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Box with Shaker Window: Alexandra Morein's Farewell Post

Posted by Graphic 45 06/07/2018 43 Comment(s) Home Decor,

Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to another Farewell edition of the Graphic 45 blog.  Today we celebrate our Brand Ambassador from Singapore who moved all the way to the USA, Alexandra Morein.  Alexandra shares an outstanding DIY Box with Shaker Window featuring our Sun Kissed collection. If you are ever in need of a DIY box tutorial Alexandra's YouTube channel is just the resource for you! Before we get started we have some great news, most of our Sun Kissed collection is back in stock (Patterns & Solids will be back in stock July.)


Sun Kissed - Now Available



Shaker Box - A Farewell post

By Alexandra Morein


“How fast the time went by! It has been amazing two years on the truly inspiring team ever and I am so glad that I won a chance to gain this experience and to fulfill a part of my creative dreams.

Thank you so much Graphic 45 for such a journey! In my heart, you have a lifetime fan of the stunning designs, products and collections.


I would also love to thank the team members for their support and encouragement, as well as to all of you, dear readers, for your warm comments. From my heart - THANK YOU for being inspired by my works.


Today’s farewell project features a gorgeous summer Sun Kissed collection. I hope you have already grabbed some of these papers and have plans to create with them.


I’ve put together a box, with a shaker window on the lid. The shaker is deep enough to hold tiny shells, decorative stones, beads, sequins and some other small things. The rattling sound of all of it together is mesmerizing :) Sun Kissed is by now one of my favorite G45 collections!


If you wish to keep along with my creations in future, you are welcome to follow my blog, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube." ~Alexandra 








Graphic 45 Supplies:


Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! This week’s prize package is a Seasons Tag & Pocket Album Kit, a $40 value.  The Winner will be announced on the blog Friday, June 8th.


We want to thank Alexandra from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your box and mini album wisdom with us, we have learned so much from you and been so inspired.  We hope you join us in thanking her in the comments below and jump back over to the blog tomorrow where we will announce this week's prize winner.  Until then... 


Happy Papercrafting!

43 Comment(s)

Sharon Gullikson:
06/07/2018, 09:51:43 AM

Oh, WOW, what an amazing idea. The tiny shells are such a great addition. That would be great for a kiddo to add special beach finds to. My daughter made a box for her Dad when she was tiny. She walked the neighborhood with me picking up special things that she thought her dad would like: leaves, pine cones, rocks, etc. He loved that she found these things for her. I think that I might need to make a box like yours to give to my grandson so he can give some special things to his dad. Thank you for the idea. :)

06/07/2018, 10:01:01 AM

Sharon! What a fabulous idea with adding special beach finds! Kids really love to do that :) Thanks for you comment! XOXO

Carla Hundley:
06/07/2018, 09:56:16 AM

What a fun and delightful project! Carla from Utah

06/07/2018, 10:01:38 AM

Thank you dear Carla!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

This is darling and so fabulous! Love it.

06/07/2018, 10:38:24 AM

Thank you Kirsty!

Brian Poteraj:
06/07/2018, 10:45:17 AM

I like your classic beach look. The mixture of stripes and other patterns looks great. I am sorry to see you go because I have enjoyed seeing what you have made. Nice work. Graphic 45 will be sorry to see you go, too, I'm sure.

06/08/2018, 11:54:34 AM

Thank you Brian!

Diana Dillon:
06/07/2018, 10:55:12 AM

This is fantastic, so clever. Thank you for sharing, and allowing us to follow your creativity for a long time to come.

06/08/2018, 11:54:46 AM

Thanks Diana!

Regina Harrison:
06/07/2018, 11:06:02 AM

This is a great project for this beach collection. I would say I am going to miss you, but I will be following you on your blog. You are an amazing designer and I look forward to your future projects:)

06/08/2018, 11:55:07 AM

Thank you so much Regina!

Mary Morel:
06/07/2018, 11:07:07 AM

What a beautiful project! Always love your things but making something with SunKissed is truly the best for me ❤️

06/08/2018, 11:55:28 AM

Thank you Mary!

06/07/2018, 11:23:18 AM

Awesome box- I love it! Thank you for your inspiration.

06/08/2018, 11:55:41 AM

Thanks Annie!

Cheryl Wells:
06/07/2018, 12:09:25 PM

Alexandra, thank you for all your fabulous creations - I love this box with the Sun Kissed collection - absolutely perfect!!

06/08/2018, 11:56:01 AM

Thanks Cheryl! Glad you like it :)

Jean Marmo:
06/07/2018, 12:10:02 PM

I want this box! Wonderful inspiration today.

06/08/2018, 11:56:13 AM

Thank you Jean!

Suzy Q:
06/07/2018, 12:13:47 PM

Very cute idea Alexandra! Everyone needs their own special box to keep momentous in! Thanks G45 for the chance to win an awesome album!

06/08/2018, 11:56:40 AM

Thank you Suzy! I hope you got inspired to make a box too :)

06/07/2018, 12:17:50 PM,

What a gorgeous Shaker Box! LOVE the idea, and I happen to have tiny little shells that I collected in Naples, FLA that would be perfect. Many thanks for your inspiration! All the best!

06/08/2018, 11:56:58 AM

Thank you so much Eniko!

06/07/2018, 12:19:50 PM

I'm a big fan of Alexandra - always love her projects. This lovely shaker box is a wonderful way to say farewell!

06/08/2018, 11:57:23 AM

Thank you Laurie! That's so sweet of you to say :)

06/07/2018, 12:24:45 PM

What an awesome project! And love that it is made with the Sun Kissed paper. So many possibilities!!

06/08/2018, 11:57:35 AM

Thank you Sherry!

06/07/2018, 12:51:56 PM

What a beautiful box. I can see it filled with other beach treasures collected over the years.

06/08/2018, 11:58:22 AM

I am grateful for your comment Kristina! I hope you will create a box of your own too

Diane F:
06/07/2018, 12:52:46 PM

Lovely project! Just perfect for a collection of special beach finds!

06/08/2018, 11:58:50 AM

Thanks Diane!

Michele Lewis:
06/07/2018, 12:52:59 PM

What a beautiful box Alexandra! I love the way you have combined the colors etc....everything just looks so fresh and summery! Even though this is goodbye, I am following you elsewhere and can't wait to see what creations you come up with in the future! Good Luck!

06/08/2018, 11:59:25 AM

Thank you very much Michelle for the support! Hope to continue to inspire you :)

Pam Bearden:
06/07/2018, 12:55:57 PM

This is such a pretty project just waiting to be recreated! Thank you for the wonderful ideas to work with and the beautiful paper to do so.

06/08/2018, 11:59:43 AM

Thank you very much dear Pam!

Kathleen A Read:
06/07/2018, 01:14:34 PM

I collect little boxes! After seeing this beautiful shaker box created by Alexandra I will definitely have to try making one of my own. Thank you for the inspiration.

06/08/2018, 12:00:02 PM

Thanks Kathleen! Enjoy creating!

06/07/2018, 01:35:51 PM

Alexandra the box is gorgeous! I can't wait for my June G45 club kit that features this collection too. Good luck in your future crafty endeavors.

06/08/2018, 12:00:20 PM

Thanks RJZ!

Ekaterina Timerbaeva:
06/07/2018, 01:44:58 PM

Thank you Alexandra for your fabulous and inspirational projects!

06/08/2018, 12:00:38 PM

Thank you dear Ekaterina!

Martie Rollin:
06/07/2018, 02:02:05 PM

I love anything created using Sun Kissed! Vibrant colors that bring smiles and joy!

06/08/2018, 12:01:05 PM

Thanks Martie! The collection is really stunning!

‎John Emmons:
06/07/2018, 02:02:46 PM

Dear Alexandra,What a wonderful project. Did you be making a video of how to make the box? If yes, will you post the video on you-tube?Thanks for your dedication to Graphic 45Enjoy the rest of this beautiful dayWarmest Wishes and God Bless, John

06/08/2018, 12:01:48 PM

Hello John! There will be a video on creating this box real soon on my channel. It is already filmed and only need to be edited and uploaded :)

Traci Adiego:
06/07/2018, 02:41:37 PM

Alexandria you are an amazing designer-I have enjoyed all your wonderful creations. I have been subscribing to your Blog for sometime and was so happy when you joined the G45 design team-a favorite designer on my favorite paper company. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for the future as I know it will be awesome. Thanks

06/08/2018, 12:02:32 PM

OH Traci, you melt my heart! Thank you so much!

Sue D:
06/07/2018, 03:20:30 PM

So pretty for summer and I like the shaker window.

06/08/2018, 12:02:44 PM

Thank you Sue!

Ava Gavloski:
06/07/2018, 03:39:17 PM

Great presentations by both designers.

06/08/2018, 12:02:56 PM

Thank you Ava!

06/07/2018, 03:49:03 PM,

I love the box - it's a great place to keep beach / vacation memorabilia.

06/08/2018, 12:03:16 PM

Thanks Noreen! It truly is :)

Kathleen E Capachione:
06/07/2018, 04:20:51 PM

Love to make boxes! I am a trinket girl and love to keep them for gifts. Welcome to the USA. I will follow you and thanks for all your fabulous designs.

06/08/2018, 12:03:43 PM

Thanks Kathleen! Thanks for your comment :)

Rebecca Rosas:
06/07/2018, 04:35:15 PM

Neat box, Alexandra! Good luck with all your future creations!

06/08/2018, 12:03:58 PM

Thank you very much Rebecca!

06/07/2018, 04:48:49 PM, Http://

Alexandria. From your very first project I fell in love with your imaginative, creative style! I know you have a bright and exciting future ahead of you. You are so talented! Wishing you all the best on your creative journey!

06/08/2018, 12:04:31 PM

Thank you so much Kathy for the warm words!

Caroline Cain:
06/07/2018, 04:49:38 PM

I have enjoyed seeing all you creations. This shaker is such a great idea - I know I will have to give it a try. Thank you for sharing all you great projects.

06/08/2018, 12:05:25 PM

Thanks Caroline! The video tutorial for this books will soon be on my channel, so I hope it will help you to create a box for yourself.

Susie Stover:
06/07/2018, 05:36:57 PM

I have loved all your creations over the last couple of years. Your ideas and creativity are so beautiful. I will continue to keep tabs on your work and thank you for sharing all your projects and ideas with us.

06/08/2018, 12:05:48 PM

Thank you Susie! I appreciate that!

06/07/2018, 05:51:58 PM

As usual, great creations! Best wishes on your next adventure! Thank you for your ideas these past two years!

06/08/2018, 12:06:03 PM

Thank you Laurie!

Ellen Haydon:
06/07/2018, 06:26:35 PM

Thank you Alexandria, for all the projects that you have made for us. I have never used many small shells until you came along. I hope we see more of your work. Ellen from Phoenix

06/08/2018, 12:06:29 PM

Thank you Ellen! It was my pleasure!

Susan Ashby:
06/07/2018, 07:28:42 PM

Such a cute box. Love it..

06/08/2018, 12:06:42 PM

Thanks Susan!

Glenda Buster:
06/07/2018, 09:46:47 PM

Alexandra, thank you for sharing your creativity with us for the past two years. I’ll miss you on the G45 Blog but will follow your blog. Your shaker top for this box is so perfect for the Sun Kissed Collection! ❤️❤️

06/08/2018, 12:07:12 PM

Thank you dear Glenda! So happy you liked it :)

06/07/2018, 10:03:51 PM,

Truly beautiful!

06/08/2018, 12:07:23 PM

Thank you!

Laura callies:
06/07/2018, 10:34:46 PM

I love this! Your projects have always been amazing. I am wanting to make a shaker top on an altered cigar box. What box did you use? I have some G45 staples boxes with a pre cut square i also thought about using tohose to make a shaker and a tunnel hole. Thanks for sharing this

06/08/2018, 12:08:26 PM

Hello Laura and thank for the warm words! The box that you see here was created from scratch and I will post a video tutorial for making it on my YT channel very soon. You will be able to follow along :)

Patti Henschen:
06/07/2018, 11:20:48 PM

This is a fantastic project! What did you make the top corners out of? They look like metal corners, but are they paper?

06/08/2018, 12:09:29 PM

Hello Patti! Thanks! The top corners are made of craft cardstock, colored with distress stain and covered with a layer of a Clear Rock Candy Crackle Paint by Ranger.

Debbie Siddle:
06/08/2018, 02:43:42 AM

What a lovely box. Love it. Well done but sorry to see you leave. x

06/08/2018, 12:09:56 PM

Thanks Debbie! Sorry to leave the team too, but these are the rules :)

Maryann Laursen:
06/08/2018, 09:42:35 AM

I absolutely love your box here, it´s soooo beautiful and perfect as all you do. Will miss your amazing projects here in the future, that´s for sure.

06/08/2018, 12:10:51 PM

Oh thank you dear Maryanne! Will be creating more with G45 in future, so hopefully you will want to follow my blog to see those projects :)

06/09/2018, 11:41:28 AM

LOVE the shaker box with the Sun Kissed paper. Do you have a tutorial on how to make this box? Would love to make one for my daughter. Thanks for all your brilliant and so creative work.

Jamie Schallon:
06/14/2018, 08:22:55 PM

Oh wow Alexandra, what a stunning shaker box created with the gorgeous Sun Kissed paper collection! I’m so saddened to see you go too, but will certainly follow your videos on YouTube, always so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artistic talents with us.

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