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A Fond Farewell to Donna Kauffman

Posted by Graphic 45 05/29/2020 29 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Cards,Tutorials,Videos,


Hello, G45ers!

  As some of you may know we lost one of our Graphic 45 Brand Ambassadors to cancer on April 9th this year, Donna Kauffman.  We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to get to work with and share Donna's incredible projects and video tutorials over the last year. Not only was Donna a talented paper crafter, but she was a best-selling romance writer of more than 70 novels.  Below you will find three of our favorite projects from this last year complete with YouTube videos where you can really see Donna shine. 


Donna Kauffman - USA

Brand Ambassador 2019-2020


Here is Donna's bio for her introduction post in 2019.

"I grew up working in my mom’s craft shop and began teaching classes by the time I was twelve. For the past twenty-six years, my main occupation has been (and still is) as a published author, but when my sons got older, I began teaching craft classes again for fun. I was born and raised in the DC metropolitan area and continued teaching papercrafting as my “fun job”  for the next fourteen years. My sons are grown now, and I moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains a few years ago. As the last of the local shops closed, I took things online to keep connecting with the students I’d worked with for so long, and that has taken off and now I get to work with students all over the world! I’m thrilled that I now reach a global community via my MiniBooksRMe blog and YouTube channel. It’s been so inspiring!"



Down by the Sea Mini Album

By Donna Kauffman


“I am sharing a full minibook video tutorial today, teaching you how to make a complete 6.5” x 6.5” File Folder Mini foundation. I decorated mine using G45’s beautiful By the Sea Deluxe Collector’s Edition collection!


Fun tip!

Use the chipboard pieces as “charms” for a fun spine dangle. Cover the backs of the chipboard pieces with leftover scraps from your project.”



Full post here.


Video Tutorial:

[Tutorial] Down By the Sea Mini Album for Graphic 45 by Donna Kauffman



Fast & Fun Christmas Cards

By Donna Kauffman


“Hello Happy G45 Crafters! 

 Join me in my video tutorial and learn how to make 12 fun, beautiful cards using items from Graphic 45’s gorgeous new Joy to the World  Christmas collection. And the best part? They are fast and easy to make. I promise! 


I created twelve cards using four basic supplies: bulk pack of card & envelopes, Graphic 45’s Joy to the World  12x12 Patterns & Solids collection pad, one pack of Joy to the World  Ephemera Cards, and one set of the Joy to the World  Chipboard.”


Full post here.

Video Tutorial:

 [Tutorial] Christmas Card Set by Donna Kauffman for Graphic 45



Fruit & Flora: File Folder Mini 

By Donna Kauffman 


  “I love all things flora! Add in luscious fruit and you’ve got my full attention! This fun 6.5” x 6.5” File Folder Mini was put on display with my first Graphic 45 free video tutorial (and that tutorial is still available!) I thought this was a perfect way to update that mini and Graphic 45’s new Fruit & Flora  collection did not disappoint! Eye candy at every turn of the page. This mini features three pages with interactive pull out folders, and more interactive goodies inside the front and back cover. The entire project is made from manila file folders and the 12x12 Fruit & Flora collection. Fun, easy, and a beautiful outcome!” ~Donna 

Full post here.


Unboxing Video:

G45 Brand Ambassador Unboxing 2020 Collections

& New Project Sneak Peeks!



Happy Papercrafting!    


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29 Comment(s)

Kerry Williams:
05/29/2020, 12:09:49 PM

Thank you for posted about Donna passing. I was wondering why I had not received a recent newsletter from her. I knew she had cancer. I made her Down by Sea mini book and enjoyed making it.

Kerry Williams:
05/29/2020, 12:09:57 PM

Thank you for posted about Donna passing. I was wondering why I had not received a recent newsletter from her. I knew she had cancer. I made her Down by Sea mini book and enjoyed making it.

05/29/2020, 12:32:52 PM

I just recently (within the last year) discovered Donna Kauffman and her tremendous body of paper crafting work. I really enjoy her style of teaching and communicating with students of every level. This has been such a loss to our community of crafters and I find myself tearing up at the thought that she is gone. However, her legacy continues with her family, her writing and her teaching. I'm glad that I discovered her when I did. Rest in peace Donna and know you are remembered.

janine taylor:
05/29/2020, 12:37:13 PM

Thank you G45 for posting this!! She was an amazing woman and will be greatly missed in the paper crafting world. With tears in my eyes I say farewell.

Linda Harris:
05/29/2020, 12:53:31 PM

I'm so sad and heart-broken to learn of Donna's passing. She was an amazing crafter and have nearly all of Donna's tutorials. She was also a gifted writer and was in awe that she not one but two incredible talents. Donna will be missed by so many!

09/12/2020, 10:14:33 PM

Hi Linda - are you able to let me know where I can purchase her tutorials? Thank you, Joann

Martie Rollin:
05/29/2020, 01:00:06 PM

Donna's innovative use of file folders really drew my attention. Her video tutorials are packed with wonderful tips, trick and suggestions for success. The world is a better place for her having graced us with her presence. I am saddened by her passing.

05/29/2020, 02:41:19 PM

I discovered Donna only recently and thought she was a wonderful teacher. I am so sorry for her family and her friends. She left behind a fantastic legacy of inspiration.

Stephanie Tru:
05/29/2020, 02:54:37 PM

Thank you for this post honoring Donna. I've been re-watching her video tutorials as she was such a wonderful teacher. Fortunately, Donna's inspirational spirit lives on through her videos. Her positive nature is what had the biggest impact on me.

Barbara Brachfeld:
05/29/2020, 02:57:53 PM

Thank you for letting us know of Donna's passing. I have loved purchasing and creating from her tutorials. She was so creative and generous with her gift. I was hoping she would beat the disease. So sad for all of us and especially her family.

Carol Kula:
05/29/2020, 04:31:23 PM

I am so sad to hear of Donna’s passing. She was extremely talented and her work will be sorely missed. God speed Donna!

05/29/2020, 05:11:33 PM

I am so sorry to hear of Ms. Kauffman's passing. She will always be a very talented lady. Prayers to her family.

Linda Cornell:
05/29/2020, 05:33:29 PM

I was very sad when I heard about Donna's passing. I just love her tutorials and designs. Her voice was so fun to listen to and she had such a great way of teaching and a great sense of humor. I will treasure all of her downloads and tutorials and I hope people will continue to discover her wonderful talents.

Sabrina Gow:
05/29/2020, 10:34:25 PM

Oh no! I am so sorry to learn of Donna's passing! I had no idea she was also a novelist! Such a talented lady. So grateful for all her wonderful inspiration. She will be greatly missed. Heartfelt condolences to her family.

Barbara Reeder:
05/30/2020, 09:52:44 AM

I’m just shocked. She was the first I followed on You tube I have bought several of her mini book tutorials. This is such a great loss to the world. She will be missed greatly.

Trudy Southern:
05/30/2020, 03:42:01 PM

How very, very sad. I watched Donna’s file folder tutorial that goes with her Down by the Sea album and was immediately inspired to make one. That’s how I spent today. What a great tutor we have lost. I’m waiting now for an envelope punch board to be delivered... must put those notches in... a salute to Donna and she was right... they are too cute. God bless her.

Theresa A Eckert:
06/01/2020, 12:24:28 PM

I will miss her. I go and watch her videos just to hear her again. I have so many of her works of art to do. I will do them in memory her of you Donna. Such a sweet soul gone too soon. Thank You Graphic45 for your kind words for Donna. So missed.Stay safe, Theresa

Glenda Buster:
06/01/2020, 12:27:57 PM

Donna, I’ll miss seeing your wonderful projects on the Graphic 45 blog. Thank you for all of the great projects and tips!

April Smith:
06/02/2020, 01:08:51 PM

I feel like I have lost a good friend. Such a talented lady. Hugs and prayers to her family.

April Smith:
06/02/2020, 01:08:56 PM

I feel like I have lost a good friend. Such a talented lady. Hugs and prayers to her family.

Priss Steelman:
06/03/2020, 04:31:47 PM,

She will be SO missed. Rest in peace sweet teacher and friend.

Bobby Price:
06/04/2020, 09:57:54 AM

So sad to hear this. Loved her work. Rest in peace....

Kathryn Conrad:
06/04/2020, 05:48:55 PM

I'm so saddened by this news. While I never met Donna, I considered her a kitchen table buddy. I loved her hi energy and her happy chatter. I always felt as though I was visiting with a friend when watching her videos. Thank you for posting this in Donna's honor; I had been waiting for a more recent video from her. While I purchased quite a few of her tutorials, it won't be the same as being able to hear her talk about them. I sincerely hope that her site will remain open so we can still hear her voice. I can only imagine the pain that her family and life friends are feeling over her loss, if I'm feeling this saddened and only knew here through the web. She will be sorely missed; I can only be comforted by knowing that she is now in the arms of God.

Susan Cocjin:
06/09/2020, 02:36:46 AM

I had just started getting interested in mini-albums after watching Donna’s By the Sea video. I was probably following her instructions not knowing that she was very ill or had just passed. I am deeply saddened.

Gerrie Swartz:
06/26/2020, 11:58:43 AM

I missed this original post and just discovered it. I knew Donna had cancer but had no idea she had passed. I loved her creations and am so sad to hear of her passing. She will be greatly missed. RIP Donna.

07/16/2020, 07:21:56 PM

I am so sorry to hear of Donna's passing. She will be greatly missed in the crafting community. Just loved her projects. Prayers to her family.

Charles Wrona-Perry:
08/04/2020, 04:48:26 AM

Eric and I can't hold back the tears learning this today. Donna was one of the very first makers that introduced us to Graphic 45 on YouTube and has been such an inspiration. Her kind, generous nature invited us to watch her videos over and over, laughing along with her... We did not know her personally, yet this feels like such a personal loss. Thank you to all of you in the G45 community that come together to share talent, creativity and support at a time like this. We feel blessed to have discovered this community and of course, Donna Kaufman.

08/04/2020, 12:57:12 PM

I just watched the video by Donna for the file folder mini. I was shocked to see the comments of her passing. Her tutorial was very easy to follow & her tips very useful. I plan to make this mini with left over scraps from my "Princess" collection. I will think of her & I pray for peace & comfort for her family.

Jackie Hart:
08/14/2020, 04:30:58 PM

Hello Thank you for posting this. I am just crushed to hear Donna has passed away. I unfortunately did not hear about her till this week and when I watched her videos, I felt her passion and love for mini album making and felt I really connected with that passion. I signed up to follow her everywhere and fell in love with her travelers notebook Lost in Paradise project. I went to buy her tutorial and that is when I found out she as passed away. How sad that this world has lost such a multi talented, warm lady. I would love to find her tutorial somewhere but not sure where else I can look.

Pat Godwin:
10/26/2020, 07:47:05 PM

I really fell in love with the materials available with G45 products and tutorials. I purchased the tutorial for the mini album from the Floral Shoppe Collection. I have the hard copy instructions but was unable to relocate the video tutorial. Is there any way I could get that again. I'll even pay again for the right to use the video. I made the album for a co-worker and have another co-worker retiring. I would appreciate any help in this area. Donna truly had a gift of vision and how to explain how she put her albums together with such clear instructions. Sometimes, however, the video clears up areas that are hard to see how they're done using only a hard copy. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Pat

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