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#G45Tip - Fussy Cut in Advance & Contest Announced

Posted by Graphic 45 11/19/2018 89 Comment(s) Cards,

Hello, G45ers!

 We are thrilled to share a fabulous #G45Tip with you today, as well as announce our Weekly Blog Contest!  Today's tip is brought to us by, Nichola Battilana, she teaches us that preparing your embellishments in advance makes the creative process super quick and easy.  Both the featured cards and our contest feature our 2018 holiday collection, Christmas MagicSo be sure to leave your comments below to be entered to win!


Christmas Magic Package

Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! Each comment from Monday to Thursday at 11:59 pm PST will count as an entry. This week’s prize package is a Christmas Magic package, a $65 value.  The winner will be announced on the blog Friday, November 23rd.


Santa’s Helpers Cards

By Nichola Battilana



#G45Tip: Take out your scissors and fussy cut images from your latest G45 collection to get inspiration flowing and to make your papercrafting a cinch.  “I say I whipped up this set, but I began by spending a night fussy cutting an entire sheet of "Santa's Little Helpers" from the 12" Collection Pack. (I was watching Filmworker which was a really great documentary btw).” ~Nichola


#G45Tip: Try adding some wee transparent wings to the little dudes. I can just picture these little fellas fluttering about, switching out burnt out Christmas lights, taking care of all the tiny chores that go unnoticed.


Check out the full post here…


Easy peasy!  Nichola, big thanks to you for sharing these delightfully fun cards and your fussy cutting tip.  We want to extend our gratitude to each of you as well for stopping by, we look forward to reading your comments below.  Have a wonderful day, and as always... 


Happy Papercrafting!

89 Comment(s)

Martie Rollin:
11/19/2018, 06:13:17 PM

LOVE the creative idea to turn these little guys into Christmas fairies! So clever! this is a lovely Christmas collection. I have lots of ideas for each designer page! This for offering this festive prize package!!

Donna Leutloff:
11/19/2018, 08:26:22 PM

So CUTE! TFS! and the chance to WIN!!

Sharon Gullikson:
11/19/2018, 09:15:22 PM

Oh my gosh, these papers are so darned cute!!! I didn't know that the little kiddos have wings. Just adorable!

Kathy Crum:
11/19/2018, 09:57:52 PM

Loving this Christmas Magic bundle with its beautiful little winged cherubs and festive colors! Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful set.

Diane Shull:
11/20/2018, 12:42:08 AM,

Oh these little Christmas elves with wings,are so Adorable. What a wimsicle and fun idea. This Christmas collection is Wonderful. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Arianna Barbara:
11/20/2018, 03:33:03 AM

Awesome collection!!! These little winged cherubs and cards are really cute!!!

Jennifer Richards:
11/20/2018, 07:51:11 AM

What a great idea for these little cuties!TFS

Kate LeBlanc:
11/20/2018, 09:44:39 AM

I love all the wee Christmas fairies. I like the idea of doing all the fussy cutting in advance. Great cards and great tips. Thank you Graphic 45 for creating such a lovely and versatile Christmas collection!

11/20/2018, 11:42:09 AM

So cute! Wonderful papers - just a gorgeous project!

Sue MacFall:
11/20/2018, 11:42:40 AM

Lovely results and great tips and ideas. Thank you.

Paulette Carriker:
11/20/2018, 11:44:05 AM

Love the Angel's and children that is a special part of Christmas.

Brevity Drake:
11/20/2018, 11:53:36 AM

So cute! Love the wings which are a great idea. G45 you are making Xmas very special thank you.

Margaret R:
11/20/2018, 11:56:06 AM

Love your cards - so cute and not so hard to make! I enjoy fussy cutting, too, when I'm watching TV or a movie - maybe "watching" isn't the right word, as I have to keep my eyes on the cutting!

Regina Harrison:
11/20/2018, 12:34:07 PM

Adding wings makes them even cuter. I used these on my Christmas cards this year, wish I would have thought of the wings. Maybe next time.

Debbie Nelson:
11/20/2018, 04:32:46 PM

I just finished my G45 vol. 11 twelve days of christmas album and it is beautiful. Thanks for kits, I look forward to buying many more. Those little santa's helpers are adorable with the wings. What a great idea!

Patrice Meseck:
11/20/2018, 04:39:32 PM

Adorable cherubs! They will make great additions to so many projects. So glad I like fussy cutting.

Mathilde S:
11/20/2018, 05:34:44 PM

Cute cards! Thanks for the great tip to fussy cut ahead of time,in the long run it really safes time and you don’t interrupt the creative “process “.

Paula R:
11/20/2018, 06:55:28 PM

Like the idea of having all those little ones to use for Christmas projects. Thanks for sharing. Also like your card ideas. Gonna use them.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Gorgeous and oh so adorable!

Kathleen Dillie:
11/20/2018, 09:00:34 PM

I have the "Off to the Races" paper and now I'm inspired to pull it out and start fussy cutting some of the images. Thanks!

Dianna Dean:
11/20/2018, 11:13:52 PM

I never think to fussy cut, I guess because I have trouble cutting into your beautiful papers. But seeing all these little cuties inspires me.

Carolyn Soprych-Favia:
11/21/2018, 10:53:46 AM

It is a magical Christmas with Graphic 45!!!

Marie Frederick:
11/21/2018, 10:54:32 AM

Amazing! Graphic 45 never disappoints. Would love to have this collection to play with.

11/21/2018, 11:02:49 AM

They look so cute as fairies, they would look good climbing up a stocking... to peep inside of course

Kelcey Hereau:
11/21/2018, 11:03:05 AM

Love the Christmas paper and the idea of fussy cutting out images to use

Gayle M Hocking:
11/21/2018, 11:13:20 AM

This truly is an enchanting collection from Graphic 45 and you certainly used it to it's fullest potential! I love how your cards turned out and especially love these little Christmas 'dudes'......they are just the cutest things ever. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow crafters and to the team at Graphic 45 who gives us much to be thankful for!

Susie Doucet:
11/21/2018, 11:13:37 AM

Wow would love to win!

Ageeth Westenbrink:
11/21/2018, 11:19:53 AM

I love to win it so I can create a beautiful christmas scrapbook

Kristina Vazquez:
11/21/2018, 11:31:29 AM

Oh I just love the little wing idea!

Buffy Burnside:
11/21/2018, 11:40:30 AM

Beautiful collection and I love the tip of fussy cutting ahead! The cards Nichola made are beautiful!

11/21/2018, 11:51:50 AM

Love Love this collection

Laurie Bradshaw:
11/21/2018, 12:14:26 PM

What adorable paper! Thanks for the great tip!

11/21/2018, 12:14:36 PM

Cute cards and great time-saving tips. Thank you for all the great ideas you've shared.

11/21/2018, 12:19:57 PM

The Christmas fairies are so sweet!! I love the collection. Excellent tip to fussy cut ahead. I can watch tv with my husband and keep moving ahead.

Wendy Dopp:
11/21/2018, 12:26:50 PM

Love the idea of making Christmas fairies.

Stephanie Bonin:
11/21/2018, 12:53:16 PM,

I just adore this collection! Kewpies are a favorite of mine. Would love to win!

Brian Poteraj:
11/21/2018, 12:55:10 PM

This collection is one of my favorites. The little Kewpie kids are really cute and can be used any number of ways for cards and various projects.

Gina Z:
11/21/2018, 01:05:24 PM

LoveG45 and thanks for the great tip!

Amy Green:
11/21/2018, 01:16:30 PM

I like the little Santa's helpers cards! They are so cute!

11/21/2018, 01:18:33 PM

Perfect Christmas cuties from a delightful collection. Fussy-cutting in advance; what a great idea!

11/21/2018, 01:22:13 PM

Really like the touch of diversity among the cherubic cuties.

Anne Schilling:
11/21/2018, 01:23:21 PM

These little Santa angels are adorable! What a fun collection of papers to work with for Christmas. Thank you G 45 for another opportunity to use your papers!

Leola Hildebrandt:
11/21/2018, 01:46:09 PM

I love the Magic of Christmas collection - just perfect for those special "magical" days of December! Thank you Graphic 45 for all the magic you bring us season after season!

Terry fryer:
11/21/2018, 01:48:36 PM

A little Christmas magic would be fun to win!

Barb Slater:
11/21/2018, 01:58:28 PM

Great tips! Love the Christmas pack!

11/21/2018, 02:14:58 PM

Love-love-love the cards. The fussy cut Santas are so cute & really add the element of fun & frivolity. Happy Thanksgiving .....

Deb ONeill:
11/21/2018, 02:19:39 PM

Great. Pick me. I need more Christmas Magic.

Susana Sánchez González:
11/21/2018, 02:43:00 PM

Precioso me encanta

Anne Dias:
11/21/2018, 02:44:19 PM

Christmas Magic!

Eleanor Williams:
11/21/2018, 02:59:25 PM

Great tip. Get the fussy cutting done in advance. I use the Henry Ford Assembly Line technique on a lot of my scrapbook projects. Cut all mats ahead of time;ink all edges, etc. This collection is awesome. Thanks for chance to win.

Diane Smith:
11/21/2018, 04:13:18 PM

Would love to win some gorgeous G45!

Diana Dillon:
11/21/2018, 05:43:52 PM

Sooo cute!. Thank you for sharing Nichola. I need all the Graphic 45 I can get my hands on, soooo send it on over. Thank you for the weekly contests. This is a great collection.

Beth Lampo:
11/21/2018, 05:50:36 PM

Christmas Magic would be wonderful to use as a December Daily project! Would love to try it!!!

Renna Arnott:
11/21/2018, 06:14:54 PM

Such beautiful little Christmas fairies - love the creative idea of transparent wings! Thank you for sharing.

11/21/2018, 07:07:29 PM

Really cute idea to add wings to those little guys!

11/21/2018, 07:35:00 PM

Those fussy cuts are so adorable

Rebecca Springer:
11/21/2018, 08:55:28 PM

This collection looks absolutely stunning. I can imagine making tons of Christmas goodies with it!

11/21/2018, 09:36:08 PM

Graphic 45 is my absolute favourite scrapbooking company. I love the Christmas collection, as well all of the other collections! I have bought some of this paper to make my cards. Today I worked on cards to donate to a seniors residence. The money at their bazaar is being used for the homeless seniors in our community. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely collection. Merry Christmas everyone and especially all the wonderful staff at Graphic 45!

11/21/2018, 09:36:08 PM

Graphic 45 is my absolute favourite scrapbooking company. I love the Christmas collection, as well all of the other collections! I have bought some of this paper to make my cards. Today I worked on cards to donate to a seniors residence. The money at their bazaar is being used for the homeless seniors in our community. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely collection. Merry Christmas everyone and especially all the wonderful staff at Graphic 45!

Becky J Cannon:
11/22/2018, 12:28:18 AM

I love to fussy cut! And to cur a lot is a great idea. But especially you added wings to " the little dudes!"

Hsiao Shun-yu:
11/22/2018, 12:53:50 AM

Please pick me... I adore this set so much!

Terri Williams:
11/22/2018, 06:07:01 AM

I love to fussy cut.....I'll grab my sheet one night this week and cut away. Thanks for cute idea.

Theresa Riggs:
11/22/2018, 06:35:15 AM

Christmas Magic; another Completely beautiful collection!

Marlene Diefendorf:
11/22/2018, 06:40:06 AM

Adorable cards. I've always loved fussy cutting and still do, even though I don't fussy cut as often as I'd like to.

Suzanne Young:
11/22/2018, 06:54:25 AM

Love this collection...and actually all of them!! Thank you so much for your inspiration everyday. It makes me so happy every time I get a notification through email and Facebook from you!!

Kathleen Fetch:
11/22/2018, 07:22:25 AM

Even with all my fancy cutting machines, I still enjoy fussy cutting. I love the idea to add the little transparent wings. Lovely!

Kelly Powell:
11/22/2018, 08:07:33 AM

Omg. I love this new paper.

Laurie Black:
11/22/2018, 11:02:37 AM

Such a fun collection, great images for fussy cutting. And those little Christmas fairies are darling!

Vivian Warner:
11/22/2018, 01:14:07 PM, google

Love this Christmas collection. I would love it win it.

Kelly Kennedy:
11/22/2018, 05:41:34 PM

Love this collection! Adding little wings is the cutest thing!

Sherry Lesiak:
11/22/2018, 06:11:46 PM

We have made so many beautiful cards with your papers at Legacy Paper Arts in Powell, OH

Christine Rupakis:
11/22/2018, 08:09:52 PM

I love this Christmas paper. Would love to win this set.

Roberta Johnson:
11/22/2018, 08:13:02 PM

Can’t wait to get going on my Christmas cards with these beautiful papers and embellishments.

Lorraine Freeman:
11/22/2018, 08:16:50 PM

What a fabulous collection, absolutely made for fussy cutting which I love

Janet Mustachio:
11/22/2018, 10:08:58 PM

Love the fairy wings. Would love to win the prize!!!

Jocelyne B.:

Loving this Christmas Magic collection

Janice Heiss:
11/23/2018, 07:51:21 AM

I love the wings, what a great idea!

11/24/2018, 08:58:21 PM

My apologies I still don't have my blog back up, and running. However, Nichola is always amazing, awesome, and inspirational. I believe they also call the little dudes little guys. If you haven't read Nichola entire blog you really should. She is a must have.

Mrs J B Edwards:
11/26/2018, 02:26:41 AM

Super idea to cut in advance when you have time!! Will definitely be doing this! Awesome giveaway...thank you for the chance to win it!!

Jill McAuley:
11/27/2018, 03:26:02 PM

I am not the most patient at fussy cutting but these "dudes" (lol) have more rounded edges which goes faster...also, a pair of sharp small blade scissors is a must...I like the Tonic non-stick brand. Put on a Christmas DVD or music to keep it festive! Just three quick days left until the start of the Advent calendar...get snipping!

Teresa Trump:
11/28/2018, 01:02:52 PM

Cupid like figures in this paper collection leading to lots of creative possibilities and fussy cutting in advance is a good idea.

Debbie M:
11/28/2018, 02:23:55 PM

Love everything Christmas. Especially if it’s G45!.

Ann milzarski:
11/28/2018, 03:12:14 PM

Have not seen this darling package yet at my craft store. The elves have captured my hear❤️

Anne Brown:
11/28/2018, 09:21:40 PM

I love the nostalgic feel of Christmas Magic. I have made multiple purchases of this collection for several projects, including mini albums, Christmas cards, etc. Next to Winter Wonderland, it's my favorite Christmas themed collection!

Janae Ferraris:
11/29/2018, 03:02:06 PM

Ohhhh the most wonderful papers for the most wonderful time of the year favourite!

Denise Dixon:
12/04/2018, 02:48:37 PM

Love this beautiful paper!!

Victoria Rodríguez:
12/06/2018, 01:16:53 AM

Me encanta esta colección de navidad!!! y me parece ideal convertirlos en angelitos...puedo preguntar cómo hiciste las alas..están geniales. Muchas gracias.

debbie Breen:
01/10/2019, 02:01:04 PM

This Xmas collection is gorgeous, wow thats a lot of fussy cutting, fantastic stuff.

Linda Donnelly:
08/13/2019, 02:40:02 PM

what a good idea to prepare your items before you start your work.

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