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Follow Your Heart: Introducing Altered Artist, Aleksandra Mihelič

Posted by Graphic 45 06/11/2018 121 Comment(s) Home Decor,

Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to another wonderful week on the Graphic 45 blog.  Starting this week we will be introducing our new 2018-2019 Brand Ambassadors.  We have asked our Brand Ambassadors to create a "Self-Portrait" project that reflects each of them, their favorite paper medium, and shows off their favorite current go-to technique. These posts go hand in hand with our June Challenge - #G45Selfie.  We are kicking the introductions off with Brand Ambassador from Slovenia, Aleksandra Mihelič.  Aleksandra shares an amazing 3D Floral Decorative Box, using our floral collections: Secret Garden, Floral Shoppe, Botanical Tea, and Little Darlings.  Join us in welcoming one of our favorite Altered Artist and fussy cutting extraordinaire. 


To make this post even more fun we have our weekly blog contest to announce, and this week's prize package is a doozy.  

Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! This week’s prize package includes a Little Darlings - DCE, Secret Garden - DCE, Floral Shoppe 8x8 and Ephemera Cards, Staples Die-Cut Tags, Door Knockers, and Stamped Metal Brads, a $97 value.  The Winner will be announced on the blog Friday, June 15th.



Brand Ambassador 2018-2019

Aleksandra Mihelič - Slovenia


“Hello, dear G45’ers. It’s Aleksandra Mihelič with you today for the very first time. I’m so happy and excited to be here with you today, to share my first project as one of your new Graphic 45 Ambassadors! It’s a great honour for me and one of my big dreams coming true.

For those of you, who maybe don’t know me, I also create under the nickname “Papermade fairytale”. My crafting story begins probably in my childhood years. My dear mother was a bookbinder and she worked in a Library, repairing and hand stitching the books that were destroyed in the process of borrowing. I’ve always visited her and played with all the gorgeous papers, canvases, and glues she had. At that time these goods were not so widely available so this was a huge privilege and a pure joy for me. And the love for papers, crafting, and everything stuck with me. I’m still in love with the smell of the fresh paper. Today I create for a living and I feel so happy and blessed to have such an opportunity. My art is one of the major parts of my life and I can’t imagine my day without crafting. I’m a color enthusiast, who loves striking and bold color combinations on one side, but has her breath taken away by the soft, shabby chic color palettes on the other side. I most often search and find my inspiration in nature and everyday life. I live with my loving husband and my three wonderful children in a small, beautiful European country Slovenia. I’m 36 years old and have been more actively crafting for the last 9 years. It makes me happy if somebody can find some inspiration in my work or I can make someone’s day a bit happier and brighter with it.


I would say my biggest crafting passion lies in altering unusual, seemingly useless objects and making something gorgeous out of them. I love to combine various mediums, I would say mixed media style is the closest to my heart. But although I love mixed media art, I never could let go the use of gorgeous papers. So they stick to me and I try to incorporate them in my mixed media creations. I love when I’m able to create some beautiful sceneries with all the supplies I have by hand at the moment.


Altered Box with Secret Garden


So when we were asked to prepare a “self-portrait” project, something that reflects our style, our go-to techniques, and mediums, I stuck to this idea. I made a box with an altered teacup and created a Secret garden on top of it, with lots of blossoming flowers, hidden bird’s nest, and a little girl, who is releasing beautiful butterflies out from the jar into the Garden.



There was a lot of fussy cutting involved, but I kind of love fussy cutting, especially when it comes to my Graphic 45 papers. They are just designed perfectly for it!


Another thing I love doing with 
Graphic 45 is combining various collections together! They are all designed so beautifully that some collections coordinate perfectly together. So in my project today, I joined together 3 floral ones that just happen to be one of my favourites.



Graphic 45 Supplies:


I hope you’ll like my today’s inspiration on Graphic 45 blog. Thank you for joining me and I hope you are as excited as I am for the year to come!


Enjoy your day!

Hugs.”  ~Aleksandra


Take time to smell the flowers.


What a great way to start this week, we look forward to the year to come and can't wait to see what Aleksandra creates next!  Join us in welcoming Aleksandra to the G45 family in the comments below.  Thank you for joining us here on the blog.  We hope you are feeling the floral inspiration, and ready to pull out those fine tipped scissors and ready to cut out your own flower embellishments.  Have a great and crafty day! 


Happy Papercrafting!

121 Comment(s)

Jane Bill:
06/11/2018, 11:27:31 AM

Wow!! What a gorgeous project! Sooooooo intricate and such details! I will look forward to seeing many more of your projects, Aleksandra! Thank you for sharing. Graphic 45 papers are so very beautiful and you have done such a great job with these papers. Love!!

Daveda Lane:
06/11/2018, 09:42:58 PM

I absolutely am in love with this

Michele Lewis:
06/11/2018, 11:41:17 AM

Aleksandra what a beautiful and delicate creation! It's stunning and I love the way you have combined everything to give this beautiful picture of a little girl!

06/11/2018, 11:47:06 AM

Welcome Aleksandra! Your project is truly beautiful, and so full of little precious surprises!

Diana Dillon:
06/11/2018, 11:52:45 AM

Welcome Aleksandra, I too love fussy cutting also. I will be watching closely to see what other beautiful projects like this one you create for us. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Debbie Baez:
06/11/2018, 12:11:34 PM

Welcome and Congrats! Looking forward to many more of your creative pieces! Beautiful, love the box! I know this must be very exciting for you! I love everything Graphic45!

Becca Yahrling:
06/11/2018, 12:11:55 PM

Well, not only is your project stunning … so are you! Thank you for sharing yourself and your art with us.

Sandy Artman:
06/11/2018, 12:21:24 PM

Welcome, Aleksandra, What a delightful project! There is so much to see that it does invite one to take time to savor the flowers and all the wonderful surprises. I love all the butterflies fluttering about. It's easy to see how Graphic 45 and you are a match made in heaven! Blessings, Sandy

Kirsty Vittetoe:

OH how gorgeous!!!!

Christi Ashcraft:
06/11/2018, 12:23:40 PM

Absolutely beautiful artist profile and project. I can't wait to see what all you do in the future. Thank you for sharing!

Betty M Sherman:
06/11/2018, 12:25:37 PM

Wow! Such amazing beautiful detail in your self portrait project! I can't wait to see more of your wonderous creations!

April Puzzuoli:
06/11/2018, 12:27:00 PM

Aleksandra, what an amazing little project you have shown us for your first! You have used some of my favorite G45 papers. Can't wait to see what else you create and share.

Cheryl Wells:
06/11/2018, 12:29:15 PM


T. K.:
06/11/2018, 12:32:19 PM

Incredible! Absolutely beautiful.

Susan Ashby:
06/11/2018, 12:32:42 PM

Welcome Aleksandra! Your projects are absolutely beautiful.

06/11/2018, 12:36:52 PM

Love to see paper arts projects that go beyond traditional scrapbooking and card making - the project, and the papers, are simply stunning!

Ekaterina Timerbaev:
06/11/2018, 12:38:23 PM

Welcome Aleksandra, you create a beautiful projects and have unique style!

Chris Washburn:
06/11/2018, 12:39:34 PM

Such beautiful work!!! Can’t wait to see what you will share with us this upcoming year! Congratulations!!!

Sally Royal:
06/11/2018, 12:42:34 PM

Welcome! Can’t wait to see what other cool things you will make

Rebecca Rosas:
06/11/2018, 12:45:52 PM

Very unique project, Aleksandra! Keep up the good work!

06/11/2018, 12:52:04 PM

Beautiful & amazing project-welcome to G45. I look forward to all your future projects.

Laura callies:
06/11/2018, 12:52:07 PM

This is amazing!! I cannot wait to see all the future creations you come up with.

Christine A Rupakis:
06/11/2018, 12:58:06 PM

I love this! Beautiful!

Nancy Young:
06/11/2018, 12:58:34 PM

All I can say is WOW!! Absolutely gorgeous. You have a special talent for sure.

Sue D:
06/11/2018, 01:00:54 PM

So pretty. Love all the fussy cutting.

Karen L Buege:
06/11/2018, 01:18:34 PM

Such an amazing project from a true artist. It's so awesome that you can have your global brand ambassadors share their talents with us! Thank you!

06/11/2018, 01:19:02 PM

Your work is simply gorgeous! I can't wait to see more! My grandparents came from Slovenia, too, many of my relatives have visited there, I'd love to go some day... I also have relatives with the last name of Mihelic.... wouldn't it be funny if we were somehow related??

Terri Williams:
06/11/2018, 01:22:26 PM

This project is beautiful.....the minute I saw it I wanted to create it myself! You are so talented.

Anne B:
06/11/2018, 01:25:35 PM

Absolutely gorgeous. You truly deserve your ambassadorship. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Michele Rogers:
06/11/2018, 01:31:20 PM

Wow! So beautiful. Your design took my breath away.

Martie Rollin:
06/11/2018, 01:45:57 PM

Terrific prize package!! This project is a bit too complicated for me, but I can well appreciate all the time and effort that goes into something like this! I agree...G45 papers are designed for fussy cutting!

06/11/2018, 01:50:40 PM

Congratulations, Aleksandra. I look forward to following you & the other brand ambassadors over the next year. G45 thank you for the opportunity to win this week’s amazing prize pack. My fingers are crossed.

Leah Matthews:
06/11/2018, 02:06:09 PM

Congratulations Aleksandra! Beautiful work as usual, I especially love the altered teacup and the little girl.

06/11/2018, 02:06:12 PM

What a beautiful project - so inspiring. LOVE it! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Sally Whiteman:
06/11/2018, 02:10:34 PM

Absolutely stunning. Such great inspiration for everybody. Thank you. The Graphic 45 collections are wonderful.

06/11/2018, 02:19:11 PM,

What a sweet project - perfect for a little girl!! Welcome Aleksandra. Looking forward to more of your creativity!

Laurie Bradshaw:
06/11/2018, 02:25:54 PM

Aleksandra, welcome aboard this journey! I look forward to seeing all your work. This piece is fantastic!

Claudia Machen:
06/11/2018, 02:26:36 PM

Such absolutely breathtaking work you do. I read your story and have such admiration for you. I can hardly wait for what you do next, Aleksandra.

Jean Marmo:
06/11/2018, 02:26:41 PM

Congrats! Simply wonderful!!

Lynda Woerner:
06/11/2018, 02:39:37 PM

Absolutely stunning!

Vanessa LeClear:
06/11/2018, 02:42:46 PM

Welcome, Aleksandra! Your altered box is gorgeous! I look forward to your future creations.

06/11/2018, 02:46:03 PM

Beautiful project.

Beverley Drake:
06/11/2018, 02:46:50 PM

Incredible & very beautiful too. Wonderful choice of papers & look foward to more!

06/11/2018, 02:52:10 PM

Wow - this is lovely! I can see why you were chosen for the design team!

06/11/2018, 02:56:34 PM

I love your project Aleksandra! So beautiful and detailed. I am especially intrigued by the 3-D flowers and wonder if you made them by layering paper cut outs? And what a prize package this week...would love to win all that!

Dona Vogt:
06/11/2018, 02:58:28 PM

I am always stunned and amazed at what can be created with paper!

Peggy Joyce:
06/11/2018, 03:05:00 PM,

That was a pretty amazing assembly!

06/11/2018, 03:07:54 PM

I am blown away by your updates. I can't wait to get volume 7 and get started. You products are amazing. Thank you!

Scrap by Eszter:
06/11/2018, 03:18:51 PM

Congratulations to Aleksandra! Perfect introduction, a stunning project. ❤️ I love all your work. Good luck for the year, I look forward to further inspiration.

Glenda Buster:
06/11/2018, 03:33:17 PM

Welcome Aleksanadra! Your 3D floral box project is amazing. Love it. This week’s pack is also amazing. ❤️ G45.

06/11/2018, 03:48:51 PM

What a beautiful creation, all that fussy cutting makes the project for sure.

06/11/2018, 03:56:40 PM

Welcome Aleksandra, your hat showcases the G45 designs and is cute!

Michelle Nettleton:
06/11/2018, 03:59:06 PM

Just another stunning creation from Aleksandra , love this to bits!

Kate LeBlanc:
06/11/2018, 04:09:12 PM

Welcome Aleksandra, I absolutely love your style! Great way to incorporate some of the many G45 collections. I can't wait to see what you dazzle us with next! Fantastic giveaway this week!!!

Anne McIntosh:
06/11/2018, 04:17:53 PM

WOW! What a start to the new Design Team Year! This presentation is a real work of art showing just how fantastic mixed medium and mixed paper collections can work! Welcome aboard the G45 family Aleksandra! I'm looking forward to more of your works of art!

Sandi Nagel:
06/11/2018, 04:18:56 PM,

What a Beautiful project Aleksandra! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring projects! TFS, Hugs, Sandi

Beth Beery:
06/11/2018, 04:39:04 PM

Beautiful project! And a great prize this week!!!!

Cindy Burns:
06/11/2018, 04:41:54 PM

Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of Graphic 45. Your project is so beautiful, it's jammed packed with so many fabulous details and images, I didn't know where to look first. Thank you for sharing your art, I can hardly wait to see what you will create next.

Katie Baird:
06/11/2018, 04:42:59 PM

Oh, Aleksandra, what a stunning creation for your G45 debut! This piece incorporated some of my favorite collections, as well. What a treat it is going to be to see what masterpieces you create as an Ambassador for Graphic 45!

Joan Howaniec:
06/11/2018, 05:25:41 PM

Simply stunning. So many details to absorb. I loved the crackle finish on the tea cup and want to know how you did that.

06/11/2018, 05:29:20 PM

Welcome and congratulations Aleksandra. Your project is truly stunning and I especially like how you have used 4 different collections. Great inspiration for mixing and matching from my growing stash of G45 loveliness! Looking forward to see more of your work.

Suzy Q:
06/11/2018, 05:42:08 PM

Wow! Oh Wow! Such a beautiful inspiring idea! Thank you Alexsandra for your beautiful work of art! Can't hardly wait to see what comes next! Thanks so much! Hugs...Suzy Q

Cynthia Xavier:
06/11/2018, 05:52:19 PM

So beautiful. So amazing, way over my abilities.

Sharon Gullikson:
06/11/2018, 05:55:57 PM

I just love this! You hit a home run right from the start. I love how you put it all together. Wouldn't it be perfect for a baby shower tea party?

Susie doucet:
06/11/2018, 05:58:11 PM


Kathleen E Capachione:
06/11/2018, 06:09:58 PM

Yes you made my day happier. Beautiful, Beautiful Thanks for all your creativity.

Brian Poteraj:
06/11/2018, 06:11:12 PM

The birds and flowers are such a nice, natural addition. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work this year. You are very talented.

Dawn H:
06/11/2018, 06:12:48 PM

With two babies coming this fall and winter, this would be wonderful to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

06/11/2018, 06:22:05 PM,

Aleksandra, you know I am a fan of your imaginative and very beautiful 3D creations! Yiu are going to bring so much to this team! I’m on tiptoes with anticipation for you! Xo

Rhonda Waldrup:
06/11/2018, 06:22:45 PM

Very pretty, would love to work with Secret Garden

Regina Harrison:
06/11/2018, 06:28:34 PM

This is an amazing piece of art. You are really setting the bar HIGH with this as your first project. I have a feeling you can deliver though and I can't wait to see whats next. Bring on the tutorials:)

Diane F:
06/11/2018, 06:40:22 PM

Hello, Aleksandra. What an amazing piece of art! I wish that I could hold it in my hands; pictures aren't enough! I am very excited to see more of your work during the next two years. Welcome, and thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us.

Diane F:
06/11/2018, 06:40:23 PM

Hello, Aleksandra. What an amazing piece of art! I wish that I could hold it in my hands; pictures aren't enough! I am very excited to see more of your work during the next two years. Welcome, and thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us.

06/11/2018, 06:49:23 PM,

Gorgeous collections and a stunning creation !

Jeanne Beam:
06/11/2018, 07:04:02 PM

Such a gorgeous collection! Beautiful piece of art. Thanks for sharing ...

06/11/2018, 07:04:37 PM

I love this collection!

Linda Sebrasky:
06/11/2018, 07:07:08 PM

Welcome, it was nice to meet you. Your project is gorgeous, can't wait to see what else you create.

Carla Hundley:
06/11/2018, 07:08:39 PM

Fabulous creation and welcome to the team! Carla from Utah

06/11/2018, 07:35:51 PM

Welcom Aleksandra. I am in awe at how you can dream and visualize such an amazing creation! Absolutely stunning!! Sandra, Australia.

06/11/2018, 07:55:55 PM

i love it and look forward to more of your work!!

Jan G.:
06/11/2018, 08:17:45 PM

Just lovely. Fantastic fussy cutting skills to create something this beautiful. Thank you for sharing.....

06/11/2018, 08:31:03 PM

What a beautiful time consuming. A real love for and talent with paper!!

Cheryl Peeters:
06/11/2018, 08:44:30 PM

Absolutely lovely and darling! Welcome Aleksandra. Looking forward to seeing more of your art.

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
06/11/2018, 09:40:47 PM

What a lovely project with this collection of products. I would LOVE to win this collection ! I've been looking for the Secret Garden collection everywhere for a project I want to do! Unfortunately Graphic 45 products are very hard to find in my area ! The Little Darlings paper would be perfect for an explosion box card for an upcoming baby shower. I have tons of ideas for every piece in this collection so I hope I win !

Nancy Mac:
06/11/2018, 09:47:23 PM

What a beautiful project! Genius to combine a real cup and saucer with the paper collections! I look forward to seeing more of your projects!

06/11/2018, 10:02:47 PM,

Wow! This id lovely.

Barbara Hartling:
06/11/2018, 11:35:50 PM

I am so in love with these papers. I would use these to make my newest Great-grandson a photo album.

06/12/2018, 12:06:21 AM,

There is a real secret in your papers, everyone is so special and it's hard to choose one, I love them so much, thanks for the opportunity!

Ann Cassen:
06/12/2018, 12:09:16 AM

Fabulous! Wow, just gorgeous and all of the things that I love. Thanks for the inspiration.

Patty Bigler:
06/12/2018, 12:19:56 AM

Wow, beautiful project. Excited to discover the ability to use several different collections together!

Cindy Feagle:
06/12/2018, 02:44:32 AM

Absolutely gorgeous work! I love the ribbon touches and the many ideas she has shared on her project. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Robin Kowalski:
06/12/2018, 05:06:09 AM

Such beautiful work!!!!!!!! The Secret Garden snd Botanical Tea have always been my favorite. Yoi give me motivation ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sharon Clabaugh:
06/12/2018, 05:22:52 AM

Great project for beautiful papers!

06/12/2018, 06:19:32 AM

Welcome to the G45 family - thank you for sharing your gorgeous project!!!

Donna Russell:
06/12/2018, 06:48:02 AM

I love the project!! And love the paper collections. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next projects

06/12/2018, 08:28:37 AM

I am so glad to see the Little Dalings come back. I absolutely love all of my collections that I find myself not wanting to use them-too pretty to use.

Heather White:
06/12/2018, 10:16:02 AM

Just Wow! That box with the secret garden scene is unreal. Gorgeous!

Sandy Trefger:
06/12/2018, 10:57:31 AM,

Stunningly beautiful project! Welcome to the Graphic 45 family Aleksandra!

Trudy Migneault:
06/12/2018, 11:38:44 AM

I would love to work with the prize pkge!

Ann Andreshak:
06/12/2018, 11:43:37 AM

These papers are so beautiful. Love the flowers and it’s so fresh and yet vintage which makes it perfect. Oh this would be so pretty to make a book for my 2 month old brand new niece! Graphic 45 you are my absolute paper line!!!!

06/12/2018, 12:15:48 PM

well you certainly have done these beautiful collections justice, with your project a stunning altered art piece - it looks wonderful. looking forward to future inspirational works.

06/12/2018, 01:07:15 PM

Alex, G45 is for you!! Great match, beautiful idea!

Cynthia Graham:
06/12/2018, 01:13:48 PM

Wow your work is absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful collection.

Marilyn Mercer:
06/12/2018, 01:23:48 PM

Beautiful projects love all the paper collections especially Little Darlings and Secret Garden .

Ellen Haydon:
06/12/2018, 01:29:48 PM

I love the fussy cutting too. I can not wait for you to make more projects. Welcome to G45 and the Ambassadors. Ellen from Phoenix

Graça Estitte:
06/12/2018, 01:43:10 PM

Projetos encantadores! São mágicos,de tão bonitos! Congratulações!

Kim D Haney-Persinger:
06/12/2018, 02:01:13 PM

I absolutely love Floral Shoppe and the new Imagine paper set. Safari Adventure was my old favorite and I am still using all of it to recreate some of the beautiful projects your designers share. Thank you very much for the chance to win.

Carol Hughes:
06/12/2018, 02:45:41 PM, FB

I love the almost miraculous way that talented people create with paper! This project is delightful. Welcome Aleksandra!

Judith Taylor:
06/12/2018, 05:30:24 PM

Wow is all I can say! The ambassador, her project and your prize package are all fabulous. Crossing fingers and toes! G45 rocks and so does Aleksandra!

06/12/2018, 06:34:21 PM

Soooooooo do amazing work!! Love g45!!!!

06/12/2018, 07:12:09 PM

Beautiful project,it seems so full of movement and life. Simply stunning.

Debbie Siddle:
06/13/2018, 01:48:11 AM

Very original and pretty x

Barbara Leetch:
06/13/2018, 08:24:10 AM

Awesome prize! Oh the things I could do if it comes to my house

Sandra Featherston:
06/13/2018, 10:00:59 AM

I love your creativity Aleksandra. Such awesome talent combined with beautiful papers. You are an inspiration.

Deborah cook:
06/13/2018, 10:03:17 AM

Welcome Aleksanndra !!! You are blowing me away with your first project for G45!! I look forward to seeing more of your outstanding creations. :) and thanks G45 for a fabulous prize pack this week. Yall are amazing and so generous. :)

Michelle Birdsong:
06/13/2018, 11:38:42 AM

I am in love with the Secret Garden!!! This is an awesome giveaway, good luck to everyone.

Annette Green:

Welcome Alessandra! What an incredible, amazing piece of art. I’m so happy to welcome you to the Graphic 45 family. You will be a lovely addition with your talents!

Karen Rice:
06/13/2018, 09:40:14 PM

What exquisite art! This is stunning! Thank you for sharing all the creativity and for the chance to win a gorgeous prize package!!!

Devr Joy:
06/13/2018, 10:43:32 PM

Your work is beautiful

Ann Milzarski:
06/14/2018, 07:46:15 AM

Welcome, Aleksandra. Your work is very pleasing.

Julie Draewell:
06/14/2018, 10:53:28 AM

What a beautiful and fun collection

06/14/2018, 03:41:31 PM

WOW. Just W O W! So amazing, I'm at a loss for words!

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