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#G45Tip Repurpose Packaging & Weekly Contest Announced

Posted by Graphic 45 10/15/2018 82 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Videos,#G45Tips,

Hello, G45ers!

  Welcome to a fun and simple Graphic 45 blog!  Today, we have a #G45Tip - sharing a creative way to add pages into your DIY albums by Yulia Kuznetsova.  Yulia uses our French Country - Deluxe Collector’s Edition (sold-out), Policy Envelopes, and Ephemera Card packaging to create this show-stopping mini album cookbook.  But first, we have our Weekly Contest to announce!  


Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! Each comment from Monday to Thursday at 11:59 pm PST will count as an entry. This week’s prize package is a Club G45 - Volume 10 Christmas Magic Kit, a $50 value.  The winner will be announced on the blog Friday, October 19th.


Club G45 Vol 10 Project Sheet - Tutorials - Info 



French Country DIY Album

By Yulia Kuznetsova


#G45Tip - Repurpose ephemera card packaging by adding them to your DIY mini albums as pages or dividers in your books. “Inside the separators are made of G45 card pads. Designed their envelopes and modest compositions.” ~Yulia


Ephemera Cards




French Country Cookbook by Yulia Kuznetsova for Graphic 45  


What a stunning cookbook!  We hope that you enjoyed this tip and video tour.  Be sure to leave your comments and tips below to be entered to win this Christmas Magic prize package.  Have a great day and as always...


Happy Papercrafting!



82 Comment(s)

Anne Schilling:
10/16/2018, 11:48:13 AM

This is so wonderful and inspiring! I will need to do one for each of my daughters with my hand down from generations recipes that right now just sit in a tin. Thank you for the inspiration! G45 thank you for the chance to win this prize package. Love this paper!

Rebecca Rosas:
10/16/2018, 11:51:02 AM

French Country is a great collection to use for cookbooks! I try to re-use packaging as much as possible, too.

Regina Harrison:
10/16/2018, 11:51:53 AM

This is a great idea. I love using up packaging in my projects.

Gayle M Hocking:
10/16/2018, 11:57:40 AM

LOVE the idea of repurposing! This album is delightfully different too! Thank you!

Amber Haden:
10/16/2018, 12:09:05 PM

Oh how lovely! What a great way to start the holiday crafting season.

Kelcey Hereau:
10/16/2018, 12:21:00 PM

Love the lantern and Christmas papers

Denise Evans:
10/16/2018, 12:33:47 PM, Facebook

I have been wanting to make a recipe album and this is just beautiful! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I also love the Christmas Magic paper collection!

Vanessa LeClear:
10/16/2018, 12:43:26 PM

Love the cookbook! What a great tip, too—thanks for sharing!

Jean Marmo:
10/16/2018, 12:52:30 PM, pagesintime.blogspot.com

Such an amazing and inspiring project!Your DT rocks!

10/16/2018, 01:03:41 PM

Wonderful cookbook album! And a great reminder to use the packaging in our projects - it's just a beautiful as everything else! Also, this is a great prize!

Mathilde S:
10/16/2018, 01:35:08 PM

Love this beautiful recipe book.The French Country Collection is one of my favourites.I use it with my canning jars as well,it makes perfect hostess gifts.

Ann Andreshak:
10/16/2018, 01:40:41 PM

This Christmas collection is gorgeous and then with the roses it is just unbelievable. I can imagine so many gorgeous mantel display options. Thanks for all your amazing designs

Bev Drake:
10/16/2018, 01:51:35 PM

Fun & simple you say but so gorgeous too! Just love the thought of my daughter receiving my best recipes in this great album. Heaps of pages & the repurposing tip is brilliant. Love the. Christmas Magic papers too thank you G45..

Paula R:
10/16/2018, 01:53:38 PM

Very clever technique.

Ellen Haydon:
10/16/2018, 02:15:33 PM

Wow! 2 lovely projects that I can really get going on. Thanks to you all that make such beautiful and interesting albums, cards, etc. that excite us every day. Ellen Haydon

Tammy H Coggins:
10/16/2018, 02:21:06 PM

Absolutely adore the Christmas Magic Collection. It would make a beautiful memory album to give as a gift. Graphic 45 never fails!

Gerry Wolfe:
10/16/2018, 02:49:44 PM

Great tip. Love Christmas paper. It’s my favorite time of year. French Country cookbook is very nice.

Eleanor Williams:
10/16/2018, 03:26:32 PM

Thank you for the wonderful tip. I hardly ever throw any G45 packaging away so this will be most useful. And I can't wait to make the Christmas Magic lantern & mini album. Christmas projects are my favorites & your collections always delight.

Priscilla Hughs:
10/16/2018, 03:50:11 PM

Delightful ideas.. I have yet to make an album of some sort using the French Country papers which I am thrilled to have. Made a mini album a few years ago in a class and fell in love with the collection.

Diana Dillon:
10/16/2018, 04:16:45 PM

Beautiful album great packaging tip. I think after making the lantern I would make a Christmas cookbook and include the ephemera cards from the Christmas Magic collection and then I am optimistic there would be enough left to make an accordion mini album. Or even a Christmas mini album. It's just a great package.

Jeanne Washburn:
10/16/2018, 04:54:44 PM

What great ideas and an opportunity to win a great prize pack

Jaimi Bailey:
10/16/2018, 05:07:51 PM

I love the idea of repurposing packaging. What a beautiful and inspiring project.

Kelly Kennedy:
10/16/2018, 05:17:22 PM

I love the Christmas accordion album and the romanantic look of the cookbook. As always, stunning work!

Sandra Zuniga Messier:
10/16/2018, 05:57:29 PM

Love the idea! Thank you for sharing! Always follow everything Graphic 45!!!

Debra Odle:
10/16/2018, 06:36:51 PM, g45papers.com

This is a great repurposed idea! I’m definitely going to use it. Thank you for sharing. Love the giveaway! Thank you for the chance at some special G45 Christmas Magic

Christina Hampton:
10/16/2018, 07:09:47 PM

Love it

Patti Henschen:
10/16/2018, 07:45:27 PM

Awesome ideas, thanx!

Glenda Buster:
10/16/2018, 09:01:24 PM

Lovely mini album and what an awesome way to repurpose Graphic 45 packing!

Kate LeBlanc:
10/16/2018, 09:13:00 PM

The French Country collection is so beautiful and Yulia has made such wonderful projects. Fantastic giveaway this week, love you G45!

Jan G.:
10/16/2018, 09:28:31 PM

Wow.....what a great project. Love the idea of using the packaging and not throwing it away. Also love the give-a-way. Thank you for the chance to win.

Gail Jenson:
10/16/2018, 10:58:41 PM

Beautiful cookbook Yulia, great use of packaging. Love the Christmas collection

Carla Hundley:
10/16/2018, 11:48:53 PM

Gorgeous work on this creation! Carla from Utah

Lucia Bojdová:
10/17/2018, 03:26:49 AM

This is verry sweet project fromYulia.I want to try somethilng like this cookbook .

10/17/2018, 04:12:19 AM

Gorgeous paper collection and fabulous project. Thanks for your inspiration.

Kim Scott:
10/17/2018, 05:00:09 AM

I have not seen this series yet. Beautiful!

10/17/2018, 06:18:48 AM, yulyakuznezowa.blogspot.com

Thanks to all dear friends! And Good luck!))

Tonya Skankey:
10/17/2018, 07:32:22 AM

Amazing prize package, I love the Christmas paper! So many possibilities!

Terri Williams:
10/17/2018, 08:30:39 AM

Great idea! I've been getting lots of great ideas from Graphic 45 on how to reuse packaging.....and have been incorporating them in my projects.

Sharon Gullikson:
10/17/2018, 08:53:45 AM

I love to see what other people had made----albums---because I am brand new to it. They have such great ideas that I wouldn't have thought of. These are so wonderful. And I hope that I win the prize. The Christmas paper is my all time favorite Christmas paper!!

Deborah L Gruler:
10/17/2018, 09:07:40 AM

Absolutely in love with your Christmas paper & package. I would be thrilled to win your give-away, and make a scrapbook for my daughter's Christmas gift.

Konnie Woods:
10/17/2018, 09:10:04 AM

So beautiful.

Sandra Rice:
10/17/2018, 10:52:10 AM

What a beautiful heirloom piece this collection makes...and the Christmas Magic Kit is properly named...it's purely magical!

Stephanie Mancuso:
10/17/2018, 11:14:27 AM

Love to repurpose anything. What a great idea.

Debbie Meredith:
10/17/2018, 11:14:40 AM

I LOVE this Christmas paper and using the packaging. Graphic 45 is my all time favorite.

Robbie M:
10/17/2018, 12:17:25 PM

I am so pleased that crafters are using everything including packaging in their pieces. Waste not, want not!

10/17/2018, 12:41:37 PM, fairyfiberfancies.com

These papers are all so gorgeous! I can hardly wait to try the Christmas Magic papers, and to make the latern and album–and maybe a similar cookbook, too!

Laura Graham:
10/17/2018, 01:16:40 PM

I usually use packaging cardboard for tag bases, they usually have a very convenient hole at the top. Bit of trimming and they look great. Now I will save 'like' packaging to create an album and use a ring the holes to keep the pages together! Thanks for the idea!

Kathy Brown:
10/17/2018, 01:38:31 PM

I just love all the projects that are shared and the tips are simple amazing and soooo useful!!!!Thanks!!!

Amy Green:
10/17/2018, 01:41:13 PM

Great idea! I love these papers, they are so detailed and beautiful.

Melissa Wendt:
10/17/2018, 01:42:26 PM

I have always loved that paper line. Very beautiful project.

10/17/2018, 01:51:27 PM

Love the lantern!

Sharon Roebuck:
10/17/2018, 02:30:53 PM

I cannot wait to receive my Club G45 this month. The Christmas lantern is amazing. I have a spot on the mantle picked out already. Truly love G45 papers!

Mary Jane:
10/17/2018, 03:29:32 PM

Love it !! Want it !! Need it !!

Kathy Ruemler:
10/17/2018, 03:38:11 PM

Graphic 45 is the Best ever!! Thank You for bringing The 12 Days of Christmas! I think it's my favorite, but then, they're ALL my favorite!!!

Martie Rollin:
10/17/2018, 03:57:31 PM

Love the tip to re-purpose/re-cycle packaging!! Nice prize package!!

Frances White:
10/17/2018, 06:06:49 PM

I love the cookbook and what a great way to use all the packaging

She Fowl:
10/17/2018, 06:14:37 PM

Great ideas...like the cookbook.

B Keck:
10/17/2018, 06:21:01 PM

The French Country is a beautiful line of paper and products, and I love the idea of reusing packaging.

Sue D:
10/17/2018, 07:27:05 PM

Wonderful cookbook!

10/17/2018, 08:10:47 PM

Beautiful project! I love to find ways to repurpose things, this is a great tip. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

jennifer hodges:
10/17/2018, 09:54:12 PM

Beautiful cookbook! Now I just need to find that French Country paper!

Cameron S:
10/17/2018, 11:57:41 PM

Love G45 paper!

A. Kabdenova:
10/17/2018, 11:58:09 PM

Thanks for the inspiration!

Arianna Barbara:
10/18/2018, 02:28:10 AM

Beautiful projects!!!

Eileen Stevenson:
10/18/2018, 09:24:41 AM

Absolutely stunning! Thanks for reminding me that what might have been trash can now have a beautiful purpose.

Deborah Cook:
10/18/2018, 10:57:20 AM

Thanks for the tips. I'm really into recycling. The Christmas Magic collection is so beautiful. :)

Tiffany Brummitt:
10/18/2018, 11:40:35 AM

What a great tip. I love how the collections can mix together.

Lisa Buchanan:
10/18/2018, 02:23:46 PM

I love the idea of using the leftover packaging to make a recipe card book! Brilliant!

Susie Doucet:
10/18/2018, 02:51:34 PM

Love this!

Diane Fountain:
10/18/2018, 03:17:21 PM

I LOVE Christmas Magic!!! Graphic 45 is the bomb!!!

Vivian Warner:
10/18/2018, 03:44:40 PM, google

Beautiful Christmas paper. Would love to win it.

Kathy Brown:
10/18/2018, 06:00:19 PM

❤️ love it❤️

Rhonda Amos:
10/18/2018, 06:47:05 PM

Beautiful papers!! Love the Christmas collection especially!

Terri Wilbanks:
10/18/2018, 10:12:46 PM

I cannot wait to make my Christmas Lantern and album. Thanks G45. I'm always excited to see the new paper collections. So far, I've loved them all!!

10/19/2018, 08:58:16 AM

Love the Christmas Lantern! It is so simple to make yet looks like it would be hard to do!

Stacye Vowell:
10/19/2018, 07:25:56 PM

The French Country DCE is sold out. Does G45 reprint the DCE's? I sure hope more is on the way!

Deb ONeill:
10/19/2018, 07:46:25 PM

Christmas Magic is one of my favorite Christmas connections!!!

Missy Ringe:
10/20/2018, 07:42:35 PM

I would love to have this. So beautiful

10/20/2018, 10:24:32 PM

Such a clever way to repurpose G45 packaging!! Thank you for sharing your design tip, it works so nicely into your cookbook :)

Ann Milzarski:
10/21/2018, 05:41:49 PM

Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. I have always saved and reused the backings for tags.

10/22/2018, 02:35:28 PM

Your cookbook is just stunning! And what a great idea to repurpose the packaging!

Paula Pembroke:
11/08/2018, 08:51:22 PM

Help! I’m going broke! I love every one of Graphic 45 collections, I’ve even purchased two of the same collections because I don’t want to run out! If I could I would get at least two of every set! Love it all ❤️

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