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#G45Tip: Reuse & Recycle Tag & Weekly Contest

Posted by Graphic 45 10/30/2018 76 Comment(s) Tutorials,Videos,#SimplyG45,Tags,


Hello G45ers!

This post is full of great tips, a tutorial video, and our Weekly Contest is announced!  This tutorial and #G45Tip are brought to us by Sandi Nagel.  Sandi reuses G45 Staples packaging to create a stunning tag using our Metal Dies, Brads, and Floral Shoppe collection.  Tags are great for gifting, adding to scrapbook albums, or decorating your space for creative inspiration, so pull out some scrapbook supplies, and let's have some fun and remember to leave your tips and feedback below to be entered to win!


Floral Shoppe Card Bundle

Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! Each comment from Monday to Thursday at 11:59 pm PST will count as an entry. This week’s prize package is a Floral Shoppe Card Set Bundle, a $55.50 value.  The winner will be announced on the blog Friday, November 2nd.  


Printable Project Sheet



#G45Tip Recycle and Reuse - A Floral Shoppe Tag Tutorial

By Sandi Nagel


Hello G45ers! I have a special treat for you today!  I'm sharing a #G45Tip that recycles and reuses your Graphic 45 product packages.



What I love about Graphic 45 is how they pay attention to every detail, including their packaging.  Their package art is so pretty that I can't just throw it away!



I love how they're packages are made to double up as bases for our Graphic 45 tags. So we carefully remove the hardware that is attached to the pack and we now have a tag to play with!



Video Tutorial

I've put together an easy to follow video tutorial, where you can learn how you can make this beautiful Tag using your Graphic 45 packaging and papers from the Floral Shoppe collection.

In addition, I’ve put together a quick reference guide for you to check the entire process at a glance!” ~Sandi



#G45Tip Recycle and Reuse | A Floral Shoppe Tag Tutorial



Graphic 45 Supplies:



Other Supplies:

  • Embossing Ink
  • Embossing Powder
  • Heat Gun
  • Glue Gun
  • Edge Punch
  • Distressing Tool
  • Glue
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Die-cutting Machine
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors


Love it!  Love the Tag, the tutorial, the whole project!  Help us by sending Sandi gratitude for this wonderful tag.  We also want to thank you for stopping by and look forward to reading your comments below, and be sure to come back Friday to find out who will win!  

Happy Papercrafting!

76 Comment(s)

Paula R:
10/30/2018, 11:38:07 AM

Love this tutorial. Will be trying it. Such a clever recycling idea

Sharon Gullikson:
10/30/2018, 11:44:26 AM

I will never throw away a Graphic 45 package again! You have inspired me to use before I throw away. Your tag is beautiful!

10/30/2018, 12:08:55 PM

Awesome ideas as G45!!

Denise Evans:
10/30/2018, 12:09:18 PM, Facebook

Wow! What a gorgeous tag! I love how artistically you put this all together. It is the little things that count. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent!!

Pat Blank:
10/30/2018, 12:19:15 PM

What practical tips for reusing packaging. Thanks Graphic 45 and Sandi Nagel.

Pat I Kult:
10/30/2018, 12:20:52 PM

I love this wonderful tip! Love the tag and I am going to do this myself! Thank you!

Laura Graham:
10/30/2018, 12:27:49 PM

I always save my G45 packaging. It is fabulous that the hole at the top is reinforced with a metal eyelet!! Who does that? I have actually been looking at different packaging and have yet to find some done this way. They are perfect for recycling into tags!

Marion Symonds:
10/30/2018, 12:28:08 PM

What a gorgeous tag! Shabby-chic meets oh-so- classy with fabulous results. Heavenly!

Diane F:
10/30/2018, 12:28:57 PM

How clever to reuse the packaging! Great tip!

Mary Jane:
10/30/2018, 12:29:03 PM

Love it !! Want it !! Need it !!

Lisa Buchanan:
10/30/2018, 12:35:15 PM

I always love tips that help with Graphic 45 paper and packaging! Thank you!

Rebecca Rosas:
10/30/2018, 12:36:00 PM

Exquisite tag from Sandi!

Gayle M Hocking:
10/30/2018, 12:40:51 PM

Beautiful! This collection was so easy to work with and I loved the end results! I particularly like the reusing of the packaging! BRILLIANT!!!! Nothing is wasted.

Sue D:
10/30/2018, 12:45:48 PM

Wow--gorgeous tag and love the recycling.

Laurie MacIsaac:
10/30/2018, 12:48:52 PM

Great use of packaging! I'll be storing my G45 supplies in alternate containers so I can start on this!

Suzy Q:
10/30/2018, 12:50:59 PM

Love this idea sooo much! Thank you Sandi for your snapguide! And thank you Graphic 45!

Brian Poteraj:
10/30/2018, 12:57:41 PM

The Graphic 45 packaging is a nice base to start from. Great idea.

Melinda Milhorn:
10/30/2018, 12:58:29 PM

I am so adicted to G45 everything!!!!!! This set is beautiful. And i never knew the pacaging was a tag too!!!!!

10/30/2018, 12:58:44 PM

Very pretty tag. Great tutorial- I always save my packaging so I will have to make one too.

Jean marmo:
10/30/2018, 12:59:24 PM

Love that the packaging can be reused in this creative way!!

Sylvia Rivera:
10/30/2018, 01:13:28 PM

Wonderful use of packaging material! Great tip, I don't think I can look at packaging the same way as before seeing this tip. Thanks for sharing and for a great tutorial.

Barbara Millar:
10/30/2018, 01:34:40 PM

Excellent recycling idea love the tag

She Fowl:
10/30/2018, 01:44:22 PM

Great recycling the tag.

Martie Rollin:
10/30/2018, 01:57:59 PM

So nice to know that the tag die fits the packaging perfectly...surprising and perfect engineering!! Floral Shoppe would make any project beautiful!!

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
10/30/2018, 02:25:32 PM

I can't believe I never noticed the packaging before and I try and reuse everything! Great tip!

10/30/2018, 02:26:14 PM

I will definitely look at packaging differently in the future. Thank you.

Jan Kennedy:
10/30/2018, 02:26:43 PM

Sweet tag! Hope to do something like it!

jennifer hodges:
10/30/2018, 02:31:30 PM

That is such a great idea with already being shaped like a tag, lol!

Marci Zinn:

Beautiful work!!! I never part with the packaging...its gorgeous! Oh I love The Floral Shoppe! Wow! So bright and cheerful...and detailed!So many collections I'm hoping to get! :) Thank you for sharing all these goodies!

Margaret Eckel:
10/30/2018, 02:38:56 PM

I look forward to each post for ideas. Love this paper.

Lisa Robinson:
10/30/2018, 02:40:22 PM

Ooooh just ordered the big package but I’m pretty sure u can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF ANY ONE COLLECTION LOL! G45-4-Evah!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

I think this is beautiful, gorgeous and so perfect.

Christine Cuthbert:
10/30/2018, 02:44:47 PM

Really Lovely

Anne McIntosh:
10/30/2018, 03:08:22 PM

Love the tag! I always save the packaging because G45 does it right! Most packaging is very reusable! thanks again!

Regina Harrison:
10/30/2018, 03:12:32 PM

Love this beautiful tag and this great idea. I wish I had thought of it before I threw so many away.

10/30/2018, 03:38:20 PM

Great tutorial, well done and easy to follow. I have been saving Graphic 45 packages for awhile, didn't know what I was going to do with them, now I know, thanks to your tutorial. Thank you for a wonderful project.

Kelcey Hereau:
10/30/2018, 03:46:40 PM

Love how crafters can use every part of our supplies, thanks for sharing a great idea!

Eleanor Williams:
10/30/2018, 04:21:40 PM

Floral Shoppe is my favorite collection. Cards made using this collection would be so beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win.

peggy salyer:
10/30/2018, 04:23:47 PM

I love being able to use every single bit of the product.... including the gorgeous packaging. Your ideas are splendid.

Susan Ashby:
10/30/2018, 04:42:29 PM

Wonderful idea. I’ve always notices the quality pkg. and have thought how to use it, thanks for sharing.

Anne Schilling:
10/30/2018, 04:46:30 PM

I watched this video first thing this morning! How sweet a project! I use all my G45 packaging!

Jill McAuley:
10/30/2018, 05:31:57 PM

Great reuse idea! Always appreciate the tips G45!

Gerry Wolfe:
10/30/2018, 05:34:02 PM

Great video. Love the idea of recycling & reusing.

Janice Adams:
10/30/2018, 06:02:25 PM

Beautiful collection !!! Sure could make some gorgeous cards with it !!

Wendy Lambert:
10/30/2018, 06:12:47 PM

These papers are just stunning! Gorgeous tag!

10/30/2018, 06:34:12 PM

Nice little project. The tag is beautifully done. Love it! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Laurie Bradshaw:
10/30/2018, 06:44:18 PM

Great tip on using the bases! I will try it next! The give away set has wonderful colors!

Jan G.:
10/30/2018, 06:48:23 PM

Great tip and very pretty tag.

Glenda Buster:
10/30/2018, 06:50:34 PM

Floral Shoppe is such a beautiful collection and Graphic 45 packaging is awesome. Love, love that much of the packaging can be easily upcycled to create beautiful projects ♥️❤️!

Deeann Siler:
10/30/2018, 07:06:44 PM

Floral Shoppe is a stunning collection! I would love to win this bundle! Your tutorials and project sheets make creating beautiful projects easy with your gorgeous papers and products!

Pat Ford:
10/30/2018, 07:14:52 PM

Very pretty tag! Thanks for the great tip.

Jane S:
10/30/2018, 07:16:14 PM

I will never throw a packaging away again! Great tutorial

Kim Klinkovsky:
10/30/2018, 07:28:49 PM,

Just an amazing project. Would love to win this amazing collection to make special mother's day cards. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

Vanessa LeClear:
10/30/2018, 07:40:15 PM

What a beautiful tag and a great way to reuse packaging!

Jamie Kaus:
10/30/2018, 07:42:21 PM

Leave it to Graphic 45 to come up with packaging that can be recycled into something awesome. The Floral Shoppe Collection is beautiful. Kudos! I would love to make the card set from the project sheet.

Joyce G.:
10/30/2018, 07:44:20 PM

Love this project using the Floral Shoppe Collection, it's a clever recycling idea. Thanks for sharing it with us.

10/30/2018, 09:21:16 PM

Sandi Nagel, I love your creativity with the Floral Shoppe! It is a beautiful collection and your tags are great.

Mary Starrett:
10/30/2018, 10:04:38 PM

I love your tip about G45 packaging and its dual purpose of holding product and being a useful tool/template/foundation for the creation of projects. What an eye-opener... and hooray to G45 for having such clever, customer-oriented design, down to the packaging. I will again illuminate how my only issue with g45 material is that it is so cool and so pretty that I don't want use it up and deplete my supply!

Jeane A:
10/30/2018, 10:27:22 PM

Sandi- another creative idea to bring beauty into our lives! Thank you for all the ideas you share with us, including this winner using G45 products.

Holly Hatch:
10/30/2018, 10:31:03 PM

Such a beautiful project. Thanks G45 for always providing such high quality products--which would be GREAT to win!!!!!(hint, hint)

10/30/2018, 10:53:47 PM

Love using everything that is available with Graphic 45! I always use the pkg material as well.

sabine matagne:
10/31/2018, 12:45:28 AM

J adore cette collection, on peut faire de tres jolies realisations fleuries!

10/31/2018, 01:25:34 AM,

I love your post making style and your truly inspiring article you have use to make this post, Your theme style is realy wonderful and awesome then others.

Rocio Romero:
10/31/2018, 01:40:09 AM

Preciosa esta colección

Debbie Siddle:
10/31/2018, 03:16:57 AM

Very nice indeed. xx

Sandra Featherston:
10/31/2018, 08:30:30 AM

I love to recycle. What a clever idea. So pretty, too.

Suzanne Hilborn:
10/31/2018, 10:24:54 AM

This tag is so 'catchy' with the white leaves and G45 flowers. Love it.

Kathleen E Capachione:
10/31/2018, 12:24:15 PM

Hey! I do this. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

10/31/2018, 03:47:39 PM

Great tag! I keep & try to recycle clothing tags in different art projects. Haven’t been using Graphic45 products for very long & hadn’t noticed that the packaging was a tag! Great tip! Love this paper collection.

Sandra Rice:
10/31/2018, 04:26:30 PM

Wow! G45 design team have fantastically creative minds! Whodda Thunk to use the backing as a vintage layered Tag. It's beautiful! Would love to get my hands on this gorgeous paper! Thanks for ALL the tips!

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