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DIY Folder Tutorial Featuring Floral Shoppe

Posted by Graphic 45 04/27/2018 32 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Tutorials,Videos,

Hello, G45ers!  

 Happy Friday crafters!  Today we have a fantastic Folder Tutorial by Alexandra Morein.  This folder was created using a lot of gorgeous Graphic 45 products, but the star of the show is our Floral Shoppe collection. Floral Shoppe is now available to purchase on our website and at your local G45 Retailer.  Before we kick off this beautiful DIY tutorial, we have our weekly blog contest winner to announce!  

This week’s prize package is a Decades Dye Inkpad Package, a $45 value…. And the winner is… Robin Kowalski!  


Robin left this comment on our [60-Second Video Tutorial] Mini Album with Storage Box

blog: “Beautiful colors. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!!”

Thanks to all who left comments and joined in the fun.  Robin, please email to claim your prize.  



A Floral Shoppe Folder - Tutorial

Alexandra Morein

“As many of you must know, I love to create boxes, but today there is no box from me :)

I’ve created a folder to organize my receipts (for craft purchases) and filmed all the process on video. If you like the folder and would want to create one for yourself, you are very welcome to watch the tutorial and share the results with all of us, Graphic 45 fans.


The folder is 5”(W)  x 7” (L) and is about 3/4” in depth. It has an interesting elastic string closure, but I guess a wax cord or twine can also be used without a problem too. The folder is embellished with the paper from the “Floral Shoppe” line. I’ve used the new Graphic 45 dies to mat the tags with the designer paper, as well as to cut out a filigree clock frame for adding to the inside of the folder. The dies are amazing and they cut like butter! If you were wondering whether you need them or not, the answer should be quite clear - YOU DO! :)” ~Alexandra



G45 Floral Shoppe Folder Tutorial














Graphic 45 Supplies:


Floral Shoppe Package Now Available


What a gorgeous project!  Thank you, Alexandra, for sharing your step by step tutorial with all of us here, your work is always so chic and inspiring.  We want to thank you as well for joining us here and for sharing your positive thoughts, projects, and ideas.  We hope you have a creative and fun weekend!  


There are always flowers for those who want to see them. ~Matisse


Happy Papercrafting!  

32 Comment(s)

Debbie Siddle:
04/27/2018, 11:32:27 AM

I love this project and may have to give it a go. xx

Michele Lewis:
04/27/2018, 12:18:36 PM

I have just purchased this collection and have been deciding what I should make with it.....I think you have just given me an idea!!! Thank you!

Cheryl Wells:
04/27/2018, 12:37:31 PM

absolutely beautiful!!

Shirley Dillon:
04/27/2018, 12:45:08 PM

I love this project. Is it possible to get the measurements of the paper and chipboard. I wasn’t able to see the pencil on all of the pieces. I would appreciate anything you could put in writing. Thank you! Shirley

04/27/2018, 08:59:41 PM

Hi Shirley! You can find the measurements here:

Michele Check:
04/27/2018, 12:53:30 PM

I have been collecting Graphic 45 staples for quite awhile so now I have a pretty good idea what to do with some of them. Just have to buy a couple more items and I'll be all set. Thank you for the inspiration of a gorgeous project. My Husband is an avid flower gardener so I think this one will be for him to use for his garden notes and plans. He'll love it! Thank you again.

Martie Rollin:
04/27/2018, 02:09:30 PM

Love this beautiful paper collection!

04/27/2018, 03:20:24 PM

Omg! I just love the flowerpower in this collection!

Ellen Haydon:
04/27/2018, 03:31:20 PM

I just received my package this week and I just love all of the papers and the chips that came with it. Oh boy! Ellen from Phoenix

04/27/2018, 03:59:30 PM

Great project! Gorgeous papers, as usual.

Glenda Buster:
04/27/2018, 04:15:06 PM

Congrats to Robin. Love Alexandra’s Folder album and thank you for the tutorial!!

Suzanne Hilborn:
04/27/2018, 05:17:42 PM

It is pretty common knowledge that most of us make our own flowers, mostly because the majority that are available to purchase are crumpled and bent out of shape. So much so that they look a pile of bed sheets ready to be thrown into the laundry. I am not trying to be mean, but I do lack certain social filters. So, I just had a long and excited look at Graphic 45's new Rose Bouquet Collection and I cannot wait! That bouquet would take me three days to make and it would not be any where near that pretty. Can you please hurry the production time up a bit...I am so excited. They are gorgeous! Sorry to be so blunt.

04/27/2018, 05:59:05 PM

Very nice collection and tutorial! I wish I had a store near me that carried your products!

Sharon Gullikson:
04/27/2018, 05:59:49 PM

What a wonderful look. I would like to make one for my best friend.

04/27/2018, 06:13:21 PM

This was a very thorough and helpful tutorial. I learned several cool tricks. Thank you!

Mary Lee:
04/27/2018, 06:28:21 PM

I love this. What a great gift to give.

Jan Kennedy:
04/27/2018, 06:31:52 PM

Interesting project - and I love almost anything with flowers!

Norma Robnett:
04/27/2018, 08:10:44 PM

I received my Rose Bouquet Collection today. Can't wait to give this project a try. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.

Judy Phillips:
04/27/2018, 10:37:17 PM

I love this collection - and I love the new dies!

Arianna Barbara:
04/28/2018, 02:16:02 AM

Awesome project!!! Congrats to Robin!!!

Liz Ford:
04/28/2018, 09:21:19 AM

This folder project is great and I find it amazing that you are going to use this to put receipts in! It is so pretty! Then again why not have something beautiful storing your spending habits! Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous floral papers and I am excited to acquire them!

Anne McIntosh:
04/28/2018, 11:17:53 AM

What a great project using a wonderful collection! Thank you for providing the link to get the measurements so that I might step up and try this project!

Lois Hayman:
04/28/2018, 04:29:55 PM

What a BEAUTIFUL collection...! I'm so in love with this folder tutorial..! Thank you Alexandra for sharing...

Kim Persinger:
04/28/2018, 07:37:02 PM

Congratulations to Robin! I saw this video today. I must say, the colors in the Floral Shoppe collection are absolutely stunning. I really need to get this set! Thank you very much for sharing!

Sandra Brahm:
04/29/2018, 09:54:31 AM

Beautiful paper and an awesome idea of how to use it. G45 is my favorite paper.

M Françoise Sarzier:
05/01/2018, 02:20:10 PM

Merci pour ce tutoriel magnifique,je vais aller voir sur votre site certaines mesures non visibles pour moi.j'espère pouvoir le réaliser.

Barbara Carroll:
05/03/2018, 01:15:02 PM

Another gorgeous project from the perfect combination of Alexandra and g45!

Sharon sawyer:
05/04/2018, 09:20:35 AM

I’m so excited to stumble onto your great site

Elena Pérez:
05/17/2018, 12:14:25 PM

Beautiful work, beautiful papers. Thank you

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