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Introducing Tati Scrap, G45 Grand Ambassador - Plus 4 Projects

Posted by Graphic 45 08/07/2017 87 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Planners & Calendars,

Hello, G45ers!

  We are going to start things off with a bang this week and introduce our latest Grand Ambassador, Tati Scrap. Tati has been doing wonders with Graphic 45 as part of our design team and we are so happy she has stuck around for this exciting new role. First Tati will tell us a little bit about herself and then she will share her beautiful new Place in Time - DCE Planner. This planner shows everything we adore about Tati's technique. She includes tons of beautiful layers and perfect finishing to create a piece that is both technically and aesthetically impressive. Stick around, because after that we are going to share three of her other greatest hits as well. Before we dive in, it is time to announce this week's blog prize. 


(FB prize April 14) Off to the Races, ATC Book Box, Metal Prize $40 Graphic 45

This week’s prize package features our Off to the Races collection, including an 8x8 paper pad, 6x6 Patterns & Solids paper pad, Decorative Chipboard, Ephemera Cards, an ATC Book Box in black, and Shabby Chic Antique Metal Door Pulls, the total value of $40.  


Tati Photo Bio.jpg

Tati Scrap

G45 Grand Brand Ambassador



My name is Raquel, though I’m known as Tati Scrap in the craft world.

The name "Tati" is in memory to my lovely dog, Tati....she died in 2013, the year I started to be a crafter, and it is my tribute to her.

I´m 42 years old. I was born in Cádiz City, Spain, where the weather is always warm and sunny!   

I am married to an amazing man, Ramon, and we have five dogs!! I'm a nurse of my profession.

When I discovered Graphic 45 collections in June of 2013, it challenged me... they inspired me and I do not need anything else except my nurse scissors and the many ideas in my mind.

I am honoured to have been a part of the awesome Graphic 45 Design Team and for this one more year as Grand Ambassador... a dream made reality!!

I love papercrafting, a world of creativity that I adore with Graphic 45 papers!!


Fun Facts:

I enjoy creating cute mini- albums with Graphic 45 papers and staples.

I always listen to music while I work in my craftroom

My first G45 collection was French Country..and now it is re-published in a Deluxe Collector's Edition

My favorite scrapbooking tool are scissors… Of course!!


Tati, One year Planner, Plce in Time DCE, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 1.jpg


In this project I decided to use one of favorite Graphic 45 collections..”Place in Time” It is perfect to make several projects and ideal to make my 2017 Planner.

The best tip for my work is layering and I always make my own album bindings.” ~Tati Scrap


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Place in Time - Deluxe Collector's Edition


Other Supplies:

  • Cardboard
  • Some fabric
  • Piece of ribbon
  • Petaloo Flowers
  • Metal staples


Tati, One year Planner, Plce in Time DCE, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 10.jpg


Tati, One year Planner, Plce in Time DCE, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 11.jpg


Tati, One year Planner, Plce in Time DCE, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 12.jpg


Tati, One year Planner, Plce in Time DCE, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 13.jpg


Tati, One year Planner, Plce in Time DCE, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 2.jpg


Tati, One year Planner, Plce in Time DCE, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 6.jpg


Tati’s 3 Featured Projects:

feature 1, tati-enchanted-forest-square-tag-pocket-album-product-by-graphic-45-photo-9.jpg

Enchanted Forest Square Tags & Pockets Album

By Tati Scrap


See full project...


Graphic 45 Supplies:


abc primer, matchbook box, tati scrap, feature.jpg

ABC Primer Gift Set

By Tati Scrap

See full project...


Graphic 45 Supplies:



Autumn Recipe Album

By Tati Scrap


See full project...


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Botanicabella - Deluxe Collector's Edition


Well, if you have not already left to get started on a Place in Time - DCE Planner of your own after that inspiring show, let take a moment to say thanks for being here with us. We love getting to provide daily inspiration to all you G45ers here at the blog. We could not do it without the talents of Brand Ambassadors and Grand Ambassadors, including Tati Scrap. It is always a treat to get a peek inside the lives of these talented designers and of course to see their latest works of art! We are thrilled to spend another year getting to see what Tati comes up with next. Remember to comment below and/or on Facebook for your chance to win this week's blog prize and head on over to to find the store nearest you or shop online. 


Happy Papercrafting!

87 Comment(s)

Mary Morel:
08/07/2017, 09:55:51 AM

Tate's work is always so beautiful and inspiring. Looking forward to seeing her again on the cruise

Rosann Barnes:
08/07/2017, 09:58:35 AM

Always love Tati Scraps creativeness and her attention to detail... she keeps you oooing and aaahing with her magical creations !

Bettina Kreuer:
08/07/2017, 10:13:42 AM

Great projects! I always love to see what your design team creates with the fabulous papers of G45.

Carole Effting Lohr:
08/07/2017, 10:14:33 AM

These projects are just wonderful! They are beautiful designs using all those wonderful G45 collections. Thanks for the great tips, and it was fun learning about Tati Scrap as a person and designer.

Pat Ford:
08/07/2017, 10:40:18 AM

Tati Scrap is so creative. I love her projects with Graphic 45!

Marie Frederick:
08/07/2017, 10:44:35 AM

Tati Scrap projects are very creative. So many projects can be achieved with a little creativity and Graphic 45's paper collections.

08/07/2017, 11:03:42 AM

Thank you for the chance to win!

Glenda Buster:
08/07/2017, 11:13:54 AM

Tati the albums are fabulous and thank you for the tips. Love your layering and how you combine so many different materials!

Michele Lewis:
08/07/2017, 11:32:47 AM

Tati's work is just innovative. Love the G45 collections she chose to use for each one. I love visiting this's my daily coffee spot! LOL

08/07/2017, 11:33:22 AM

What awesome projects, love them! Would be thrilled to win - thanks for the chance.

Martie Rollin:
08/07/2017, 12:12:08 PM

The cover on the Autumn Recipe Album is gorgeous! Beautiful colors, images and layers...beautiful! Love seeing projects by this paper artist!

Dawn Belger:
08/07/2017, 12:12:28 PM

So good to see Tati back on the team. Her designs are always beautiful.

Mary Angela Hauser:
08/07/2017, 12:24:06 PM

Graphic 45 Paper Collections are my "go to" supplies whenever my creative juices need fulfilling! Learning more about Tati Scrap has been interesting & helpful in understanding where her own inspired creations spring forth from. I Love her Artwork & all G45 materials; indeed, I feel thankful for both!

Mathilde S:
08/07/2017, 12:37:39 PM

Gorgeous projects Tati,so much creativity and talent!Love all the details and how you showcased the different collections. Thanks G45 for a chance to win this awesome giveaway.

Sandi pierce:
08/07/2017, 12:38:09 PM

Tatis work is so incredible. I could watch her all day

Sharon Clabaugh:
08/07/2017, 12:42:17 PM

What dreamy papers! Tati knows just how to do them justice. I have admired her work for a long time.

Sherri Mitchell:
08/07/2017, 12:49:51 PM,

Absolutely stunning work Raquel! I love your style. You have an eye for the perfect placement and the right amount of embellishments - making everything you create pull together perfectly! I enjoyed this blog post so much! Thank you for sharing with us ♥ I would love to win this collection! How wonderful. Thank you so much Graphic 45 for the opportunity! You are generous beyond words to us!

Pirjo Callies:
08/07/2017, 01:00:44 PM

Beautiful work Raquel! You are a real inspiration with all that wonderful Graphic45 papers. Love to take part to win the Off to the Races collection as I love horses.

08/07/2017, 01:25:34 PM,

Perfect ideas for this collection, Tati. ”Place in Time” is perfect for my album and planner projects.

Sue LD:
08/07/2017, 01:26:53 PM

Wow--fabulous albums and cute Primer gift set.

Michele ONeal:
08/07/2017, 01:41:37 PM

This is a beautiful collection.... love Off to the Races! Takes me back to when I had

Gillian Brown:
08/07/2017, 01:43:06 PM,

Hello to Tati. Lovely works and great giveaway! Very inspiring.

Veronica Roske:
08/07/2017, 01:44:27 PM

Very beautiful albums and gift set Raquel (Tati Scraps). Lots of fussy cutting and scissors are such a must for this fine detailed work.

Nancy Hodges:
08/07/2017, 01:45:09 PM

Yes! Please! & thank you!!!

Jean Marmo:
08/07/2017, 01:52:16 PM

Simply gorgeous projects! So many details!

Marianne Decoster:
08/07/2017, 02:00:19 PM,

What a beautiful creations with the Graphic45 collection. I love these. Thanks for the chance

08/07/2017, 02:07:39 PM

Love your work and I enjoy how you paper piece everything together to make such lovely albums.

Christine Pascual:
08/07/2017, 02:10:30 PM

You inspire me to let our imagination create beautiful projects with G45 papers/products collection. Great job!

Penny Whitlock:
08/07/2017, 02:19:00 PM

Raquel (Tati Scrap) is truly a talented paper artist! Thanks so much for sharing ... what a fun planner! Thanks for the chance to win G45!

Sharon Gullikson:
08/07/2017, 02:33:53 PM

I just adore your papers!!!

Mary Janson:
08/07/2017, 02:37:15 PM

Tati Scrap shared that she started papercrafting in 2013 after the loss of a beloved pet. I too started papercrafting after having a double mastectomy and going through chemo and radiation. I had never done any type of craft projects prior to my diagnosis but after seeing a post on Facebook that was a tutorial for a Christmas book from G45 I became interested. On reflection I saw that the papercrafting was a way for me to work through and ultimately come to accept certain changes that were happening in my life. I am curious as to how many other people have used papercrafting to work through a loss in life or emotional times.

08/07/2017, 02:49:51 PM

Love graphic 45. Off to the races is one of my favorites. Please pick me

08/07/2017, 02:50:03 PM

This would be a wonderful gift to win for my birthday. good luck everyone

Wanda Kitchen:
08/07/2017, 02:56:36 PM

Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous prize - I enter in hope!

Michelle Nettleton:
08/07/2017, 03:10:34 PM

Tati, your minis are always a treat to see!

Jaimi Bailey:
08/07/2017, 03:11:55 PM

Tati makes such beautiful projects!

08/07/2017, 03:11:56 PM, @marusaneeva

Wonderful ! I like Tati's work so much!

08/07/2017, 03:13:22 PM


Lynda Keyes:
08/07/2017, 03:24:40 PM,

OH.... I'm going to KY on vacation and visiting Churhill Downs and the Derby museum. These would be so perfect for that trip! LOVE THEM!

Chris March:
08/07/2017, 03:25:19 PM

Love all you do, thanks for the tutorials.

Sandy Carroll:
08/07/2017, 03:30:31 PM

Beautiful little albums! Love all the stuff hanging off the first one!

Collette kunkler:
08/07/2017, 03:49:56 PM

Love everything, so creative and the way you use the papers

Marlene F.:
08/07/2017, 03:54:14 PM

What a beautiful collection. Thanks for the chance to win. I love using Graphic 45 paper and embellishments as it makes the best cards and projects. Many thanks for designing such nice papers for us to create with! We all appreciate it.

08/07/2017, 04:18:32 PM

As always, the designers amaze me with their endless ideas. Tati Scrap doesn't disappoint!

08/07/2017, 04:37:45 PM

Tati's work is amazing! She and Graphic 45 are the perfect combination!

08/07/2017, 04:45:27 PM

Tati's project is totally amazing!

Fran Perkins:
08/07/2017, 05:05:59 PM

what awesome albums

Sharon Castillo:
08/07/2017, 05:25:08 PM

The products are wonderful. The artwork is innovative and lovely too. Hope I could win this so I could also make one. Thanks for the giveaway.

Maria Valderez Tomazoni:
08/07/2017, 05:32:14 PM

Thanks for the tutorial . I love to see what your design team creates with the beautiful papers of G45

Charity Dill:
08/07/2017, 05:46:40 PM

Stunning.....just stunning.

Phaline Mays:
08/07/2017, 05:48:07 PM

Beautiful projects! And you just can't go wrong with G45 paper packs. Gorgeous colors and designs!

Fran Perkins:
08/07/2017, 05:55:05 PM

Beautiful colors and the albums are awesome

Deborah Cook:
08/07/2017, 05:58:29 PM

Tati has always been one of my heroes. She creates with such passion and love. I always look forward to her posts. Thanks for a chance to win a fabulous prize. G45 is so generous to all of us customers. I don't know of another company out here that just gives away prizes like yall do. G45 is number One !!

Theresa Bradley:
08/07/2017, 06:16:29 PM

Have not had the pleasure of working with her beautiful stuff... Can't wait !!!❤

susie doucet:
08/07/2017, 06:24:32 PM

Beautiful collection!

Dale Tiernan:
08/07/2017, 06:44:39 PM,

Love it all. I NEED Off To The Races.

Carol Jones:
08/07/2017, 06:55:06 PM

Beautiful work! So talented. I've enjoyed seeing your work with G45 & I'm so glad you'll be with us another year Tati!

Fran Schaak:
08/07/2017, 07:22:12 PM

Beautiful Projects

lucille martin:
08/07/2017, 07:23:09 PM

Love these projects they are so great.

Janet Ingraham:
08/07/2017, 07:51:21 PM

So obvious why you are the grand master!!!

Natalie Godfrey:
08/07/2017, 07:53:17 PM

OMG! I love the albums created with this beautiful papers.

Cynthia Xavier:
08/07/2017, 09:31:47 PM

Love all the products in the give away.

08/07/2017, 09:39:41 PM

Beautiful projects with your lovely papers and products.. I adore all of these...

Laura Graham:
08/07/2017, 10:05:46 PM

August 11th is my birthday. Just sayin'. Love your work.

Piia Hiltunen:
08/08/2017, 12:33:34 AM,

Beautiful work! And awesome prize too. I would love to play with these!

Maryann Laursen:
08/08/2017, 01:21:38 AM,

I really adore all Tati´s work, and this first album here is just one of those on my list to do, so this is sooo perfect as she share soo many great tips here. Thanks sooo much for all your lovely inspiration always Tati, I love it.

Maryann Laursen:
08/08/2017, 01:21:39 AM,

I really adore all Tati´s work, and this first album here is just one of those on my list to do, so this is sooo perfect as she share soo many great tips here. Thanks sooo much for all your lovely inspiration always Tati, I love it.

Elizabeth Urquhart:
08/08/2017, 01:54:04 AM

Amazing projects! Love the attention to detail. The projects are so inspiring - as are all Graphic 45 papers. Just love working with them.

Joan Moser:
08/08/2017, 02:30:54 AM

It is always very interesting reading about your artists and their inspirations for their creative designs! I love the G45 products. This all combined helps me get my own creativity off to a jump start! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jan Ladd:
08/08/2017, 02:41:01 AM

Love this planner. I am inspired!

Carol G.:
08/08/2017, 03:13:20 AM

I always get excited when I receive an email from your site because I know that when I open it I'm in for a treat! The collections and the projects are always beautiful! Your design team always comes up with the most gorgeous designs.

Bobbi McFadden:
08/08/2017, 04:34:54 AM

Love Tati's projects!!! I want to make all 3 projects. Th he paper and projects are both amazing. Which one to do first??

Dorothy McCarthy:
08/08/2017, 06:21:03 AM,

So beautiful!!!

Sue MacFall:
08/08/2017, 07:43:34 AM

Thank you Tati for these wonderful projects - I love your work and it really helps me get inspired.

Lynn Rogers:
08/08/2017, 08:50:34 AM

Great projects! As a Louisville Native, I'm exciting about the Derby themed papers. Yea!!

Carolee McCaslin:
08/08/2017, 09:07:37 AM

Beautiful projects and inspiration!!

Michaele Klaerle-Pundt:
08/08/2017, 09:13:12 AM

So wonderful how she combines the Graphic 45 papers and the embellishments and decoration.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

I so love that planner. It's stunning!

Kate LeBlanc:
08/08/2017, 11:51:27 AM

Tati's projects are just magical. Thank you Graphic 45 for all of the inspiration! Another great giveaway this week.

Gina Bloyaert:
08/08/2017, 12:00:10 PM

Hallo, I'am always happy so get a email from Graphic45 and speciale when iT comes from Tati. I don't know how iT comes bhat i'am a great follower from Tati everwrything That see created with Graphic45 is so so BEAUTIFUL!! Mvg Gina Belgium

Autumn Clark:
08/08/2017, 12:06:53 PM,

Welcome Tati! Beautiful project! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing package!

08/08/2017, 05:33:51 PM

The imagination of your designers never cease to amaze me. Beautiful projects. I would love to win the collection offered.

Karen Hale:
08/08/2017, 05:57:10 PM

Tati Scrap designs are gorgeous. Love all G45 collections. Off to the Races is a fave.

Helen Brennan:
08/09/2017, 06:13:40 PM

The designs are must brilliant. Would just love to win something like this. I have never won anything in my life, this would be great. Thank you.

08/10/2017, 05:40:23 AM,

So beautiful!!!

Dianna Dean:
08/10/2017, 06:39:53 PM

Such beautiful projects! It was interesting learning about you.

Annick DENIS:
08/11/2017, 04:54:14 AM

I like just very much your papers !

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