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Craft Studio Tour - Featuring Lena Astafeva

Posted by Graphic 45 01/01/2018 21 Comment(s) Home Decor,Altered Art,Craft Studio Tour,

Hello, G45ers!

 Happy New Year! We are here to get your 2018 started off right, with an inspiring  Craft Studio Tour by Lena Astafeva. On top of that we will share Lena’s three featured projects. Lena has maximized her space for its fullest crafting potential. I think many of us can relate to crafting in a place where space is limited. Even the most spacious crafting spaces can become cluttered with tools and crafting supplies. Lena has found a great way to balance her space for storage while leaving room for creativity to shine. Check it out below and stick around to see a few of her greatest hits for Graphic 45. 


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Craft Studio Tour

By Lena Astafeva


“Today I’ll show you my Craft Studio. Our flat is not very big and in one room I’ve made my cozy craft corner.

It’s convenient to create projects in the room. My three children like to play nearby. My daughter draws or decorates something, and my baby-son tries to reach some “treasures.”

A few months ago, I successfully could do everything sitting on the floor. It’s better for me to throw my stuff all over the room and create, but my baby started crawling, and I had to move to the table.

I’ve got two small table. I also make my plans on it. But for that, I have to remove materials because there is already too much stuff on it.

I usually do everything on the other table. I create my projects and draw.

First, I was going to tidy this table. It rises up and fixed. Under the table, there is a chest of drawers.

In the upper drawer, I keep paints, sprays, and glue.

In the second drawer, there are metal decorations, brads, washi tape, watercolors, and many other things.

In the lower drawer, I keep chipboards, stickers, and cards


I keep all materials, instruments, flowers, tags, envelopes, and many other things in the boxes on the selves

I keep my Big Shot die-cutting maching in the closet. Up a bit higher, there is paper which didn’t go to another closet

For the paper, I’ve bought a stand for shoes. It is good to keep it there. There is only G45 paper in it. I have almost every collection from Graphic 45. I’m looking for the rest to complete them.

My sewing machine is in another room behind the door.

There are my projects in the closet. 

Very often I am asked how I photograph my projects. I’ve got an old camera, a Nikon D90 and two objectives. I take photos in my work room. I put a photo background on the table. I put another photo background and reflector (big canvas which I was going to make into a picture). I take photos only in the daylight in “M” mode

My backgrounds.

I also have huge vinyl photo backgrounds.

I keep things for photography on the balcony.

That’s my simple craft corner. I was worried about how to show it to you because it isn’t fashionable like other artists have.


Lena’s 3 Featured Projects:

Planner - Children's Hour- Lena Astafeva-products by Graphic 45-1

DIY Watercolor Planner

By Lena Astafeva


"I’ve made a planner for the year. I painted the pages of the planner with watercolors. On each page I painted flowers with watercolors.  I printed small calendars and stuck them for each month. Also on each page I put pictures with stamps from different collections." ~Lena


See full post here…

Planner - Children's Hour- Lena Astafeva-products by Graphic 45-10


Box and album -Portrait of a Lady- tutorial by Lena Astafeva-product by Graphic 45-38

Portrait of a Lady Box & Album

By Lena Astafeva


Check out How to Mini-Album With Box by Elena Astafeva on Snapguide.

How to Mini-Album with Box


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Olde Curiosity Shoppe-Album and Shoppe-tutorial by Lena Astafeva-products by Graphic 45-5.jpg

The Olde Shoppe Box & Album

By Lena Astafeva

Olde Curiosity Shoppe Graphic 45- Album and Box


See full post here…


Thanks for joining us as we explored Lena's crafting studio. We hope you have gotten some tips for maximizing your own space and we would love to hear any tips you have as well. Just leave them in the comments below and remember that any comments here and/or on Facebook are your chance to win this week's blog prize. 


Happy Papercrafting!  

21 Comment(s)

01/01/2018, 02:36:33 PM

Thank you for sharing your crafting space - it's good to see how well you've used a smaller space to store your crafts and work, too. Using the shoe storage for paper is genius! I wish I had all of the G45 collections!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Such an awesome crafting space and beautiful creation! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful 2018!

Dianna Dean:
01/01/2018, 07:56:03 PM

You've made very good use of a small space. Looks great! Love your projects!

Carla Hundley:
01/01/2018, 11:31:47 PM

Wonderful ways to use your space. Fun seeing different ways people use for their crafting areas. Carla from Utah

Dorothy McCarthy:
01/02/2018, 06:32:36 AM,

Excellent craft room!! Love your art!!!

Dru Cabral:
01/02/2018, 08:12:17 AM,

I love to see "down to earth" work spaces - not all of us have the money or the space or even the desire to do the "fashionable". We do what works for us and makes us happy. Yours obviously works for you as your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your space with us.

Sharon Gullikson:
01/02/2018, 09:40:51 AM

I loved seeing your craft room. Mine is somewhat messy at times, but fairly organized. I love organization, so I sometimes clean rather than craft--so I can focus. :)

Brian Poteraj:
01/02/2018, 09:49:45 AM

The Olde Curiosity Shop box is very cool. I liked seeing your craft area. Thanks.

Martie Rollin:
01/02/2018, 12:36:50 PM

Seeing that such lovely projects come from such a small crafting space just amazes me! I keep telling people that I live in a working craft studio with furniture crammed in! Saves me from admitting that I don't like housework! Ha! Ha!

Dona Vogt:
01/02/2018, 12:38:51 PM

I love Lena's craft room! I think it's vintage looking and awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Sue MacFall:
01/02/2018, 01:54:46 PM

Thank you for sharing your craft room with us. I love seeing how others use a small space. Beautiful things come out of your space, Lena !!

Sue LD:
01/02/2018, 02:17:28 PM

wow lots of fabulous projects and love Lena's craft room.

Michele Taylor:
01/02/2018, 03:26:32 PM

Thank you for sharing. Lovely projects!

Renee Townsend:
01/02/2018, 03:51:34 PM

I love the ‘down to earth’ working space. You are obviously productive & that is what counts. Beautiful spaces in magazines are nice but I have decided they are an unrealistic expectation for me so my space is quite comprable to yours. Your work is stunning, really lovely.

01/02/2018, 05:20:55 PM

I love the tour of your creative space. My first thought when the site said you were going to give a tour. I was going to skip it. Some people's space is so nice and clean and so much room to work in. So I was really happy to see your space looks like my space. I got stuff every where and sometimes multiple things being worked on.

Andrea Bowles:
01/02/2018, 05:50:04 PM

Thank you Lena for sharing your craft space and photography info!!! I can relate to the craft room size. You made me feel like I am doing the right thing with my space...being practical and using what I have. Your space is personable, usable and adorable!

Julie Gearinger:

What a fabulous work space! I agree with the others- your work is absolutely gorgeous and your work space is so efficient and organized! Love all of the storage ideas that you are using (especially the shoe cabinet and tins). It is nice to see a space that uses what we already have on hand to organize our supplies and as others have noted, not all of us have a budget or the square footage for a huge craft room with tons of cabinets. Thanks again for sharing your space and talent with all of us- hugs and Happy New Year!

Janet Ingraham:
01/02/2018, 09:39:18 PM

Amazing how organization can transform your space into an efficient awesome nook for creativity. Very wonderful

01/02/2018, 10:28:41 PM

I would love a designated space to work in. I love making paper crafts, painting and sewing. I think I need a studio.

Donna Espiritu:
01/03/2018, 01:14:04 AM

I love looking at different craft spaces and yours is just beautiful! Yours is way bigger than mine so imagine that haha! I like the idea of the photo backgrounds and been thinking to do the same for years. Your post inspired me to push it this year :) Thank you for sharing!

01/03/2018, 02:10:22 AM

Thanks for the craft room tour and the planner and boxed mini album. I always get wonderful ideas from the design team members and the videos.

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