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Paper Princess Castle - Tanya Scrap 2019-2020 Introduction

Posted by Graphic 45 06/24/2019 34 Comment(s) Home Decor,


Hello, G45ers!

 Today we are taking paper crafting to the next level with this breathtaking Paper Castel.  This castle was created for our #G45Selfie - June Challenge by Off the Page Magician, Brand Ambassador from South Africa, Tanya Cloete aka Tanya Scrap To create this 3D structure Tanya has used our Princess paper collection and a few Silhouette cutting files and a lot of imagination.  Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the ornate and decadent details of this delightful handmade castle.  


Tanya Scrap - South Africa

2019-2020 Brand Ambassador


“Hello, dear G45ers! My name is Tanya Cloete (aka Tanya Scrap). I live in a city called Pretoria, South Africa. Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa and is also known as 'Jacaranda City' for its thousands of Jacaranda trees - Wikipedia. These trees have pretty little purple/blue flowers. I am what you would call an avid scrapper. I spent most of my time crafting away in my little piece of heaven, my happy place. This all started about 9 years ago seeking a hobby to keep me busy. I have always loved making crafty things as far as I can remember but never imagined that scrapbooking/paper crafting would develop into such a passion. I still love every single moment of my crafty journey! I enjoy all types of paper crafting but my love lies in creating Off the Page projects and Graphic 45 papers inspire to do just that!


A special thanks to the wonderful Graphic 45 Family for letting me join this FABULOUS team for another year. 
Such an honor to represent their AMAZING brand!


#G45Selfie Princess Castle Renaissance
 ‘Happily Ever After’

By Tanya Scrap


I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this amazing team for a second year and so excited to share my #G45Selfie project as a Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador. For our first project, I was asked to create a ‘Self-Portrait’ project that reflects me as an artist using my favorite paper medium and go-to technique.


I present to you my love for off the page a Castle Renaissance Model featuring the gorgeous Princess collection, one of my favourite  Graphic 45 lines at the moment. I love the patterns and soft colours of the papers, they are so pretty. My favorite paper medium currently is watercolor paper, I die-cut shapes with this paper and add a bit of it to almost every project. I love the texture and the off white colour, it goes so well with all types of paper collections and adds a lovely accent to your project. I love layering and adding embellishment clusters to my projects, so I would say that my go-to technique would be lots of die-cuts and fussy-cut pieces layered onto a project.


Here with the Supplies and Instructions, you may use to recreate such a project:


G45 Supplies used:

Princess 12x12 Collection Pack

Princess 12x12 Patterns & Solids Pad

Princess 8x8 Paper Pad

Princess Chipboard

Princess Stickers

Shabby Chic Metal Clock Keys

Shabby Chic Metal Door Plates & Knobs

Washi Tape Set



Other Supplies:

Silhouette Cut Files:


  • Wood Canvas (to be used as the base for your Castle)
  • Various Dies
  • Eyelet & Brads
  • Flowers
  • Ribbon
  • String
  • Metal Crown Embellishments
  • Metal Chain
  • Metal Knobs
  • Pins
  • Punch
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Soft Gloss Gel
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Rhinestones & Flat Back Pearls
  • Paper Straws
  • Toothpicks


Main Castle Walls and details


Tall Towers with details



Octagon corner Tower and accents


Portico entrance and arch side wall Balconies


Rampart walls with accents


Identify and cut the Castle shapes in the quantities shown in the assembly above using the pattern sheets in the 12x12 paper pad as well as sheets in the patterns and solids paper pad. Adhere the pieces with red double-sided tape.

Tip: I always use the red double sided tape for all my off the page projects. It makes assembly easier and will also prevent the project from falling apart.



Cut a crown box from the pattern sheets and assemble accordingly. This will be added onto the 'roof' of the castle.


Die-cut a few butterflies, leaves, swirls and flowers for the layered embellishment clusters.

Tip: Did you know... you can use wax/parchment paper to place on your die and then your cutting material before putting it through your die cutting machine. This will make removing the shape from the die easier.


Die-cut a few bows, assemble and fasten them with a brad.

Tip: Curl two bow strips forming a curve using the back of a pencil or similar object. This makes folding the end pieces together a little easier.


Add the shabby chic metal doorknob on the front of the arch.

Tip: Adhere with a soft matte gel or glossy accents, thus making sure it doesn't fall off.


Add eyelets to the chipboard sentiment from the collection, also place a metal key between the petals of the of flowers.


Add a cute little bow and die-cut butterfly to the crown box. Adhere this box at an angle.

Tip: Place a piece of foam board underneath the box on the one side and glue to the surface of the roof, this will help with tilting and keeping the box in place.


Add some more bows on each side of the castle. Add rhinestones to the center of the butterflies and flat back pearls to the die-cut flowers.


Use toothpicks to wrap the little pennant flags around them. Add to the cupola/cone hole.


Add the die-cut cluster embellishments on the front pillars of the castle, one on each side.


Add the metal crowns, adhere these with a soft gloss gel. Add the metal chain to the bows.



Add the paper straws on the sides of the arch. Make a bow with some ribbon and adhere to the top. Add a pin to the open ends of the straws.

Tip: Add tape to the end pieces of the ribbon, curl and adhere to the bottom of the castle, thus ensuring they stay in place.



Add a metal keyhole to the back of the ‘portcullis base' and fasten both ends with metal knobs.

Tip: Make sure that these knobs are not too tight thus still being able to slide the keyhole to the side to open and close the door.

Add some metal chain on the inside of the door, fasten with brads.


Thanks for stopping by!


Happy Papercrafting!”

~Tanya Scrap

What a glorious way to start a week!  Big thanks to Tanya for sharing her love of off the page projects.  Please join us in welcoming Tanya back to the G45 family the comments below.  We hope you join us again tomorrow for another fabulous introduction and paper inspiration.  Have a wonderful week, and as always... 


Happy Papercrafting!


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34 Comment(s)

06/24/2019, 11:54:00 AM

Wow, just stunning!! A show piece for sure.

06/24/2019, 12:10:07 PM

This is just incredible! I'm in awe of this creation.

Barbara Daws:
06/24/2019, 12:17:05 PM

Beautiful creation! G45 papers make such beautiful projects! You are so talented and look forward to seeing more of your creations.

Margaret R:
06/24/2019, 12:18:17 PM

So beautiful! I'm wondering if Cricut has something similar to the Silhouette design.

Charee Filimoehala:
06/24/2019, 12:36:28 PM

Hello Margaret, thanks for following and for your kind words. If your Cricut can cut SVG files this should work for your machine as well if you click the SVG file type. If we can help with anything else email us at Happy Papercrafting!

06/24/2019, 12:27:46 PM

This creation is beyond belief! It is stunning, so creative and so well executed. I will look forward to following your projects over the next year. Congratulations.

She Fowl:
06/24/2019, 12:35:52 PM

What a show beautiful.

Leah D Matthews:
06/24/2019, 12:42:04 PM

The castle is just amazing! It's really beautiful and I am in awe of it!

Penny Horne:
06/24/2019, 12:45:37 PM

Absolutely gorgeous! My husband just bought me a Brother Scan n Cut. Do you know if I am able to use the castle file with this machine? Would love to make.

Georgia Baker:
06/24/2019, 12:56:39 PM

Such remarkable detail and beauty. What a gem.

06/24/2019, 12:56:44 PM

This is certainly are an energetic woman! I give you lots of credit for your unlimited patience. Nice job!

Sue D:
06/24/2019, 01:02:41 PM

Fabulous. So many great details.

Vanessa LeClear:
06/24/2019, 01:03:47 PM

Welcome back, Tanya! Your castle is amazing!

Martie Rollin:
06/24/2019, 01:10:41 PM

Definitely a work of paper art!! I'm definitely not into "off the page" projects, but as a fellow paper artist, I can well appreciate all the work that went into this detailed project!!! Well done!

Maria Matias:
06/24/2019, 01:11:05 PM

Wow! It is gorgeous! The details and all.

Maxine Hodges:
06/24/2019, 01:22:56 PM

This is the most beautiful projects ever. The number of intricate pieces made with beautiful Graphic papers are amazing.

Sharon L Gullikson:
06/24/2019, 01:27:56 PM

Your castle is amazing!! I love projects that relate to castles (the Princess collection is amazing). Thank you for showing us. It is so wonderful, you can display it for a long, long time.

Rachel Jolley:
06/24/2019, 01:37:11 PM

Totally out of this world for creativity and beauty, an absolute masterpiece!

Dawn Belger:
06/24/2019, 02:27:26 PM

Absolutely amazing.

06/24/2019, 02:59:28 PM

Wow! An incredible project which is so beautiful & shows off the G45 papers to perfection. Congratulations Tanya .

Jan Kennedy:
06/24/2019, 03:23:20 PM

Surely a castle fit for a most royal princess! I love the paper and the project! Thank you, Tanya!

Mrs Dawn Holmes:
06/24/2019, 03:51:08 PM

At first I hardly dare look at the pictures. This was a "I can't believe what I have just glimpsed" moment. What a work of art - it is beyond price. I was scared that looking would cause it to dissolve away it is so magical. You did not make this yourself - only fairies could make work this fine and ethereal. Really, it was you, then I would love to shake your hand one day in the hope that some of the magic will transfer. Tanya, this is the work of a lifetime. Many Congratulations.

Stephanie Cook:
06/24/2019, 04:29:57 PM

What a delightful creation, it's beyond words of beauty. It was I'm sure a labor of love.

Georgia Zatto:
06/24/2019, 07:24:59 PM

This is the most breathtaking project ever made out of such a beautiful paper! I truly wish I had a little girl to make this for, since mine is to old to appreciate it.. I❤IT!!!

06/24/2019, 07:40:44 PM

This is so stunningly beautiful! Each details and so much of work. Needs patience. Amazing creation. Hugs

06/24/2019, 08:41:15 PM

This image caught my eye immediately upon opening the Graphic45 email! Even though I was really busy with work, I didn’t hesitate to follow the link to G45’s site, I HAD to check this gorgeous and amazingly creative project out! This is one of those projects to gift to someone you know in your heart would be thrilled to receive and keep it “safely protected”, as it took you many, many long hours of planning, patience and concentration to make, with some trial and error along the way. This G45 paper collection was the PERFECT choice, I can’t stop looking at and admiring this beautiful castle! ❤️

06/24/2019, 09:55:03 PM

Absolutely incredible!! A real show stopper!

Eileen Harris:
06/24/2019, 10:39:38 PM

I love castles and this one is absolutely stunningly & beautiful beyond words. The G45 paper choice is PERFECT! I look forward to seeing more of your projects throughout the year.

06/24/2019, 10:41:33 PM,

Wow! That is one of the most stunning paper creations I have every seen! This must have taken about a million hours to create. I want to live there! Well done, Tanya. <3


WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!! Love this, so beautiful! Swoon! Thanks so much for sharing!

sabine matagne:
06/25/2019, 04:50:38 AM

Absolument magnifique !!

Gloria Stengel:
06/25/2019, 12:08:03 PM,

This is just an awesome display of paper artistry! I am in awe. I cannot stop looking at all the details. I even went to purchase the SVG file, but my 18 year old son said, "Mom, in what version of the universe will you ever actually make that!??" Kids, so disrespectful of our abilities! hee hee

Carla Hundley:
06/25/2019, 11:19:10 PM

This castle is amazing and so pretty! Carla from Utah

Kate LeBlanc:
06/26/2019, 03:22:17 AM

Amazing!! I love your castle, it is so delicate and just beautiful. You really have some "mad skills"!

Dorothy McCarthy:
06/26/2019, 06:39:37 AM,


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