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[Tutorial] Flower Box Pop-Up Card - Vera Shelemekh 2019-2020 Introduction

Posted by Graphic 45 06/28/2019 36 Comment(s) Cards,Tutorials,


Hello, G45ers!

  Let's start this weekend off right with an exciting Pop-Up Card Tutorial!  To celebrate the #G45Selfie - June Challenge our lovely, and amazingly talented Brand Ambassador, Vera Shelemekh has created a 3D Card to showcase one of her favorite paper techniques, pop-ups.     This handmade gift and step by step guide on how to create a Flower Box Card has been created with our pretty and pastel Bloom paper collection.  We encourage you to grab your favorite Graphic 45 papers and follow along!


Vera Shelemekh - Russia

2019-2020 Brand Ambassador 


"Hello, dear G45ers,  my name is Vera Shelemekh, I live, work and create in Moscow - the Capital of Russia. I’m 37, happily married and have a seven years old son.

I’ve been a devoted scrapbooker and Graphic45 fan for about 7 years which I spent experimenting and trying different styles and techniques. About 3 years ago I got interested in Pop up and paper mechanics and this is really what never makes me feel bored.

I love fussy cutting and layering, building scenes and telling stories.

And I invite all of you to my world made of amazing Graphic 45 papers.


I feel really happy to become part of Graphic45 Dream Team, I applied 5 times since 2014 and couldn’t believe my eyes that finally, my dream came true )


Flower Box Pop-Up Card

By Vera Shelemekh


This is my self-portrait project as Pop up techniques keep me busy for most of my craft time.

Sometimes it’s getting tricky but this is what really trains my creativity.


The card is simple and easy to create.

 Also, any floral Graphic45  collection may be used,





Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Make the 6x6in postcard base using cardstock and Bloom Patterns & Solids paper. Adhere two 5.8x5.8in square sheets of Bloom patterns paper inside a folded 6x12in rectangle cut of white cardstock


2. Cut a 12х2in strip out of pink Bloom patterns paper and make a fold about 1/2in away from the bottom edge.


3. Make also several folds along the short edge making the following steps: 1/2in, 1in, 1in,  3in, 1in, 1in, 3in. Cut away the rest of the stripe.


4. Cut away the bottom edge leaving gluing tabs along the two 3in sides.


5. Trim the upper edge of the strip with a punch and glue the strip into a loop.


6. The two gluing tabs must both be parallel to, and the same distance from, the spine. The creases between the 1in sides should both be directly above the spine.


7. Stick one gluing tab to the page, parallel with the spine. Then fold the construction down into its closed position lying flat against the page. Put glue on the other tab. Close the base and press.


8. Open the base


9. Cut out flowers and leaves elements out of Bloom paper


10. Adhere the elements inside the box. It is possible to stick elements to all sides of the box. 


11. Stick one element to the other with bulk tape making more layers.


12. Fix all elements inside the box.


13. Glue small sheets of white paper for wishes on both pages of the card.  Glue more flower elements in the corners.


14. Decorate the front of the card with a sticker.


15. Open the card and enjoy the wow effect.



-The shape of the basket may be oval with only two creases and even circle if you stick the gluing tabs further away from the spine

-Fill in the basket with fussy cut flower elements gluing them to all parts of the construction,

-Add dimension by using adhesive pads.

-Glue the highest flower elements from both parallel  sides back to back to make the basket look solid.” ~Vera


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Bloom 12x12 Collection Pack

Bloom 12x12 Patterns & Solids Pad

Other Supplies: 

  • White cardstock
  • Scissors,
  • Glue
  • Adhesive pads
  • Scoring stick
  • Ruler


What a wonderful card, and a beautiful introduction to our talented new Brand Ambassador, Vera!  Help us welcome Vera to the G45 family by leaving your love in the comments below.  Be sure to try your hand at this pop-up card, and when you do we would love to see your work on our Graphic 45 - Official Community Page on Facebook.  We hope you have a fabulous weekend.  


Happy Papercrafting!

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36 Comment(s)

ellen mollenvanger:
06/28/2019, 12:07:59 PM

It is a beauty.. Happy that you are on the design team now. Hope to see more nice projects from youellen

Annette Green:

Welcome Vera! What a lovely card! Thank you so much for this tutorial. The pop-up is so much easier than I would’ve imagined.

Margarette Jones:
06/28/2019, 12:36:41 PM

Gorgeous card! I love pop up cards and I will try one with all those florals.

Jacqueline Collings:
06/28/2019, 12:38:49 PM, facebook

This is a beautiful card I can't wait to try it out. I love flowers need to get the papers to copy it thank you so much for sharing it Vera .

Amy Green:
06/28/2019, 12:57:59 PM

What a beautiful card Vera! The instructions are easy to understand, I am hoping to give it a try!

Barbara G.:
06/28/2019, 01:52:24 PM

Welcome, Vera. I love your pop up card with the Bloom paper. look forward to more of your creative ideas!!

Martie Rollin:
06/28/2019, 01:58:10 PM

BLOOM is such a gorgeous paper collection! I never knew a pop-up was this easy to construct. I'm definitely going to give this a try. Your directions seem clear. thanks for the photos. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects. Welcome to G45!

Sarah Santana:
06/28/2019, 01:59:17 PM

It is really pretty as a gift for mother's day, co-workers and friends.

Joyce G.:
06/28/2019, 02:30:38 PM

Beautiful card Vera, thank you for sharing it with us. Will try to make one with your instructions.

Sandy Artman:
06/28/2019, 02:42:19 PM

What a debut, Vera! This is one of the most beautiful pop-ups I have ever seen. Thank you so much for giving us the instructions, too. Can't wait to see more of your creations.

Bev Drake:
06/28/2019, 02:44:14 PM

Lovely card Vera & thank you for the great tutorial.

Margaret R:
06/28/2019, 03:07:10 PM

Beautiful! I love pop-ups and will definitely be trying this one!

Elizabeth Woods:
06/28/2019, 04:20:00 PM

A beautiful card! My sister’s birthday is coming up, I shall make her one of these cards!

Becky H.:
06/28/2019, 04:49:38 PM

Beautiful! This is going on my (long) list of things to try. Thanks for the great instructions!

Glenda Buster:
06/28/2019, 05:45:23 PM

Gorgeous Popup Card! Thank you for the tutorial. Looking forward to all of the wonderful projects you will share with us this coming year ♥️♥️!

Sue D:
06/28/2019, 06:18:22 PM

Love this idea Vera!

She Fowl:
06/28/2019, 08:08:49 PM

Beautiful project...thanks for the tutorial.

Sonja Van Laar:
06/28/2019, 08:34:42 PM

Amazingly simple construction. Amazingly stunning results!

06/28/2019, 09:17:18 PM,

What a fabulous card, Vera! I look forward to trying it out when I have some more Bloom papers on hand. Joy!

Dorothy McCarthy:
06/29/2019, 05:36:49 AM,

So beautiful!!

Judy Phillips:
06/29/2019, 05:57:33 AM

Wow - what a fabulous pop-up! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

06/29/2019, 10:54:35 AM

I'm just learning pop-ups, and this one is absolutely on my "to do" list! Thanks for such a beautiful creation, Vera.

Helen in Oregon:
06/29/2019, 01:16:28 PM

Hello, Vera. Beautiful card! Excellent instructions for the pop-up! I must try this now. =) Thank you so very much for sharing.

06/29/2019, 06:36:26 PM

Cute card Vera! Thanks for the tutorial.

Sharon L Gullikson:
06/30/2019, 10:14:33 AM

Your fussy cutting made the beautiful flowers even more special. This is just beautiful! You can have springtime flowers all year long. I really like that G45 has women all over the world designing projects for them. It is so interesting--I love to read about you ladies, too. It is like traveling from my office.

Georgia Baker:
06/30/2019, 08:09:50 PM

First I want to say Congratulations on your dream of becoming a grand ambassador. Well deserved, so happy for you. And I am happy too, this project is so enchanting and beautiful. I am already looking for papers to use to try this, so excited! Thank you for not giving up. Love that you are here. Thank you.

Gayle M Hocking:
07/01/2019, 04:37:50 PM

What a beautiful idea! Your instructions make it so easy to understand this intricate project! Thank you!

Kate LeBlanc:
07/01/2019, 04:57:23 PM

What a beautiful card. You have my mind just spinning with possibilities, thank you for sharing!

Sue MacFall:
07/02/2019, 09:19:12 AM

Wow, this is just great and thank you for the instructions too.

Mendy Benoit:
07/02/2019, 01:06:17 PM

Finally a pop up with great instructions. I always want to try but get lost. This card is so beautifully created. Truly a work of art

Carolyn B. Hines:
07/02/2019, 09:40:16 PM

What a beautiful creation! I'm like Mendy ^ - I find it hard to follow some of the tutorials/instructions. But yours are very clear. Thank you.

Gloria Stengel:
07/08/2019, 12:21:39 PM,

This is such a lovely project! You made it seem so easy to create a pop-up, which is something I struggle with making! Congratulations on your G45 year!!!

07/09/2019, 08:03:29 AM

It’s just beautiful, thank you.

07/11/2019, 05:06:19 PM

Beautiful... It looks like something I would love to make... Thanks :) Do you have the Tutorial in a PDF format for Printing purposes? Gwen

Adelaide Mesquita:
07/15/2019, 12:47:57 AM,


Jeanette Padilla:
07/16/2019, 12:48:48 AM

Such a beautiful card! Thank you so much for the tutorial! I love pop-up cards but I haven't seen one like this. And I thought your "Open the card and enjoy the wow effect" was cute. I like it. :-) Much thanks!!

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