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#G45Selfie Diorama: Introducing Whimsical Paper Master, Yumi Muraeda

Posted by Graphic 45 06/29/2018 30 Comment(s) Home Decor,Tutorials,Videos,

Hello, G45ers!

 Happy Fri-yay!  Today on the Graphic 45 blog we (re)introduce you to Grand Brand Ambassador from Japan, whimsical paper master, Yumi Muraeda.  For Yumi's #G45Selfie she shares with us an outstanding 3D Olde Curiosity Shoppe Diorama complete with a Snapguide tutorial and a YouTube video tour.  Before we dive into the fun we have our weekly contest winner to announce!  


Weekly Blog Winner

This week’s prize package included a Tropical Travelogue - Deluxe Collector’s Edition, a $30 value.  The Winner is… Sandy Artman!  


Sandy had this to say on Tati Scrap’s Intro post:
“Hi, Tati,

What a creative project - fun and useful, too!

Looking forward to the delightful things to come.



Big thanks to everyone who left comments on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram this week.  You make our G45 Community a wonderful place. Sandy, please email to claim your prize.  



Grand Brand Ambassador 2018-2019

Yumi Muraeda - Japan


“Hello everyone who loves Graphic 45 in the world!

I am an ambassador for Graphic 45 this year again, and I am so happy!! Thank you very much. I sincerely thank you to Charee, Aimee, Jeff and my dearest Diane.


I am Japanese and live in Yokohama with my sweet husband. I am teaching paper craft in my atelier and having the show and shop sometimes in a department store.

I attend AFCI in winter and MMS in summer, so when you see me please say” Hi,” I love to become a friend to you!


I am thinking of spreading the beautiful paper of Graphic 45 to more people as the determination of this year.

I would like to tell a lot of people how much I can make happy time using this paper and how much I will be healed by looking at the work I created.


Everyone, I will make lots of fun works this year.

Please look forward to it.


Olde Curiosity Shopping Spree


I wanted to make some 3D ScrapBooking so I made this shop then add my portrait

I love Curious thing very much, I always looking for something odd, then I made this shop and you can see my shopping attitude lol!

Yes! I am just Hot to Trot!


I can show you how to make this Box House

I used the same size of this projects in this tutorial. 


Check out How to Graphic 45 "Communique My Secret Office" by Yumi Muraeda on Snapguide.

How to Graphic 45 "Communique My Secret Office"



Olde Curiosity Shopping design by Yumi Muraeda




Tip: I used this green light from Rure Fishing LED light


I made 3 drawers, this place you can put in small album or some accessory




I like this funny shape shelf, I made 2 of this but only one space so I add Bottle tower.



This table is made nice Lacquerware with marble top I think!



I wanted to make Stairs shelf, this one has 3 drawers I put in medicine bottles.




As a self-portrait, All photos taken by my daughter, I was so happy when she said "Nice mom, more smile!!"








Olde Curiosity Shoppe - Deluxe Collector's Edition

Graphic 45 Supplies:


Other Supplies:

  • Chipboard 1mm
  • Door Hundle
  • Lure fishing green light


Thank you very much!!




Wow!  Yumi you have outdone yourself with this fun Olde Curiosity Shoppe, we are thrilled to share your talents for another year.  G45ers, please welcome Yumi in the comments below.  We thank you for stopping by today.  Be sure to pull out your paper stash this weekend and get busy having fun!  

Happy Papercrafting!  

30 Comment(s)

Katherine Buchanan:
06/29/2018, 10:49:14 AM

Welcome back, Yumi!! Your creations have always inspired me!

Sharon Gullikson:
06/29/2018, 11:05:38 AM

Oh, I am excited that you are on board again. Your project is amazing! I don't know if I have seen any of your projects from the past, but am really looking forward to the future ones. I tend to love Japanese artwork--all forms, so that's why I was so excited to read that you will be a designer for the year!!! WELCOME

Diana Dillon:
06/29/2018, 11:40:06 AM

Hello Yumi, this project is just wonderful. I am new here so I am not familiar with the past but I am so looking forward to your future projects.

Sue D:
06/29/2018, 12:09:05 PM

Very clever.

Martie Rollin:
06/29/2018, 12:54:49 PM

Can't believe your attention to tiny details! Way beyond my patience level! Love this paper collection!

Cheryl Wells:
06/29/2018, 01:00:03 PM

Your project is AWESOME!!! All your fussy-cutting is masterful - absolutely love this!!!!

Priscilla Hughs:
06/29/2018, 01:23:14 PM

I have seen your work before and love your creativity! You definitely are original and this piece shows it... thanks for sharing!

06/29/2018, 01:24:53 PM

Wow, this is a beautiful project, one I can hardly wait to try! What an amazing gift it will make. Thank you!

Sandy Artman:
06/29/2018, 01:35:53 PM

How delightful, Yumi! This is a wonderful selfie because you put so much of yourself into it. I love that it lights up, too. Yep, totally delightful!!!

Mary Morel:
06/29/2018, 01:52:53 PM

Yumi... another outstanding project. You amaze me with your ideas and your skill with those scissors. So glad to call you friend

Claudia Machen:
06/29/2018, 02:19:19 PM

This is absolutely fantastic! Such attention to details. I am going to print the pictures so I can look at them for inspiration. Love to see more.

Maryetta Bina:
06/29/2018, 02:57:39 PM

You are an amazing artist. Congratulations on your win. Thank you; Maryetta

Pam Bearden:
06/29/2018, 03:03:12 PM

Hi Yumi, This project is simply amazing with the incredible detail and creativity in every inch of your diorama. I can't wait to see what else you design with G45 and it's stunning papers.

Ellen Haydon:
06/29/2018, 03:16:50 PM

Oh Boy, this is such a fun project. I really like all of the details and fussy cutting you had to do. I like all of your "customers". Great idea! Ellen from Phoenix

Michelle Nettleton:
06/29/2018, 03:32:48 PM

Hi Yumi, wonderful to see you and your creations! Looking forward to more fabulous art from you!

Gloria Sleeper:
06/29/2018, 03:39:11 PM

Oh my goodness!! It is Beautiful and I really love the Hot to Trot on the front.

06/29/2018, 04:21:17 PM

Love all your projects-you always have such amazing work. I can't image how long it takes to make something so fantastic. Your imagination knows no bounds. Love this-always something new to see at every angle.

Carol G.:
06/29/2018, 04:59:04 PM

Oh my!! This is an incredible project! Beautiful! And I love how you inserted yourself in it!

Susan Ashby:
06/29/2018, 05:20:07 PM

WOW! This is amazing! Welcome back Yumi. Thank you for all the pictures and great instructions. I love all the little details in this project. It is wonderful.

Judy Phillips:
06/29/2018, 05:34:18 PM

wow - this is so great! Just my cup of tea! Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your remarkable talents.

Michele Check:
06/29/2018, 06:14:43 PM

WOW! WOW! WOW! What an extraordinary piece of art! This project is beyond amazing. I can't wait to see the future projects. So glad I was privileged to see this. I am totally awe struck. Beautiful work!

Jan Kennedy:
06/29/2018, 06:23:20 PM

You must be a fun - and somewhat quirky - person to know! I would like to meet you some time, Yumi! This is a fun project!

Anne McIntosh:
06/29/2018, 07:19:38 PM

WOW Yuri! You seem to be a very interesting person I would love to know! The Olde Curiosity Shoppe is one of my favorites and you did it up wonderfully well! I could never think of all the little interesting things your put in your shop so very well, including your own picture! Thank you and I'm looking forward to more amazing things this year!

Georgia Zatto:
06/29/2018, 08:02:50 PM

WOW Yumi you are very talented!! I love how this project folds into a house like box! The inside is amazing and I love the light that you put in it!! You are definitely a great snipper of little pieces! I cannot wait to see what else you make!!

Annette Green:
06/30/2018, 07:37:16 AM,

Oh my goodness, this creation brought such a huge smile to my face. It's absolutely fantastic and perfectly YUMI! I'm so happy to have her continue this year with Graphic 45. I truly feel as if we are all one big happy family.

Carol Hughes:
06/30/2018, 09:29:06 AM, FB

Wow! I how no words for it. This is fabulous. So happy you are on the team-so we can learn from you. You have mastered this craft! (I should say art.)

Rosann Rajeana Barnes:
06/30/2018, 11:35:34 AM

WOW, WOW, and WOW again, this is 'fabtabulous'!!! The details and creativity are beyond words! So awesome... what a gift you are to the Graphic 45 Crasfting Community!

Charlene Ottinger:
06/30/2018, 09:27:20 PM

You are one HOT to TROT!!! Lovely and such detail. We owned a pharmacy in Texas 28 years ago and I just love anything showing "potions". You are one exciting artist.

R Ogburn:
07/04/2018, 10:12:05 AM

This project has to be one of the 'wonders of the paper crafting world.' All the details...absolutely fantastic! Loved that Yumi has cut outs of herself in this unique project...what a terrific idea. I do look forward to seeing more of her creative projects.

Hope Stoveken:
07/10/2018, 04:18:19 PM

Amazing. Would love to try something like this but... I don't think I could. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful designs

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