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{Club G45 2019 - Vol 1} Photo Album Binder & Pillow Box Tutorial

Posted by Graphic 45 01/04/2019 9 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Tutorials,Videos,Club G45,




Club G45 2019 - Volume 01

This Garden Goddess binder is specially designed for many purposes. Perhaps a birthday/anniversary reminder, personal planner, photo album, dream journal, seed/garden planner, or as a stunning gift, just to name a few. You’ll learn fun paper crafting techniques as you create a circular pocket, vellum pouches, and large tags from the leftover pages.


Plus, create a pretty little gift holder from the Pillow Box template on the back cover of the Garden Goddess pad. Use leftover paper scraps, a key, Tags & Pockets pieces, and ribbon to adorn. Good things come in small packages: Place a special treat inside, a gift card with a note, or even a piece of jewelry or a pretty scarf. The possibilities are endless!


Tip: Before assembling, trace the pillow box template onto thin cardboard or heavyweight cardstock to create another template you can use over and over.


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Note: Starting with 2019 Club G45 auto-subscriber kits will be processed the first Tuesday of the month. Find more exciting details about the improvements for Club G45 below!  







Club G45 Vol 1 Projects By Annette Green


“Hello, I’m Annette Green from Melbourne, Florida, USA. My husband, Paul, and our sweet Sheltie named Suki enjoy life at home, working out, eating well, traveling, and cheering on our daughter, Jamie, who attends Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL. I started my creative path at a very young age, always drawing and entering contests. (Sometimes I even won!) My paper crafting obsession started with scrapbooking when I had my daughter 21 years ago and has truly evolved into a rewarding career. Now I spend most of my days creating in my craft room preparing classes, tutorials, and YouTube videos, plus the ever-popular monthly ClubG45 kits. I served two years on the Graphic 45 design team in 2012 and have been a huge Graphic 45 fan ever since!” ~Annette




Club G45 Vol 01 Kit:





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Video Tutorials, Project Sheet & Cutting Guides


[Tutorial] Photo Album Binder : Club G45 Vol 01 - 2019 - Featuring Garden Goddess


[Tutorial] Pillow Box Gift Holder: Club G45 Vol 01 - 2019 - Featuring Garden Goddess


Club G45 YouTube Playlist





Printable Project Sheet



Photo Album Binder Cutting Guide



Pillow Box Cutting Guide



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Announcing Club G45 - 2019


We had such a wonderful and successful launch of Club G45 in 2018!  We started off small with just over 400 kits and ended the year selling over 1,600 kits per month!  We have learned a lot in the process and have received a lot of love and feedback. Per your feedback, we will be simplifying both of the monthly projects and video tutorials provided with each month's kit.  Having simple projects will mean they will be easier to finish, without skimping on teaching new techniques.


We will also start processing our subscribers' kits the first Tuesday of the month and emailing out the video tutorials, project sheets and start offering the kits the first Thursday of the month.   


Class Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Workshop 1 Length: 90 Minutes

Workshop 2 Length: 10 to 15 Minutes

Retail Price of Supplies: $50+


Designers: Annette Green & Robin Shakoor


  • Each kit valued at $50+


  • Technique focused

  • Interactive Details

  • New Staples (surface and embellishments) each month

  • New Collection each month

  • New Adhesive from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L each month

  • YouTube workshop videos

  • Project sheet




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We can't wait to expand and learn with you in 2019.  Happy Papercrafting, G45ers!


9 Comment(s)

Annette Green:
01/04/2019, 12:54:38 PM,

I knew from the beginning that THIS club program was going to be huge! Way to go Graphic 45! I'm honored to be part of this wonderful paper company family. Here's to another successful year!

Ellen Haydon:
01/04/2019, 01:37:37 PM

I'm with you Annette, I jumped quickly to join the G45 Club. I missed the first 2 volumes, I couldn't get my application in quickly. The third time I got lucky and enjoyment was in my house! I look forward every month to the G45 Box to come. Ellen from Phoenix AZ

01/04/2019, 03:49:05 PM

Annette Green, I love the projects and Graphic 45 collections you design for!The kits are wonderful!

Glenda Buster:
01/04/2019, 09:44:46 PM

I love the Graphic 45 Club! Over the last year I’ve had so much fun cutting into G45 paper, using G45 staples, and following the videos and written tutorials. I’m no longer just a hoarder of Graphic 45 paper collections

01/04/2019, 11:35:44 PM

I've had a love affair with Graphic 45 since I first saw one of your collections. Now, I love so many connections it's hard to pick just one!!! Annette, I look forward to the next class I take off yours!!! Happy New Year!!!

She Fowl:
01/05/2019, 12:46:10 PM

Beautiful collection...I love the projects.

Diane Fountain:
01/08/2019, 07:25:02 AM

Some really beautiful ideas!!

Gail P.:
01/09/2019, 08:31:06 PM

I have been a HUGE FINANCIAL & LOYAL SUPPORTER of G45 for many years & love almost all of your paper collections! So it is with great sadness & disappointment to read the changes in the G45 club projects to become simpler in style. Before reading your announcement regarding the changes in the upcoming club projects, I had looked at January's project album & was filled with frustration & disappointment as I knew I was going to have to buy extra paper in the collection to beef it up as the pages were so plain! Rather than making the album following the directions as printed with adding my normal little tweaks/changes here and there, NOW I will have to do a major creative overhaul for each page starting from scratch which defeats the idea of a kit! Now from your announcement, it seems this is going to be the norm! That is not good news! Typically, your projects are filled with such creativity & are a wonderful learning experience, but clearly that will not be the case if January's project represents the new direction. Annette Green is very talented so I mean no disrespect to her work as I know she is follow a directive. It is pretty, but not something I would buy in a store if I saw it first, as it is too plain and lacks interest. Spending $50.00 on a kit, BUT then having to invest creative time & MORE $$$ in buying extra paper/shipping costs etc. begins to make me question whether to continue the club if this is going to be the norm. The key should NOT be how fast I can accomplish a project, if it is not something I would be proud of in the end. Please rethink the direction you are going for the club projects. I'm sure all 1,600 club members are not new scrappers. Please meet the needs of those who are ready for more than just a few pieces of paper on a page. Thank you for hearing my concerns. I hope they will be taken seriously. I am not a complainer. G45 is one of my favorite companies. My suggestion would be 2 sets of instructions for a project. A basic set, such as January's, & then one for more advance scrappers who want more interest...pockets, flip-out pages, tags inside the album, etc. This would also give the basic scrapper info on how to up their game. Or have the customers chose which they want...basic or advance directions. Please don't ignore the needs of those who want more. Thank you! Gail P.

Susan Wolfe:
01/19/2019, 12:16:14 PM

I missed out on the club in 2018 and was so looking forward to joining this year but when I saw the January project, I felt the same as is just too plain. I've been scrapping for years and Graphic 45 is my favorite line of paper but I won't spend the money if the projects are going to be so simple. As you disrespect to anyone..just wish they would keep in mind there are also seasoned scrapbookers and not just beginners to consider.

Julie Poertner:
01/10/2019, 07:00:10 PM

I am sad to see you say something so negative, it sounds like you have enjoyed these projects for a very long time and you are familiar with the techniques involved. Maybe using your talent to teach others... I always twink and embellish more than any kit or pattern calls for. If you are anything like me we have a lot of "extra goodies" for any project. However I am thrilled that the kits are going to be simplified a bit. I love the designs and attention to detail in all the artwork, the paper is so beautiful I hate to make the first cut!

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