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Frame your Projects with G45 Papers & Contest Announced

Posted by Graphic 45 02/19/2019 190 Comment(s) Mini Albums,

Hello, G45ers!

 Today we have a fabulous folio to share with you by Kathy Clement, featuring our A Proper Gentleman - Deluxe Collector’s Edition.  Kathy shares a useful tip helping us to create a focal point and use G45 papers to their full potential.  But first, we have our Weekly Contest to announce!  



Weekly Blog Contest


Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! Each comment from Monday to Thursday at 11:59 pm PST will count as an entry.


This week’s prize package is a Love Notes Package, a $67+ value.  The winner will be announced on the blog Friday, February 22nd, 2019.  



Graphic 45 A Proper Gentleman Card Folio by Kathy Clement for The Funkie Junkie Boutique Photo 02

#G45Tip - Create a Frame for More Dimension

By Kathy Clement


#G45Tip: Fussy cut the clock border and leave the inside edge open.  Tuck the chipboard frame and element behind the open edge. This creates a wonderful feeling of dimension.


See full post here…




Graphic 45 A Proper Gentleman Card Folio by Kathy Clement for The Funkie Junkie Boutique Photo 01



Big thanks for Kathy for sharing this helpful tip, and this handsome folio.  We hope you try out this technique, and when you do, be sure to share your project on our Graphic 45 - Official Community Page.  Be sure to leave your tips and comments below to be entered to win, and as always... 


Happy Papercrafting!

190 Comment(s)

Michele Lewis:
02/19/2019, 11:25:57 AM

That hint of blue really makes this project pop! I love everything Graphic quality hands down.

02/19/2019, 11:32:00 AM

Such a lovely collection. Love anything with music. <3

Elisabeth Thur-Schwarz:
02/19/2019, 11:34:43 AM

Wunderschönes Set. Wie immer bei Graphic45. Die schönsten Papiere die es gibt.

Jean Marmo:
02/19/2019, 11:35:59 AM

This collection is gorgeous and I love how Kathy did this!

02/19/2019, 11:38:12 AM

Love the music

Trudy Migneault:
02/19/2019, 11:38:56 AM

I just love Graphic 45! Just when I think they can't make anything better than what they have done, they do!

02/19/2019, 11:39:41 AM

Gorgeous collection!!

Elizabeth Saavedra:
02/19/2019, 11:39:54 AM, Graphics45

Your products are amazing. Love the love notes pkg

Claudia Hoyl:
02/19/2019, 11:42:10 AM

G45 is by far the most paper of amazing quality. I love all the themes. Amazing. Hugs

Eleanor Williams:
02/19/2019, 11:42:50 AM

Love your paper collections. Each is more beautiful than the previous. Thank you for chance to win.

02/19/2019, 11:46:34 AM

Love Notes. So beautiful. Adding to my wish list. Once I get some other projects finished this will be the next to use.

Kelli green:

What a wonderful idea to fussy cut the fram inside!!! Love this collection! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Kathleen Dillie:
02/19/2019, 11:47:40 AM


Susie Doucet:
02/19/2019, 11:49:44 AM

Would love to win

Sarah Wakeman:
02/19/2019, 11:50:19 AM

I absolutely adore this collection! Especially the album that Ginger Rupp designed❤️ Would LOVE to win and create my own masterpiece. Can’t go wrong with G-45!!

Diana Dillon:
02/19/2019, 11:52:47 AM

This is an amazing project. Thank you Kathy for sharing. Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful Love Notes collection. The talent in my family was a Son who played drums growing up and his two daughters who played Violin and so much more. They have passed on there love of music to my Great-granddaughter who at 9 months old already "dances" to music. This collection would be magnificent to win.

Jeanne Beam:
02/19/2019, 11:52:54 AM

Gorgeous collection! Thanks for a chance to win.

Mary Schwartzlander:
02/19/2019, 11:56:16 AM

Line Graphics 45

Mary Mskinen:
02/19/2019, 11:56:58 AM

Love this collection

Sarah G:
02/19/2019, 11:58:02 AM

Another beautiful collection!! Love it!

Linda Gallacher:
02/19/2019, 11:58:13 AM

Absolutely love this new collection! Music is our life and this has sooo many possibilities! Thanks

Brenda Eastman:
02/19/2019, 11:58:47 AM

Love Graphic 45 paper!

Sherry Zumpano:
02/19/2019, 11:59:06 AM

I love your paper and would love to win the love notes package.

Carole Effting Lohr:
02/19/2019, 12:00:31 PM

What a beautiful design, Kathy! And another great tip for me to try! Thanks for sharing your gift of creativity.

Lori Ott:
02/19/2019, 12:00:41 PM

I would love to win this paper pack..It is so beautiful!

Amy stites:
02/19/2019, 12:01:01 PM

Another must have!

Cheryl Wootton:
02/19/2019, 12:03:25 PM

Love the Proper Gentleman tags shown above .... this is such an awesome masculine collection to use for any age man.

Marnie Witzke:
02/19/2019, 12:04:16 PM

This is my absolute favorite so far <3

Melanie Hermans:
02/19/2019, 12:08:16 PM

Kathy is so talented! She is one of my most favorite papercrafters and a valuable source of inspriration. Thanks Kathy for sharing once again a beautiful project.

Sally Royal:
02/19/2019, 12:11:39 PM

Love Kathy's creation. I don't see how she has the time to make so many cool things. Love the new music paper. I hope I win!!

Janice Adams:
02/19/2019, 12:11:43 PM

GORGEOUS!!!! what awesome collection!!

Sandi B.:
02/19/2019, 12:13:47 PM

This collection is gorgeous. Perfect to use on layouts of my granddaughters and their choir and violin programs at school. Thanks for the chance to win.

Katie Baird:
02/19/2019, 12:14:26 PM

Kathy is so talented, a true gem! I love everything she creates, and this card is no exception. Thanks, G45, for giving us the perfect collection for all of our masculine projects.

Susan Hayton:
02/19/2019, 12:14:39 PM

This is a fabulous collection I do a lot of music projects and would love to win graphic 45 is my favourite range of papers and accessories

02/19/2019, 12:14:50 PM

Love it.

Lois Wegfahrt:
02/19/2019, 12:18:26 PM

I can't wait to get this paper

02/19/2019, 12:18:48 PM

The love notes package is just gorgeous! I would love to use it to create an album in honor of our 10 year Wedding Anniversary this year!

Jan D., FL:
02/19/2019, 12:22:59 PM

What a wonderful prize. Love them. Thanks.

02/19/2019, 12:24:01 PM

Absolutely beautiful collection.

Donna Leutloff:
02/19/2019, 12:27:54 PM

So glad you brought back this timeless men's collection and Kathy you do A-mazing cards! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful new collection!

Regina Harrison:
02/19/2019, 12:27:56 PM

I have had a hard time figuring out what to make with my Proper Gentleman collection. Thank you for the great idea and the use of tags.

Judy seals:
02/19/2019, 12:34:58 PM

Love everything I see with this Company! Learn something new with every visit

Samantha Lolmaugh:
02/19/2019, 12:38:13 PM

This would be great paper for masculine cards!

Terri Wilbanks:
02/19/2019, 12:38:29 PM

Always love G45 designs. Would be thrilled to win!

Jaimi Bailey:
02/19/2019, 12:40:58 PM

Just gorgeous!

Phaline Mays:
02/19/2019, 12:45:37 PM

I love the vintage mixed media pieces! The rose collection is absolutely beautiful.

Bev Drake:
02/19/2019, 12:45:43 PM

Just love what Kathy has done with these great papers. I did an album for my son using this collection & G45 papers are just the best. Thank you for the chance to win the fabulous new Love Notes which is so beautiful.

02/19/2019, 12:47:35 PM

Love the antique pocketwatches. Fantastic collection. thank for sharing txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

Sandra pierce:
02/19/2019, 12:50:04 PM

Beautiful paper

Marie Frederick:
02/19/2019, 12:52:26 PM

What a beautiful collection,so romantic

Sandra Duley:
02/19/2019, 12:53:53 PM

Would love to make a mini with this paper line. So pretty.

Barbara N Leetch:
02/19/2019, 12:56:24 PM

Another fabulous collection! Love all G45!

Terry Fryer:
02/19/2019, 12:57:22 PM

Graphic 45 is my favorite! Love this collection.

Kate LeBlanc:
02/19/2019, 12:59:05 PM

Wow, this is a wonderful day to hang with G45! The folio is fantastic, I love everything about it! The give away this week is awesome!

Jeanne Lake:
02/19/2019, 01:01:23 PM

I fell in love with this paper the first time I set eyes on it.I want it and hope my luck helps me out!

Rata Gerritsen:
02/19/2019, 01:05:05 PM,

I adore this paper! it's stunning, I can imagine the treasures I could make with this <3

Anne Schilling:
02/19/2019, 01:05:11 PM

Kathy always does such an amazing job in the composition of her work. Love this paper and how she coordinated it. Great idea to fussy cut just a section and make the most of that! Love it!

Barbara kendrick:
02/19/2019, 01:07:03 PM

Love this new line

Tanisha Keeling:
02/19/2019, 01:08:59 PM

The Love Notes Collection is Absolutely Beautiful! I Love It!

Jan Ross:
02/19/2019, 01:09:32 PM

I like the idea of placing something within the chipboard cutout - and how cleverly done. Also, love the way you used borders of paper to make it masculine and country gentleman all at once. As customary Kathy another outstanding job!

Paula R:
02/19/2019, 01:09:55 PM

As always Kathy did awesome creativity. Love notes is so gorgeous! It would be so wonderful to have it in my G45 papers collection.

Robin Jonez:
02/19/2019, 01:20:03 PM

This is it gorgeous set. The possibilities are endless.

Martie Rollin:
02/19/2019, 01:25:33 PM

How nice! LOVE NOTES is such a beautiful collection! I'm excited about every element of this collection. Thank you for this most generous opportunity to win pieces of this lovely collection!! Kathy's tips are always welcome in my craft studio!

Kathy Lutter:
02/19/2019, 01:34:41 PM

I love what Kathy did with this collection! It is nice to have a masculine option. The Music Notes collection is amazing!

Rosalie Johnson:
02/19/2019, 01:36:57 PM

Your paper collections are always fabulous! This one (Love Notes) hits it out of the park. Almost too pretty to use!

02/19/2019, 01:39:49 PM

This musician loves the Love Notes collection!

02/19/2019, 01:43:04 PM

This is so beautiful and I am so glad I watched the tutorial to see the entire collection!

02/19/2019, 01:48:49 PM

Graphic 45 is my ‘go to’ when I need scrapbooking supplies . I appreciate the opportunity to focus on the men in my family with the Proper Gentleman collection! That said I made a great album for my husband using Floral Shoppe..... I would be thrilled to win this week’s Blog Contest. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

She Fowl:
02/19/2019, 01:53:28 PM

Kathy, what a great project and love the proper gentleman collection. Also, love the love notes collection.

Gerry Wolfe:
02/19/2019, 01:54:39 PM

Very nice masculine card. I always have trouble creating cards for teen boys & men. I love the Love Notes collection, it’s so beautiful.

02/19/2019, 01:56:53 PM

I love the folio made with “A Proper Gentleman””. I also love the new collection “Love Notes”. My daughter plays the violin

Margaret R:
02/19/2019, 02:17:16 PM

Wonderful card - love all the clocks!

02/19/2019, 02:19:30 PM

Again a beautiful new collection. I love it and hope for some luck this time.

Jan Kolb:
02/19/2019, 02:30:15 PM

Lov Lov Lov this group!

Robbie Cornell:
02/19/2019, 02:32:42 PM

The machine stitching on this beautiful paper takes the masculine feeling up a notch. Great folio!

Lori Ann Carbajal:
02/19/2019, 02:35:22 PM

This collection is just beautiful!

Mary Kay:
02/19/2019, 02:38:25 PM

Beautiful collection. Thank you for the chance to win.

02/19/2019, 02:45:29 PM,

Great ideas, This is one of my favorite set, want to see more masculine theme paper packs.

Rose Brewster:
02/19/2019, 02:49:03 PM

I love all of the G45 paper collections, but this one is fabulous. Love, love, love it.

Judy Hodges:
02/19/2019, 02:56:11 PM

Lovely papers as always. I just love G 45.

Corrine Hall:
02/19/2019, 03:01:39 PM

Oh i love, love notes

Roxy Mink:
02/19/2019, 03:01:42 PM,

I greatly enjoy using Graphic 45 paper in the creation of my greeting cards and other paper creations. Keep up the good work with your beautiful designed papers!

Michele Taylor:
02/19/2019, 03:04:32 PM, Graphic 45

Your papers have such dimensions to them!

Karen S:
02/19/2019, 03:05:06 PM

Love Notes is so beautiful. "My Sister's Scrapper" has made a mini journal that is great. So glad that A Proper Gentleman has been reissued. The colors of the line are fantastic, especially that blue. Wonderful.

Wanda Ferrer:
02/19/2019, 03:08:43 PM

I am loving the projects done with A Proper Gentleman collection. I’m also loving this new collection. LOVE NOTES!

Sandra Rice:
02/19/2019, 03:12:36 PM

Always nice to see Masculine projects...Love this one by Kathy. The Love Notes Collection is gorgeous!

Crystal Goetz:
02/19/2019, 03:19:03 PM

My heart just "sings" when I look at Graphic 45s Love Notes collection.

Jean Rood:
02/19/2019, 03:22:55 PM

I love this collection, especially the music parts. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

Stephanie Cook:
02/19/2019, 03:24:48 PM

I love everything graphic 45, I enjoy all the projects that are showcase to inspire us to create our own unique talents.

Stephanie Cook:
02/19/2019, 03:24:49 PM

I love everything graphic 45, I enjoy all the projects that are showcase to inspire us to create our own unique talents.

Susie Doucet:
02/19/2019, 03:27:50 PM

Beautiful collection

Carmen Gobble:
02/19/2019, 03:30:29 PM

I am super excited about this paper! So romantic!

Diane Fountain:
02/19/2019, 03:35:28 PM

Another beautiful design! Great artwork Kathy!!

Gina Long:
02/19/2019, 03:46:20 PM

Beautiful just like your other papers!!!

Cheryl Miller:
02/19/2019, 03:49:00 PM

Another beautiful collection. I think Love Notes is my favourite so far since I've been crafting with G45. As soon as I saw it I had a project in mind. I've just finished it, match box with an album I made inside. A gift for a friend who plays the cello. Documenting her love of the cello!

Jill McAuley:
02/19/2019, 03:58:28 PM

Thank you Kathy for more inspiration! This collection has such classic menswear patterns for the side B/reverse pages too...

Joanne McDougall:
02/19/2019, 04:00:59 PM

I love all the different collections! I have given up all other designers! I have made so many beautiful things. Looking forward to more collections!!

aristi mourtzaki:
02/19/2019, 04:09:14 PM

amazing collection

Bridgette Gardiner:
02/19/2019, 04:09:59 PM

Would love to win this gorgeous collection. Fingers crossed!

Tina Haas:
02/19/2019, 04:11:38 PM

All the new collections look wonderful and I am excited to get them when they finally arrive in store. Love Notes is just gorgeous - so many projects that I could use it on. Thank you for the chance to go in the Weekly Contest.

Lynn Harrell:
02/19/2019, 04:13:55 PM

This collection is gorgeous. So much you can do with it. Can't wait to see all the wonderful projects everyone is making with all the new collections.

02/19/2019, 04:17:23 PM

Ohhh, I am so addicted to Graphic 45! Luv love notes.

Sharon Gullikson:
02/19/2019, 04:24:39 PM

Such a classic look. I love the flowers and musical instruments. My family is musical...

Brian Poteraj:
02/19/2019, 04:25:14 PM

I like the colors and patterns of this collection. I especially like the instruments

Athena Roberts:
02/19/2019, 04:32:37 PM

For my brothers and nephews scrapbook pages and cards! Simply Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Athena Roberts

Doris Fuhlendorf:
02/19/2019, 04:48:19 PM

As always, what's not to love . ?

Jeanette Y:
02/19/2019, 04:53:47 PM

Gorgeous collection!

Jan G.:
02/19/2019, 05:07:19 PM

This is a great masculine card. I have a hard time coming up with cards for men and boys but will certainly try something like this. Thank you for sharing.

Cathy Osborne:
02/19/2019, 05:10:22 PM

Such a lovely, romantic collection. Love the colors and graphics and have many idea.

Vanessa LeClear:
02/19/2019, 05:12:57 PM

What a gorgeous project!

02/19/2019, 05:14:39 PM,

What a neat project! I hope to win the Love Notes paper, sooo beautiful!

Mary Michaud:
02/19/2019, 05:44:20 PM

Love all the bundles. Just got accepted to the group page and have several thing in mind to make very soon.

Linda Stenzel:
02/19/2019, 05:46:12 PM

Kathy's projects are always awesome - love A Proper Gentleman ! It's the best masculine collection ever! Thank you for the chance to win Love Notes! Graphic 45 is the best!!

Kristina Vazquez:
02/19/2019, 05:48:45 PM

So excited to get my hands on this Love Notes collection.

Deborah Brown:
02/19/2019, 05:51:41 PM

Would love to win! A great collection.

Lynn Milewski:
02/19/2019, 05:52:40 PM

I love Graphic 45! I think the collections are fantastic!!

02/19/2019, 06:19:49 PM

Gorgeous collection!!!

02/19/2019, 06:31:14 PM

Wonderful, wonderful.

Sue D:
02/19/2019, 06:39:05 PM

Fabulous--love all the clocks and thanks for the great tips.

02/19/2019, 07:13:52 PM

great card. appreciate the explanation of all you did.

Susan Ashby:
02/19/2019, 07:28:18 PM

Love the gentlemen paper. There are few papers and ideas for men. I will be ordering this line and excited to make items for the men in my family.

Becky Sibaja:
02/19/2019, 07:33:21 PM

I’ve made very few things with G45, because it is hard to find in my area. I would love to win this prize and do something amazing.

Deeann Siler:
02/19/2019, 07:42:34 PM

The timeless Love Notes

02/19/2019, 07:54:27 PM,

Great set and inspiration.

02/19/2019, 07:57:44 PM

This is a beautiful collection for masculine cards and memory keeping.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Beautiful, and so so cool!

Cindy Holmes:
02/19/2019, 08:58:30 PM

Wow what a gorgeous collection! This would be such an amazing prize collection to win! Thank you so much for the chance!

02/19/2019, 09:22:12 PM

Thanks for sharing another creative and inspiring technique. Will be on my “must try” list! Would ❤️ to win the Love Notes package — another great G45 collection!

Lisa N:
02/19/2019, 09:22:13 PM

The love notes collection is gorgeous!

Beth M Beery:
02/19/2019, 09:39:08 PM

Kathy's projects always amaze!! And I can't get enough of A Proper Gentleman!! Thanks for sharing!!

Yol Aspeytia:
02/19/2019, 09:56:42 PM

Would love to win that Love Notes collection!! So beautiful!

Anne Brown:
02/19/2019, 10:22:03 PM

Fantastic folio project and the helpful hint was truly helpful! I love this collection. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't believe there has ever been a G45 collection I haven't liked. I favor some over others but they are all wonderful!

Holly Hatch:
02/19/2019, 10:44:55 PM

Kathy - That's a beautiful project you created with the new line. G45 - I just love your new lines. I already ordered one set and am waiting to save up enough for the other one. Thank you!

Linda Comfort:
02/19/2019, 10:48:40 PM

I love this collection...I have so many ideas to use this beautiful pretty..and also love all of kathy's projects

Michelle Rautenberg:
02/19/2019, 11:04:19 PM

I love all Graphic 45 papers, but I think this is my favorite so far. I use these paper for photo albums I sell them to help our Relay for Life team, they are always a popular item.

Kitty Tatman:
02/19/2019, 11:05:33 PM

Omg that buckle and fabric at the bottom just makes my heart happy!

02/19/2019, 11:10:01 PM

A wonderful project ans a great source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing !

Jill G:
02/19/2019, 11:39:08 PM

I love this collection! I have recently discovered G45 & I'm so hooked! I would love to win the Love notes collection. Thanks!

Kathryn Jenkins:
02/20/2019, 12:32:29 AM

Tfs the project. I would love to win the G45 paper pack I do not have a lot of G45 paper

Margaret Pender:
02/20/2019, 12:57:52 AM

What a fabulous collection, the colours are beautiful. I would love the opportunity to make a memory book with these papers, thank you so much for the chance to win them!

Margaret A:
02/20/2019, 02:10:42 AM

Hi from across the pond. I'm currently using the Proper Gentleman collection on one of Clare Charvill's (G45 UK Ambassador) projects and am just loving it! As always Kathy's ideas are a great source of inspiration. TFS. Good luck everyone!

Cindy Feagle:
02/20/2019, 02:14:02 AM

This collection evokes memories of falling in love and wanting to put those feelings to paper.

02/20/2019, 02:14:30 AM

Thank you for all the ideas, as a beginner I find all your advice really helpful.

Susie Locicero:
02/20/2019, 04:34:34 AM

Love this package!

Diana S Budney:
02/20/2019, 04:45:01 AM

Love the colors in this collection!! Thanks for opportunity!!!

Jill Marshall:
02/20/2019, 05:13:52 AM

I am new to paper crafting and I recently discovered your magnificent paper collections. I especially like your printed project directions so I can try my hand at creating using these beautiful papers and high quality supplies. Thank you.

Marcia Lynn:
02/20/2019, 05:34:57 AM

Music and roses my two favorites. Looking at the paper makes a beautiful symphony pop into my head.

Dorothy McCarthy:
02/20/2019, 06:15:21 AM,

Wow!! So cool!!!

Debbie Siddle:
02/20/2019, 06:20:10 AM

Love your masculine makes x

Bettina Kreuer:
02/20/2019, 06:25:19 AM

A gorgeous project using a gorgeous collection.

02/20/2019, 06:34:35 AM

Kathy is such an amazing artist! Love everything she does.

Karen Hale:
02/20/2019, 06:42:31 AM

Thanks Kathy for the great tip. G45 makes the most amazing products, each collection is more beautiful than the last. Love each and every one.

Maryann Laursen:
02/20/2019, 07:59:27 AM

I absolutely Love this project and these papers are so gorgeous too. All your designers are amazing and so talented and makes the most amazing projects every time.

Debra Stewart:
02/20/2019, 08:53:01 AM

I am in the process of putting all my family photos into one scrapbook album. The Love Notes would be perfect for the wedding pictures. The designers are so creative and make the most amazing projects.

02/20/2019, 08:57:51 AM

I love everything!!! All the papers are so beautiful

Krista G:
02/20/2019, 09:20:02 AM

I love love love this collection!!!

R. Sebolt:
02/20/2019, 09:21:27 AM

What a beautiful collection.

02/20/2019, 09:24:26 AM

❤️ Love Notes!!

Kathy Lutter:
02/20/2019, 10:28:44 AM

I love the folio and the amazing Love Notes collection!

Susie Doucet:
02/20/2019, 11:16:49 AM

Your papers are gorgeous as always

Michelle Chmelar:
02/20/2019, 11:32:54 AM

The Love Notes collection is beautiful! I don't have it yet and would love to!! Thanks for the chance G45!!

Carol G.:
02/20/2019, 11:51:19 AM

Kathy’s project is fantastic, so creative! Graphic 45 papers are the best and Love Notes is right up there!

Patricia Tibbetts:
02/20/2019, 01:17:16 PM

Love your wonderful papers! Thanks so much for the inspirational tutorials and ideas. I have followed along with many of them and the projects always turn out beautifully. You folks are the BEST!

Dana M:
02/20/2019, 01:25:34 PM

Super cool project, AMAZING details! The Love Notes collection is gorgeous!

Pam Allen:
02/20/2019, 01:49:08 PM

Great projects love the gentlemen collection but The Love Notes are awesome! Would love to win!! HUGS PAM Allen

Lynda White:
02/20/2019, 02:06:58 PM

That buckle at the bottom is the perfect finishing touch!

02/20/2019, 02:29:08 PM

Oh my gosh love love this collection! I have seen so many cool projects!

Heather Park:
02/20/2019, 02:30:24 PM

I smiled when I saw this was the weekly notes would be the best present to come through the mail!!!! Such a gorgeous and stylish collection.

02/20/2019, 02:38:40 PM

This is an amazing collection. Love all the detail in the design. The vintage look is a favorite of mine. Thank you for a chance to win this lovely collection!

Vivian Warner:
02/20/2019, 02:41:36 PM

Thank you for showing this. I love the look of the paper but was not sure what to do with iit. These samples are perfect. Kathy always does beautiful work.

MaryJane Wilkins:
02/20/2019, 02:56:26 PM

I’m a huge G45 fan and hoard every collection I own but I have to say that I absolutely adore Love Notes and can not wait to add it to my hoard!!

Mary Weir:
02/20/2019, 03:03:58 PM

The " A Proper Gentleman " and " Love Notes " are so different and so perfect in their colour and design. I always drool when I see G45 papers, and these are a perfect example of why I LOVE G45.

Sharon Clabaugh:
02/20/2019, 03:49:58 PM

Great collections. Great projects. Can't miss.

Sylvia Rivera:
02/20/2019, 04:43:52 PM

Great project! Love all the details.

Kristina Vazquez:
02/20/2019, 07:12:54 PM

This Love Notes collection is so dreamy and I'm really looking forward to owning this paper collection. Thank you G45 for always keeping me wanting for more. You're an amazing company. By far my all-time favorite.

Palanita Eli:
02/20/2019, 07:26:15 PM

Graphic 45 is always outstanding. My favorite paper - I love the vintage look.

kathleen roush:
02/20/2019, 08:04:43 PM

G45 paper is such good quality. It's one of my favorite lines. I actually hoard it

Sheila Styre-Briere:
02/21/2019, 02:26:40 AM

A Perfect Gentleman would surprise a friend with the Love Notes Collection!! Love all of the new releases this year!

KJ Driscoll:
02/21/2019, 04:15:46 AM

Love this collection and can’t wait to create

Leslie R Bryant:
02/21/2019, 05:30:25 AM

Love the new Love Notes Collection. I can't wait to get it to start making some amazing things with it.

Darcy Justice:
02/21/2019, 05:30:37 AM

Love all your collections and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Margaret Dougherty:
02/21/2019, 10:39:33 AM

I especially love the Love Notes collection from G45!!! Music stirs the soul and this collection will be great for creating beautiful projects!!!

Angela Thoma:
02/21/2019, 12:53:30 PM

Love the g45 collections. Each one is unique and a delight to see and work with. Beautiful projects are certainly being created all the time.

Kelly Kennedy:
02/21/2019, 01:49:26 PM

Love Notes is a gorgeous collection! Well, I haven't met a G45 collection that I don't like!

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
02/21/2019, 02:55:02 PM

Great hints as always. Love Notes is a beautiful collection, but then again every Graphic 45 paper collection is fabulous ! Hope I win this collection ! Thank you for the opportunity.

02/21/2019, 05:14:28 PM

It's so pretty!! I want. I want!

Roseanna Crawford:
02/21/2019, 06:00:30 PM

Love the Love Notes collection!

Jan G.:
02/21/2019, 07:37:16 PM

Love the card and the give-a-way......both spectacular!

Glenda Buster:
02/28/2019, 10:24:43 PM

Awesome collection! Used for my husband’s Valentine card!

Judith Kaufman:
03/17/2019, 08:39:56 AM

I simply love Graphic 45! Paper quality is the best! Every time you come out with new papers I think those are the best! Love the new Love Notes! Gorgeous!

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