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Reverse Shadow Box Tutorial

Posted by Graphic 45 06/22/2020 13 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Home Decor,Tutorials,Videos,


Hello, G45ers!

  This week on the blog we will be introducing our 2020-2021 Brand Ambassadors, starting with Carla La Vera.  Carla has mastered the art of creating Mini Albums from scratch and always adds so many fun interactive elements to each page.  For her #G45Selfie project Carla has created a Reverse Shadow Box using our Ocean Blue paper collectionTake note of her genius tips and be sure to watch the video tutorial to get even more great ideas, and when you are done be sure to leave a warm welcome for Carla in the comments below.  



Carla La Vera - USA

Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador 2020-2021


  Hi!  I’m Carla La Vera, I’m 50 years old and almost 12 years like a Scrapbook addict.  I discovered the world of scrapbooking in 2008 when I was still living in my home country of Peru and working as a civil engineer, and it was love at first sight! Since then, I’ve moved to the United States and adopted Barnegat, NJ as my new home, but my passion for scrapbooking has only grown. From teaching classes on the craft of scrapbook albums to founding my Etsy shop “NostalgiqueScrap”, I’ve continued to make time for this passion in my busy life as a wife and mother. 

  I'm also an antique lover, so when I discovered Graphic 45’s vintage-inspired products, I knew they were the perfect complement for my style. I love to work with interactive albums, incorporate layers, and seek out the perfect colors to match a project.  I like to decorate each page but without taking attention away from the photos.  I hope you like my proposals and enjoy making the beautiful projects that the whole team of brand ambassadors has created for you. I’m so excited to be part of this amazing group of very talented people!



Reverse Shadow Box

By Carla La Vera


  I’m so excited to share with you my first project as Graphic 45 Ambassador 2020-2021.  I didn't have an idea about what project to do for this occasion, and, when I needed to find a photo for Brand Ambassador presentations I found these photos that my son took me the last time that he visited me and...I believed they will be a perfect match for Ocean Blue Collection.


This is my version of an opposite shadow box.  I used a wood base (8” x 8”) that I found in a Clearance.




Tip: I like to do some details with the same paper on all my pages, like I did on this album with the blue strips paper.


Tip: I like to add my photos to a contrast color cardstock piece before to add on the album.




Tip:  When I have a big embellishment piece, I try to add it on two continued pages, it helps to integrate your album pages.



Video Tour and Tutorial:

Reverse Shadow Box by Carla La Vera for Graphic 45



 I hope you enjoy doing your album and put your own touches.” ~Carla


Graphic 45 Supplies:


Other Supplies:

  • Kraft Cardstock

  • Blue Cardstock

  • Wood Base 8x8

  • Blue Eyelets

  • Magnetic discs

  • Thin Rope

  • Glue

  • Metal Latch Brad



Happy Papercrafting!


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13 Comment(s)

06/22/2020, 12:06:25 PM

Love the reverse shadow box-very pretty especially with the pictures added. Great project and tutorial-welcome.

Margaret R:
06/22/2020, 02:02:41 PM

Welcome, Carla - I love your album! I really like how integrated the pages are - they just flow one to the next. Thanks for your tips, especially the one about using a bit of the same paper on each page. I look forward to seeing your projects throughout the year!

Kathy L McIlrath:
06/22/2020, 07:09:22 PM

I love this project (Reverse Shadow Box in Ocean Blue) but you can't see the last several screens with measurements and product since the Graphic 45 logo and the 2 videos cover the information. Is there a way to delete them to see the information?I will be going through all your other work as this is just beautiful and so clever.

Tara Jimenez:
06/23/2020, 12:13:15 AM

Congratulations! This is beautiful project and Im so excited cheer you on. Best wishes

Carla La Vera:
08/09/2020, 08:34:09 AM

Thanks so much Tara!!!

Birgit Hedenskog:
06/23/2020, 03:22:18 AM

A case where papers are chosen to match the photos perfectly. Absolutely stunning! A very young looking 50 yearling, I must say. I will be looking forward to following your projects. Good luck Kind regards Birgit (Norway)

Birgit Hedenskog:
06/23/2020, 03:22:25 AM

A case where papers are chosen to match the photos perfectly. Absolutely stunning! A very young looking 50 yearling, I must say. I will be looking forward to following your projects. Good luck Kind regards Birgit (Norway)

Carla La Vera:
08/09/2020, 08:32:30 AM

Your are so sweet!!!. Thanks.

Cecilia Zertuche:
06/23/2020, 09:12:51 AM

Fabulous project dear Carla!! Congratulations, it’s going to be a wonderful year!

Carla La Vera:
08/09/2020, 08:31:07 AM

Thank you so much Cecilia!!! I'm sure will be an amazing year.

06/23/2020, 01:31:33 PM

Wonderful album! Where did you find the 8x8 wood piece?

Carla La Vera:
08/09/2020, 08:30:10 AM

Hi Terry! I found it on Michael's, but I'm sure you may find it in another store too. Thanks

Glenda Buster:
06/23/2020, 03:06:47 PM

Welcome Carla! Love your Reverse Shadow Box using the Ocean Blue Graphic 45 collection. Thank you for the great tips and videos.

Carol A Piontek:
06/25/2020, 01:16:22 PM, Pinterest

What a gorgeous project! The graphic 45 ocean themed paper is perfect for so many projects. Can't wait to see your next creation.

07/02/2020, 09:14:07 PM

It's refreshingly beautiful! I like the idea of continuity of the pages, great idea! Thanks. Love from India

07/05/2020, 08:51:51 PM

Beautiful album and tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

07/26/2020, 12:07:24 AM

Well Carla you brought your all to this first of many I hope to those of us who needed a natical burst of idnspiration ! The clean ( not over done ) layout with suprising sizes , flaps and photo in white shite and jean makes you an honerable ambassator wearing whar is refered to a the Canadian Tuxedo ! You are a breath of fresh air ! With your measurements obscured in the end I going to start gathering the pieces needed to bring our Alantic provences trip to a piece I can display proudly ! Welcome fellow 50 ish friend !

Carla La Vera:
08/09/2020, 08:24:52 AM

Thank you so much, your are really sweet and I hope help you with a little bit of inspiration. As I told on my introduction, the main thing on the photo albums are the photos, embellish the pages, make it funny, but don't take out the protagonism of your photos.

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