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#G45Tip: Paper Bows & Contest Announced

Posted by Graphic 45 04/09/2019 101 Comment(s)


Hello, G45ers!

 Today we have a fun and simple contest for you followed up a great tip on how to add dimension to your projects.  Our #G45Tip is brought to us by the Queen of Dimension and Fussy Cutting, Joanne Bain.  We are hoping this post will get your creative wheels turning and ready to try something new!  


Graphic 45 Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! Each comment from Monday to Thursday at 11:59 pm PST will count as an entry.


This week’s prize package is a Club G45 Vol 04 Kit, a $50+ value.  The winner will be announced on the blog Friday, April 12th, 2019.  




Paper Bow Tip

By Joanne Bain


Hi G45er’s!!

Joanne here today to share a little tip. Sometimes I get stuck when creating projects and I need an embellishment that coordinates with it, so this is when I create my own.


#G45Tip: When you need an embellishment the coordinates with a project why not try making a paper bow. I have created coordinating paper bows many times and they are perfect for adding a little extra detail and dimension to your projects



Here are some projects I have created using my own paper bows.


Love Layout post here... 


Bazaar of Wonders Hot Air Balloon post here... 


Hope I have inspired you to give paper bows a try for yourself.

Happy Crafting!!”




How cute are those bows?!?!  We just love the simple pop of dimension.  Check out Pinterest for a great selection of paper bow printable templates.  We want to send our gratitude to Joanne for sharing this technique as well as these great project examples.  Be sure to leave your tips and feedback in the comments below to be entered to win a fabulous #ClubG45 kit.  Thank you for stopping by, and as always... 


Happy Papercrafting!

101 Comment(s)

Nancy Young:
04/09/2019, 11:14:24 AM

Love all the tips and projects. And especially all the beautiful papers.

04/10/2019, 05:11:33 AM

I just love paper bows and with so many new bow dies I want them all, i like to add teeny tiny bows too. So many ways to add that little bit of extra pop. Thank you

Gerry Wolfe:
04/09/2019, 11:14:32 AM

Great tip. I love making dimensions that match. You get to use up some of your scraps.

Donna noble:
04/09/2019, 11:14:41 AM

Love G45 and love making paper bows. Adds cuteness to any project.

Diane Shull:
04/09/2019, 11:15:27 AM,

Adorable fun paper bow embellishment. Thanks for the template and for sharing your dimensional tip. Gorgeous love page layout. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous Love Notes Club Collection. Have a great day!

Regina Harrison:
04/09/2019, 11:15:51 AM

I love little paper bows, so cute. G45 PLEASE bring back Rare Oddities. I really need it:):)

Kitty Tatman:
04/09/2019, 11:48:34 AM

I agree!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman:
04/09/2019, 11:24:55 AM,

Thanks for the terrific post ... love the projects show - especially the Rare Oddities 'sculpture!' I make a lot of paper bows using dies from various designers - great embellishments!

Jeanne Melsen:
04/09/2019, 11:28:30 AM

Teasing out dimension is the first order of creativity in all our projects, and I do a great deal of fussy cutting in my work...but crazy, I never thought of using paper bows! I will follow through on trying this!

Sue D:
04/09/2019, 11:35:11 AM

Love the bows and great projects.

Rosemary S:
04/09/2019, 11:37:48 AM

I just love the idea of making a bow and putting a flower in the middle and I never thought of going to Pinterest for templates - great tips. Winning GR45 Love Notes would be great to use in my next project. Thanks for sharing.

Kitty Tatman:
04/09/2019, 11:47:46 AM

Thanks for the bow templates. I'm in love with the Halloween project!

She Fowl:
04/09/2019, 11:47:58 AM

Love using papers bows. Thanks for the tips.

Barbara G.:
04/09/2019, 11:49:01 AM

It is amazing how much these little bows add to the project. You don't have to dig through your stash to find a match. Thank you for this tip & pattern.

Linda Donnelly:
04/09/2019, 11:55:35 AM

love all of your paper and use it everyday

Patty Blank:
04/09/2019, 11:55:47 AM

I really enjoy seeing new ways to use my Graphic 45 papers.

Cheryl Wells:
04/09/2019, 11:57:22 AM

Simply gorgeous fussy-cutting the fine details of these projects - the Hot Air Balloon with Skeletons is completely AWESOME!!!!!

04/09/2019, 11:58:32 AM

Great tip! Love the hot air balloon!

Nicole LaJeunesse:
04/09/2019, 12:04:13 PM

Perfect for those little precious scraps in my leftover box. Appreciate how the colors coordinate between the themes, this is a great way to incorporate them on my cards and journals! Thanks for sharing

Leah Matthews:
04/09/2019, 12:07:20 PM

Love the bows! I am definitely going to try that on my next layout!!

Madeline C Carlson:
04/09/2019, 12:19:57 PM

I've so enjoyed your line of lovely products. One of them (botanical tea garden) is my all-time favorite, and I purchase it over and over.

Denuse Evans:
04/09/2019, 12:20:11 PM, Facdbook

Love, love this paper collection! Great ideas for bows. Will definitely try this bow template. Thanks for the chance to win!

04/09/2019, 12:45:00 PM

Loving the bow! Thanks for the ideas, I always use ribbon for my bows, never thought to make paper ones.

04/09/2019, 01:17:17 PM

How cute is that. Will be using on my next mini journal. Thanks

04/09/2019, 01:31:48 PM

Thank you for the reminder re: bows as a project finishing tool. And they are just so darn cute! The template is appreciated, too.

Sue MacFall:
04/09/2019, 01:38:53 PM

Bows do make lovely embellishments and yours are so pretty Joanne. Thank you.

Annemarie Caister:
04/09/2019, 01:54:25 PM

Always such lovely ideas and tutorials. I am so inspired!

Jan G.:
04/09/2019, 02:10:25 PM

Love the Love Notes collection. Would be fabulous to win this prize package. Thank you for the opportunity.

Bev Drake:
04/09/2019, 02:32:49 PM

Why haven’t I thought of that? I love the flower in the middle of the bow & thank you Joanne for sharing this great idea & your work is amazing. G45 is the best!

Lynda White:
04/09/2019, 03:00:25 PM

I love those little paper bows. They're really easy to make with my WRMK Envelope Punch Board.

04/09/2019, 08:01:51 PM

How do you make bows with the punch?

Diana Dillon:
04/09/2019, 03:24:33 PM

Thank you Joanne for sharing. Thank you Graphic 45 for this wonderful prize, I have just the person to make it for and they will treasure it. It's perfect.

04/09/2019, 03:45:46 PM

Love this idea. They are cute and a good way to use up scraps.

Jeanann Eide:
04/09/2019, 04:05:09 PM

Love this tip Why didn’t I think of that? I can’t wait to try this Thank you so much ! Happy Crafting❤️

Martie Rollin:
04/09/2019, 04:27:40 PM

I have only recently discovered the art of making paper bows. I agree...a very nice element to add to a project. Love Notes is at the top of my G45 favorites list!! Beautiful roses really draw my eyes!! Love the colors of this collection!

Sherry Lovelass:
04/09/2019, 04:29:10 PM

Love to use up my scraps and this is a great tip. Love the new Love Notes paper.

Sue Kendrick:
04/09/2019, 04:50:36 PM

The paper bows are so cute, and they could be added to so many projects. What a great idea! The G45 kits are the best. I've done several and just love them. Thank you for the chance to win.

Lynn Harrell:
04/09/2019, 05:33:47 PM

Love this tip. I love making paper bows. I make bows with all my leftover papers when making a project and keep them on hand when an embellishment is needed.

Robbie C:
04/09/2019, 06:12:51 PM

I love the idea of a two for one dimensional by topping the paper bow with a fussy cut image. And who has better images to fussy cut than G45? Thanks for the tip.

Pam Nutting:
04/09/2019, 07:06:59 PM

Great idea! Perfect use of scraps.

Sonja Van Laar:
04/09/2019, 08:03:57 PM

Great idea to use bows and an even more terrific idea to have a contest! Thanks G45 for the chance to enter and win the fab Love Notes kit. Appreciate the tip for templates on Pinterest, too.

Jamie Kaus:
04/09/2019, 08:37:21 PM

Joanne Bain is amazing with her layers and dimension. I would love to crawl inside of her head to listen to her thought process. Absolutely beautiful layout.

Dianna Dean:
04/09/2019, 09:20:16 PM

What a cute little bow! Love the projects!

Reva Petersen:
04/09/2019, 09:36:43 PM

Fabulous tip. Thanks so much for the bow template. I would LOVE to win the Love Notes package . . . LOVE that paper.

04/09/2019, 10:50:52 PM,

Thank you for the cute little bow printable! I’ve already saved it to my Pinterest board “Printable’s!” I just “discovered” Graphics 45“ at the “Scrapbook Store” in Branson and fell in love with the beautiful prints and designs of the “Love Notes” collection. I bought some of the cardstock and ephemera and thank you! ... for the chance to win more!

Kelly Kennedy:
04/09/2019, 10:55:05 PM

Faboulous prize! I’d be thrilled to win it!

Karen Waldner:
04/09/2019, 10:55:42 PM

Love those cute bows, thanks for the giveaway,

Julie Gearinger:

Love this fun tip for paper bows! What a wonderful idea and gorgeous projects- thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win!

Jessica Larios:
04/09/2019, 11:01:25 PM,

What an amazing blog!!!! I’m so glad to be here everyone! Absolutely gorgeous creations all around and such helpful tips and tricks! And thank you for this chance to win some of your gorgeous goodies!!!

Tami Putvin:
04/09/2019, 11:01:26 PM

Amazing opportunity with contest! Breathtaking work with the products

Cindy Holmes:
04/09/2019, 11:01:35 PM

I agree! Who doesn't like bows! They are just that right amount of layer without over powering the project too!

Susie Doucet:
04/09/2019, 11:03:21 PM

Would love to win

Susie Doucet:
04/09/2019, 11:04:09 PM


Susie Doucet:
04/09/2019, 11:05:06 PM

Thanks for the chance

Sharon L Gullikson:
04/09/2019, 11:06:57 PM

I am going to make the bows. I really like how they add dimension, a cuteness factor, whimsy, so many different touches.

Sharon L Gullikson:
04/09/2019, 11:08:33 PM

I forgot to add my tip: Use foam tape to add dimension. I have several different thicknesses so I can make the project exactly how I want it. Sometimes I even roll up a glue dot to make it thicker.

Bettina Kreuer:
04/09/2019, 11:33:36 PM

The Love Notes collection is so gorgeous. I felt in love with it.

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
04/10/2019, 12:06:13 AM

Love the bow idea. They add layers to a project in a very different way.

Dana M:
04/10/2019, 01:27:48 AM

Great tip Joanne! Bows are so fun, playful and sweet. Your projects are amazing - WOW!

Corrine Hall:
04/10/2019, 02:44:08 AM

Love the layout, it's really cute

Suzi Mac:
04/10/2019, 03:10:27 AM,

I often use these sweet bows to pull a project together or make flowers or banners pennants with coordinating papers from the paper collections. They all work fabulously. Hugs Suzi xx

Stephanie Bonin:
04/10/2019, 03:24:07 AM,

I so love your papers. Your albums are so creative and always have great tips.

Glenda Jones:
04/10/2019, 03:27:41 AM,

This is the first time I have been on your blog and look what I found - wonderful little bows - what a beautiful and simple idea. Thank you for sharing. Love the inspiration.

Kathleen E Capachione:
04/10/2019, 03:49:15 AM

Thanks for sharing your tips. I will be using them. Love all the new paper. Happy Easter!

04/10/2019, 04:23:41 AM

This collection is gorgeous! I’m always inspired to create something beautiful when I look at all of the beautiful creations others have made using Graphic45 products!

04/10/2019, 04:30:32 AM,

I’m a fussy cutter from way back and with pocket pages it’s such a good way to add dimension without to much bulk. Winning Graphic 45 would be awesome, it’s tough to find here in NZ

Michelle Chmelar:
04/10/2019, 04:46:26 AM

The love layout just jumps off the page! That is truly the best dimensional I have ever seen. WOW!

Jill McAuley:
04/10/2019, 04:56:25 AM

Adding the depth of dimension with bows just elevates the artwork! What a great effect!

Lee Renee Musgjerd:
04/10/2019, 05:12:17 AM

Great tip! Love notes is my favorite far!

Fae Jordan:
04/10/2019, 05:30:42 AM

Let it be me, beautiful paper collection, I can see the album now

Joan Anderson:
04/10/2019, 05:48:39 AM

I always struggle with finding the right embellishments (I’ve only been making cards for about 18 months now, off and on) so these bows are perfect for when I can’t find something suitable. The Love Notes collection is one of my favourites. It’s a real challenge trying to find your beautiful papers in my local scrapbook stores. The closest one to me used to sell your papers but they closed back in the fall. Now it’s a bit of a drive, but worth it.

Jean Washburn:
04/10/2019, 06:08:18 AM

Beautiful paper and awesome kit project.

Carla Hundley:
04/10/2019, 09:01:42 PM

Cute embellishing with the bows! Carla from Utah

Jennifer Moreland:
04/10/2019, 06:08:44 AM

I love this paper and all the graphic45 papers!

04/10/2019, 06:29:11 AM

It is fantastic!

04/10/2019, 06:55:28 AM,

Amazing prize... love it!

Wendy Lambert:
04/10/2019, 06:57:45 AM

I am always in awe of Graphic 45 designs. I have yet to see one I didn't love. I am really in love with the love layout.

Jean Marmo:
04/10/2019, 06:59:12 AM,

Gorgeous paper! Thank you for the tip!!

Donna Leutloff:
04/10/2019, 07:31:19 AM

Joanne you are one talented crafter! Love the projects and the tips TFS! One awesome giveaway G45!!

Karen Buege:
04/10/2019, 08:02:58 AM

I LOVE the paper bow tips, as well as all of your other techniques and awesome ideas! Love Notes is a favorite- it is stunning! Thank you G45!!

Linda Comfort:
04/10/2019, 08:24:50 AM

thank you for a chance to with this is my favorte paper line

Vanessa LeClear:
04/10/2019, 08:38:36 AM

Thanks for sharing the great tip and beautiful projects!

04/10/2019, 09:10:53 AM

I just happen to have a bunch of scraps big enough for some bows. Thanks for the tip - I am off to make a few and see what I can do with them. All of your projects are awesome & beautiful.

Chris Bodurtha:
04/10/2019, 09:15:56 AM

Love everything graphic 45

Cheryl L Hilt:
04/10/2019, 09:25:07 AM

I love G45..I do wish they would come back with some 8X8 sets that they have retired, the 12x is great, but with the 8x8 you have a little more option for the creative crafters.I cannot belive some of the projects i have seen..beautiful!!

Margaret R:
04/10/2019, 10:03:39 AM

That hot air balloon is just incredible! The bow behind the skull is such an unexpected touch!

Debbie Siddle:
04/10/2019, 10:13:50 AM

Sweet prize and album x

mary michaud:
04/10/2019, 10:39:18 AM

Love this new kit. Sweet giveaway.

Heather Park:
04/10/2019, 10:55:44 AM

Love the idea of those paper bows, especially for easter on gift bags. I've still got a few sheets of Once upon a springtime left, which I don't want to ever cut up!!! But I think those colours would be perfect for this time of the year. Would love to win the love notes patterns and solids. ☺

Teresa Trump:
04/10/2019, 11:23:37 AM

Great idea to make a matching bow from coordinating paper for our projects. Love all the projects you provide. Your papers are great to use for albums.

Mary Longberry:
04/10/2019, 12:49:20 PM

I Love Love Love this Gorgeous Music Notes collection!! And the paper bows are so cute!!! Love the projects you shared. Thank you for sharing and for a chance to win!! Graphic 45 you rock the paper crafting community with design and color!! Inspiring!!

04/10/2019, 01:43:13 PM

I love the projects that have been created and the competition giveaways looks beautiful xx

Holly Hatch:
04/10/2019, 02:36:25 PM

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL project. But, Joanne, you must have sore hands by now with ALL that fussycutting! I can't imagine being able to make that project without all those flowers and leaves not being dies! You go girlfriend.

Laurie Black:
04/10/2019, 05:53:42 PM

Paper bows are so useful! thanks for the tip and the pattern

Linda Layne:
04/10/2019, 06:53:22 PM

Making a stash of bows from my scrap stash would be great fiddle fodder when watching TV!

Pat Kult:
04/10/2019, 10:22:21 PM

Great tip! Love your fantastic fussy-cutting projects! The Hot Air Balloon and Love Layout is very impressive! Thank you for a chance at a great giveaway.

Julie Draewell:
04/10/2019, 10:25:10 PM

Thank you for your bow tip great idea

Kirsty Vittetoe:

These are incredible! I Love all the fun projects!

Robyn Peet:

I love using bows, it's a great way to use up scraps also to add to tags. I love to brush bows lightly with gesso or white paint to add a shabby chic look.

Kari "Bashful" Treddenbarger:
04/11/2019, 01:10:42 AM

Love everything Graphic45. What a Beautiful collection! "Pick me!" Lol! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations with us!

Amanda Rickerd:
04/11/2019, 05:32:04 AM

Just discovered Graphic 45 and your blog and videos are now my daily inspiration. Paper bows just might make it onto the Easter basket project this weekend.

04/11/2019, 08:20:49 AM

My child just was inducted in the TRI M Honor Society (Music she plays the violin),I've ordered A few items to make her a mini of her past performances. I would so love to win this amazing prize of G45 product. The designer has much more creativity than I! Thank you for the chance to win amazing G45 products!!!

Theresa Calderini:
04/11/2019, 08:28:00 AM

I don’t make paper bows but when I saw this I thought I should give this a try!

Dee Dee Payne:
04/14/2019, 07:37:34 PM

Paper bows is a perfect embellishment for almost any layout as they can be made in any size from teeny tiny to page size. And, then, when you add a couple of colors, that highlights the project even further.

04/16/2019, 08:03:31 PM

I can't wait to do this project. I am also going to try the bows. Thanks for the beautiful papers to create with.

Bea Sage:
04/18/2019, 07:40:42 PM

I just recently finished a 6 x 6 mini album using Graphic45 secret garden products. And I just love the quality of the product material and pretty designs. I am definitely hooked on this line now and look forward to more in the future.

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