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#SimplyG45 - 4 Steps to Beautiful Cards

Posted by Graphic 45 11/08/2017 40 Comment(s) Cards,Tutorials,

Hello, G45ers!

 Hooray! We have Pam Bray here with her fast and fun #SimplyG45 Portrait of a Lady Ephemera Card set. This project is easy to make and makes the perfect last minute gift idea. All it takes is some clever layering with our Ephemera Cards and other pieces from the collection, along with some choice embellishments such as ribbon and you are ready to go. Check it out below. 


(1/used Dec 5/ not claimed) Instagram Scrapbook Adhesives blog hop prize.jpeg

Weekly Blog Contest:

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Facebook, and/or  Instagram to be entered to win!  Up for grabs this week is a St Nicholas prize package, including one 12x12 Patterns & Solids Paper Pad, Ephemera Cards, Stamped Metal Brads, ATC Alpha Banners, and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.  The winner will be announced on the blog, Friday, November 10th, 2017.


2017 G45 Brand Ambassadors- 2017 Pam Bray  - October 2017 - A Ladies Diary Quick and Easy Card Set Photo 1_7578.jpg

Graphic 45 Portrait of a Lady
Quick and Easy Card Set with Directions

By Pam Bray

“Do you ever find yourself in a crunch for a quick and easy gift ideas? Creating a sweet set of cards using Graphic 45 Epherema Cards makes those crunch times so easy! They would be a lovely gift to give to friends, neighbors, teachers, etc.  over the holidays or for other occasions! I know that I will be making a few sets to give this year as gifts.” Pam


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Portrait of a lady graphic 45 banner.jpg


Other Supplies:

  • Four – 5” x 6 ½” Kraft Card Bases
  • Ribbon
  • Bauble
  • Adhesive
  • Pop Dots


Glamour Photos:

2017 G45 Brand Ambassadors- 2017 Pam Bray  - October 2017 - A Ladies Diary Quick and Easy Card Set Photo 6_7580.jpg


2017 G45 Brand Ambassadors- 2017 Pam Bray  - October 2017 - A Ladies Diary Quick and Easy Card Set Photo 7 _7579.jpg



  1. Cut pattern paper strips for four card bases; adhere to top of card base. 2017 G45 Brand Ambassadors- 2017 Pam Bray  - October 2017 - A Ladies Diary Quick and Easy Card Set Photo 2_7583.png


  1. Adhere Ephemera pieces to top of prepared card bases. Fussy cut matching Ephemera piece; add to card front with pop dots. 2017 G45 Brand Ambassadors- 2017 Pam Bray  - October 2017 - A Ladies Diary Quick and Easy Card Set Photo 3_7581.jpg


  1. Stack cards and tie with ribbon. 2017 G45 Brand Ambassadors- 2017 Pam Bray  - October 2017 - A Ladies Diary Quick and Easy Card Set Photo 4_7577.jpg


  1. Add bauble to bow.2017 G45 Brand Ambassadors- 2017 Pam Bray  - October 2017 - A Ladies Diary Quick and Easy Card Set Photo 5_7577.jpg


2017 G45 Brand Ambassadors- 2017 Pam Bray  - October 2017 - A Ladies Diary Quick and Easy Card Set Photo 1_7578.jpg


Are you loving how easy it is to use G45 Ephemera Cards?  Then you will love this easy to create Vintage Hollywood Album project sheet, highlighting ephemera cards.  

Vintage Hollywood, Rectangle Album, Graphic 45, project sheet.jpg

Vintage Hollywood Tag & Pockets Album

By Robin Shakoor


Check out this printable project sheet here...


Graphic 45 Supplies:




Thanks for joining us today for this #SimplyG45 by Pam, and thanks to her for sharing it! We are always looking for quick and pretty creations for the times when we want to create a large batch of items or when we are just wrapping up our Christmas gift list at the last moment. We would love to hear about your crafting based gift ideas in the comments below as well. See you back here with more inspiration tomorrow. 


Happy Papercrafting!

40 Comment(s)

Johanna Knightstep:
11/08/2017, 10:39:41 AM

I really like these cards, they are beautiful but look very simple to make. Thanks for the How to Pam! I really enjoy with the Graphic 45 Team members give directions to complete their project idea!!!

Jean marmo:
11/08/2017, 11:16:42 AM

These cards are wonderful! Thank you for the directions!

11/08/2017, 11:49:56 AM

Thanks for this fantastic inspiration! Using one of my favourite paper packs too!

Frances Perkins:
11/08/2017, 12:00:05 PM

Love the Portrait of the Lady Paper

Catherine Skrehot:
11/08/2017, 12:12:44 PM

Absolutely beautiful women...this paper is so inspirational.

nancy f:
11/08/2017, 12:18:40 PM

Glad to see some beautiful cards

sabine matagne:
11/08/2017, 12:18:54 PM

Oh de bien jolies cartes! et merci pour le tutoriel!

Alexandra trigili:
11/08/2017, 12:26:50 PM

Love these quick simple ideas. The papers are so rich and beautiful they don't need much embellishment.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

What a Spectacular display of arts!

Dianna Dean:
11/08/2017, 12:41:39 PM

Beautiful projects!

Lisa Buchanan:
11/08/2017, 12:48:28 PM

I love the collection "Portrait of a Lady" anyway and to see a quicker way to make sets makes my day! I'm so glad to see this!

Kathy Burgess:
11/08/2017, 12:53:48 PM

Love the cards and instructions, Pam! G45 Paper is so fabulous that a lot of embellishments aren’t that necessary! Love the Vintage Hollywood Collection! It must have come out before I started buying G45! That was my mom’s era. She passed away last year at 99! She told some great stories about times in Chicago with her best friend when they were teenagers! Thx for all your fabulous collections!

Michele Lewis:
11/08/2017, 01:02:31 PM

I love the ladies Diary collection! I have the collection waiting for my current projects to be finished. These are simply beautiful cards and I love how they are embellished.....(writing in my notebook)

Sue LD:
11/08/2017, 01:03:36 PM

Beautiful cards and great album.

11/08/2017, 01:21:10 PM,

absolutely stunning!

Broman Candace:
11/08/2017, 01:44:47 PM

Thank you for these directions- can’t wait to get started!

11/08/2017, 01:45:52 PM

Love quick and easy - and they're beautiful, too!

Carol Jones:
11/08/2017, 02:04:23 PM

Beautiful projects! I love to make card sets for gifts too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Barbara G.:
11/08/2017, 02:46:19 PM

Great cards & album. G45 products have it all!!

Margaret D:
11/08/2017, 03:23:47 PM

Such an easy way to quickly create a set of cards. Thanks, Pam, for the inspiration!

11/08/2017, 03:38:11 PM

Those cards are wonderful! When you have these beautiful images, you don't have to fuss too much to get a great project.

Barbara Millar:
11/08/2017, 06:14:40 PM

Very nice cards,simple yet effective

Grace K.:
11/08/2017, 06:50:57 PM

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the tips. :)

Joyce Goode:
11/08/2017, 06:54:25 PM

Thank you Pam for sharing your beautiful cards using "Portrait of a Lady", just love that paper collection.

11/08/2017, 08:01:39 PM

Beautiful card design from a beautiful collection! Can’t wait to try making some myself!! Thx for inspiration!!

Pirjo Callies:
11/08/2017, 11:21:08 PM

Beautiful cards. Graphic 45 papers are all so gorgeous that it is easy to make beautiful cards and other projects. Thank you for all great ideas.

Karen Rice:
11/09/2017, 12:48:55 AM

Beautifully simplistic cards and an amazing album!

Debbie Siddle:
11/09/2017, 12:53:39 AM

Very pretty and stylish. x

11/09/2017, 01:58:03 AM

Wonderful cards and album ! And so wonderful papers!!! Thanks for inspiration.

11/09/2017, 03:03:42 AM,

Love the beautiful paper used for these awesome cards and album!

Dorothy McCarthy:
11/09/2017, 07:24:50 AM,

Oh so beautiful!!!

Sandy Carroll:
11/09/2017, 07:55:19 AM

Love the old timey "Glamor Shots"! Great idea and not too difficult.

Glenda Buster:
11/09/2017, 11:18:34 AM

Lovely cards and album! I especially Love the Portrait of a Lady Collection.

Martie Rollin:
11/09/2017, 11:30:33 AM

This is such a great idea! Easy enough to get several sets done before Christmas, yet very different from anything carried in stores. Well done! Looking forward to making Christmas cards with St. Nicholas!

Kathy Jo Wood:
11/09/2017, 11:50:57 AM,

The Graphic 45 Ephemera Cards are so awesome and you showed some beautiful cards using them! Thank you!

Neely Phelps:
11/09/2017, 12:45:32 PM

I am a busy working Mom, so the ease of these cards really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing!

Karen Welch:
11/09/2017, 01:55:32 PM

What I really love is the fact that Graphics 45 is showing us techniques and ideas using papers from the past! New papers are fun but for a scrapper like me I buy more than one set and so often I wind up with paper and no new ideas. However the new trend (for me) seeing older papers used more and introducing new ideas is wonderful! I am in love with the quality of G45 , the colors and the wonderful designs you offer. Thank you!!!!

Peggy Joyce:
11/09/2017, 03:44:54 PM,

I'd like to second the comment on using up old papers in the of the things I love about Graphic 45 is how easy it is to combine left over pieces into something completely new. Thanks for the great ideas! I love how easy it is to put these cards together.

Janet Ingraham:
11/09/2017, 09:27:43 PM

Gorgeous easy peasy cards and lovely album

Rosalie van Hes:
11/11/2017, 10:32:21 AM

I love these images and crafting style. Very romantic and pretty. Thanks for the inspiration.

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