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Mastering ATC's - Tips & Tutorial Featuring Master Detective

Posted by Graphic 45 08/01/2017 70 Comment(s) Cards,Tutorials,

Hello, G45ers! 

 We are so happy to have you here today so that Einat Kessler can share her many  Master Detective artist trading cards. Einat's ATC's are clever and canny examples of one of our favorite crafting trends. Working on a confined space creates a fun challenge, while also keeping things from get overwhelming. Every little space counts, and every addition has to be carefully considered. Einat has also shared a tutorial to help us all follow the trail towards becoming master crafters. See for yourself below.


Master Detective ATC's, Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 6.jpg

Master Detective ATC’s

By Einat Kessler


Hi dear crafty friends, Einat Kessler here with a new project and tutorial!

I’m a big fan of the Master Detective paper collection and the person himself, Sherlock Holmes, so I thought it would be fun to create some ATC’s and trade them! I love making ATC’s because it’s like creating an entire project on just one piece of paper. I find it both challenging and fun to try and express an idea on such a small square.

If you are not familiar with ATC”S then here are the basics:

Artist Trading Cards.jpg


I have a confession to make… this is only the second time I’ve created ATC’s but I have to say I’m hooked!


The idea behind the ATC’s I created is to create a little scene on the card that will be both visually interesting and a little funny. If you look closely at this collection you’ll see it’s details are just amazing!


Master Detective ATC's, Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 4.jpg


A great tip for creating ATC’s is to work in layers. Because you don’t have a lot of space to work on, create layers and add height to them. This will enable you to put items on top of each other without making the card too busy.


Master Detective ATC's, Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 1.jpg


Master Detective ATC's, Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 2.jpg



Master Detective ATC's, Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 3.jpg


Master Detective ATC's, Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 5.jpg


Another tip is when you are fussy cutting, which I find essential in making ATC’s, don’t be afraid to cut images in half or use just part of them. Make the image fit the space you have.


Check out the full step by step tutorial on how to create these ATC’s



Check out How to Create Master Detective ATC's by Einat Kessler on Snapguide.


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Master Detective, graphic 45-cover-8x8-pad-600x600.jpg


I hope you liked this project!

Have fun creating!” ~Einat Kessler


(Fb prize taken)Mother Day Prize Pack $100+ value, Portrait of a Lady, Paper Pad, Staples, Ladies Diary, Deluxe Collector's Edition, Facebook Contest, 4/28/2017.jpeg

We are giving away a set that includes A Ladies Diary - DCE, Portrait of a Lady 12x12 Pad, 12x12 Patterns & Solids Pad, a Journaling Chipboard, Ephemera Cards, Shabby Chic Metal Brads, Clock Keys, and a set of ATC Black Policy Envelopes-that is over a $100 value! To enter to win, just comment here on the blog daily or over on our Facebook page.


Thanks for joining today for this amazing ATC showcase by Einat, and thanks to her for showing her cards for this informative tutorial. We are loving all the versatile Master Detective projects we have been seeing lately. We'd love to hear about how you have used this collection so far in the comments below. If you have not had a chance to work with this collection be sure to check out our Store Locator to find a Graphic 45 retailer near you or simply shop our online store.  


Happy Papercrafting!

70 Comment(s)

Rebecca Rosas:
08/01/2017, 09:50:20 AM

Cute Artist Trading Cards by Einat! What an awesome prize this would be to share with the ladies in my cardmaking group, especially since I recently got them hooked on Graphic 45!

Marianne Gonzales:
08/01/2017, 10:15:32 AM

Like all the detail. Lots to work with in this collection.

Carole Effting Lohr:
08/01/2017, 10:18:35 AM

Thanks for the great ideas and techniques. What a fun new way to use this wonderful collection.

Fran Perkins:
08/01/2017, 10:23:12 AM

Oh I having done trading cards in a long time

Jean Marmo:
08/01/2017, 10:28:09 AM

Love making ATCs. These are awesome!

Judy D.:
08/01/2017, 10:35:06 AM

Fun ATCs! Love this collection, but don't have it's on my list! Judy D.

Michele Lewis:
08/01/2017, 10:47:43 AM

I did not know what ATCs I do, and a whole new world of craft has opened up for me! Unique collection that inspires lots of ideas!

Glenda Buster:
08/01/2017, 11:12:51 AM

These ACTs look fun. Thank you for the tutorial! I've never tried them before but I certainly will now!! ❤️ Graphic 45❣️

Dawn Belger:
08/01/2017, 11:15:25 AM

What great crafty ATC cards. How cute. Thanks for all the tips.

08/01/2017, 11:18:42 AM

Delightful! Such great paper for masculine cards!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

This is a cool collection and such awesome creation with them!

Kathy L.:
08/01/2017, 12:33:20 PM

Love the ATC's! It is great to make a series with a theme, which Graphic 45 makes easy to do!

Sue LD:
08/01/2017, 12:54:12 PM

Great details--thanks for the tips.

Royce Ann Woody:
08/01/2017, 12:57:41 PM

I am in love with Graphic 45 papers and ephemera! I have made so many beautiful things using your products. Keep up the good design and themes - a pleasure to work with.

Joya Bohman:
08/01/2017, 12:59:41 PM

A lot of detail in such a small space! Master Detective is a great collection to use this way, it has so many great details and great designs. Love this collection!!

Susie Stover:
08/01/2017, 01:02:18 PM

Thanks for the tips on constructing the ATC cards.I've never tried them but may have to give it a try.

08/01/2017, 01:02:51 PM

Love all the details of these ATCs! I've never tried making them before, but I think I have to give it a try!

08/01/2017, 01:12:32 PM

Very clever ATCs

Heather park:
08/01/2017, 01:19:28 PM

I still don't know what to create with master detective, but these trading cards are fun. Fantastic prize package, my first paper was ladies diary, and I didn't touch it for ages, it's a classic!!

Kerry Peasland:
08/01/2017, 01:24:39 PM

Love it! Einat you have taken away my fear of ATC's. I'm definitely. I'm on a fixed income so I dream about Graphic 45 papers. Thank you.

08/01/2017, 01:56:33 PM, @marusaneeva

Оригинальные, стильные, остроумные и с долей юмора ATC меня просто покорили! G45- моя мечта!

08/01/2017, 01:56:34 PM, @marusaneeva

Оригинальные, стильные, остроумные и с долей юмора ATC меня просто покорили! G45- моя мечта!

Tee Hall:
08/01/2017, 02:01:59 PM,

I love making atc's and these are spectacular!

Jamie C:
08/01/2017, 02:04:43 PM

I love Sherlock, too! Wonderful fun you have created here!

Carla Hundley:
08/01/2017, 02:06:22 PM

Awesome ATCs! Looks so fun. Carla from Utah

Sue MacFall:
08/01/2017, 02:20:31 PM

Great work, Einat. Thank you for the inspiration.

Mrs. Nugent:
08/01/2017, 02:35:53 PM

Interesting use of these papers.

Michelle Nettleton:
08/01/2017, 02:44:48 PM

ATCs are mini fun to do. Really enjoyed the projects with Master Detective G45 papers!

Martie Rollin:
08/01/2017, 03:03:48 PM

I would love to use these 2 very feminine collections to make ATCs! Wonderful prize package!

Donna Leutloff:
08/01/2017, 04:18:56 PM

Purchased G45's ATC tags and now I'm hooked. They make a great tie on for gifts! Thanks for the ideas!

Rosann Barnes:
08/01/2017, 04:23:55 PM

These are nice , I love doing ATC's . And Graphic 45 has such great papers to work with !

08/01/2017, 04:31:35 PM,

I have yet to make some ATCs but your guide is fabulous and now I'm ready! How awesome would it be to win some of your fabulous products!

08/01/2017, 04:47:51 PM

New to the papercraft world, but so in love with Graphic 45. This Lady's set is amazing!!

Kayla F:
08/01/2017, 04:52:06 PM

I love this detective collection, thanks as always for the inspiration!

Tamatha Mavraides:
08/01/2017, 05:18:58 PM

While I've never won anything in my entire life, this is worth hoping for!!! I use paper crafting to help control my anxiety and now I adore it so much!!! Thank you for the opportunity and more importantly all the amazing inspiration ❤️

Sandy C.:
08/01/2017, 05:42:49 PM

Well, I have to say that ATC's are new to me! But a fun idea. Thanks for sharing.

Vanessa LeClear:
08/01/2017, 05:55:14 PM

Great ATCs, Einat! I've never made these but look forward to trying a few. Thanks for the tutorial and helpful tips!

Mathilde S:
08/01/2017, 06:09:27 PM

I never made ATC cards,looks like a fun project to try.

08/01/2017, 06:40:15 PM, Instagram/airvelin

Its awesome! I adore this

Alexandra Trigili:
08/01/2017, 07:34:03 PM

New to ATCs the step by step and the tips.

Beth Beey:
08/01/2017, 07:41:27 PM

These look fun, never done ATC's, but this makes me want to dive in!! Thanks for the tips and sharing your work with us!!!

Natalie Godfrey:
08/01/2017, 08:43:55 PM

You did an awesome job. Perfect paper to use.

Olga Dostovalova:
08/01/2017, 09:37:37 PM,

Очень красивая бумага, АТС бесподобны)

08/01/2017, 09:49:13 PM,

Wow! Awesome!

Eli REdabaugh:
08/01/2017, 10:32:01 PM,

I love this idea and these papers are fantastic!

CJ Henderson:
08/01/2017, 10:49:28 PM

ATC's are useful in many ways. Love it Einat..fierce as always

Marlena Hojda:
08/01/2017, 10:59:53 PM,

Fabolous ATC, I love it! I do ATC too, is small art but so many thing I can signify <3

Maryann Laursen:
08/01/2017, 11:10:04 PM,

Einat made such adorable and gorgeous ATC`s here today. They´re soo beautiful and can be used both as regular ATC´s but also in many other projects as embellisments. Sooo beautiful work here again.

08/01/2017, 11:17:02 PM,

I just love these ATC's, and the Master Detective collection.

08/01/2017, 11:26:00 PM

I love the trading cards. Super cute!

Carol Jones:
08/02/2017, 01:19:47 AM

Very cool projects. I have never made ATC's but it does look like fun!

08/02/2017, 01:21:51 AM

Wow! Amazing

Debbie Siddle:
08/02/2017, 01:42:17 AM

Used to trade in ATCs but it's been a long time since I did.

Dorothy McCarthy:
08/02/2017, 05:44:04 AM,

Just love this so much!!!

Kathy L.:
08/02/2017, 06:01:53 AM

I just love how the ATC's coordinate so well! Good job!

Bettina Kreuer:
08/02/2017, 06:29:08 AM

After reading this blog post, the Master Detective collection is at the top of my wish list☺

Michaele Klaerle-Pundt:
08/02/2017, 07:52:10 AM

Such a wonderful idea. Everything looks good with the Graphic 45 collections! ;-)

Carolee McCaslin:
08/02/2017, 09:04:37 AM

So much fun!! Love the trading cards!!

08/02/2017, 09:43:30 AM

A fab tutorial - I had forgotten about ATCs - they are so useful for creating mini works of art! Thanks, and for the chance to win too.

08/02/2017, 10:21:38 AM,

This is terrific! I'm hanging onto this post so I can do some CASEing using my Master Detective pad!

Kate LeBlanc:
08/02/2017, 11:16:18 AM

I love the ATC trading cards. So cool!! Great giveaway this week!

Pat Kult:
08/02/2017, 01:31:36 PM

Love the ATC trading cards. Great giveaway!

mary nagy:
08/02/2017, 03:11:38 PM

Graphic 45 has the most beautiful papers. The colors are beautiful.

08/02/2017, 03:56:40 PM

These are brilliant! And you don't often see ideas for trading cards. And such lovely designs!

08/03/2017, 12:47:55 AM,

Thanks for the tutorial

08/03/2017, 07:07:29 PM

Adore it

Toni Bettencourt:
08/11/2017, 04:57:49 AM

These are some great tips for making trading cards! I have not made a trading card yet, but with these tips, I will certainly start.Thanks!

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