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Imagine - Music Light-Up Box

Posted by Graphic 45 03/25/2019 41 Comment(s) Home Decor,Videos,


Hello, G45ers!

 We are excited to light up your week with a show-stopping Imagine Music Box.  This fussy cutter's dream was created by the talented Grand Brand Ambassador from Spain, Tati Scrap.  Tati highlights our Imagine paper collection, chipboard, and some odds and ends to create this musical masterpiece.  So without further ado... 


Imagine Music Box

By Tati Scrap


Hello, all!!!

Show you a Music Box created from cero with the amazing Imagine  Graphic 45´s collection.

I have used a carrillon with “ Sous le ciel de Paris “ love!!


I hope you like it and enjoy playing the music!” ~Tati

Video Tour: 

Imagine Light-up Music Box by Tati Scrap for Graphic 45

Graphic 45 Supplies:

Imagine 8x8 Paper Pad

Imagine 12x12 Patterns & Solids Paper Pad

Imagine 8x8 Paper Pad

Imagine 12x12 Patterns & Solids Paper Pad


Other Supplies:


Grey chipboard

A piece of metal chain

Some pieces of wood and little stones (from my garden)






"Believe with all your heart.

Imagine with all your mind."


Add a light inside your 3D Box to add depth and ambiance.  




Bravo!  Let's give Tati a round of applause for this off the page project.  We want to thank you as well for joining in the fun.  If you are looking for more inspiration be sure to join our Graphic 45 - Official Community Page.  We hope you have a wonderful week full of creativity and wonder!  


Happy Papercrafting!

41 Comment(s)

Marcia Blair:
03/25/2019, 10:38:27 AM

IS there a tutorial and material list for this project?

Charee Filimoehala:
03/25/2019, 01:06:23 PM

Hello Marcia, unfortunately, Tati did not create a tutorial for this stunning Music Box. The supply list is listed below the video tour. Supplies: Imagine 8x8 Paper PadImagine 12x12 Patterns & Solids Paper PadOther Supplies:CarrillonGrey chipboardA piece of metal chainSome pieces of wood and little stones (from my garden)I hope this helps. Happy Papercrafting!

Kim Russell:
03/25/2019, 12:02:44 PM

Once again, Tati’s creations are mind blowing! Bravo! ❤️

Diana Dillon:
03/25/2019, 12:06:44 PM

Amazing, Just love it all. Tati thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Brian Poteraj:
03/25/2019, 12:21:58 PM

That is incredible. I really like your style

Mathilde S:
03/25/2019, 12:25:52 PM

WOW! This project is exquisite,I love all the details.

Regina Harrison:
03/25/2019, 01:04:31 PM

This is really pretty. Just looking at all this fussy cutting makes my hands cramp. Really well done:)

Sue MacFall:
03/25/2019, 01:06:03 PM

So different what imagination !!!!!

Sue Mautz:
03/25/2019, 01:08:17 PM

What did you use for the light?

Lynn Harrell:
03/25/2019, 01:10:20 PM

This is out of this world gorgeous. Love the way the balloon moves when the music box is turning.

Martie Rollin:
03/25/2019, 01:17:13 PM

Wa-a-ay too detailed for my creative tastes, but I can well appreciate all the time it took to create this project!

Susan Ashby:
03/25/2019, 01:21:52 PM

Beautiful music box.

03/25/2019, 01:27:42 PM

I rarely comment but when Tati posts such a fantastic project I can't resist. Her projects are so unique and beautiful I wish she was making them for me.

Tami S Johnson:
03/25/2019, 01:34:49 PM

So creative and beautiful! I just love it!

Tristan Robin Blakeman:
03/25/2019, 01:36:24 PM,

Absolutely enchanting and thoroughly delightful. The patience and skill and creative eye are to be envied! I have made a few music boxes myself - but nothing this completely enchanting. Brava!

Ellen Haydon:
03/25/2019, 01:50:21 PM

What a fun Music Box! I love to fussy cutting as much as I can. Here we go again!

Kitty Tatman:
03/25/2019, 01:52:26 PM

So magical!!! Love all the depth in this piece. You should be super proud Tati, Great job!!

She Fowl:
03/25/2019, 02:03:41 PM

Wow...what a great project. Love it.

Sue D:
03/25/2019, 02:30:37 PM

All I can say is --Wow!

Jan Ross:
03/25/2019, 03:11:48 PM

You created an imaginative project with such amazing planning and crafting. It’s adorable and whimsical. Nice nice job!

03/25/2019, 03:19:52 PM

Wow, amazing creation!!! It is fabulous and highlights the spirit of the Imagine collection.

03/25/2019, 03:25:09 PM

Amazing! What a great project!

Sharon Hastings:
03/25/2019, 03:38:01 PM

That is so original, love the music. Fantastic

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
03/25/2019, 04:07:20 PM

Fantastic idea ! Can't wait to try it with the Fairy Dust collection !

Diane Fountain:
03/25/2019, 04:18:27 PM

How adorable!!!

Barbara Millar:
03/25/2019, 04:32:10 PM

Wow just awesome project beautiful job you are very talented and and an inspiration to all of us . Looking forward to your next project

Mrs Dawn Holmes:
03/25/2019, 05:15:46 PM

I ADORE this project and am blown away by your creativity and talent.It is magical, inspirational and utterly wonderful. I could sit here and explore it with my eyes and imagination all day. Many Congratulations. You deserve a gold medal.

Glenda Buster:
03/25/2019, 05:56:23 PM

Magnificent. All of the elements and music are mesmerizing! It would be a joy to walk by your creation several times a day and just stop for a moment to be inspired and carried into the imaginary world you created.

Stephanie Cook:
03/25/2019, 08:30:06 PM

I'm in awe with your talent, I love everything about this, would love to see a tutorial on how you made this. It's a treasure!

Dianna Dean:
03/25/2019, 10:47:09 PM

I love this! I'm going to have to try something like this soon.

Carla Hundley:
03/25/2019, 11:23:37 PM

Fabulous work on this project! Carla from Utah

Judy Phillips:
03/26/2019, 02:15:42 AM

OMG - this work of art is fantastic! Wow - what a fabulous imagination! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Susie Stover:
03/26/2019, 04:41:46 AM

This is unbelievable! Such creativity and beauty. Wow!!

Dorothy McCarthy:
03/26/2019, 06:18:00 AM,

Stunning work of art!!

Kate LeBlanc:
03/26/2019, 07:59:07 AM

Wow, what a great creation. I love all of the fussy cutting and the 3d effect of the balloons.Amazing!!!

Jean Marmo:
03/26/2019, 09:56:36 AM

I do not know how you do it! So creative!

Margaret R:
03/26/2019, 10:32:01 AM

This is really quite incredible! I immediately started looking up to see where I could buy the carillon, although I'm sure I could never match the beauty of Tati's creation!

Vanessa LeClear:
03/26/2019, 12:04:21 PM

What an amazing project! So beautiful! The rotating balloon takes it over the top (sorry, couldn't help myself). Thanks for the inspiration!

Sabine Burger:
03/26/2019, 11:10:40 PM

Eine ganz besondere Arbeit. Die Papiere animieren auch dazu. Wenn die Papiere in Deutschland nur leichter zu bekommen wären!! Der Versand nach Deutschland ist von den USA sehr sehr teuer. Deutsche Händler ordern leider nie alles von einer Kollektion!!!Viel Erfolg trotzdem weiterhin Grüße Sabine

Sandra Featherston:
03/28/2019, 07:33:46 AM

Lovely. So ingenious.

Teresa Trump:
04/01/2019, 11:42:40 AM

What an awesome, beautiful, imaginative art piece that actually plays music. Something to treasure and be totally proud of.

Nancy Mac:
04/01/2019, 12:04:26 PM

You've made a beautiful, beautiful project, Tati! I love all the detail and I've had a lifelong love of music boxes, so I'm enchanted with your photos! I have to also say that your choice of music is perfect to go along with the video. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

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