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Weekly Contest Announced & Storage Tip Shared

Posted by Graphic 45 07/31/2018 196 Comment(s)

Hello, G45ers!

 We are thrilled you are here with us today!  We have our Weekly Blog Contest to announce, and our #G45Tip of the week by Tanya (Scrap) Cloete.  Tanya shares a fantastic and easy to follow Staples Storage tip, so clean out your drawers, because we are getting organized!  


Weekly Blog Contest  

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! Each comment from Monday to Thursday at 11:59 pm PST will count as an entry. 

This week’s prize package includes a Regular Book Box, Large Tag, ATC Tag and Flower Dies, Cheers, Party, Celebrate Tag set, Large Tag set, Ornate Shabby Chic Keys, Antique Brass Door Knockers, Artist Trading Tags, and a Vintage Hollywood Stamp set, a $70+ value!

The Winner will be announced on the blog Friday, August 3rd.  


#G45Tip - Storage Solutions

By Tanya Cloete

Storage #G45Tip: I have all my fabulous G45 Staples: ATC Tags, Washi Tape, Decorative Hardware some Albums and Boxes all in one drawer...easy accessible all at once!


Yes, we love organization tips!  A clean craft space is a happy space... or really any craft space is a happy space.  Be sure to share your tips and comments below to be entered to win!  Join us tomorrow for a Gift Card Tag project by Joanne Bain.  Until then... ​​​​​​​


Happy Papercrafting!  

196 Comment(s)

Lynne Hiscock:
07/31/2018, 12:06:35 PM

I couldn't fit all my favourite items in one drawer :)

07/31/2018, 12:57:46 PM

Neither could I!

Kim Persinger:
08/01/2018, 11:11:10 PM

Same here. I have 2 Iris boxes with my papers alone.

Michele Lewis:
07/31/2018, 12:08:01 PM

So neat and Tidy! My craft room starts out that way, but when I start a project the mess o n my desk just grows!

08/01/2018, 06:31:08 PM

Yes, a Happy mess.

Sue D:
07/31/2018, 12:08:19 PM

Great prize and I have been working on my craft room today organizing.

07/31/2018, 12:09:41 PM

Great idea - everything looks nice and neat and easily found.

Masayo cole:
07/31/2018, 12:13:31 PM

these are great tips Tanya, I love that you have all those G-45 reserves! ONE DAY.... I've been trying to organize my craft space (don't I WISH I had a whole room!) for the last year and a half, but slowly and surely I'm making it happen. I will be going to Home Depot for some of the Martha Stewart craft room furniture when I get a forever home. I appreciate those who share their wisdom.

Donna Longest:
07/31/2018, 12:13:53 PM

I keep all my G45 products together too...they just happen to be all over my craft room.

Penny Arnold:
07/31/2018, 12:15:14 PM

Flip a small milk crate (desk size with holes on its side) and store your scissors in the holes.

Ann Milzarski:
07/31/2018, 12:17:03 PM

Love Tanya's ideas. TFS

Anne Molberg:
07/31/2018, 12:17:19 PM

Try to stay neat and tidy is no fun...but much easier to work if the craft room is

Patsy Crockett:
07/31/2018, 12:17:39 PM

I lost my craft room when my kids moved back home but I just found out I was getting a she shed to use. That idea is fantastic way to keep g45 together.

07/31/2018, 12:19:12 PM

Thanks for the inspiration to organize! I love to see all my G45 items at a glance, it helps me use them!

Sharon Gullikson:
07/31/2018, 12:20:09 PM

My most important tip is to label. If I don't know where something is, I can't find it or use it. For example, papers: I categorize them as nature, school or office, kids, holiday, etc. That way I don't have to go through all of my papers when trying to find just the correct ones.

07/31/2018, 12:23:53 PM

I’m in the middle of a huge craft supply reorganization myself, and I am also storing my Graphic 45 papers and ephemera and stickers, etc., together that are in the same collection so I know where to find them immediately ❣️

Sandy Artman:
07/31/2018, 12:24:02 PM

I appreciate organizational tips even though this one doesn't work for me. There is nothing that will shut down the creative process faster than not being able to find what you need! So, keep sharing. Thanks!

Susan Ashby:
07/31/2018, 12:27:22 PM

I have so many supplies...I bought a five shelf, on wheels shelf, plastic shoe boxes, labels, 12x12 plastic boxes. Sorted everything, put in box, labeled it and put on shelf. It’s easy to’s wonderful! All my ribbon is placed on a wood wall plaque with dowel to put them on. I have two jewelry hangers with plastic pockets on both sides...I use one to hold wood stamps and one for special ribbons cut in yards.

Valderez Tomazoni:
07/31/2018, 12:30:30 PM

I always have to clean up my scraproom after finishing a project. I can not work without making a mess. I love everything organized.

Sue Ellen Hollahan:
07/31/2018, 12:30:33 PM

Great idea- especially since I seem to be using more and more G45 on my various projects!

Jaimi Bailey:
07/31/2018, 12:31:20 PM

I love organizing tips, although I seem always in a state of flux when it comes to actually organizing. I get bored with the chore and antsy to get back to creating!

Regina Harrison:
07/31/2018, 12:31:23 PM

I want a drawer full of G45:) I am not very organized with my crafting supplies. I need to label. I have been threatening my husband with taking over the whole master bedroom as a craft area. How fun would that be:):):)

Patty Bigler:
07/31/2018, 12:31:38 PM

With help from some of my crafty friends, we are organizing by collection and/or project. So much easier and quicker to find everything you need in one place.

Suzy Q:
07/31/2018, 12:32:21 PM

Oh ladies! I too have my G45 goodies all together I can see and use at a glance! Thanks G45 for the chance to win some more awesome G45 goodies!!!

Briana Holtsnider:
07/31/2018, 12:34:29 PM

My craft room is exceptionally tidy. In my head! lol.

Denise Evans:
07/31/2018, 12:36:36 PM, Facebook

I am working on my organization but it sometimes seems overwhelming. I need to purge first. I am new to Graphic 45 but am loving all of the paper collections, supplies and tutorials. Such beautiful projects!!

Michele Rogers:
07/31/2018, 12:37:43 PM

I love my G45 notions. I have them seperated by type. I have been reorganizing my craft room and it's like Christmas. I keep finding G45 items squirreled away here and there. I have been giggling all week.

07/31/2018, 12:38:59 PM

Tags are so quick, artistic and fun to make. The prize pack is....awesome. Thank you for the chance to win it.

Karen L Buege:
07/31/2018, 12:39:07 PM

These may be called Staples, but they are essential necessities to any creative process! Love them ALL, and keep all on hand in one place so they're readily available in my craft room!

07/31/2018, 12:39:10 PM

I store all my G45 items separately form other lines as I use my G45 items more than any other. I then know when something is getting low and I can then reorder. I have tons of G45 stuff as I hate to run out or heaven forbid the line is no longer available. I am looking forward to Home Sweet Home's return-love it and my stash is LOW!!

Laurie MacIsaac:
07/31/2018, 12:41:12 PM

Love love love the new die set!

Kat Morrison:
07/31/2018, 12:41:46 PM

It started with one box! then it went to several boxes by catgory. Now it is half of a wall covered in shelve. But I have room for more!!!!! So I hope I am the lucky one.

Mary Jane:
07/31/2018, 12:42:37 PM

Keep those organizational tips coming...I need all the help I can get !!

07/31/2018, 12:46:06 PM

I'm fairly well-organized (using Totally Tiffany's 4-section system) but my G45 boxes and hardware are a different story! Now I'm inspired!

Pat Blank:
07/31/2018, 12:47:57 PM

I keep all my Graphic 45 items together but they don't kit neatly in one drawer:-)

Sheila Q:
07/31/2018, 12:52:36 PM

I’m currently in the process of organizing craft room. I get sidelined though with wanting to use goodies that I’ve forgotten about! Lol

Olivia Cuadrado:
07/31/2018, 12:53:49 PM

Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous set. Love it.

Teresa Turner:
07/31/2018, 12:55:51 PM

Love G45 products. I have just completed a reorganization of my crafting supplies and equipment. I have all my G45 products together. Ty G45 for another chance to win

Cheryl Wells:
07/31/2018, 12:57:22 PM

Great prize selection!!!!

Cathy Rogers:
07/31/2018, 12:59:35 PM

Love storage ideas, I use crate style bins that slide into my shelving to store my staples separating the metal and paper products.

07/31/2018, 01:00:42 PM

I like the organization and keeping like items together. All my G45 is in one drawer too.

Sue MacFall:
07/31/2018, 01:02:07 PM

I wish I were more organised - I love seeing others ideas.

Anne Lyon:
07/31/2018, 01:12:29 PM

I agree with Donna Longest. I keep all of my G45 things in one place--all over my craftroom!

Cindi Keller Reyes:
07/31/2018, 01:12:50 PM

I love this chance to have more of your wonderful product. Such great quality and beautiful artwork.

Christine Rupakis:
07/31/2018, 01:13:47 PM

I just started collecting Graphic 45 products so not sure yet where I'll be storing them. These are beautiful!

Eleanor Williams:
07/31/2018, 01:16:06 PM

What a wonderful prize package. Would love to win & make cute G45 items.

Dona Deam:
07/31/2018, 01:17:36 PM

Thanks for the tip. I, keep my staples in drawers but by type-metal, tags, etc. All the elements of a paper collection are together in large plastic bags in white paper cubes.

07/31/2018, 01:23:16 PM,

Graphic 45 is THE best paper. Thanks!

07/31/2018, 01:24:14 PM

Oh please pick me.

Sandy Pasch:
07/31/2018, 01:29:16 PM, g45

I am presently creating a new craft room. I am always interested in storage tips and appreciate any new ideas. Graphic 45 is a crafting company with class. I love all their products and would love to win this prize!!

07/31/2018, 01:31:19 PM

Love the paper. Looking forward to seeing Flutter.

Tanis Buckton:
07/31/2018, 01:37:09 PM

I have a rolly cart - three baskets that holds my Graphic 45 staples etc. I love it as I can roll it to where ever I need it and it holds all of my favorites - which is pretty much everything Graphic 45 makes!!!!

Jean Marmo:
07/31/2018, 01:39:56 PM

So neat and organized!

Holly Hatch:
07/31/2018, 01:45:00 PM

Great information about storage.The blog contest is FANTASTIC this week. Just look at all of the beautiful embellishments!Thank you G45, for all things WONDERFUL to craft and create with. I am so glad I found your line of products. Wished I worked there so I could try out all the new products first.

Laura Cryns:
07/31/2018, 01:46:16 PM

This set makes me excited to create something fabulous!! Pick me

Christina Aubin:
07/31/2018, 01:48:40 PM

I keep all my tools in a rolling cart. It helps. My paper and scraps are in desperate need of organizing though!

Tristan Robin Blakeman:
07/31/2018, 01:50:40 PM,

One drawer!? I can't even fit all my tag stash in one drawer! LOL

Rebecca Rosas:
07/31/2018, 01:53:14 PM

I love Graphic 45's metal Staples and boxes! Of course, the paper is a joy and a blessing to work with, too!

07/31/2018, 01:53:50 PM

I think that 1 drawer with all my G45 product would be too small but it is a great idea if you have a limited supply.

Sylvia Marsh:
07/31/2018, 01:56:59 PM

I love to have a well organised craft area, It always starts out very tidy, but never looks the same after I have been crafting. However I love then to tidy up and put all my papers, dies etc. back in their home. I only have a small crafting area, but would be able to give this lovely prize a home without any problem.

07/31/2018, 01:57:23 PM

I found that the origami craft cart is fabulous for storing my g45 stashes. It has made all my papers -metal embellishments and stamps and dies........ you all know what I mean. ;-) accessible!!!!!

Ava Gavloski:
07/31/2018, 01:59:26 PM

So appreciative of the share on organization.

Barbara Kight:
07/31/2018, 02:08:28 PM

I have a small corner in my bedroom for crafting & my hubby was good enough to give up the "gent's" closet to my crafty storage. I did have my G45 papers all together but it was hard when I was looking for a particular color so for now they are in kit form but sorted by the general color of each collection. Love g45 anything!

Michelle Stanley:
07/31/2018, 02:11:32 PM

Hi there I have been organising my craft room over the past few weeks which included having to purchase more cupboards. However, I also took the opportunity to de clutter my worktop space and feel much better in my crafting room.....previously I felt everything was closing in on me. Just loving my new crafting space!

Linn F J:
07/31/2018, 02:13:44 PM

Lovely prize. Good organization tip. I too like to keep all my Graphic 45 things together. It also helps me see where I can mix sets for something unique.

Jeanne Beam:
07/31/2018, 02:20:54 PM

Great organization tips. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for sharing...

Judy Roberts:
07/31/2018, 02:21:58 PM

Nice tip but I am like most of the ladies above. I don't have drawers big enough for all my G45 staples..

Jan Kennedy:
07/31/2018, 02:22:04 PM

Good idea to put things in compatable groups!

Jeanne Beam:
07/31/2018, 02:26:09 PM

Great tips! I love being organized. Thanks for sharing...

Robin A:
07/31/2018, 02:40:16 PM

I'm thrilled to get these tips! I am in the process of organizing my craft room. Perfect timing! Things I never would of thought of! Thanks so much!

Robin A:
07/31/2018, 02:40:16 PM

I'm thrilled to get these tips! I am in the process of organizing my craft room. Perfect timing! Things I never would of thought of! Thanks so much!

07/31/2018, 02:43:30 PM

Thanks for the tip. I have so many G45 favourites I need more and more storage-unfortunately I don’t have a craft room so have to use opaque lidded boxes on top of a wardrobe. One day, maybe....sigh!

Sherry Wilson:
07/31/2018, 02:52:34 PM

LOVE all these staples. Mine are all in a basket in my cabinet, nice and handy with the boxes and albums lined up on the shelf.

Linda Wilson:
07/31/2018, 03:02:42 PM

Love your tips, and thanks for the chance to win this great package.

Susie Doucet:
07/31/2018, 03:03:31 PM

Great idea!

Paulette Hummer:
07/31/2018, 03:07:10 PM

I’m presently reorganizing my crafting area. This is a great way to store “like” items. Thanks for the tip.

07/31/2018, 03:07:23 PM

How I long for the day of being organized!!! One day I know it will happen

Charlene Brummitt:
07/31/2018, 03:23:33 PM

Organization is a constant issue. Thanks for the tips

07/31/2018, 03:24:20 PM

I am a work in progress!

Tami Johnson:
07/31/2018, 03:25:41 PM

I have an entire cabinet with all my G45 stuff in it! By far my favorite!

Debbie Baez:
07/31/2018, 03:35:47 PM

Thanks for sharing! A part of my crafting fun is taking the time to go through all my stash and organizing it all! It also helps me not to buy things I don’t need! Would love to win the prize package!

Michelle Nettleton:
07/31/2018, 03:36:49 PM

I have my Graphic 45 papers in sleeves by collection on top of my ikea drawers that hold my huge collection of rubber stamps. It takes up a 12ft wall. My metal staples are in divided clear totes. And my chipboard staples are around the room so I can see them and pick out the one I need for my project

Carole Lohr:
07/31/2018, 03:38:13 PM

I welcome all tips on storage and organization. I tend to use labeled “photo boxes” for embellishments with the decorative covering to match the contents. The funniest one is labeled “All things that fly”, which contains bees, butterflies, birds, insects, kites, balloons, angels and airplanes. And my G45 paper, chipboard and stickers are squeezed into a large decorative crate, on its side, against a wall, giving me two levels to keep it all in one space. I need to work on ACQUIRING G45 Staples...for sure!

Debralee Alexander:
07/31/2018, 03:41:35 PM

I am always looking for new organization tips and ideas. Thank you so much for all you all do

Dee Egizi:
07/31/2018, 03:44:18 PM

G45 is my absolute favorite! The papers are amazing, I can’t get enough of all the details and colors. I recently organized my crafts into a Workbox, with G45 front & center!

Pam Atkins:
07/31/2018, 03:47:00 PM

What a lovely prize, I need to get a bigger drawer

Julie Draewell:
07/31/2018, 04:08:34 PM

O please pick me pick me thank you

Jo Smith:
07/31/2018, 04:20:15 PM

I’m always looking for new storage ideas.

Deborah Cook:
07/31/2018, 04:32:32 PM

I need to organize better. However, I do keep all my G45 products together. I used shoe boxes to store small trinkets, keys, etc. I have plastic 12 x 12 boxes to keep my G45 papers neat. The rest of my stuff is all mixed up in a trunk. I need help.

Gayle S:
07/31/2018, 04:33:09 PM

Seeing someone else's ideas is always inspiring. Even tho I have too many Staples for one drawer, I could group them closer to make things easier to find.

Joy Gainey:
07/31/2018, 04:40:28 PM

I have been working on my craft room for months and I think the most important you need to do is label everything.

Raquel Sanchez-Krohn:
07/31/2018, 04:45:08 PM,

I have many favorite crafting items. Recently, I orgsnized my cutting dies in small photo albums, using magnet sheets in each page. The albums are small, and fit nicely on my desk. My papers are all nicely stored by size, and color range.

07/31/2018, 04:46:45 PM

I LOVE ❤️ G45 and organization is key!!

Cathy Broadus:
07/31/2018, 04:53:36 PM

A drawer full of g45 goodies! It would take me five secondsmlm of looking for something to have it destroyed. LOL Thanks for the tip.

Lynn Harrell:
07/31/2018, 05:00:25 PM

I love seeing how others store their materials. I love love to have a drawer full of G45. Slowing building my stash of G45 papers and dies.

Jennifer White:
07/31/2018, 05:03:13 PM

Ooh lala!♡

Martie Rollin:
07/31/2018, 05:10:56 PM

A drawer full of Graphic 45 goodness! With the advent of your new tag dies, I am really finding a true appreciation for tag area I used to ignore. Thank you to your design engineers for this perfect tag liner fit!

Kathy Shope:
07/31/2018, 05:11:04 PM

I seem to fall in love with every new collection that is released. Fingers crossed!!

Linda Mayer:
07/31/2018, 05:22:06 PM

I am always looking for new storage ideas. This prize pack is fabulous!

kim murphy:
07/31/2018, 05:23:33 PM

I start out with good intentions to keep everything tidy but that soon fails as my crafting takes over haha xxx

Amy Green:
07/31/2018, 05:33:55 PM

I like to store like items together. I spent time organizing my lace, ephemera and flowers in separate totes so they are easy to find.

07/31/2018, 05:33:58 PM, Facebook

Getting organized is very hard for me. But since seeing this tip I think I’m going to take a 6 drawer chest and start putting my G45 goodies into the drawers. And if I get really motivated, I’ll section off the drawers.

Anne Schilling:
07/31/2018, 05:45:38 PM

Oh my! I have many papers to use with these staples! Just what the G45 Dr ordered!

Ann Thompson:
07/31/2018, 05:47:31 PM

With all of the Graphic 45 papers I have recently purchased, they are tucked away in two new plastic paper containers. I have also purchased a Recollections storage basket that has side pockets. I was hoping to put current project supplies in this so that my dining room table wouldn't become a large pile of clutter. Well that is not working so well. My house is small and unfortunately I cannot dedicate a room or even one closet for all of my goodies. I know, I have too much. So what is a girl supposed to do?????????

Janice C Barker:
07/31/2018, 06:01:08 PM

I love everything about Graphic 45!!! Every new paper collection is my very favorite and I love the tags!!!

Myra Skidmore:
07/31/2018, 06:03:46 PM

An organized craft room is a constant challenge for me! I have a lot of materials, and I try to store them so I can see them easily, because if I don't, it's out of sight, out of mind! All of my Graphic 45 papers are stored on shelves in those 12 x 12 plastic envelopes, and I put the tags, stickers,etc. with each of their papers. That helps a lot. And I purchased several paper racks from stores going out of business, so my cardstock is stored in the racks, which makes it easy to find a color. My problem is storing embellishments! Many of them are tiny, and need to be stored in a box, but then again, if I can't see it, I can't use it. My craft room is a constant work in progress!!! But I love it!!!

Jane smith:
07/31/2018, 06:06:48 PM

My supplies have taken over the room; and all are very necesssary! I love G45 staples.

Ellen Haydon:
07/31/2018, 06:27:37 PM

I have a LOT of Graphic 45 and I have taken to them and look at them and what wonderful things will I do and play with my 4 1/2 year old Great Granddaughter next. I let her pick out whatever she wants to make a card or a scrapbook page. (or whatever it is that has caught her eye). She is going to be here for a sleepover with her us tonight. Love the tips Ladies and Gentlemen. Ellen from Phoenix

07/31/2018, 06:42:06 PM

I would love to be that organized... too much stuff, too little space. But I need and love all my stuff.

Diane Barnett:
07/31/2018, 06:46:12 PM

Amazing products and storage solution!

Margaret McGlaun:
07/31/2018, 07:00:49 PM

Would like to be more organized but last time I reorganized I went for an item and couldn’t remember where I had put it.

Kelly Kennedy:
07/31/2018, 07:08:32 PM

Wish I could be more organized but I don’t have a craft space. I have an assortment of totes and such that everything is in, it’s sort of organized...

Kirsty Vittetoe:

I sure love organization tips, thanks for sharing!

Brenda Jacobs:
07/31/2018, 07:58:52 PM

I love organizing my craft supplies and I'm always looking for helpful tips!!!

Stephanie Dinnell:
07/31/2018, 08:08:38 PM,

Love everything G45 and that prize pack looks amazing, I'd love to win that!

07/31/2018, 08:13:07 PM

The tag die is so versatile and I have been wanting one for a long time. Thanks for the storage inspiration - it makes me want to clean up!!!

07/31/2018, 08:29:08 PM

There's nothing better than an organized craft room, specially with G45 craft supplies.

Robbie Cornell:
07/31/2018, 08:41:39 PM

Seeing your supplies at a glance makes for happy successful crafting.

Gerry Wolfe:
07/31/2018, 08:49:38 PM

I also keep all my G45 supplies together. I also keep all my G45 papers together. Great prize package. Would love to try creating with the book box.

07/31/2018, 09:07:14 PM

Keeping all my graph45 supplies together makes projects easier to work on. The prize package this week is awesome, keeping my fingers crossed,would love this one.

Carol Cardinall:
07/31/2018, 09:33:02 PM

I always have good intentions to tidy up as I'm crafting my projects with Graphic 45, but eventually I get so 'into it' that my craft room is a mess at the end of a project. I take to heart all crafting organization tips & tricks anyone has to offer!

Fran Diggle:
07/31/2018, 09:34:14 PM

I too keep all my g45 goodies together. Papers are in labelled 12 x 12 storage boxes and staples are in multiple cube boxes in my ikea units, all within easy reach of my desk! A few more staples wouldn’t go amiss - fingers crossed.

Deb ONeill:
07/31/2018, 09:36:50 PM

Love the tag die and would also love to win the prize!!!

Carla Hundley:
07/31/2018, 09:41:31 PM

I have my dies on magnetic sheets that I store in a 12x12 plastic container with a lid. Makes it easy to find what die I want and holds a lot of dies. Carla from Utah

Veronica Tovar Sepulveda:

I love this idea. I have all my monthly kits in their bags hanging from hooks on a rod in my scrapping closet.

Kate LeBlanc:
07/31/2018, 09:55:51 PM

I use a spice rack that I had gotten for a wedding shower gift years ago. After cleaning out the bottles I now stash small embellishments in them. I love it for brads and eyelets.

07/31/2018, 09:56:35 PM

Nice organizing tips and very useful especially for a beginner like me. I learned a lot of creative craft tips from Graphic 45 YouTube channel.

Pam Bearden:
07/31/2018, 10:04:46 PM

Organization is the buzz word in my house. Great tips! Thank you. This will help a desperate and crafty room in need. Thank you G45 and Team.

MJ Wilkins:
07/31/2018, 10:05:09 PM

I’m a hoarder so I need a lot of space to store stuff!

Sandra Featherston:
07/31/2018, 10:26:43 PM

Great ideas for organization.

07/31/2018, 10:30:21 PM,

I keep all my G45 supplies together. The rest of the craft area is up grabs.

07/31/2018, 10:30:39 PM,

Love to organize! Good idea to put things in groups!

Jenny MacRunnel:
07/31/2018, 10:57:00 PM,

That drawer looks amazing, chock full of fun goodies! I try to keep all my "hardware" together as well, organized in different drawers by type.

Georgia Zatto:
07/31/2018, 11:29:40 PM

I am always trying to organize my craft, beads, painting supplies by type. Those I use the most go into drawers, bookcases with boxes which ate labeled in my spaces. Ink goes together, papers are organized by styles and holidays, and of course, my Graphic 45 products are found together so that I can follow projects with ease. Please keep bringing on the tips and projects I can make!!

07/31/2018, 11:31:38 PM

That's exactly how I have my supplies organized. Each company's products are stored in a separate bin so that when I want to work on a project from a particular company I know exactly where to go for all the products I need. Of course a drawer would never be large enough for my Graphic 45 based on the book boxes, small boxes, large rolls of paper and the collection of the various items I have collected. Some of this, some of that, a little bit of this and before you know it, a drawer no longer accommodates. I find the large bin system works best for me. Sometimes when I work on my book or box that I'm making with my Graphic 45 supplies I will decide I want something vintage or grunge to add to the piece and I know exactly which bin to go to in order to look for that piece. Yep, bins keep me organized and are very accommodating for lots of "stuff!"

07/31/2018, 11:44:05 PM

I love your crafts and want to try few of them...

08/01/2018, 12:04:07 AM

G45 stash makes me happy! My organization tip: no matter the system I choose, it has to be quick and easy to put away.

Lynda Woerner:
08/01/2018, 12:20:25 AM

I have all my craft supplies organized by type and put away in drawers or plastic bins, and labeled and cataloged, as appropriate. I generally remove items from their packaging to reduce bulk and store loose, in plastic bags or containers. Each drawer and container is labeled with the contents inside, and for some types of items I keep a more detailed list/catalog. Some are just a list of items, others are pictures of items, along with their names. For example, I don’t currently own all the Distress Markers, so I keep a list of which ones I already purchased. I catalog which stamp sets I own, for example. Dies I keep a picture and a name. This keeps me from buying stuff I already have, and serves as an easy reference when I am looking for something. I keep my paper in 12 x 12 stacking plastic drawers. Virtually all of my paper is Graphic 45, so I store it by collection, along with the matching ephemera, chipboard and stickers. Yes, it took a couple of days to set up, but it takes very little time to maintain. I am consistent about updating lists/catalogs promptly,and I put everything away after every project. I even clean up in the middle of a project. I put my tools away in the same pkace every time. The payoff is that I don’t spend my creating time looking for stuff, or buying stuff I already have. I own a lot of Graphic 45 items because they are beautiful, very high quality and good value. The more I use their products, the more pleased I am. Thank you, Graphic 45!

Annette Lie:
08/01/2018, 01:38:35 AM

I really love to organize my craf room and really soon my new room will be reddy to move in to!

08/01/2018, 01:44:37 AM

No matter how much I start each project with clear space on my craft table...I always end finishing on about 18 cluttered inches...and I have an abandoned conference table, nice and sturdy in my craft supplies are in their spots, but no rhyme or reason to where...but I seem to know...sometimes it drives me nuts, but I get in my zone and run with it...perched on my little messy corner with supplies all around..,I need help!

Jinyu Kim:
08/01/2018, 02:40:57 AM

I got to know G45 very recently and just started to get them in my craft room. I feel your drawer would be my future, Tanya!! I really love the Graphic 45 tags and papers, and the antique brass items!!!! But in my country, South Korea, has not many shops where have these supplies, so hope we have more G45 lovers here and get many chances to meet these items sooner!

Valery Bondarenko:
08/01/2018, 03:16:07 AM,

Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous set!

Kath Prior:
08/01/2018, 03:25:49 AM

Am feeling inspired to go tidy, but I always get distracted and start making something with what I should be tidying away! I love your blog Tanya and love the G45 prize, what a great competition.

Patsy Eccles:
08/01/2018, 03:43:59 AM

Like many others who are posting on this site, I have bought many if not most of the Graphic 45 collections over the years. Long ago, I gave up on organizing by color or theme and went to collections including a favorite die or rubber stamp that was made especially for the collection. I am glad to see the new tag dies as they give renewed interest in tag decoration. Please keep the quality that G45 has always had in the past! Worth the money!!

08/01/2018, 04:12:09 AM

Love Graphic 45 and have a lot of their collections. These I keep in order as collections, as for the stapples, they tend to wonder. From desk to drawer, floor and back again depending on what I'm busy with. One day there will be organisation.

sabine matagne:
08/01/2018, 05:07:23 AM

Tout est bien rangé, c'est génial! J'adore les albums tag de graphic 45!

Melette Pobst:
08/01/2018, 05:35:00 AM

I llove G45!!!! I use clear storage containers and I also label. I am able to see what is in a container without touching it. I also use containers that can be grabbed with one hand. I can cluster items that way.

Dorothy McCarthy:
08/01/2018, 06:09:10 AM,


Cathy Frailey:

Wow - I need these G45 products! Gives me a chance to add more storage!

Ann Mlynarski:
08/01/2018, 06:39:32 AM

Great idea!! I really love (& want) that large tag die!!

Rose Brewster:
08/01/2018, 06:40:49 AM

I have metal shelf racks lining a wall. I keep the products in baskets and clear bins. I have paint in decorative photo boxes labeled with the brand name and the number. G45 products go into 12x12 clear boxes by collection. I use a large L shaped desk. on one leg of the desk is my computer, printer, scanner and things like that. on the other is my workspace. I try to clean it up and put every thing away in the middle and at the end of each project. Love these products.

Glenda Buster:
08/01/2018, 10:57:05 AM

Tend to organize by collections and holidays. Been using 12x12 cases but now I’m into ziplock bags that are big enough to hold 12x12 paper, ephemera cards ++ more. Got this idea from the Graphic 45 kit of the month club

08/01/2018, 11:30:16 AM

I really need better organization!! I’m always looking for a particular item to use and spend too much time remembering where I put it!

Loanne Harms:
08/01/2018, 11:31:20 AM

I have a 12x12 container for each of the themes I collect and then a general box for the rest. I'm always trading out themes as I finish a project and the leftovers go into another general box.

Sarah. McCallan:
08/01/2018, 11:41:53 AM

I ❤️ Graphic 45 papers! I have a hard time using them cause I just don’t wanna let go!

Christine Cuthbert:
08/01/2018, 11:53:32 AM

I am always in a state of organization. Any help and guidance is appreciated. Beautiful prize pack.

Sue slemmings:
08/01/2018, 12:21:18 PM

I seem to spend too much time organising. There is nothing more relaxing than going through your graphic 45 stash just one more time. I need all the help I can get:)

Trish Murison:
08/01/2018, 01:06:21 PM

It's always exciting to see what G45 has up its sleeve for us! I love all the helpful hints members pass on! Happy Crafting Every1!! And Happy August!!

Jennifer White:
08/01/2018, 01:18:41 PM

My organizing tip is label your containers & drawers. Especially if you cannot see through them. It has made finding things when I need them so much easier. Keep things together by company in their respective collections. KEEP YOUR PAPER SAFE IN JUMBO slider sealed BAGS OR WATER, DIRT & DUST PROOF CONTAINERS!

Lucia Bojdová:
08/01/2018, 02:41:48 PM

Its amazing! And washi tape by Graphic 45 is absolutely perfect!!! Must have it

Janice Adams:
08/01/2018, 03:11:44 PM

Awesome tips !! Wonderful prize thank you for the chance to win !!

Lori Abbotts:
08/01/2018, 03:14:44 PM

What a great birthday gift this would for my 8/3 birthday! Won’t tell you which one it is though, lol.

08/01/2018, 03:19:36 PM

I try to store all of my collections by collection is 12x12 storage containers. Haven't found the perfect storage idea yet. Still searching.

Anne Bacon:
08/01/2018, 03:40:42 PM

Poof! That was my brain exploding. Storing the tags sideways is simply brilliant. I can’t believe I never thought of it before. I have an eight drawer rolling cart that is dedicated to my G45 paper and supplies these ideas will create more space for staples. Thanks for all the tips

Karen Rice:
08/01/2018, 03:41:39 PM

I'm still searching for the perfect way to store my G45 and other embellishments--what I have is adequate right now, but better storage space would make it easier to create! Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome G45 products!

08/01/2018, 04:48:34 PM

I am having so much fun with G45 that I do not have time to organize...My husband thinks that I am a hoarder He could be right!

Suzanne Hilborn:
08/01/2018, 04:51:55 PM,

I guess that I am just a 'hardware' kind of gal, cause I think that this weeks' prize package is the best one yet.

08/01/2018, 05:09:15 PM

Oh my head is spinning at all those beautiful G45 embellishments. Ideas galore for several projects, will I have some left to organise into my storage ... who could say!?

08/01/2018, 05:54:32 PM

I love everything G45 and I don't think I have ever came across papers i haven't liked yet. I look forward to all the inspiration from the blog it is fabulous and usually attend Clare Charvil's workshops in Glasgow.Denise xx

Lisa Robinson:
08/01/2018, 06:21:40 PM

Oh my!! I could never fit all my favorite G45 things in one drawer lol! Thanks for the tips on organizing!!

Judith Cowell:
08/01/2018, 07:04:50 PM

G45 is SO awesome. I find it so versatile also. I have not done any craft that did not include G45. Thank you for the inspiration

Linda Gregory:
08/01/2018, 07:08:12 PM

I can use all the storage tips I can get. I`m trying to downsize some of my stuff. I want only some newer stuff for certain projects I want to try.

Joyce G.:
08/01/2018, 08:51:17 PM

I have IRIS boxes for each collection of Graphic 45 I have and they are stored on a cart with wheels. Because I have so many collections and embellishments I have two of these carts. I love Graphic 45 products because of their quality, it’s top rated with me.

Clarissa Hutt:
08/01/2018, 09:01:42 PM

I would love to win this, I am new to scrapbooking and have found G45 paper to be awesome.

Janet Mustachio:
08/01/2018, 09:43:26 PM

I really need to get organized. Would love to win these great prizes to add to my stash!

Pat I Kult:
08/01/2018, 10:24:47 PM

What a great prize package! I love Graphic 45 and would love to win. Thank you for the chance to win.

08/01/2018, 10:44:04 PM

Great tip, how I wish that I had a craft room. I only have two paper pads by Graphic 45. I can't find a store in Jamaica, N.Y., that sells Graphic 45. It makes me sad.

Lynda Woerner:
08/02/2018, 05:35:48 PM

Elsie, at first, I did not believe that you essentially live in the largest city in the US and there weren’t any stores that sell Graphic 45. After doing some research, I couldn’t even really find a store that called itself a scrapbooking and/or stamping store, much less selling Graphic 45 products. Wow! I live in a small town in Alabama and we have a fantastic scrapbooking store that I visit far too often. The good news is that you can find a lot of ways to order Graphic 45 products, including the G45 site, which I have used several times. You can also order from local scrapbook stores, sellers on eBay, amazon, Joann,, and many other online retailers. The internet really is your friend here. I only discovered Graphic 45 in March and have already managed to accumulate 7 full 12 x 12 storage boxes of various paper collections, both current and retired. If only Graphic 45 would reissue Fairie Dust chipboard and ephemera, and the Bird Song collection. That would be a dream come true!

Pat Haney:
08/01/2018, 10:51:29 PM

I have been having fun helping my daughter with her projects. I am still learning how to do everything she is teaching me, now that I live with her. Thank you for a chance to win goodies that she can teach me how to use and what has potential for new projects.

Kim Persinger:
08/01/2018, 10:54:03 PM

Ohhhhhh ...... I would love to use some of these goodies in my G45 albums that I am making. I am teching my mom how to make albums, folios and journals. She recently started living with us after my father passed away. Thank you so very much for the chance to win such an amazing prize package.

Diane Howard:
08/01/2018, 11:38:40 PM

Great tip, great prize. I would love to have more Staples for my drawer.

Devra Joy:
08/02/2018, 12:06:25 AM

Much better idea than the way I have things stored right now.

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
08/02/2018, 12:28:32 AM

I keep my Graphic 45 supplies and papers sorted in a rolling cart with multiple drawers. That way they can follow me into whatever room I happen to be creating in at the time. My hoard is getting so large that I will have to get a second cart for them soon.

Daria S:
08/02/2018, 02:41:35 AM

A great prize!! Thank you for the chance to win it!

Dorothy Radley:
08/02/2018, 03:26:00 AM

My collection of G45 supplies is growing at an alarming rate. I love everything G45 and when I see a new pad come out I just have to have it. My last buy was Tropical Travelog deluxe set and I am thrilled with it. I am looking to buy the new Christmas deluxe set now. I make ATCs, tags and journal pages with them. Thank you for this opportunity to enter your competition.

Linda six:
08/02/2018, 03:31:58 AM

Love this organization Will make it so fast and easy To use Love graphic 45 Thanks fir a chance to win

08/02/2018, 05:31:59 AM

I've just started collecting the Graphic 45 Staples and look forward to having enough to organise one day

Tana L Wisniewski:
08/02/2018, 07:53:27 AM

I love this paper line. Organizing all of my stuff has been challenging.

Terri Williams:
08/02/2018, 08:31:17 AM

Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to get my Graphic 45 organized - would love to win prize package....lots of cool stuff.

Becky Jo Cannon:
08/02/2018, 09:59:32 AM

I live in a small place. Storing my craft items like those in the drawer doesn't work for me. Everything I use for decorating in my room, is a storage space. I have decorative boxes. I also have round nesting hat boxes. Those are now stacked as a small corner display. I am in the process of redecorating them for an updated look. I am using the Tropical Paradise collection for that. Round boxes work well for me for items like washi tape, ribbons, flowers. I am pretty excited about working on this to have more organization, but the boxes being something I like looking at. They will be labeled, but haven't decided yet what I'm going to use. Thanks for creative tips and motivation!

Deborah Ecklund-Smith:
08/02/2018, 10:10:01 AM

Storage tips are always welcome. I love the prize package, so many possibilities for creativity.

Gracie Robison:
08/02/2018, 10:23:25 AM

This might sound pandering,but cleaning/purging is easier because I am exclusively using G45 papers and embellishments. There. I said it.

Tamara Davis:
08/02/2018, 12:26:30 PM

I need to find a good way to organize my stash. storage tips are always welcome here as a newbie it can get overwhelming.

Kimberly S:
08/02/2018, 01:05:54 PM

One drawer? Goodness, I don’t think I could fit all my washi tape in one drawer! I have 4 shelves full of nothing but 12x12 paper, but not much g45, so I can always use more. Would love to win that prize pack

Laura Graham:
08/02/2018, 05:11:26 PM

Thanks for the tip! I have all my G45 products in 3 Iris cases. I am going to need another pretty soon. It would be fab to win all those beautiful staples!!

Anne McIntosh:
08/02/2018, 07:49:36 PM

I have all my kits in a file box in the original plastic bag. After I do a project with the kit, I put the leftovers in a Totally Tiffany binder, still altogether. I keep my dies in a separate box just for dies. All the suggestions above are wonderful and I might even try some, to add to my organization.

Joanne Oakley:
08/02/2018, 10:30:55 PM

I’m using a 6 cube unit to store my staples in. Now, I just need to get my papers organized.

Sabrina Gow:
08/07/2018, 07:12:56 PM

I don't want to discuss my "Craft Room". However I do love all things G-45!

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04/25/2019, 02:02:04 AM,

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