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A Proper Gentleman: Fall Sneak Peeks

Posted by Graphic 45 10/23/2018 212 Comment(s) Collection Reveal,

Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to Day Two of our Fall 2018 Sneak Peeks!  Today, we get to share our all-time FAVORITE masculine collection, A Proper Gentleman.  This collection is perfect for Father's Day, masculine cards, graduation, and scrapbook mini albums for all the important guys in your life.  To make this unveiling even more exciting we are offering up 12 prize packages this week! So be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below.



We have Twelve $95 Fall Release Prize packages, each prize includes a Princess package and a Proper Gentleman - DCE!  

To enter to win leave a comment on the blog, on Facebook, and/or onInstagram.  

Winners will be announced on the blog Friday, October 26th, 2018.



A Proper Gentleman

A masculine collection combining dapper plaids, old pocket watches, traditional stripes, and classically dressed gents provide the perfect paper collection for those projects for any specials guys in your life.


A Proper Gentleman - Deluxe Collector's Edition

12 in x 12 in Papercrafting Set


  • 2 each of twelve double-sided 12 x 12-Inch papers (24 total)

  • 27 die-cut chipboard embellishments

  • Cover weight stickers on a 12 x 12-Inch sheet

  • Made in the USA - acid and lignin free



12”x 12” Cover-weight Stickers




What a debonaire and handsome collection!  We can't wait to see what you create with this new Deluxe Collector's Edition, be sure to share your ideas below.  Thank you for joining us for our Fall Sneak Peeks.  Have a wonderful day, and as always... 


Happy Papercrafting!

212 Comment(s)

Sharon Gullikson:
10/23/2018, 10:04:15 AM

What wonderful papers--I especially like the antique cars. These papers are just perfect for making guy cards, and albums with guy pictures in them. Your customers must be so happy that you are bringing this collection back, because we have a hard time with guy themes!

10/23/2018, 10:09:48 AM

Absolutely love your paper and can’t wait to get the new collections!

Eleanor Williams:
10/23/2018, 10:10:00 AM

What a wonderful collection & prize package. Your papers are always a must have. Great for cards, home decor projects, ornaments, scrapbook pages, & a host of other projects. Thank you for the chance to win.

Mary Holshouser:
10/23/2018, 10:10:42 AM

Gentlemen have fallen by the wayside. Those were an elegant time, things were less frantic and crazy. Good to remember those day. The paper is wonderful. thanks for sharing txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

Ageeth westenbrink:
10/23/2018, 10:17:39 AM

What a wonderful paper collection. I love Graphic 45. Always beautifull colors and patterns. When I see a new paperpad I just want to have it.

10/23/2018, 10:18:02 AM

I'm so excited you brought back this collection! I love it!

Judith burkhard:
10/23/2018, 10:19:07 AM

Love “a proper gentleman”.

Vanessa LeClear:
10/23/2018, 10:19:31 AM

This is a wonderful masculine collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

Paula R:
10/23/2018, 10:20:58 AM

Really great to have something elegant for men. Looking forward to to your projects using this collection. Thanks.

Brian Poteraj:
10/23/2018, 10:24:06 AM

Classic and classy. I'm thinking that they would make some nice Christmas gifts, like ornaments, tags, and maybe a watch case.

10/23/2018, 10:25:37 AM

Oh wow. I'm the only woman in the family so this would definitely be appropriate.

Dawn C.:
10/23/2018, 10:28:42 AM

Wow, I love this DCE for masculine projects. So excited to see this released!

Amy Green:
10/23/2018, 10:34:51 AM

I would be so excited to win this prize package! I don't have many masculine papers so this would be a great addition, plus I adore the new Princess collection from looking at the sneak peeks!

Cathy Frailey:
10/23/2018, 10:39:02 AM,

This is it - I'm in heaven! I've waited and asked and suggested that this collection make a comeback! It is my all-time favorite! I'm going to get everything this time so I don't miss it. But winning an initial bundle would also be welcome

Micki Hildebrandt:
10/23/2018, 10:40:17 AM

Love the Proper Gentleman paper collection. I would definitely use this in my Heritage scrapbooks! Thank you!

Rosann Banres:
10/23/2018, 10:42:24 AM

I'm IN LOVE all over again Welcome BACK Proper Gentleman ... come to MaMa ... I've been waiting for your return!!! Love, LOVE,LOVE A Proper Gentleman Collectors Edition!!

Sara Barron:
10/23/2018, 10:46:18 AM

I can't wait for this DCE to be out!. Love the images; especially the antique cars. Perfect to create a mini-album for my dad.

Gayle M Hocking:
10/23/2018, 10:47:21 AM

This collection is a new one to me....and I think it is simply awesome. Something for the gentlemen in our lives! Thank you Graphic 45!

Deeann Siler:
10/23/2018, 10:49:05 AM

This collection was originally released before I started crafting with G 45. I can’t wait to start making amazing cards with it!

Vicki B.:
10/23/2018, 10:54:01 AM

This collection is fabulous! I was hoping you would bring it back. Can't wait to create with it!

10/23/2018, 10:54:20 AM

Love this collection - desperately needed for the males in our lives

Janet Kidd:
10/23/2018, 10:55:50 AM

CAN NOT WAIT to do a scrapbook page with the pocket watches. And a photo of an ancestor who is wearing one. The entire collection is gorgeous!!

Diana Dillon:
10/23/2018, 11:00:21 AM

This is the perfect guy collection, the colors, pocket watches, cars, golf and so much more. If I am fortunate to win it will be my first guy collection. looking forward to it.

10/23/2018, 11:00:22 AM

Yes! How long have I been waiting for this! It's the most inspiring collection!!!

Janice Adams:
10/23/2018, 11:03:11 AM

Love this it's always so hard to do things for the guys this collection us perfect !!!

Ekaterina Timerbaeva:
10/23/2018, 11:10:41 AM

You create wonderful collections, for the most important people in our live! Thank you ! Now I know what to order for Christmas!

Sandra Rice:
10/23/2018, 11:11:03 AM

This collection makes masculine projects a no brainer! No matter what you create, using this collection makes it perfectly masculine!

Susie Doucet:
10/23/2018, 11:12:31 AM

Love it!

Regina Harrison:
10/23/2018, 11:17:03 AM

This is a nice collection. I really love the B sides and the page that has all the cars. Glad to see its return.

10/23/2018, 11:22:05 AM

So love this collection. Winning would be so fabulous ❤❤❤

Sarah Routledge:
10/23/2018, 11:22:38 AM

SO, SO Happy to see A Proper Gentleman DCE! Love this masculine collection!

henneke scholma:
10/23/2018, 11:24:58 AM

a proper gentleman, wow its a lovely collection. its so difficult to make some cards or books for men, so its very welcome in my house :)

Linda six:
10/23/2018, 11:31:06 AM

Nice collection Love graphic 45

10/23/2018, 11:31:38 AM

How wonderful to have something for the men in our life - fabulous! Thank you G45.

Barbara M:
10/23/2018, 12:05:45 PM

This a great collection to have...I am so happy to see a come back. Mine older set is now gone and was the go to paper for all men stuff to get started. Going to buy this for sure if I don’t win any!

10/23/2018, 12:07:33 PM

Such a great masculine collection! I especially love the pocket watches page; these could be fussy cut and used in so many projects! Thanks for bringing it back!

Tristan Robin Blakeman:
10/23/2018, 12:07:56 PM,

I'm so glad this is being re-released! I ran out of this collection way too soon ... it was one of my favorites and I didn't buy enough of it! Now I can stock up!

Catherine Skrehot:
10/23/2018, 12:11:39 PM

This set makes up for the "always hard to find" masculine papers. This will make some awesome "manly" albums! Thanks for a chance to win!

Sandra Zeigler:
10/23/2018, 12:14:37 PM

Must have collection! This will make an awesome mini album for a guy.

Julie Ann MacLean:
10/23/2018, 12:16:49 PM

Looks like a great package of masculine designs.

Cheryl Wells:
10/23/2018, 12:17:31 PM

Very nice collection for men's cards/mini-albums - love the colors!

Linda K Fowler Johnston:
10/23/2018, 12:17:54 PM

What a great collection. I kept thinking each page was the best but no way now to pick a favorite.

Deborah Cook:
10/23/2018, 12:21:07 PM

Thank goodness yall brought back "Proper Gentleman". I bought a few pieces off ebay years ago, and the prize was crazy. So happy to know that I can now get the whole collection. Thank you, Thank you. Also, I adore Kathy's Flutter project, she is so fantastic !

Mary Jane:
10/23/2018, 12:22:21 PM

Love it !! Want it !! Need it !!

10/23/2018, 12:22:43 PM

So excited for both collections - perfect for making memory albums for my daughter and sons!!They’ll be thrilled to bits and I’ll get crafty kick too!!

Rocio Romero:
10/23/2018, 12:24:37 PM

Magnificos haber si tengo suerte

10/23/2018, 12:27:43 PM

This is my favorite collection to date. Perfect for all the gentlemen in my family. I think I will need two of these. The only thing that saddens me is I can’t get it in a 8x8 pad too.

10/23/2018, 12:29:34 PM

Love the colors and pocket watch page. Can't wait to design with this collection.

Cindi Leamy:
10/23/2018, 12:31:57 PM,

Such a fabulous masculine paper line! Love, love, love!!

Susan Hirsch:
10/23/2018, 12:32:07 PM

I struggle when it comes to crafting something masculine with paper. This collection makes it easy though. Glad to see it return!

10/23/2018, 12:32:15 PM

What great papers for men themes. The best I've ever seen!

Elizabeth Day:
10/23/2018, 12:32:43 PM

Another 45 collection I've fallen for at first site! Love the old cars. . . and the blueprints. . . .and the plaids. . .

Janice Ochs:
10/23/2018, 12:33:39 PM

The Proper Gentleman Collection would make my father the perfect mini album for his 86th birthday. He is one of the few men I know that still believes in wearing suits to church and all semi-formal/formal occasions.

Diana Bailes:
10/23/2018, 12:33:43 PM

My man card dilemma fixed!! So beautiful I cant wait!!

Ingela O.:
10/23/2018, 12:33:56 PM

So nice papers, I didn´t know a masculine collection could be so nice!! Some of the papers look like my grandpa´s ties… That´s really fun! :-)

Diane Howard:
10/23/2018, 12:34:41 PM

Love this collection can’t wait to get it.

Jan D., FL:
10/23/2018, 12:37:17 PM

I can never have too help with guy cards and these papers could certainly give me a head start. Amazing designs and colors.

10/23/2018, 12:41:14 PM

A classic collection for the men in our life.

kathleen doyle:
10/23/2018, 12:44:59 PM

What a great collection for a male biography. like dad!!!!

Alexaendrai Boone:
10/23/2018, 12:45:02 PM

This is one of those collections I've been acquiring painstakingly sheet by sheet, hoping to get enough to really work with. I'm delighted with this DCE! Thank you so so much!

Winnifred Hebb:
10/23/2018, 12:45:46 PM

Another great and beautiful paper. Perfect not only for cards for the men in my family but also for the male street population that I make cards.

Dee S.:
10/23/2018, 12:46:48 PM

Just love these Proper Gentleman papers, so great for guy cards!

Sue D:
10/23/2018, 12:48:33 PM

Love this for masculine cards.

Judith Read:
10/23/2018, 12:50:45 PM

What a fabulous collection, beautiful vibrant colours and fantastic pictures ideal for scrapbooking cardmaking or doing an album for that special man in your life

Sonia da Silva:
10/23/2018, 12:52:11 PM

Absolutely stunning I just can't wait to play with this collection.

Christine Abele:
10/23/2018, 12:53:20 PM

This beautiful paper originally came out before I was a G45 fanatic. Am thrilled to have the opportunity to add this to my collection.

Susanna Sievinen:
10/23/2018, 12:56:31 PM

Oh, I love this collection, I have few page from original release, but I absolutely want this collection❤️

10/23/2018, 01:02:41 PM

i am very happy you are bringing the gentlemen paper back, i have been waiting and hoping. thank you for a chance to win.

Peggy Joyce:
10/23/2018, 01:02:59 PM,

Looks similar to a previous "gentleman's" edition but I like the updates although I must admit given the prevailing cultural climate it seems a bit tone deaf.

Patty Blank:
10/23/2018, 01:03:39 PM

I am soooo excited. I've been hoping and dreaming of this Proper Gentleman collection to come back for a long time. Wonderful graphics and colors- paisley, herringbone, plaids. This will coordinate nicely with some of the other collections.

Martha Russell:
10/23/2018, 01:04:34 PM

Such a great collection for the guys in our lives. This will be great for cards and scrapbooking, and bridge the gap for all of the Gentlemen we will be making projects for.

Karen Worley:
10/23/2018, 01:09:43 PM

I’m loving the new collections. When will they be available in Australia

Nancy Probst:
10/23/2018, 01:20:54 PM

Oh my goodness! I cannot wait for this release. I can see my heritage family photos as well as the newest generation of guys in our family on these pages. So exciting. Love G45!

Bev Drake:
10/23/2018, 01:27:36 PM

The Proper Gentleman collection is from a different era but perfect for making my first ever album for my son. He was delighted with the result & so was I. G45 papers are fantastic & just love them.

Heather Cutting-Rayl:
10/23/2018, 01:28:30 PM

Wonderful masculine collection! I love the colors!

Ginger C.:
10/23/2018, 01:31:36 PM

This has been my favorite paper collection of all time!! It was also the design I used to make my husband's album to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. The papers are so amazing and I hated to cut them up...I am so excited you are bringing the collection back@ Hooray for Graphic 45!!!!!

Judy M Webb:
10/23/2018, 01:33:40 PM

This is my second time around with Proper Gentleman. Made a heirloom album for husband, his life and career. This time I will be making keepsake boxes for the males in my family...8 boxes. Waiting on its release!!

Sue MacFall:
10/23/2018, 01:36:51 PM

I missed this first time around - thank you for reissuing it as I love the look of it.

Dianne Hart:
10/23/2018, 01:43:12 PM

I really love the Proper Gentleman ❣️❣️❣️ There's not a lot out there for men

10/23/2018, 01:47:30 PM

Both collections are beautiful!! Would love to win! That would really be exciting to get both! What a grand prize !!

Mendy Bowman:
10/23/2018, 01:52:07 PM

I’m so excited to see a paper collection to craft with for my husband and two boys!

Carla Diaz:
10/23/2018, 01:53:38 PM,

Awesome collection...I want to do an album for my son....Love it!!!!

Jean marmo:
10/23/2018, 01:56:26 PM

Such a wonderful collection. Perfect colors!!

10/23/2018, 01:59:03 PM

Love this paper. I still have some from the first release-happy to be able to replenish my stash.

10/23/2018, 01:59:46 PM

Wow, this is really an awesome collection for the guys! I love the 'newspaper' prints; I love any type of a script as a background. The car page is pretty cool, too.

10/23/2018, 02:06:51 PM

lovely collection, colors are vibrant and the car page is awesome.

Jackie Peduzzi:
10/23/2018, 02:15:07 PM

What a wonderful masculine collection!! I can’t wait to get this!

Rachel Jolley:
10/23/2018, 02:17:04 PM

Oh you’ve just gone and done it again!! Every single collection you bring out is stunning, and this, for the chaps, is magnificent! I really do, like many other crafters, struggle with masculine cards, but now it will be a breeze with this collection! Thank you!

Kathy Brown:
10/23/2018, 02:20:35 PM

My fiancé has an antique car and we go to all these car shows, how awesome would this paper be with 12 x 12 pages and mini albums!!! Thanks for the chance to win....I love all things Graphic 45!!!!!

Jill McAuley:
10/23/2018, 02:21:12 PM

This collection has some of the best patterns for B sides...classic menswear that work great for any occasion...they remind me of my Dad's ties and pocket squares...I love the black paisley for weddings -- even Halloween (for 2019) glad to have this as the next DCE.

Jeane A:
10/23/2018, 02:29:45 PM

Oh, such beautiful paper - my father would have lived a card made from this collection! Thank you Graphic 45 for another winner!!

10/23/2018, 02:31:13 PM

So glad to see this paper coming back,I've been holding a few sheets from when it was out. Thank you

Vicky Ru:
10/23/2018, 02:32:50 PM, Scrapbook by Vicky

Yes, A Proper Gentleman is my all-time favorite masculine collection!!! I was expecting this return

Michele knibbs:
10/23/2018, 02:36:29 PM

I would love to win, amazing designs , amazing to have in your hand

Amy Wiegrefe:
10/23/2018, 02:43:04 PM

Love this paper - and I don't think you need to wait until Father's Day to use it, either! Perfect for vintage photos, or to compliment other papers with....I love the travel cards! Great colors!

Heather Dreith:
10/23/2018, 02:56:10 PM

This is a must have masculine collection! I would love to win it. The vintage images are awesome and the colors are perfect.

Jo Smith:
10/23/2018, 02:58:56 PM

What a wow collection. Can hardly wait to ge my hands on it. I have 2 cousins that fit this paper to a tee.

Ellen Haydon:
10/23/2018, 03:00:08 PM

My husband love all the Thank You cards I send out for his business. Every man that gets them one usually calls me up to tell me how much they enjoy getting them. I am almost out of every page and scraps. Thank you for the Collection so I can make more and get more nice calls. Ellen In Phoenix

Barbara Daws:
10/23/2018, 03:01:46 PM

So glad G45 brought back this collection. Missed it the first time, but will definitely purchase it this time. Thanks G45 for giving us such beautiful paper.

Dana W:
10/23/2018, 03:03:10 PM

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for bringing this line back! Have loved this paper since it came out the first time!

Mary Morel:
10/23/2018, 03:04:00 PM

I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for you to re-release this Collection. I have a lot of brothers, in-laws and nephews and have always wanted to use this collection for cards for them. Thank you!

10/23/2018, 03:12:03 PM

What a fantastic collection for the men in our lives! Such a vibrant set

10/23/2018, 03:12:06 PM

What a fantastic collection for the men in our lives! Such a vibrant set

L Waters:
10/23/2018, 03:15:05 PM

love the proper gentleman paper -- that's a must have for all the men in our life. thanks for the re-release

Katherine Buchanan:
10/23/2018, 03:15:17 PM

Very nice!! I have 4 adult sons and always struggle with ideas and paper for them... thanks!

10/23/2018, 03:17:40 PM,

I absolutely love your papers!

Debra Stewart:
10/23/2018, 03:18:47 PM

I love the proper gentleman paper. It's so hard to find masculine paper.

Lynn Allen:
10/23/2018, 03:24:55 PM

Graphic 45 does it again!! Awesome collection for men. I always have a hard time finding supplies that are taylored for men. This is perfect!!

Barbara G.:
10/23/2018, 03:28:42 PM

Thank you for bringing this wonderful masculine collection back. It is the best collection for men I have seen & I would really love to win this.

Shannon Dario:
10/23/2018, 03:29:08 PM

I have the blue print paper. Would love to have more or the collection. Hint Hint. The ideas of what to make for my husband are starting to materialize. He does CAD drawings, so I saved it to make something for him.

Deb ONeill:
10/23/2018, 03:39:18 PM

I had forgotten how much I like this collection!! Thx for refreshing my memory and after Christmas, I'll have time to do another album. Yeah. One for the boys.

Jan Ross:
10/23/2018, 03:44:00 PM

Just when you think that Graphic 45 couldn't possibly come out with another creative design idea, they one up themselves again. This gentleman paper is gorgeous and "so" my husband. Thanks to Graphic 45 for always excelling!

Tracy Strahle:
10/23/2018, 03:47:23 PM

I love the vintage look to the A Proper Gentleman paper collection which the uses for masculine ideas won't stop! G45 does it again giving us an excellent paper pack seek peek for fall.

Jean Washburn:
10/23/2018, 03:49:16 PM

love the colors and graphics in this collection.

Mathilde S:
10/23/2018, 03:54:52 PM

I’m thrilled that this collection is back.It first came out before my crafting debut.I was so hoping G45 would bring it back.I can’t wait to get my hands on this incredible paper.It is an absolute must have.Thanks for giving us a chance to win it!!

Martie Rollin:
10/23/2018, 03:55:23 PM

I am so happy to see the return of "A Proper Gentleman!" This is the first G45 collection I ever purchased. I have been so happy with all the cards I have made! I'm so looking forward to stickers and chipboard! Thanks for this most generous prize offering!

Julie Draewell:
10/23/2018, 03:59:19 PM

Wow I can't wait to start those manly albums and cards thank you for the opportunity to win

Rebecca Nicklin:
10/23/2018, 04:04:54 PM

This paper is amazingly beautiful. Will use it to make an album celebrating my father's life....even though he wasn't a "proper" gentleman!

Heather Park:
10/23/2018, 04:11:05 PM

This is my first time even looking at these designs, I never thought about this collection before, but Its very stylish, classic and of course perfect for those projects for the gentleman. Love this re release.

Dorris Cee:
10/23/2018, 04:19:27 PM

Wow! I love the plaids, stripes,and argyles as much as I do the images! Will most likely purchase 2 sets.

Murielle Cabana:
10/23/2018, 04:20:28 PM

Hello, this Is a great collection I was dreaming about. I was waiting for so long to have this collection. I hope to win this collection, I will be so happe. Thanks to You.

marilyn thomas:
10/23/2018, 04:27:31 PM

I love love love this paper line I missed it the first time around but not this time. G45 I the best paper line around I hope I win but if not I will be buying both sets.

Barbara Millar:
10/23/2018, 04:42:05 PM

Beautiful collection To make a mini album for the men in my family..a must have it collection

10/23/2018, 04:42:44 PM

You really caught the gentleman of days gone by. Super set for the guys!

Joanne Saurette:
10/23/2018, 04:49:29 PM

This is one collection I have never seen but how amazing to have a masculine themed collection!!

10/23/2018, 04:52:49 PM

I love that you've brought back the Proper Gentleman collection. It is so hard to find good male themed papers.

10/23/2018, 04:57:27 PM

Like many others, we are all trying to find masculine themed paper that can be made for all the special males in our lives. I think this paper collection is very classy and could be made into many wonderful projects so I will keep my fingers crossed.

10/23/2018, 05:03:29 PM

This is the first time I’ve seen Proper Gentleman Collection and WOW

Marie Powers:
10/23/2018, 05:07:47 PM

This is a handsome collection of masculine papers. Perfect for all of those cards for the men in our lives!

Anne McIntosh:
10/23/2018, 05:13:38 PM

And yet another winning paper collection. This is perfectly masculine and I can see it in cards and minis for the men in my family or acquaintances! Nothing frou-frou here...strictly tailored! Thanks again!

Pam Nutting:
10/23/2018, 05:25:15 PM

One of my all time favorite collections! Just in time because I only have a few scraps left that I've been hoarding.

Sylvia Rivera:
10/23/2018, 05:28:06 PM

Wonderful collection for those hard to make masculine cards!

Vickie O'Dell:
10/23/2018, 05:36:49 PM

Most paper from most companies is feminine. I'm thrilled to see this masculine paper and look forward to using it to make creations for my husband, son, two son-in-laws, and five grandsons!

Alexis Sharif:
10/23/2018, 06:17:58 PM

Love this masculine collection. I had bits and pieces of this collection but getting the whole set of A Proper Gentleman would be awesome!

Georgia Zatto:
10/23/2018, 06:35:32 PM

This paper is gorgeous!!! Just so stylish, gentlemanly, and timeless. Great job Graphic 45!!

Susan Ashby:
10/23/2018, 06:46:01 PM

The Gentleman paper is wonderful. I’m always looking for paper for cards for men! Thank you for this special paper.

10/23/2018, 07:04:03 PM

Wow,love the deep,rich colors for this masculine collection. I never saw it the first time, but would love to win it this time around!!! It's a nice change from sport collection's for masculine pages.

Deborah Cox:
10/23/2018, 07:26:30 PM

Debonaire and handsome is right on the money! So glad to see the return of this collection.

Ginger Houghton:
10/23/2018, 07:34:54 PM

Beautiful beautiful papers...I have purchased and admired your collections through the years. Thanks so much for continuing to bless us with these gorgeous papers and accessories.

Vicki Brummond:
10/23/2018, 07:36:48 PM

Totally groovy! Love it.

Carrie Zimmerman:
10/23/2018, 07:42:13 PM

Such a manly collection. Wonderful to see it back...,

Frances Diggle:
10/23/2018, 07:46:30 PM

Wonderfully rich colours and the patterns are so evocative of the era. I really love the timepieces and cars and can see those making fabulous cards and pages.

Diane Fountain:
10/23/2018, 08:15:44 PM

Wow! Nice for our men out there. Graduation photos! Great job G45!!

Joyce G.:
10/23/2018, 08:21:28 PM

Perfect papers for all our guy cards, just love the colors and the patterns. Thank you Graphic 45 for doing this collection!

Wanda Ferrer:
10/23/2018, 08:26:13 PM

I’m in love with the collection! It’s very handsome perfect for my husband and for me! Yes, I’m very familiar with Bond Street, Wall Street and the Exchange as a New Yorker. I love the patterns and the architectural details of it. I could make so many anniversary cards for my husband and friends.

Linda Imler:
10/23/2018, 08:49:34 PM

Can not wait to get A Proper Gentleman. Will make great Christmas gifts.

Jan G.:
10/23/2018, 08:51:36 PM

Both collections look great and I can't wait for them to be released.

Schelie Hoynes:
10/23/2018, 08:52:30 PM

My prayers have been answered! I love this line. I have wanted it for years. I can see my life savings disappearing before my eyes once this is released... :)

D.Ann C:
10/23/2018, 09:06:20 PM,

Akkk!!! I NEED the car page!!!

Becky Jo Cannon:
10/23/2018, 09:10:22 PM

Oh WOW! This collection is Regal, Fun, Unique & so needed. And you added the NY stock exchange, so cool! I absolutely love this.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Fantastic masculine collection! Love it!

10/23/2018, 09:16:06 PM

I'm a beginner scrapbooker from Russia. I have never seen this collection. A proper gentltman collection is amazing! So much can be made of it! I love Graphic45!

Pirjo Callies:
10/23/2018, 10:27:35 PM

Love the colors and theme in this A proper Gentleman collection. This is what I need. Thank you Graphic 45 for thinging of our getlemen too.

pat powell:
10/23/2018, 10:30:41 PM

i cant beleive what yall can do with paper. if i can figure out where to start i am going to make something. i love it all! glad to have found this site!

pat powell:
10/23/2018, 10:30:42 PM

i cant beleive what yall can do with paper. if i can figure out where to start i am going to make something. i love it all! glad to have found this site!

Samantha Booth:
10/23/2018, 10:40:08 PM

I adore this collection and I missed it the first time it was released. Thanks you so much for the opportunity to win!!

Glenda Buster:
10/23/2018, 10:54:58 PM

Thank you for A Proper Gentleman DCE! It can be so frustrating trying to find cool, masculine paper.

10/23/2018, 10:58:26 PM

I love this G45 Collection. I never saw this before but love it now that I have seen it. I would love to win. This would be my first ever guy album to date. Thank you for the chance to possibly win it. Love graphic 45 and Prima anything.

Maryann Laursen:
10/23/2018, 11:59:39 PM,

QOUQ these papers are simply amazing. Even my husbond here says these are some of the best, he´s ever seen made for men. Can´t wait to "watch" these with my hands, that´s for sure, they´re absolut outstanding and can be used for absolut anything, I can think of.

10/24/2018, 12:04:25 AM

Lordy, the men are handsome and the vehicles fabulous❣️ A TITANIC collection❣️

Lynda Woerner:
10/24/2018, 12:19:59 AM

What a nice change of pace. Looking forward to using these papers as well.

Cindy Holmes:
10/24/2018, 01:33:08 AM

Fantastic collection for men! Right now I do not have anything for men to use for making cards with! This would truly be a fun set to work with to create some really spectacular men's cards! thank you so much for the chance!

Judy Phillips:
10/24/2018, 01:57:53 AM

Oh my - you've done it again! I absolutely love this collection!! I am so glad I was introduced to Graphic 45 a couple of years ago. Thank you so much for sharing your great talents with us!

Graziella BRANDO:
10/24/2018, 02:09:33 AM,

Une collection Graphic 45 est toujours un événement que j'attends. Tout y est présent:un graphisme sublime,des couleurs dîtes"vintages et rustiques à la fois",une collection de voitures étonnante.Par expérience les hommes qui viennent voir mes expositions sont sensibles à la présence du monde automobile.Belle réussite!Bravo!

10/24/2018, 02:41:25 AM

Love the vintage feel of this kit! Great for Guy Cards, and other projects. Great kit!

Debbie Siddle:
10/24/2018, 03:11:58 AM

Woohoo, great stuff. Divinely dashing xxx

Bambi Sherwell:
10/24/2018, 04:04:51 AM

I loooove this! Would love to have both collections!

Asiel Kabdenova:
10/24/2018, 04:46:39 AM

Wow! Love G45!

Suzy Q:
10/24/2018, 06:30:25 AM

Oh WOW! So luv, luv, luv these vintage looking papers! Graphic 45've done it again! These are just AWESOME!

Jan Kennedy:
10/24/2018, 07:18:17 AM

These pages will be great for projects for my husband, sons, grandson - and possibly others! I look forward to instructions for cards, etc.... Thank you!

Dorothy McCarthy:
10/24/2018, 07:21:30 AM,

Such goodness!!!

Donna Leutloff:
10/24/2018, 07:34:10 AM

So glad to see this collection re-released! Still waiting for Nutcracker Sweet!

Susie Fisher:
10/24/2018, 08:14:43 AM

So happy to see you brought this collection back.....I missed it the first time.....picked up bits and pieces of it, but am excited to be able to get the entire collection.

Cindy Morris:
10/24/2018, 08:25:12 AM,
Reply happy this collection is coming back!

Claire Bowers:
10/24/2018, 08:25:12 AM,

So glad A Proper Gentleman is being re-released! I think this came out originally when I was first getting into paper crafting so I missed it. Love all things G45!

Joya Bohman:
10/24/2018, 08:47:16 AM

Love this gorgeous paper line. Such rich colors, great masculine collection!! Can’t wait to get some!

Robbie Cornell:
10/24/2018, 09:30:37 AM

Oh, the patterns are amazing. This paper makes me think of all the wonderful men that have been a part of my life from my great-grandfathers to my grandson.

Cameron S:
10/24/2018, 09:46:14 AM

Very happy that the Proper Gentleman will be available again!

10/24/2018, 09:49:59 AM

Can't wait to get this!

Carmen Perez Delgado:
10/24/2018, 10:56:30 AM

So excited for this collection, really an elegant paper for men. Can’t wait to start working with it.

Suzi Hodgins:
10/24/2018, 11:20:08 AM

Love this collection. So great for those guy cards that are hard to find papers to work with. Also great for a mini album I am designing for my bro for Christmas. Perfect! Can't wait to start!

Kate LeBlanc:
10/24/2018, 12:12:32 PM

I love this collection!! The different elements make the possibilities endless. Love it!!

10/24/2018, 12:18:42 PM

FINALLY, some masculine papers to work with. These will finish up really nice for cards or a keepsake box for the dresser.

donna noble:
10/24/2018, 12:54:02 PM

Such unique paper and a wonderful prize collection.

10/24/2018, 01:53:37 PM

Oh my gosh! I have so many ideas for paper already! Perfect for some of my guy projects!!

Diana Dillon:
10/24/2018, 02:40:02 PM

Just stunning. never mind guy collection I love these papers for myself, so if not the A side then the B side will do. I posted twice here, I just want to win so the more entries the better.

She Fowl:
10/24/2018, 03:17:06 PM

Love this paper collection!

Tiffany Brummitt:
10/24/2018, 04:27:31 PM

I love the striped paper. It looks like a man’s tie. I can’t wait to make my husband something with this collection. Way to go Graphic 45. Another great collection.

Sabrina Gow:
10/24/2018, 05:47:07 PM

Wow! Missed A Proper Gentleman the 1st time around!Love it!Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Sally Royal:
10/24/2018, 06:13:18 PM

I would love to win this collection. I can envision using the papers in all kinds of cards and mini books. Great colors and patterns

Amalia Meza:
10/24/2018, 06:25:08 PM

Love this paper cant wait

Sandy Artman:
10/24/2018, 06:28:02 PM

This will make creating guy-cards a whole lot easier! Very classy.

Mary Nagy:
10/24/2018, 08:08:38 PM

I am so happy that this collection is coming back. I have so many men in my family that I make cards for. So glad that I was introduced to Graphic 45 a few years ago. Colors and designs are beautiful !

Beth M Beery:
10/24/2018, 08:47:01 PM

Classic, handsome, perfect!!!!

kathleen roush:
10/24/2018, 09:06:11 PM

Love these collections!

10/24/2018, 11:46:07 PM

Love this collection! Especially the “blueprint” of the NY stock exchange & the pocket watches.

Arianna Barbara:
10/25/2018, 03:51:18 AM

Awesome release!!! Love it!!!

Pam Montri:
10/25/2018, 05:56:52 AM

Glad to see this collection again! I only have a few scraps left from the original! I have been hoarding them! Now a chance to restock! Thank you G45!

Felicity K:
10/25/2018, 06:51:15 AM

Grapgic 45 is amazing!

Bettina Kreuer:
10/25/2018, 06:59:37 AM

Finally this collection is back. Thank you!

Debbie Siddle:
10/25/2018, 07:33:51 AM

Yay! Fantastic vintage motifs and great colours for men xxx

Margaret D:
10/25/2018, 08:57:48 AM

I love this G45 collection and the "gentlemen" that I can create a scrapbook about. Sometimes it's really hard to find a masculine collection, but I love the colors and images in this collection, especially the pocket watches!

Roisin Doyle:
10/25/2018, 01:07:19 PM

This is one of the first Graphic 45 collections I ever saw! Great to see it back

Kathy Pinker:
10/25/2018, 02:50:27 PM

Absolutely love, love, love this collection. I love seeing product designed for the "Gentlemen".

tina z:
10/25/2018, 06:00:38 PM,

fantastic collection!

Pat Ford:
10/25/2018, 06:30:21 PM

I am really excited about A Proper Gentleman collection as I enjoy making albums and cards and need papers for the men in my life!

Beth M Beery:
10/25/2018, 09:08:50 PM

That green argyle paper is everything!!!

Carla Hundley:
10/25/2018, 10:59:30 PM

Looks amazing and love the outlook at life for this time. Carla from Utah

Laurie Bradshaw:
10/25/2018, 11:08:17 PM

Can't wait to use this awesome collection. It is perfect for those hard to make male cards!

Teresa Trump:
10/29/2018, 01:18:05 PM

What a wonderful collection. Some great things, including cards could be made with this collection for the men in your life, whether personal, family or co-workers.

Mary Tatman:
10/29/2018, 04:58:34 PM

I know I'm too late for the contest, but I read someone's comment on a YouTube video about the Proper Gentlemen Collection being re-released and I had to run over to your blog to see if it was true! I'm so happy that it is back! This was always my go to collection for male cards, LO, etc. I think I've bought up every scrap I could find on this side of eastern hemisphere! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....For bringing this back. I requested it many times and you listened. All your papers are wonderful...But this one is a staple in every Graphic 45 Collection! Now if you'll bring back the "Magic of Oz" Collection....I would be so happy that I couldn't stand myself!Love & Blessings to you all....Mary

Mary Ragland:
09/26/2019, 02:38:26 PM

What a wonderful collection of Gentlemen papers - especially love the golfer! Looking forward to making an album using this collection.

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