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Journaling Tip & Contest Announcement

Posted by Graphic 45 08/28/2018 90 Comment(s) Mini Albums,

Hello, G45ers!

 Today we announce our Weekly Blog Contest and we have a fabulous Journaling Tip to share with you from our Brand Ambassador, Glenys Vidal.   This post is nice and simple and straight to the point.  Be sure to leave your tips in the comments below to be entered to win this Sun Kissed Package!  


Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! Each comment from Monday to Thursday at 11:59 pm PST will count as an entry. This week’s prize package is a Sun Kissed Package, a $65 value.  The Winner will be announced on the blog Friday, August 31st.



Safari Adventure Album

By - Glenys Vidal

#G45Tip: If you are not a fan of your own handwriting like I am, you don’t have to stress over it. Sometimes I type my journal entries and then just I attach them with adhesive. ~Glenys

View the full album here...



What an awesome tip and a great way to make your scrapbook albums nice and neat!  We look forward to reading your comments below.  Have a great day and as always... 

Happy Papercrafting!

90 Comment(s)

kristina Vazquez:
08/28/2018, 09:55:19 AM

lovely tips and always. Super excited about this giveaway as I dont have this collection.

Susie Doucet:
08/28/2018, 10:02:12 AM


Karly Mauldin:
08/28/2018, 10:03:45 AM

Grapgic 45 products always brighten my day!

Buffy Burnside:
08/28/2018, 10:05:11 AM

what a beautiful album..I had to go over and check out the whole thing LOL thanks for the chance to win!

June hawthorne:
08/28/2018, 10:08:00 AM

Fabulous papers, great colourways and such sweet images

Gerry Wolfe:
08/28/2018, 10:10:51 AM

Love G45 paper. The Sun Kissed collection is beautiful. This collection would be perfect for me, since we leave by the beach. It would make a beautiful mini album for pictures of my granddaughter.

June hawthorne:
08/28/2018, 10:10:56 AM

My Journalling tip is ... to bring a double paged spread together, colour the outside edges Black, it brings your main images into focus

Diana B:
08/28/2018, 10:14:51 AM

Love love love this set.

Donna Russell:
08/28/2018, 10:20:28 AM

Thanks for the tip, I don't like my hand writing so this tip will come in handy. Also thanks for the chance to win the beautiful paper.

Michele Lewis:
08/28/2018, 10:23:25 AM

I LOVE this idea and would love to see more! Such an interesting way to document those special moments!

08/28/2018, 10:27:45 AM

My tip is to study the techniques of others you admire! I have learned so many great things (like when to use which kinds of glue!) from watching others in the crafting process, not just admiring the final product. :)

08/28/2018, 10:27:46 AM

My tip is to study the techniques of others you admire! I have learned so many great things (like when to use which kinds of glue!) from watching others in the crafting process, not just admiring the final product. :)

Wui Wui:
08/28/2018, 10:34:55 AM

That's me!!! I print out my entires from the computer, then cut and paste in the scrapbook.

Terry Fryer:
08/28/2018, 10:54:15 AM

Graphic 45 is my favorite and Sun Kissed is top of the list!

Debora S:
08/28/2018, 10:55:53 AM

I may not be a fan of my own handwriting but my family knows that it is mine. Therefore I journal from the heart in my own handwriting.

08/28/2018, 11:10:50 AM,

What a nice collection!

Sharon Gullikson:
08/28/2018, 11:11:46 AM

I LOVE the cover. It makes me want to open the album to see what else is inside. It is mysterious...Great job!!

Eleanor Williams:
08/28/2018, 11:16:24 AM

Love the journalling tip. I frequently use a handwriting font on my computer to do my journalling. That way I can size it to fit the space. All your paper collections are fabulous. Thank you for chance to win.

Jeannette Butler:
08/28/2018, 11:17:22 AM

The Sun Kissed package would be perfect for an album I'm currently working on!

Eleanor Williams:
08/28/2018, 11:19:43 AM

I frequently use my computer to journal. There is a handwrit in font I really like & I can adjust the size to fit the space available. All your collections are fabulous. Thank you for the chance to win.

Danielle lewis:
08/28/2018, 11:26:51 AM

I’m just getting started and would love to win this amazing collection!!

Brian Poteraj:
08/28/2018, 11:34:15 AM

We would love to go on an African Safari some day soon. This sort of book would be perfect for some of our favorite photos. The papers are just perfect. You are very talented in picking just the right way to put it all together.

Amanda Smith:
08/28/2018, 11:43:26 AM

Omg would love to win the sun kissed package!! The colors are amazing, love that shade of blue!

Glennis Farrell:
08/28/2018, 11:58:31 AM

I totally agree, my handwriting is very poor as well!

08/28/2018, 12:08:54 PM

Wow! I'm first :D I love the collection!!!

08/28/2018, 12:09:02 PM

That's a terrific album, and such a great idea to use the file folders to make it! I like to type journaling sometimes, too, and I usually use an old-fashioned typewriter font.

Sue D:
08/28/2018, 12:16:09 PM

Great album. My grandkids love the zoo/safari theme.

Connie Ellison:
08/28/2018, 12:24:43 PM

I love the Sunkissed Collection! I’m a Beach girl so it’s definitely one of my favorites!

Kelly Kennedy:
08/28/2018, 12:26:03 PM

This is such a great collection. Just love the colours!

Lucia Bojdová:
08/28/2018, 01:00:17 PM

Its totally perfect!

Diane Smith:
08/28/2018, 01:09:12 PM

Would love to win ....can't have too much Graphic 45!!

Diana Dillon:
08/28/2018, 01:44:47 PM

Great idea, I don't like my handwriting either so typing is the way to go. Thank you for sharing your beautiful album.

Judy Albertson:
08/28/2018, 01:53:21 PM

When I layer my papers I find it easier to layer them before I glue them inside my album. Love Graphic 45 Collection, thanks for the great designs.

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
08/28/2018, 01:55:10 PM

I also don't like my handwriting so I use my Corel program and choose a typeface that fits the theme to print out what I want onto matching paper, then cut and paste on my page.I'd love to add this collection to my Graphic 45 paper hoard ! I need to have them all. Thank you for offering this contest.

Daylene Strickland:
08/28/2018, 02:05:57 PM

Love this set! Gorgeous!

Patrice Canniff:
08/28/2018, 02:30:30 PM

Love graphic45 and this packet of goodies I could do so many projects with my granddaughters.

Bev Drake:
08/28/2018, 02:33:49 PM

Wow! A fantastic presentation of a great place to visit. I love the file folder idea & works so well with G45 papers. Great tip too .Thank you G45 for these incredible blogs. Bev Drake

Carla Hundley:
08/28/2018, 02:50:54 PM

Looks like a fabulous album and great designs. Carla from Utah

Lisa Evans:
08/28/2018, 02:51:46 PM

Super nice designs!

Regina Harrison:
08/28/2018, 02:54:10 PM

This is a great tip for me as I can barely read my own handwriting anymore.

Debby Abad:
08/28/2018, 03:31:14 PM

Love G45! Using some of their papers now to create an album! Sure would love to win more!

Laurie Black:
08/28/2018, 03:53:56 PM

The Sun Kissed collection is gorgeous! We are going to Maui next month, this would be perfect for the scrapbook of our trip.

08/28/2018, 03:57:25 PM

Love ❤️ love ❤️ this collection

08/28/2018, 04:26:57 PM

I always measure twice before cutting and place the item where it will go before gluing it down. That saves a lot of redoing.

Shari Czerwinski:
08/28/2018, 04:40:45 PM,

Don't be afraid to journal on your layout, or even write on photos. Tell the story (even if your handwriting isn't perfect) is just as important than the photo. Share your memories of the event!!

Judy Fagotti:
08/28/2018, 04:43:43 PM

Sun Kissed is a beautiful collection. Love the color palette and the fussy cutting potential! This is perfect for me as I live about an hour away from gorgeous Cape May, NJ. I’d love to do an album of all their unbelievable Victorian homes with this collection.

Patty Bigler:
08/28/2018, 05:19:31 PM

Great tip about printing out your journaling. Good to record for future generations.

Glenda Buster:
08/28/2018, 06:44:14 PM


Eileen Lockard:
08/28/2018, 07:42:06 PM,

I love this paper and a chance to win.

Christine Cuthbert:
08/28/2018, 07:47:35 PM

Beautiful package

Barb wild:
08/28/2018, 08:09:36 PM

Just have to win. Because I’m poor and only way I’ll get such nice things is if I win.

Alison Johnson:
08/28/2018, 11:09:24 PM

Great tip. Love these papers, thanks for a chance to win.

08/28/2018, 11:50:24 PM

What great ideas!!! Thank you for making these works of art!!!

Felicia Staubs:
08/29/2018, 12:22:23 AM

love this paper!

Becky Jo Cannon:
08/29/2018, 12:59:25 AM

I love your album Glenys! I went through each page. You have given me inspiration to take each event and make it a goal to accomplish. I have many family times at the beach that I could separate out with the Sun Kissed Collection. This will help me to accomplish the goals in small "elephant" bites!

Debbie Siddle:
08/29/2018, 02:07:29 AM

Yummy, super prize. xx

Velichka Zheleva:
08/29/2018, 02:31:28 AM

Weekly Blog Contest- Gorgeous collection, love the colours and the tame :*

Katherine Buchanan:
08/29/2018, 03:50:01 AM

Very, very COOL!!

Linda six:
08/29/2018, 04:17:21 AM

Thanks fir a chance to win Sun kissed is a great package to winwould do love to win this

Traci Janke:
08/29/2018, 04:51:49 AM

The 31st is my birthday, this would make an awesome gift! Thank you for the opportunity!

Dawn H:
08/29/2018, 05:43:05 AM

Oh, pretty please and thank you very much!

08/29/2018, 07:33:06 AM

Absolutely lovely paper.

Margaret D.:
08/29/2018, 08:09:28 AM

I just love the Sun Kissed G45 collection! It is one of my all time favorites. Thanks for the inspiration!

Robbie M Cornell:
08/29/2018, 11:03:00 AM

This is a great tip. My perfectionism about handwriting kept me from scrapping for a long time. I'm learning that the handwriting is part of the memory but I still resort to the typed comment from time to time!

Deb O Neill:
08/29/2018, 01:03:00 PM

Another great collection!!! Love the colors.

08/29/2018, 01:24:21 PM

As always i adore the tips!!! TFS.

Deborah cook:
08/29/2018, 01:26:00 PM

Wow!! Love the Safari album !! so unique. Also, loving the "Sun Kissed" prize this week. It screams of summertime. :)

08/29/2018, 03:39:36 PM

I would SO love this, i think it is my new FaVoRiTe collection!

Lisa Kunze:
08/29/2018, 05:17:47 PM

Hoping to win the SunKissed ☀️ Graphic45 bundle.

Glenda Buster:
08/29/2018, 08:42:07 PM

The Safari album is wonderful. Thank you for the tip about typing journal entries. Another G45 fan mentioned using a script font for the typed journaling ❤️

08/29/2018, 10:07:13 PM

Love the vintage graphics. Great for heritage & current scrapbooks!

Brenda Charlton:
08/30/2018, 02:43:54 AM

As always fabulous designs fabulous colours. I love scrapbooking with your papers you make so easy.

Jan G.:
08/30/2018, 05:14:57 AM

Great tip as my handwriting is sometimes hard to read.

Kara selvaggio:
08/30/2018, 06:36:48 AM

I love the journal ideas presented here. ♥️

Vanessa LeClear:
08/30/2018, 01:28:22 PM

What a great album to showcase Disney’s Animal Kingdom photos! Thanks for sharing.

Celeste Lind:
08/30/2018, 01:59:42 PM

When you are trying to preserve memories for posterity, I truly believe that the personalization of using your own handwriting, is important. I love to hold on to cards that were signed by my (now deceased Grandmother). You can always find a fancy font on-line, and print your comments on some vellum, or perhaps carefully take an Ephemera card and tape it or whatever you need to do, to get the words directly ON to the Ephemera card - so many of the G45 Ephemera cards are PERFECT for journalling!! But don't abandon using your own handwriting, that personal touch is what makes it truly yours!! (And your children and grandchildren will love you for it!!)

08/30/2018, 02:43:29 PM

Love the folio-great images along with personal pictures.

Sandra Rice:
08/30/2018, 03:35:58 PM

Typed journal Entries! Love the vintage look it gives! One of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments. Beautiful project too!

Martie Rollin:
08/30/2018, 04:00:53 PM

Fantastic paper collection in this prize package...Love Sun Kissed!

08/30/2018, 04:20:49 PM

I love the idea of computerized journal entries. You can pick the font type & size and fit in so much more information in a given space. Thanks.

08/30/2018, 04:24:19 PM

How stunning...awesome g45...but everyone does!

Kathleen E Capachione:
08/30/2018, 07:00:57 PM

A wonderful share....thank you. To win will be Fabulous!!!!!

Sharon Snider:
08/30/2018, 07:53:27 PM

Great tip and journal. Thanks.

08/30/2018, 08:54:26 PM

Lovely album and great tips. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win this beautiful collection.

Linda Gregory:
08/30/2018, 09:22:32 PM

Love these blogs with all the ideas and tips.Keep up the great work.

Jane Smith:
08/30/2018, 09:31:03 PM

Great ideas, especially the journaling ones

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Very pretty and a nice job done!

cathy shay:
08/31/2018, 06:56:32 AM

All of your papers are stunning- would LOVE to win sun kissed to document my beach vacation

Jamie Kaus:
09/05/2018, 06:54:59 PM

A tip for happy paper crafting: Use your G45 papers. Don't save them for that special project down the road. Every project is special. Right now I am making a mini album with Raining Cats & Dogs. Next I will be making the 4 cards in Floral Shoppe from the project sheet. Would love to line up my next creation to be done in Sun Kissed!

09/05/2018, 08:47:42 PM

Love that safari paper and your creation!

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