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#SimplyG45 Butterfly Gift Card Holders

Posted by Graphic 45 03/19/2019 35 Comment(s) Tutorials,Videos,#SimplyG45,


Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to a fun-filled Graphic 45 blog post.  Today, Kasia Bogatko will teach us how to create Butterfly Gift Card Holders using our Olde Curiosity Shoppe - Deluxe Collector’s Edition and Policy Envelopes in an easy to follow YouTube video tutorial.  These cute envelopes are perfect for any occasion, and simple to create.  But before we dive in we have our Club G45 Flutter Calendar Box & Notepad Kit winner to announce!  


Club G45 Vol 12 December 2018 Kit

Blog Contest Winner

This prize package included a Club G45 Flutter Calendar Box & Notepad Kit, a $50+ value.  


The winner is… Sharon L Gullikson!


This is what Sharon had to say on our Leaf Shapped Tags post: “What a CUTE idea, why didn't I think of that?? THANKS”


We thank you all for participating in this contest, we love reading your comments.  Sharon, please email to claim your prize.  


#Simply G45 Gift Card Envelopes

By Kasia Bogatko


“Today I have for you an idea for spring envelopes. They will work perfectly as a pack of gift cards or for money.


Policy Envelopes—ATC Black


To make it as simple as possible, I used ATC police envelopes as a base. Of course, if you would like to give something bigger, such as a coupon, invitation, use a larger envelope.



I used here butterflies from one of the pages from the Olde Curiosity Shoppe collection, they have various sizes and colors, you will surely find one that will fit your vision. I stuck the butterflies on a piece of moss to add more spring and special character to the envelopes.



I do not know if you like fussy cutting, but I'm not really. Butterfly antennae are especially problematic - I  cut them off by accident mostly. So I have an idea for you that will revive butterflies. Just a piece of ordinary wire, from which we form the body and antennas. The most convenient way to do this is by wrapping a wire around a stick or a thin brush. Butterflies prepared in this way look definitely much more interesting.




I made a video for you so that you can see more accurately how I prepared these little gift envelopes.


Video Tutorial:


Gift Card Envelope for Graphic 45 by Kasia Bogatko



Graphic 45 Supplies:

Policy Envelopes—ATC Black

Olde Curiosity Shoppe—Deluxe Collector's Edition








These policy envelopes are just too cute!  Kasia, thank you kindly for sharing these techniques so we too could learn how to take our fussy cut butterflies to the next level.  We want to thank each of you for stopping by as well.  We do hope you try this tutorial out and when you do be sure to share your projects to Instagram using the #Graphic45 hashtag.  Have a wonderful day, and as always... 


Happy Papercrafting!  

35 Comment(s)

Anne Schilling:
03/19/2019, 12:00:11 PM

Oh these are so lovely!

Sue D:
03/19/2019, 12:17:38 PM

Beautiful with the butterflies and I like the addition of the wire.

Sandra Rice:
03/19/2019, 12:18:51 PM

Great tutorial! Quick and easy but oh so beautiful!

03/19/2019, 12:20:52 PM

These envelopes are easy and so pretty. AND they scream spring which is oh SO good! Thank you!

Ellen Haydon:
03/19/2019, 12:57:51 PM

What a great way of saying anything to a favorite person. This is so easy to do up. Thanks

Vanessa LeClear:
03/19/2019, 01:08:47 PM

So pretty! And I love the tip to use wire for the butterfly.

Barbara G.:
03/19/2019, 01:30:10 PM

Thank you Kasia, for the lovely idea. Who wouldn't like a gift card in one of these envelopes!

03/19/2019, 01:30:48 PM,

I love your butterfly envelopes, and especially the coiled wire bodies - clever indeed!

Diane Fountain:
03/19/2019, 01:39:43 PM

Beautiful idea!!

Carole Effting Lohr:
03/19/2019, 01:46:35 PM

What lovely, not too difficult ideas.! Thank you for the great ideas for my future entertaining.

Diane Shull:
03/19/2019, 02:08:06 PM,

I really like this policy envelope idea. I would like to give this a try. The wire body on the butterflies was genius. Great project.

Barbara Daws:
03/19/2019, 02:26:58 PM

What a clever idea. Love these butterflies!

Regina Harrison:
03/19/2019, 03:07:59 PM

These are so pretty and they hardly use any paper at all. Love this and thank you for sharing.

tami s johnson:
03/19/2019, 03:15:27 PM

Love these! I love the wire on the butterflies! Thanks for sharing!

Honey Staufer:
03/19/2019, 03:42:26 PM

So sweet I love the look of the lace and moss.

She Fowl:
03/19/2019, 03:50:19 PM

These are soil cute...Thanks for the inspiration.

Debbie Baez:
03/19/2019, 03:58:12 PM

Very pretty! Unique!

Debbie Odle:
03/19/2019, 04:00:59 PM,

I love these. They're so pretty. I can do this. Thank you for sharing and the tutorial.

Katherine Buchanan:
03/19/2019, 04:31:11 PM

OMG!! So adorable! And SUPER Easy!! The wire for the bodies and antennas is brilliantly GENIUS!! Thank you, Kasia, so much for the incredible inspiration!! I'm going to do something similar this week!!

Susan ashby:
03/19/2019, 05:12:46 PM

Always looking at ways to give gift cards. These provide many ideas and are simple. I’ll be making these.....several of them. Love the use of thr wire.

03/19/2019, 06:00:59 PM

Beautiful creations as always Kasia!

Joyce G.:
03/19/2019, 07:11:58 PM

Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards, your use of wire for the butterfly bodies and antennas is great. Can you please tell us what you used under the moss? Is that cheese cloth or something else? Thanks again.

Carla Hundley:
03/19/2019, 07:49:31 PM

Beautiful butterflies and cards. Carla from Utah

Beth M Beery:
03/19/2019, 08:09:24 PM

Wonderful!!! Love the wire on the butterflies!!!!

Nancy Mac:
03/19/2019, 08:20:36 PM

I love your idea of decorating the envelopes to use as a gift card/money holder. I especially enjoyed the way you created the bodies and antennae for the butterflies - it's a genius idea and really gives life to the little critters.

Kate LeBlanc:
03/19/2019, 09:13:37 PM

What a beautiful idea. Can't wait to give it a try!

Patti Franklin Mintz:
03/20/2019, 03:56:15 AM

Such a wonderful idea. These will be quick to make to keep on hand for when you need that gift card last minute.

Sue MacFall:
03/20/2019, 05:34:14 AM

What brilliant execution of a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dorothy McCarthy:
03/20/2019, 06:48:24 AM,


Erlinda Ramirez:
03/20/2019, 08:34:53 AM

I am a big butterfly fan so this project caught my attention right away. Thank you Kasia for this great idea. Loved it!

Sharon L Gullikson:
03/20/2019, 10:26:58 AM

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the butterflies and flowers!!!

Jean R:
03/20/2019, 11:16:23 AM

I always snip off the antennae by mistake so I have been drawing them on. But this 3-D idea with the wire is brilliant!

Leslie Kiley:
03/21/2019, 04:38:38 AM

I love that your designs can be used on cards or in a scrapbook! how lovely are your butterflies

Martie Rollin:
03/21/2019, 03:19:39 PM

Lovely cards! Very interesting wire wrapping to add dimension to the moth/butterfly bodies.

Glenda Buster:
03/21/2019, 09:55:20 PM

Congratulations Sharon! Love how you made the butterfly bodies and antennas out of wire. Brilliant idea that adds so much depth and beauty to each fragile little butterfly

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