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Winter 2020 Sneak Peeks are Coming!

Posted by Graphic 45 01/02/2020 74 Comment(s) Collection Reveal,

Winter 2020 Sneak Peeks


  • Collections - Fruit & Flora, Ocean Blue, and Farmhouse 

  • Deluxe Collector's Edition - Safari Adventure

  • Staples - Metal Dies, Stamps, Roses, Albums and Box


Would you like a chance to win?  We thought you might, so here it is... We have THREE $100 Winter Release Prize packages!  To enter to win share this announcement on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Winners will be announced on the blog Friday, January 10, 2020!


Sneak peeks start on the blog Monday, January 6th to 10th. 



Fruit & Flora and Ocean Blue

Available February


Farmhouse, Staples, and DCE

Available March


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Happy Papercrafting!  



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74 Comment(s)

Michele Taylor:
01/02/2020, 01:43:36 PM

Graphic45, I'm in trouble I love them all! When will they be available to purchase? Michele

Charee Filimoehala:
01/02/2020, 02:33:23 PM

Michele, thanks for joining us for the Sneak Peek Announcement. We are so excited to get these new products in your hands, and can't wait to see what you create. Fruit & Flora and Ocean Blue - Available February.Farmhouse, Staples, and DCE -Available March. Happy Papercrafting!

Debra Vidal:
01/02/2020, 02:16:08 PM

Love Farmhouse, can’t wait to purchase it!

Brenda Crouch:

Love the new papers coming!!

Linda A McDonald:
01/02/2020, 02:46:29 PM

These new lines are incredibly exciting! The possibilities are endless with these stunning patterns. I can't wait to be able to add these to my stash! Kindest regards Linda

Arlyne Hayes:
01/02/2020, 02:59:19 PM

I want Farmhouse.....!!!!

Karen Day:
01/02/2020, 03:18:16 PM

Love love love....especially the fruit/flora and Farmhouse

Sonja Van Laar:
01/02/2020, 03:27:15 PM

Beautiful as always. Can't wait to see the reveal.

Jill McAuley:
01/02/2020, 04:08:04 PM

I still have a few sheets of Safari from the original release, but I would love to restock. I think the black and white elephant images from Kaleidoscope will mix in nicely your new designs..."Sa-fari, so good!"

Julie Malinchak:
01/02/2020, 04:22:43 PM, Facebook

Love the Farmhouse so much!

Sandria Holva:
01/02/2020, 05:19:27 PM

Oh, goody! Must add to my hoard, especially Farmhouse.

barb in kazoo:
01/02/2020, 05:33:48 PM

great new collections plus I love the safari collection

Jenny MacRunnel:
01/02/2020, 05:57:47 PM

Shared on my Facebook! These collections look amazing, I love them all already!

01/02/2020, 06:36:27 PM,

Wow! Those are wonderful, and I can hardly wait! I am wishing you had a Valentine themed set for this month, too!

Susan Heard-Brandano:
01/02/2020, 06:56:15 PM

These collections are fantastic! Love the organic feel of the farm yard ! Shared on my Facebook. Thank you!! Bring on the sneak peeks

Lyneen C Jesse:
01/02/2020, 07:26:07 PM,

Love the new releases!!! Cannot wait to see them in person.... looking forward to Creativation!

Karen Fernandez:
01/02/2020, 07:46:18 PM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your paper. Not many stores carry them. I visited my sister in Ct. We went to Inspiration Station in Stafford Springs. I nearly fell to my knees to see your paper live!!! At that time I had money in my pocket, so i bought the twelve days of christmas paper, later ordered on Amazon the angel Joy series made beautiful Christmas Cards. New years resolution MAKE MORE Time for CARDS with graphic 45 paper!!!

Joanne Oakley:
01/02/2020, 08:34:42 PM

Beautiful! Waiting impatiently for the full reveal!

pip Field:
01/02/2020, 08:35:47 PM

Thanks for the sneak peeks..Love them all. How about a retro Flying Saucer /space collection ? I live in hope!

Sharon Gullikson:
01/02/2020, 08:59:12 PM

Fruit and Flora and Farmhouse are on the top of my list. I have the safari one, and just made a cute card for my grandson with it. I only have the 8x8 paper pad. The 12x12 would be great. I would like to make some bedroom decor for him. My husband asked me this afternoon while we were crafting together----why don't other paper companies make great papers like Graphic 45? What is stopping them? I told him that I have no idea. I am just SO HAPPY that Graphic 45 is around because I LOVE YOUR PAPERS, and really every single thing you make (the metal pieces, albums, etc.). You make the very best papers on the market. My husband also asked how I choose which side of the paper to use because both sides are great. I said that other people have the same problem--which to choose? He crafts with me, but doesn't agonize over the gorgeous papers. He just uses them.

01/03/2020, 04:32:37 AM

Love ALL!!!!!

Katherine Buchanan:
01/03/2020, 05:20:57 AM

OMG!! I NEED all of them!!

Michele Baird:
01/03/2020, 05:45:08 AM

Shared. I think the Safari is a must have.

Michelle Nettleton:
01/03/2020, 06:35:30 AM

My goodness, lots to love! Waiting patiently!

01/03/2020, 06:51:38 AM

Cant wait for the new releases! So pretty

Uzma Butt:
01/03/2020, 07:24:36 AM

So excited for the new releases - especially Farm House and Ocean Blue!!Looking for embellishments, ribbons etc to co-ordinate - and the collections haven't even released yet!!Well done G45!!!

01/03/2020, 07:35:58 AM

Holy cow. I’m going to have to start saving now. I love them all!

Paula Pembroke:
01/03/2020, 08:47:25 AM

Love the new papers and I’m glad you brought back safari adventure. Can’t wait to purchase them and get busy!

Paula Pembroke:
01/03/2020, 08:51:49 AM

Love the new g45 papers! I’m also glad to see that you brought back safari adventure. Can’t wait to purchase the and get busy!

01/03/2020, 09:19:35 AM

Lovely papers! The "Safari" collection is so georgeous!

Glenda Buster:
01/03/2020, 10:22:14 AM

Loving these new collections and excited to see Safari as a DCE!

Barbara Parker:
01/03/2020, 11:09:45 AM,

These look really beautiful ! So happy to see the Country Farm looking set which will complement my left-overs from French Country !!

Mathilde S:
01/03/2020, 11:09:47 AM

I can hardly wait for the new collection,especially Farmhouse and Fruit and Flora.I have the Safari 8x8 and almost all used up,so exited that you are bringing it back in the De Luxe edition! Thanks Graphic45!

Mathilde S.:
01/03/2020, 11:13:32 AM

I can hardly wait to get the new collection,especially the Farmhouse and Fruit and Flora. I have almost all of my Safari paper used up,and I’m so exited,that you are bringing it back as a De Luxe edition.Thanks Graphic45!

Mathilde S:
01/03/2020, 11:16:17 AM

Great collections ,love the colours Graphic45 is the best!

01/03/2020, 12:25:47 PM

I am always so excited to see the new G45 releases. I have purchased every single line G45 has released over the years. G45 is my favorite company and I am never disappointed when I see the beautiful images and colors. Looking forward to this release too. (I keep looking for the Home Sweet Home collection and hoping you re-release it sometime soon too.)

01/03/2020, 12:45:44 PM

OMG!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on Ocean Blue and FARMHOUSE!!!! These are ALL fabulous releases, thank you G45 for always inspiring collections!

01/03/2020, 12:49:12 PM

FARMHOUSE... FARMHOUSE... FARMHOUSE!!! Wish we could get some more stamps and dies to go with these collections... hint, hint...

Kathy Ruemler:
01/03/2020, 02:49:05 PM

I love the new Farm House paper. Thx for bringing Safari back!?

Jean Marmo:
01/03/2020, 03:03:46 PM,

Gorgeous! Safari is calling me!

Jean Marmo:
01/03/2020, 03:04:32 PM,

Gorgeous! Safari is calling me!

Catherine Richburg:
01/03/2020, 03:12:21 PM

They are all beautiful but Farmhouse really speaks to me. Can't wait to see the papers up close.

Eleanor Williams:
01/03/2020, 04:31:01 PM

Am excited for the new collections, but sure wish "Bird Song " & the new art deco collection would actually get shipped to my local scrapbook store. I've been so patient & waited so long.

Eleanor Williams:
01/03/2020, 04:33:55 PM

Excited to see the new collections but even more anxious to see "Bird Song " & the new art deco collection actually get shipped to my local scrapbook store. I've been patient & waited a long time.

Donna fish:
01/03/2020, 05:22:29 PM

Looks like a hard decision to say which is the most exciting! Great choices g45. I would like to know what new dies are planned?

01/03/2020, 05:34:02 PM

Awesome new collections! I can't wait to see all the beautiful designs and colors!

Deborah Ciafre:
01/03/2020, 06:15:11 PM

Flora and Fauna and Farmhouse are must haves for me! Look forward to seeing these collections.

01/03/2020, 08:23:39 PM

Absolutely beautiful Ocean paper. I am in love with the blue color!

01/03/2020, 08:26:04 PM

Love Ocean Blue! So, so in love with this collection!

01/03/2020, 08:42:05 PM

Can’t wait to get my hands on the Ocean Blue!

Jeanne Kelly:
01/03/2020, 09:36:15 PM

Ocean Blue, you’re calling my name!

01/04/2020, 03:48:58 AM

Being a beach girl, I am especially excited about creating a mini album with the Ocean Blue collection!

Carol O'Brien:
01/04/2020, 08:54:15 AM

I want Farmhouse - can't you release it sooner :)

Mary Meier:
01/04/2020, 09:46:22 AM

The new selections are great! I Anxiously await their arrival!

Nola Golding:
01/04/2020, 07:10:55 PM

I was breathless at the Christmas angels O holy night and blue night dreaming. But your designs are lovable. Thank you for the competition If I won it would be farm pk or fruit pk as Australia is burning and I would make something to make and donate to the firemen. As a thank you. Xx

Jean marmo:
01/04/2020, 08:25:23 PM

Holy cow! Gorgeous. Safari is calling me

Bunny Tuchman:
01/05/2020, 01:01:19 AM

Farmhouse is so Me! Excited to create with this! •♡•

Bunny Tuchman:
01/05/2020, 01:03:14 AM

I love Farmhouse! So perfect for Me! Beautiful!

Chris Miles:
01/05/2020, 03:16:07 AM

Glad to be breaking my new year resolution which was to use up some of what I have before buying more papers,like them all but especially the farmhouse,have shared on facebook and it looks like the winner up to now.

Lynne Seljan:
01/05/2020, 07:23:24 AM

Oh my goodness. Which one do I want---all. I am new to this site and love, love,love the products. If I have to choose one I think it would be Safari, however Ocean Blue and Farm House are also favorites.

Glenda Buster:
01/05/2020, 11:16:26 AM

I love them all! They’re Graphic 45!! Farmhouse collection and the Safari DCE are my favorites.

Jaqueline Hedlund:
01/06/2020, 10:14:03 AM

I am glad to see Safari coming back! Missed it the first time. I also have my eye on Ocean Blue.

Denise Smith:
01/06/2020, 11:50:48 AM

When I think you can't possibly introduce another winner paper series, here comes yet another gorgeous collection! Such beautiful papers - especially love Safari - but all are great!

Julie Gearinger:

Happy New Year and what a fabulous line-up for 2020! Love all of the collections and have shared on FB! Thanks for the chance to win!

Monica Van Dorp:
01/06/2020, 02:33:57 PM

Wow, what a gorgeous new series

01/06/2020, 07:17:35 PM

Love all of these patterns.

Beth LaBuff:
01/06/2020, 07:56:50 PM

I'm looking forward to making an album (in memory of my dad) using the Farmhouse collection. I'd also like to acquire the others gorgeous sets too.

Michele Lewis:
01/07/2020, 11:15:31 AM

What beautiful rich collections! I can't wait to see them in their entirety!

Hope Eisman:
01/07/2020, 02:15:18 PM

I have waited so long for a re-release of French Country, but now we have Farmhouse! It looks like it will be as spectacular as my old favorite was. I love everything G45.It is the mainstay of my collection of mini albums forever .

Barbara Kemper:
01/07/2020, 06:12:39 PM

They are all so lovely. My wish list just keeps growing!

Elly Booij:
01/08/2020, 12:01:38 PM,

Beautiful collection, my favourite is the Farmhouse, but I love them all.

debra stewart:
01/08/2020, 01:15:14 PM

If I had to choose just one, it would be farmhouse. My grandparents were dairy farmers in Southern California so I spent many hours playing there.

Mary Trauernicht:
01/08/2020, 06:26:25 PM

I have always loved Graphic 45. Your products are of superior quality. I MUST have Ocean Blue!! It’s spectacular!!

Jaqueline Hedlund:
01/09/2020, 10:04:44 PM

Farmhouse is perfect for a chicken lover!

Patsy Kuhlman:
02/07/2020, 01:51:30 PM

When will the February releases be available on your site for purchase? I am in love! Cant wait to get them all!! and that farmhouse and the dies I saw in Creativation videos Oh my goodness. I am saving all of my mad money for G45 purchases! Love everything G45!!!

Charee Filimoehala:
02/07/2020, 04:50:40 PM

Hello Patsy, Fruit & Flora and Ocean Blue are available at a G45 Retailer near you now, and will be up on our website by the end of the month. Farmhouse and our 2020 Staples will be available mid-March. Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback and following along with our sneak peeks!

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