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#G45PopUp - Floral Autumn Card

Posted by Graphic 45 09/26/2018 32 Comment(s) Cards,

Hello, G45ers!

 We are in the final stretch of our #G45PopUp - September Challenge with only 4 days left to enter.  So, to celebrate we wanted to share this delightful Seasons card by Brand Ambassador, Yulia Kuznetsova.  A card this beautiful would make any recipient light up with a smile.  Grab your favorite papers and scissors and let's start creating.  


Autumn Pop-up Card

By Yulia Kuznetsova


Hello, Friends! Wow, I went out of my comfort side and I did a card using Seasons paper collection! I usually make albums or art objects.


I fussy cut some of the elements: flowers, pumpkins, feathers, and birds.


Inside I use one of the cards and pumpkins and flowers. Autumn around! Beautiful!


I hope you like it and get a little bit of inspiration!

Happy Papercrafting!” ~Yulia


Graphic 45 Supplies:


Other Supplies:

  • Prima flowers
  • chipboard Prosto nebo
  • cardstock
  • glue


Just amazing!  We hope the ideas are flowing and you are feeling the creative mojo.  Be sure to share your #G45PopUp projects on our Graphic 45 - Official Community Page on Facebook.  Big thanks to both you and Yulia for sharing your inspiration and making the G45 community so wonderful!  


Happy Papercrafting!  

32 Comment(s)

09/26/2018, 11:28:58 AM

Love your autumn card - such lovely fall colors! Even though we don't really have the rich colors of fall here (lots of spruce trees), I just pretend we do and make everything with those colors anyway!

Michele Lewis:
09/26/2018, 11:35:13 AM

Lovely colors and love the creation! Glorious!

09/26/2018, 11:46:02 AM

Beautiful- I LOVE the fall colors even though I am a summer person-I much prefer the colors of fall over the dry, brown colors of summer here in CA.

Rebecca Rosas:
09/26/2018, 11:59:32 AM

Those Autumn sheets from the Seasons collection are so gorgeous!

Vanessa LeClear:
09/26/2018, 12:55:58 PM

Beautiful pop-up card!

09/26/2018, 01:05:18 PM

Absolutely stunning! Love all the fine and gorgeous details.

09/26/2018, 01:05:31 PM

Just loving this spectacular card - the colours are fantastic!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

So wonderful!

Bev Drake:
09/26/2018, 02:08:40 PM

The colours in this beautiful card really make one think of Autumn. Here in Australia ourr seasons are opposite & we are in to Spring at present. I wish the seasons were more defined but wonderful to have these superb G45 papers to create the feeling of which ever season.

Sandra Rice:
09/26/2018, 03:49:05 PM

This card is absolutely stunning!

Beth M Beery:
09/26/2018, 04:27:10 PM

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

09/26/2018, 04:48:21 PM

I live in the desert SW, so do not have these autumn colors. Reminds me of where I grew up. Beautiful.

Regina Harrison:
09/26/2018, 05:42:57 PM

This card is so pretty, I love the sunflowers.

Paula R:
09/26/2018, 06:21:38 PM

This is a beautiful card. So appropriate for the season. Thanks for creating it.

Kristna Vazquez:
09/26/2018, 06:44:20 PM

Such a lovwly pop up card. All the Fall colors are fantastic.

Sue MacFall:
09/27/2018, 06:23:19 AM

Absolutely stunning - I have this collection and I will have a go at this.

Dorothy McCarthy:
09/27/2018, 06:33:00 AM,

Wow, that card is amazing!

Debbie Siddle:
09/27/2018, 06:58:54 AM

That's one eye0catching card x

Kate LeBlanc:
09/27/2018, 09:04:24 AM

Beautiful card, I love all the fussy cutting! What a great card to give, it sure would make anyone happy to receive it!

Lisa Robinson:
09/27/2018, 09:17:27 AM

G45 admin. When is Flutter and Garden Goddess going live in the shop?!! Excited for these collections!! I thought they would have been there today at 11:00... but to no evail... nope :( it’s the end of the month people lol

Ellen Haydon:
09/27/2018, 11:43:57 AM

You card made my heart sing! We don't have many trees that change colors in Phoenix, AZ. We have to go North to Flagstaff to see them. You have a lot of fussy cutting in it and the colors and pop-ups are beautiful. Well done Yulia. Ellen

Martie Rollin:
09/27/2018, 12:22:17 PM

Love the sunflowers on this project!! Lovely!

Jean Marmo:
09/27/2018, 12:58:48 PM

Simply lovely!

Sue D:
09/27/2018, 01:05:23 PM

Wow--this is beautiful. Love the pop up feature.

Sandy Artman:
09/27/2018, 01:08:25 PM

The pumpkin die cut on the cover is really cute and striking against all the color. Your pop-up card is totally delightful! Thank you.

Sharon gullikson:
09/27/2018, 03:21:24 PM

Love the pop up uspect. So cute

09/27/2018, 03:58:24 PM

Yulia, love the G45 Seasons collection card. The pumpkin wreath is cute too.

Mary Jane:
09/27/2018, 04:11:02 PM


Beth M Beery:
09/27/2018, 04:50:30 PM

Beautiful card! Perfect collection for it!!!

09/27/2018, 11:14:10 PM

The papers and layers of this card convey the rich bounty of fall.

Cate Kager:
09/28/2018, 08:07:42 AM

Fall is my favorite season, so this card really tickles my fancy. Adorable!

Priscilla Hughs:
09/28/2018, 08:38:57 AM

This is by far my favorite project that I have seen using the Season’s papers. Must try to move out of my comfort zone too!

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