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Mixed Media Madness - Canvas & DIY Bottle with Tutorial

Posted by Graphic 45 12/06/2017 31 Comment(s) Home Decor,Mixed Media,Tutorials,Videos,

Hello, G45ers!

  We are getting wild this Wednesday, with some mixed media creations by Olga Heldwein and Nico Scrap. First, Olga shares her vintage canvas, featuring Communique, Master Detective, and Vintage Hollywood. We love the more muted pallet she has created, by pulling different sheets from these collections and also the steampunk aesthetic her embellishments have brought out. Next, Nico shares his Master Detective  poison bottle project. His rust and dust effects make it look like it was truly discovered in the back of an abandoned building. Wow!



Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or  Facebook to be entered to win! This week’s prize package includes a Midnight Masquerade 12x12 Patterns & Solids Paper Pad, 8x8 paper pad, chipboard, tags and pockets, ephemera cards, and Square Tags.  The winner will be announced here on the blog Friday, 8th.  


Vintage Canvas

By Olga Heldwein


“Today I have sentimental canvas. It features my favorite photo of my parents. I have created a similar piece for the Brand Ambassador call that got me on the G45 team. The original was bigger, and it traveled with me to classes I was teaching. It got damaged a little bit with time, but I really liked it so I created new version on oval canvas. I picked a few papers with black and cream patterns ( those are my favorite papers in each collection with the magic vintage G45 touch) to create background. Most pieces in the composition itself are leftovers from other projects. With those leftovers and a bottle cap I created the main focal point. And here is my tip for your next creation: try to layer and mix and match different treasures from your stash to create your own embellishments.” ~Olga







Graphic 45 Supplies: 

Master Detective 12x12 Pad

Communique - Deluxe Collector's Edition

Vintage Hollywood 8x8 Pad



DIY Mixed Media Bottle

By Nico Scrap


“Sometimes I want to try something new and that’s what came out this time. I’ve imagined this bottle displayed in a very old library in an abandoned pharmacy and that’s where my idea came from. I wanted to try out the rusty effect covered with a thin layer of dust.” ~Nico


Mixed Media Poison Bottle Tutorial



Graphic 45 Supplies:

Master Detective 12x12 Pad

Master Detective Ephemera Cards

Staples - Metal Clock Keys

Other Supplies:

  • Black gesso
  • Rusty effect by Finnabair
  • Glue gun



Graphic 45 - Mixed Media Fun


Thanks for joining us for this double dose of mixed media magic by our talented Brand Ambassadors Olga and Nico. Mixed media projects can feel intimidating because the options are almost limitless. The trick is to just dive in and work with what you have. The results can be amazing, and these two projects are great examples of that! We'd love to hear about your own mixed media craft success stories in the comments below. Thanks for joining us. We will be back tomorrow with more Graphic 45 inspiration. 


Happy Papercrafting!  

31 Comment(s)

Kathy Jo Wood:
12/06/2017, 11:31:59 AM,

The mixed media projects are amazing, Olga. The oval canvas with the photo of your parents is wonderful. It is nice that you decided to replace your old canvas with the new oval canvas. That is so heartwarming.

12/06/2017, 12:07:30 PM

Wow, both projects are just stunning works of art.

Kathleen Capachione:
12/06/2017, 12:14:52 PM

I was just working on destressing bottles. Of course yours is amazing and thanks for the inspiration. G45 paper is one of my favorites.

12/06/2017, 12:26:58 PM

I love both projects they are fantastic. I love antiques and these would be perfect decor for any vintage loving collector. Beautiful work by such great designers.

Arianna Barbara:
12/06/2017, 12:39:50 PM

Oh my!!! These are two piece of art!!! Awesome!!!

12/06/2017, 12:41:17 PM

Oh my gosh! Both the male and female versions of Steampunk Past!! Both are awesome and I learned cool tricks from both of them. My brain is thinking of a Steampunk Santa from the attic to go on the foyer table for Christmas. I really enjoyed today's blog....Thank you for sharing.

Mathilde S:
12/06/2017, 12:46:23 PM

Both projects are amazing.The oval canvas is gorgeous and so nostalgic.The bottle from Nico looks like an ancient treasure discovery.

12/06/2017, 12:47:38 PM

Just perfect!

CJ Feaze*Shykes:
12/06/2017, 12:53:42 PM

Absolutely beautiful as always! I love vintage handmade items. What wonderful projects to make for Christmas gifts. Graphic 45 is once again perfect

Michele Lewis:
12/06/2017, 01:11:44 PM

It's wonderful that these artists share their creativity and inspiration like this! The tips are always useful too. I love both these projects and has expanded my area of interest into the mixed media projects as well. Thank you Graphic 45 and, of course, Olga and Nico!

Martie Rollin:
12/06/2017, 01:30:56 PM

That bottle looks amazing! Lovely prize package!

12/06/2017, 01:42:01 PM

Fabulous projects and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Yulia Mulyukina:
12/06/2017, 01:58:37 PM

Lovely pieces of art! Thanks for the tutorial, it's great and inspiring!

Melanie Hermans:
12/06/2017, 02:04:24 PM

So talented! Like the rusty effect :)

Sue Edwards:
12/06/2017, 02:19:57 PM

Great projects excited to try them both. Thank you for sharing

Kirsty Vittetoe:


12/06/2017, 03:13:23 PM

Great job and ideas to use some special items with my Graphic 45 supplies!

Michelle Nettleton:
12/06/2017, 03:38:33 PM

You nailed it! I am amazed that you captured the dusty look. Love, love, LOVE It!

jean marmo:
12/06/2017, 05:54:34 PM

Simply delightfuL!

Sam Lewis:
12/06/2017, 06:43:06 PM,

What a stunning collection and wow Olga's intricate project especially caught my eye. Midnight Masquerade is one collection I've sadly not yet been able to add to my beloved G45 stash!! Thankyou for the opportunity. xxSAMxx

Sam Lewis:
12/06/2017, 06:43:06 PM,

What a stunning collection and wow Olga's intricate project especially caught my eye. Midnight Masquerade is one collection I've sadly not yet been able to add to my beloved G45 stash!! Thankyou for the opportunity. xxSAMxx

Sue LD:
12/06/2017, 07:07:15 PM

Fabulous projects.

Barbara G.:
12/06/2017, 08:02:05 PM

The wonderful projects just keep coming! Love the oval canvas & the bottle. Amazing.

Glenda Buster:
12/06/2017, 09:24:12 PM

Love the idea of combing left overs to create a mixed media canvas! Creative and kind of spooky poison bottle. Awesome!

Carla Hundley:
12/06/2017, 10:58:32 PM

These are amazing looking and love all the embellishments used. Carla from Utah

Grace Kang:
12/06/2017, 11:08:24 PM

Dang...these are absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing them with us, Olga!

Janet Ingraham:
12/07/2017, 02:29:39 AM

So awesome but I don't have that cool of things in my stash to pull from

Kate LeBlanc:
12/07/2017, 07:32:10 AM

Wow, what great lessons to give the vintage look to projects! Thanks once again for the inspiration G45!

12/07/2017, 10:03:32 AM

I really love the bottle what a nice idea!

Libeeti Frenkel:
12/07/2017, 11:35:45 PM

Simply gorgeous! love, love, love the steampunk and rusty look.

Sarah Jack:
03/09/2018, 11:23:05 PM

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