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Creative Tag Album with a Twist

Posted by Graphic 45 04/03/2018 41 Comment(s) Mini Albums,

Hello, G45ers!

  Are you looking to try something new?  Today Brand Ambassador, Einat Kessler shares a fantastic Vintage Hollywood Tag Mini Album.  This bright and colorful album is full of tricks and tips that are begging to be tried out.  So pull out your goodies, and let's get busy!  



Tag Mini Album

By Einat Kessler


Hi dear crafty friends! Einat here with a new project to inspire you.

What do you do with leftover tags? I had a few of them left from other projects and they were all in different sizes and colors and didn't really match together. So I covered them with paper and created a mini album.



I had to think about binding them… I wanted them to be at different heights so traditional binding was tricky and I also didn't want to use a ring. So I created a new type of binding. I took each paper and folded it in half. Then I attached two tags, one on each side. I cut around the tag to get the shape.



The next step was to take another folded paper and attach one side to the back side of the last tag in the mini album and the other to a new tag. It turned out to be a really fast way of binding the mini album.


Tip #1: When you have leftover supplies don’t throw them away. Think how you can combine them together and create a new project!



Tip #2: To ensure a really good coverage of something don’t cut the paper in advance. First attach it to what you want to cover and then cut around it. This will work on tags, paper and other flat objects.” ~Einat



Graphic 45 Supplies:

Vintage Hollywood 12x12 Pad



Looking for more Vintage Hollywood Projects?

Check out Einat’s One Page Mini Album.


One Page Wonder Mini Album, by Einat Kessler, Vintage Hollywood, Product by Graphic 45, photo 7.jpg

One Page Mini Album

By Einat Kessler


"Hi, dear crafty friends, Einat Kessler here with a 60 seconds video tutorial for you! Wow… this was so fun to make. First I had to think about a project that would fit in a 60 seconds video then I had to make sure it was cool enough to be on the Graphic 45 blog :)...

See full post…



Weekly Blog Contest

 Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or  Facebook to be entered to win! This week’s prize package includes an Off to the Races 8x8 Paper Pad, 6x6 Paper Pad, Chipboard, Ephemera, Staples ATC Book Box, and Shabby Chic Door Pulls, a $40 value.  The winner will be announced on the blog, Friday, April 8th, 2018.


What a fun and creative way to put together a show-stopping mini album!  Big thanks to Einat for sharing these tips and this beautiful mini. We want to thank you for joining us for this star-studded post.  Let us know in the comments below how you plan to utilize this new binding system, we love to hear from you!  


Happy Papercrafting!

41 Comment(s)

Susie Doucet:
04/03/2018, 10:32:09 AM

Love it!

Michele Lewis:
04/03/2018, 10:48:51 AM

What a wonderful idea! A perfect way to use up our leftovers and odds and ends! Thank you for the inspiration Einat and Graphic 45!

Sharon Gullikson:
04/03/2018, 11:29:40 AM

What a cool album. I save every tiny bit of my G45 papers because I can use them up on various projects. LOVE your papers!

04/03/2018, 11:58:47 AM

Fab - I LOVE tag books so can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the inspiration.

Vanessa LeClear:
04/03/2018, 12:09:19 PM

What a clever way to use leftover tags! Einat’s albums are both beautiful.

Cheryl Wells:
04/03/2018, 12:10:18 PM

Super cute!!!!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

I just want to say that I love all the G45 collection, this one is no exceptional, love the projects that made with them, cool and awesome!

Sue D:
04/03/2018, 12:36:50 PM

Love the Hollywood theme. I am reading a book about Hollywood right now.

Lee S.:
04/03/2018, 12:50:55 PM

Love the tag album! I am obsessed with all things Graphic 45!

Michele Rogers:
04/03/2018, 01:05:18 PM

Great use of leftovers to make it all look new.

04/03/2018, 01:06:28 PM

Love ALL things G45, even the little itty bitty scraps leftover from projects.....thank you for making such awesome and amazingly beautiful products!

Marsha D:
04/03/2018, 01:07:45 PM

I am as amazed by the fabulous ideas from the design team members, as I am by the unending supply of beautiful papers from Graphic 45. Great job.

Kate LeBlanc:
04/03/2018, 01:29:36 PM

It is so nice to get the tips from the project designers. The mini album is so cool. I love how Einat used the paper for the binding. Her one minute tutorial is fantastic too! Vintage Hollywood is such a great collection! Love it all G45!

Martie Rollin:
04/03/2018, 01:35:45 PM

I love all the tips coming from your design team members! I am learning many new techniques and tricks. Thanks!

Carol Sanderson:
04/03/2018, 02:18:34 PM

What a great new idea. I plan to try this at a Crop this weekend. Thanks for sharing

Michelle Nettleton:
04/03/2018, 03:46:40 PM

This was really fun! However I would just buy more!

Michelle Chmelar:
04/03/2018, 04:31:33 PM

Wow! Always a great, new, innovative and beautiful project. I need more hours in my day!

Regina Harrison:
04/03/2018, 04:47:27 PM

What a great idea and really cute.

Judy Phillips:
04/03/2018, 05:04:13 PM

Thanks for using Vintage Hollywood! I especially like the 1 page album.

Jeane A:
04/03/2018, 05:49:51 PM

Just beautiful! And the tip for using mismatched sized tags with full pages to connect is so creative-no wonder Einat is an ambassador!

Maggie Miller:
04/03/2018, 05:54:03 PM

Great use for left over supplies. You are the queen of reinvention!

Sally J. Royal:
04/03/2018, 05:59:32 PM

Always love new ideas for using leftovers plus an easy way to bind them.

Kathleen E Capachione:
04/03/2018, 06:24:34 PM

Another great post!!! Awesome tips, thanks for sharing****

Jill McAuley:
04/03/2018, 08:56:38 PM

I am making a mini album to welcome my great niece and will try this binding technique...creates a clean, continuous page...thank you again Einat!

Jill McAuley:
04/03/2018, 08:56:38 PM

I am making a mini album to welcome my great niece and will try this binding technique...creates a clean, continuous page...thank you again Einat!

Carla Hundley:
04/03/2018, 09:10:56 PM

Darling tag album! Love all the different pages. Carla from Utah

Donna Leutloff:
04/03/2018, 09:31:00 PM

So cute...just bought the square tag/clock it! Can't wait to get the others!

Fran Diggle:
04/03/2018, 09:47:46 PM

What a great use of spares, you could use left over papers from different lines too.

04/03/2018, 10:07:42 PM,


Cindy Velasquez:
04/03/2018, 11:36:52 PM

I would love to win. I love all your products. Thank You

Ria Potgieter:
04/04/2018, 03:36:48 AM

So So So fabulous

Jason "JD" Duigou:
04/04/2018, 05:45:55 AM,

Great project to use the wonderful Graphic 45 papers leftover from other projects (I just can't recycle the scraps, they are too beautiful!) :-)

Dorothy McCarthy:
04/04/2018, 05:54:53 AM,

Excellent project!!Thank you!

Sandra Featherston:
04/04/2018, 07:03:09 AM

How ingenious !! I love this idea.

Mary Morel:
04/04/2018, 07:44:53 AM

What a very cool way to connect them all! I’m going to attempt this! Thanks Einat!

Susan G:
04/04/2018, 07:56:25 AM

What an amazing project. I never throw paper scraps away. I must try this. Thanks so much. Really just fabulous.

Bettina Kreuer:
04/05/2018, 04:46:52 AM

Thank you for the nspiration. I ordered this collection yesterday!

Suzy Q:
04/05/2018, 09:08:31 PM

So cute of a tag album!

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04/06/2018, 10:51:35 AM,

Very interesting article for readers, It is providing complete details in a easiest way. Really liked it.

Patricia G:
04/06/2018, 07:10:37 PM

This is so cute! You always show your wonderful creative style!

04/10/2018, 11:00:06 AM

Yet more inspiration from talented folk, all you guys are amazing and alongside such beautiful products, heaven!

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