2019, 08:01:17 AM

Diane and Jim's projects are fantastic! I love the colors in the Fashion Forward Collection. Can't wait to play with the new calendar collection! (still have the Bird Song...cause who doesn't hoard G45 papers!)

Jackie Peduzzi:
10/31/2019, 10:22:29 AM

These projects are breathtaking and so inspirational! I can't wait to have these collections on my craft table!

10/31/2019, 10:26:23 AM

so loving both the collections. simply amazing.

Laurie Black:
10/31/2019, 10:26:59 AM

Gorgeous projects - thanks for the inspiration. Both collections are so pretty! Looking forward to the facebook live celebration.

Margaret R:
10/31/2019, 11:24:49 AM

What wonderful collections and projects! I really want to make the pagoda - thanks for the instructions!

Terrible Williams:
10/31/2019, 11:43:09 AM

Beautiful projects, beautiful paper! Can't wait.

Christine Abele:
10/31/2019, 12:05:28 PM

I am in awe of Jim's designs - always intricate and beautifully engineered. Can't wait to get my hands on both of these paper collections!

Mathilde S:
10/31/2019, 03:21:15 PM

Gentlemen Jim ,You out did yourself.This Pagoda is exquisite,so creative!!This is one of my all time favourite collection.What a clever way to show case it.

Vanessa LeClear:
10/31/2019, 05:56:00 PM

Gorgeous collections and projects! Thanks for the sneak peek and chance to win!

Kathy W:
10/31/2019, 10:25:05 PM

Love, love, love the pagoda using the Bird Song collection! Love everything G45!

Paul McDaniel:
11/01/2019, 12:28:34 AM

Love The Fashion Forward Collection. Has Erté written all over it. Love Love Love.

Lisa Wahba:
11/01/2019, 12:58:24 AM

Pleased to see Bird Song again. I won't miss this one.

Debra Creech:
11/01/2019, 01:42:23 PM

Love both collections, can't wait to get my hands on them.

Debra Creech:
11/01/2019, 02:13:36 PM

I'm new to G45 and all I can say is OH MY GOSH!!! Such beauty and creativity that went into creating Bird Song and The Fashion Forward Collections, I can't wait to get them. PICK ME, PICK ME, Lol.

Debra Creech:
11/01/2019, 02:19:25 PM

I've tried and tried to post my comment but it doesn't show up. Can you see me now.....I love your papers, ALL of them...

Christine Cuthbert:
11/06/2019, 06:11:01 PM

Wonderful as usual..:)

Macy Reid:
11/07/2019, 04:54:00 PM

I so enjoyed seeing all of the new lines coming soon. They are all truly beautiful with gorgeous colors and beautiful images. I’m not sure how you can keep your line so special, but please, keep doing it. I always have to check out your web page to know what to look forward to.

Ruth Lickteig:
11/18/2019, 12:24:53 PM

I love your new Fashion Forward Collection. I want to know how and when I can buy the collection?

11/18/2019, 01:08:50 PM

Hello Ruth, great question. Our Fashion Forward collection will be on sale here on our website starting tomorrow, November 19th, 2019. You can also find our collections at a local G45 Retailer near you. Happy Papercrafting!

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