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Create Cards for the Whole Family to Enjoy!

Posted by Graphic 45 10/11/2017 42 Comment(s) Cards,

Hello, G45ers!

 We are here with a perfectly proper Penny’s Paper Doll Family double feature from Brand Ambassador Kathy Clement. Kathy shares two beautiful cards and a ton of helpful tips for new and experienced card makers out there. First up, she shares her bendi card, just chock-full of fussy cut imagery from this evocative collection. She has arranged Penny's whole family perfectly! Next up, she shares her more traditional "Sisters Card." She has created subtle layers to really make that embroidered look pop. Check them out below and make sure to stay for all her helpful tips. 


Winter Wonderland, Deep Square Matchbook Box, Claw Feet, Knockers, $84 value.jpeg

This week’s prize package includes our Winter Wonderland collection’s 12x12 Paper Pad, Patterns & Solids Pad, Ephemera, Chipboard, and Tags & Pockets, along with Staples - Deep Square Matchbook Box, Metal Claw Feet, and Knockers, a $84 value!  Just leave a comment here and/or Facebook to be entered to win.  Winner will be announced on the blog Friday, October 13th, 2017.  



Happy Family Bendi Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 1.jpg

Happy Family Bendi Card

By Kathy Clement


"Paper dolls played a big part in my childhood.  I was often sick for weeks at a time, and to keep me occupied and happy, my mother would purchase paper dolls from the dime store in town.  These “old school” paper dolls were printed in book form and had to be cut out with scissors.  The clothes were always beautiful, and to this day, I credit my love for fussy cutting to the hours spent carefully cutting them from the page. Penny's Paper Doll Family took me right back to those fun times, and I just had to cut out the handsome paper doll family and display them in this large 9” x 9” Bendi Card.


Happy Family Bendi Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 3 .jpg


Happy Family Bendi Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 4 .jpg


Happy Family Bendi Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 5 .jpg


Happy Family Bendi Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 6 .jpg


  1. When it comes to fussy cutting, there are several little tips that can make the job easier:

    1. First, make sure you have a really sharp pair of small scissors.  I like to use Tim Holtz’s Tonic mini snips.

    2. Don’t try to cut a small image from a huge piece of paper.  Instead, remove the image by cutting well around it.  Then do your fussy cutting.  Having less bulk around the image makes it much easier to get a clean cut.

    3. When cutting an image that has small parts, like the stems of flowers or hands and feet, I cut the small parts last.  This way, I’m less likely to accidentally snip them off.

    4. Don’t make chopping motions with your scissors.  Hold the blades steady and glide them against the paper.  You can practice this skill on magazine images.

  2. To create extra dimension in this Bendi card, I backed the paper doll family with cardboard from packing boxes.  I find that Priority Mail boxes are about the right thickness.  The cardboard also strengthens the images and helps prevent tearing.


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Penny's Paper Doll Family-pad-cover-12x12-600x600.jpg

Penny’s Paper Doll Family Collection

  • Penny’s Paper Doll Family
  • Sweet Sister
  • Mothers and Daughters
  • Color Your World
  • Garden Path
  • Beyond Borders


Other Supplies:

  • Brick Red Cardstock
  • Scoring Tool, Ruler, Craft Knife
  • Petaloo Flowers
  • Burlap String
  • Fussy Cutting Scissors, Hot Glue Gun


Flowers from the Same Garden Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 1.jpg

Sisters Card

By Kathy Clement


I love the sentiment panels in Graphic 45’s Penny’s Paper Doll Family.  Not only do they look like vintage embroidery panels, they also make for very quick and easy card design!  Add a border strip, die cut doilies, a large banner layer, vintage buttons and flowers, and you have a charming vintage style greeting card in no time!" ~Kathy


Flowers from the Same Garden Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 2 .jpg


Flowers from the Same Garden Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 3 .jpg


Flowers from the Same Garden Card Penny's Paper Doll Family by Kathy Clement Product by Graphic 45 Photo 5 .jpg


  1. To add depth and dimension to this simple card design, I double matted each card layer.  This keeps the layers from getting muddled.  It also gives the focal image on the card the appearance of having been framed.

  2. Cut doilies in half to get more mileage out of them.  I tucked half a doily above and below the focal image.

  3. Create a custom doily by adding designer paper to the solid center.  To do this, I lay my doily on top of the paper, traced around the inner edge of the doily, then cut the circle out with scissors.  


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Penny’s Paper Doll Family Collection

  • Penny’s Paper Doll Family
  • Beyond Borders
  • Sweet Sister
  • Garden Path


Other Supplies:

  • Kraft and Brick Red Cardstock
  • Petaloo Briar Roses
  • Burlap String
  • Vintage Buttons from my Stash
  • Die cut doilies


Penny’s Paper Doll Family Pinterest Board


Thanks for joining us for this card focused trip to visit Penny’s Paper Doll Family and thanks to Kathy for taking us on this journey through her own memories with her. This collection was a bit of a new take for us and we are so happy with the response. Paper Dolls are not as common as they once were, but hopefully crafting with this collective can stir your own childhood memories as well. We'd love to hear about them in the comments below! See you back here tomorrow for more craft inspiration, G45 style. 


Happy Papercrafting!

42 Comment(s)

10/11/2017, 10:17:35 AM

Awesome projects! Just love this new collection. And thanks for all the tips, really helpful.

Becca Yahrling:
10/11/2017, 11:20:59 AM

I used to love playing with paper dolls when I was little. Like Kathy, you had to cut them out of a book to use them. Kathy's projects are awesome Love this pretty collection.

Michele Lewis:
10/11/2017, 12:17:18 PM

What gorgeous creations! They both suit the paper collection perfectly! Thank you for the fussy cutting tips!

Sharon Clabaugh:
10/11/2017, 12:18:15 PM

Be still my heart! What a great prize to win! Love, love all the papers from G45.

Sue LD:
10/11/2017, 12:29:04 PM

I like the whole family bendi card and the sweet sister card.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

OH wow, super brilliant designs and fabulous projects with those beautiful collection!

Cheryl Wells:
10/11/2017, 12:46:58 PM

At my age (74) paper dolls were the biggest thing available for girls, and I had ALL the movie stars. They were all my friends, and loved each and every one and spent hours with them, taking very good care of them. This is a perfect collection, and would love the opportunity to win so I could play again making a mini-album.

Lisa Buchanan:
10/11/2017, 01:11:41 PM,

Paper dolls were a staple in my youth! Thank you for bringing them back so I can pass on this favorite craft from my childhood to my grand-littles! The bendy card is amazing!

Sue Kendrick:
10/11/2017, 01:34:16 PM

I loved paper dolls when I was little, and Penny's Paper Doll Family has to be one of my favorite lines from Graphic 45. Thank you for the inspiration, and for the chance to win!

10/11/2017, 01:49:15 PM

My mom has been clearing out their attic and bringing lots of my old childhood toys to my house. Last weekend the pile included old paper doll kits so this project reminds me of those days. That bendy card is amazing!

Kelly Massman:
10/11/2017, 01:50:56 PM

Such a beautiful collection!!!!

Shirley Freeman:
10/11/2017, 01:54:59 PM

Always beautiful papers and groups have always loved Graphic 45 have 2 projects going now with it.

Joan Moser:
10/11/2017, 02:30:00 PM

I remember as a little girl, my Great-Grandma, watching me, as my Mom went to work. Her and i used to sit on the small back porch playing paper dolls. I still have the small flat cardboard box which contains beat up paperdolls. They must be close to 55 years old. Your set of Penny's Paper Doll Family brought back so many good memories! Thank you! I cant wait to fussy cut them out for my Grandaughter!

10/11/2017, 02:40:03 PM

Wonderful projects! I especially love the Sisters card - my sister's birthday is coming up, so I ordered some of the Paper Doll collection to make a card for her. Thank you so much for the inspiration!
10/11/2017, 03:09:24 PM

Beautiful cards! And I love the great tips for fussy cutting.

10/11/2017, 03:35:16 PM

Thank you for all the great ideas. Look forward to them every day. Great ideas for the best papers.

10/11/2017, 03:45:19 PM

Simply stunning! Love these family-inspired cards!

Vanessa LeClear:
10/11/2017, 04:27:06 PM

Both cards are beautiful! I love this collection!

10/11/2017, 04:53:00 PM,

Thank you all so very much. I love that these projects inspired you and brought back happy childhood memories! I'm especially happy to know that you found the tips helpful! Happy Crafting!

10/11/2017, 04:55:53 PM

I love these projects and now have some great ideas for the Graphic 45 Penny's Paper Dolls supplies I just bought!

Orla Carey:
10/11/2017, 05:07:27 PM

I just love this paper doll collection and Kathy has practiced her magic yet again to create fabulous projects. I would love to pair this paper collection with my Julie Nutting dolls - I think it would be a marriage made in heaven. All the fussy cutting is amazing and the end results - so sweet! Beautiful collection and beautiful projects.

Glenda Buster:
10/11/2017, 05:34:00 PM

Wow! Thank you Kathy, I love your cards and I love making my own cards using yours as guides! It would be fantastic to win this week’s prize and get started on Christmas cards other projects!

Mathilde S.:
10/11/2017, 05:43:07 PM

Beautiful cards Kathy,it is fun going down memory lane with these paper dolls.Thanks for the great tips.

Martie Rollin:
10/11/2017, 05:57:20 PM

That bendy card makes a wonderful table display...very cute family arrangement. LOVE the sister card!! Wonderful ideas that could be used for any paper collection. Hoping to win Winter Wonderland!!

Janet Ingraham:
10/11/2017, 06:09:15 PM

Loved my paper dolls as a girl. These are so wonderful.

Antonette Nyman:
10/11/2017, 07:57:11 PM

I loved playing with my paper dolls as a girl. Then when my daughter was young I got to enjoy all over again! I find fussy cutting relaxing and I am very particular about it. Can't wait to get these papers.

Dianna McGraw:
10/11/2017, 07:58:45 PM

This collection is perfect for the heritage scrapbook I'm making of my family. I am blessed to have photos of members of my family that lived in the era depicted in the collection. I am so excited about doing these pages!

Carla Hundley:
10/11/2017, 08:20:30 PM

Awesome looking bendi card! And the card is so pretty. Carla from Utah

Canice Luk:
10/11/2017, 08:34:26 PM

Thanks for all the tips. I can't wait to start my crafting project now!

Jane Bill:
10/11/2017, 08:36:46 PM

Love these projects! Great paper collection. Loved paper dolls as a little girl in the 1950's and love them again now! Happiness!

Arianna Barbara:
10/12/2017, 01:09:19 AM

Oh my!!! Stunning projects!!! I'm in love for all the beautiful details!!!

June Collis:
10/12/2017, 01:45:52 AM

Really beautiful, so intricate. Thank you for the fussy cut tips, love when designers use this technique but I struggle with it, definitely need to practice.

Dorothy McCarthy:
10/12/2017, 05:52:44 AM,

Beautiful cards!! Thanks for the tips!

nancy f:
10/12/2017, 07:33:09 AM

Beautiful work!

Jackie Peduzzi:
10/12/2017, 12:03:31 PM

Super sweet cards with this cute paper collection! Thanks for the fussy cutting tips! Beautiful!

Diane Stader:
10/12/2017, 03:04:07 PM

Love, love Winter Wonderland collection. I am making my Christmas cards with it and they will be gorgeous. Also, the Penny's Paper Doll collection and above samples are more than awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Janis in ID:
10/12/2017, 10:40:35 PM,

Such fun and reminiscent images in this collection. Love the sweet sayings, also. <3 Jjwoolbright at gmail dot com

10/13/2017, 02:52:53 AM,

I love bendi cards and yours is stunning! thank you for the tips about fussy cutting!

Debbie Siddle:
10/13/2017, 03:35:43 AM

Gorgeous card. Not sure how you would box it up to send though. Any ideas please? x

Tammy Valley:
10/13/2017, 05:48:28 AM

Great tips for fussy cutting & card making. Love your cards. I think I need to try one of those bendy cards. :)

Mary Pat Yosuico:
10/15/2017, 06:20:46 PM

Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing your love of crafting. It's wonderful taking a trip down memory lane and how much fun my sister and I had playing with paper dolls!!

Lesley Lee:
10/15/2017, 07:05:47 PM

Such a great line

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