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Nature Sketchbook Notebook Complete with Tutorial

Posted by Graphic 45 08/14/2017 163 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Tutorials,#SimplyG45,

Hello, G45ers!

Welcome to a new week on the Graphic 45 blog!  Today we are celebrating nature, creativity, and beauty with Lena Astafeva's Nature Sketchbook Notebook.  This Notebook is perfect for storing dried flowers, herbs, and findings, it would also be great as a scrapbook album welcoming your photos and keepsakes.  Lena not only shares stunning photos of this album, she also shares an easy to follow #SimplyG45 Snapguide tutorial so you too can create your own.  So let's kick off this week with creative fun, inspiration, and a fabulous prize package.  

3x3 Challenge, Patterns & Solids, Tags & Pockets, Vintage Hollywood, Portrait of a Lady, Midnight Masquerade, graphic 45, prize package, $95.50 value

This week's prize package is valued over $95 and includes three Patterns & Solids paper pads and Die-Cut Tags & Pockets from Vintage HollywoodPortrait of a Lady, and Midnight Masquerade, along with a Deep Square Matchbook Box.  To enter to win this fabulous prize just leave a comment here and/or on Facebook.  The winner will be announced on Friday, August 18th blog post.  


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-1.jpg

Nature Sketchbook Notebook

By Lena Astafeva

“I’ve made a notebook for a botanist. In summer you can collect herbs and stick them in this notebook. You  can put something in the envelopes.” ~Lena Astafeva


Check out How to Notebook for a Botanist by Elena Astafeva on Snapguide.

Nature Sketchbook Notebook Snapguide Tutorial


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-14.jpg


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-15.jpg


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-16.jpg


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-18.jpg


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-19.jpg


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-20.jpg


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-21.jpg


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-22.jpg


Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-23.jpg


Graphic 45 Supplies:


Other Supplies:

  • Craft paper

Notebook-Naturesketchbook-by tutorial Lena Astafeva-product Graphic 45-6.jpg

“Nature is infinitely creative. It is always producing the possibility of new beginnings.” - Marianne Williamson

Thank you for joining us for another fun filled blog, and big thanks to Lena for sharing your undying creativity.  Join us all week for inspiring tutorials, projects, and tips to use over and over again.  Be sure to check out our online shop and store locator to bring these products to your own craft table.  We believe our products only come to life once you begin creating with them, so pull out your stash and start having fun!  

Happy Papercrafting!

163 Comment(s)

Marianne Gonzales:
08/14/2017, 10:01:52 AM

Great use of G45 products. Love the combination of Nature's Sketchbook against the neutral backgrounds.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Nature sketchbook is one of my favorite collection and I still hoard it till today, this lovely project inspired me to get them out and play! Thanks for sharing!

Mathilde S.:
08/14/2017, 10:21:05 AM

I love this Notebook,this would make a fabulous gift for any gardener and Nature lover.This collection is one of my favourite.

Deb Cox:
08/14/2017, 10:37:50 AM

What a beautiful idea! This paper is perfect for the nature lover in us all!

Rosann Barnes:
08/14/2017, 10:46:36 AM

What a clever notebook and that closing so fits Nature Sketchbook Collection !

08/14/2017, 10:49:25 AM

What a fantastic project, not to mention the great giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Cindy Yinger:
08/14/2017, 11:32:23 AM

Nature's Sketchbook is one of my favorites. Great job on the album.

08/14/2017, 11:49:58 AM

Wonderful notebook!! I love the papers that were used!

08/14/2017, 12:11:19 PM

Fabulous! I love that paper collection and this project shows it off to perfection.

Diane F:
08/14/2017, 12:20:50 PM

Beautiful project. Love Nature's Sketchbook collection and it is just perfect in this Notebook. Kudos.

beca yahrling:
08/14/2017, 12:22:02 PM

I love this idea! My hubby does Bonsai and of course, I love the ones that flower the best! And I love to make dried flowers with them, too. This sketchbook is just beautiful!

Donna Lagoda:
08/14/2017, 12:27:13 PM

This was a cool idea.! Great for gardens, recipes, or a general idea journal. Sad to see chipboard was disc.

Sue LD:
08/14/2017, 12:33:14 PM

We have a large property and this would be perfect for photos or botanical samples.

Michele Lewis:
08/14/2017, 01:11:40 PM

I Love this idea! What a great use of the Nature Scrapbook Collection. Thank you for the inspiration!

Patty Fuller:
08/14/2017, 01:21:51 PM

Thanks for the great tutorial!

Jean Marmo:
08/14/2017, 01:31:03 PM

Such a lovely notebooK!

08/14/2017, 01:33:38 PM, @marusaneeva

Лена! Прекрасная работа! Простота и изящество! Благородное ретро с винтажными нотками!

08/14/2017, 01:47:02 PM

Right up my alley !!!! Love, Love Love

Marsha Donaldson:
08/14/2017, 01:47:24 PM

I am always inspired to try the projects and especially appreciate the tutorials. Nature's Sketchbook offers boundless possibilities.

April Puzzuoli:
08/14/2017, 01:47:56 PM

I adore Nature's Notebook papers and products! It is great to use for greeting cards. I love the Sketchbook featured w this mailing. Great combination of materials.

Theresa Bush:
08/14/2017, 01:51:17 PM

I'm starting to collect herbs for medicinal and skin care. This will make a wonderful way to identify them and the beautiful papers and tutorial make it super easy. Thanks.

Jan Ross:
08/14/2017, 01:52:27 PM

I have to agree with the other crafters, this is one of my favorite collections, and I use it sparingly when I think or see another worthy project.....and this may be one. Did you make your own book with the ring binding, or is that a G45 supply that I have missed? Great work, and I already have some fresh lavender to dry!

Jan Ross:
08/14/2017, 01:56:12 PM

Lena I apologize, I am watching the guide now and see how you made the book! I don't own that tool yet, but I can see how it could come in handy for many projects.

Cheryl Williams:
08/14/2017, 01:53:06 PM

I loved this. Natures Sketchbook is such a versatile collection. Wish they were not discontinuing pieces of it.

Raquel Branom:
08/14/2017, 02:00:59 PM

The daily G45 daily inspirations helps boost my creativity! I love the Nature Sketchbook collection. I'm creating a gardening and planting diary using the collection

08/14/2017, 02:06:37 PM

Love Natures Sketchbook! Beautiful little booklet would also be great for painting and sketching. Nice giveaway.

Sue McKitrick:
08/14/2017, 02:10:48 PM

Such a super project using this beautiful G45 paper design. Love the ideas you share with us each day.

Heather park:
08/14/2017, 02:11:39 PM

Great tips on how to include those envelopes I love so much, don't want to use mine because both sides are soo lovely!!!

leslie gilford:
08/14/2017, 02:15:56 PM

Nature and outdoors are my favorite. Natures Sketchbook is another beautiful line. I can use the images in so many projects. I am currently to create a booklet with another of your lines, Under the sea. Thank you for sharing!

Lesley Attary:
08/14/2017, 02:29:03 PM

I can't get enough of the Nature's Sketchbook collection!! Please keep these beautiful projects coming! They are so inspiring!!

Michelle Nettleton:
08/14/2017, 02:31:42 PM

Fantastic, a G45 smash book for a nature enthusiast! So clever

Martie Rollin:
08/14/2017, 02:38:24 PM

A most generous prize package!! Thanks for so many creative supplies!!

08/14/2017, 03:41:55 PM,

Lena's Nature Sketchbook notebook is beautiful! The black looks stunning with the other colors. Thanks for the chance to win a prize package of your wonderful products.

Cali Crafter:
08/14/2017, 03:49:03 PM

I love how Lena added elements of nature to this wonderful paper collection.

Charla Fleming:
08/14/2017, 03:52:09 PM

Thank you for continuing the give aways. These are beautiful papers!

Kay Corley:
08/14/2017, 03:53:01 PM

I am planning on making a journal from Nature Sketchbook. There is some nice inspiration in Lena's notebook! I can always use the three Patterns & Solids paper pads and other items in the prize pack! I am drooling already lol

08/14/2017, 04:24:48 PM

Lena's project is beautiful. I have been planning a mini-album for my husband featuring our trees & garden. The prize pack papers would be perfect for this project. Thank you for the chance to win it!

Janet Ingraham:
08/14/2017, 05:47:17 PM

I'm so tickled to have a favorite paper pack used in these projects. Love the possible use to use as specimen journal

Judy Phillips:
08/14/2017, 06:24:37 PM

What a beautiful notebook! I love this paper pack! And thanks for the instructions!

08/14/2017, 07:04:59 PM

I have the perfect use for this notebook for an eco dyeing workshop I am attending in September. Thanks so much for the "how to".

Diana W.:
08/14/2017, 07:18:50 PM

My favorite papers! This album is lovely. Can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing this.

Susie doucet:
08/14/2017, 07:37:10 PM

Lovely collection!

TC Dye:
08/14/2017, 07:37:33 PM

Not sure how you can have consistent WOW factors when you release a line and also these projects. All I have to say is Dang you go with your mad skillzzzz G45!!!!!

Sharon Gullikson:
08/14/2017, 07:38:39 PM

The butterflies, and real flowers, are wonderful!!!

D Roepke:
08/14/2017, 07:39:25 PM

Such a beautiful collection! Going to use it for a large tri-fold folio :) Can't wait!

08/14/2017, 07:39:45 PM

Love all Graphic 45 products!

Marlene F.:
08/14/2017, 07:40:59 PM

I love this assortment of paper. I love the tags that you do and they are so versatile to use in so many ways. I have not made a matchbox yet. It's on my list. Thanks for the chance to win. I have been enjoying watching your video on Friday mornings. So many helpful ideas.

08/14/2017, 07:42:20 PM

I love the exquisite artwork of the Midnight Masquerade collection

Phyllis Montour:
08/14/2017, 07:45:22 PM

I love all your items. Hate to use them because they are so beautiful.

Sharon Gutsell:
08/14/2017, 07:45:32 PM

Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabulous products Graphic45. Love your inspirational projects you share with us too

08/14/2017, 07:46:17 PM

beautiful and inspiring!

Caryl R. Buck:
08/14/2017, 07:49:10 PM

Graphic 45 papers have got to e the most beautiful of all craft papers.

08/14/2017, 07:49:31 PM

Wao such a lovely album. N love all projects made wurh graphic 45 paper.....

08/14/2017, 07:50:19 PM

Would love to win the gorgeous papers so I could use them in my crafting. Thank you x

Deb Jestin:
08/14/2017, 07:50:28 PM, Graphic 45

Love these ....please I would love to win them ☺

Dianna McGraw:
08/14/2017, 07:53:13 PM

Beautiful. Thank you for an opportunity to win this awesome selection of G45 papers!

Linda Cosby:
08/14/2017, 07:54:06 PM

Love the papers and all the matching products! Thank you for all the great project ideas. They inspire!

Cecilia Zertuche:
08/14/2017, 07:54:26 PM,

I love all the projects you share for us in your blog, thanks, but I love love love your papers!!!! I think what is best of them is that, when I saw them, they bring great memories always!!! the most beautiful papers <3

ava gavloski:
08/14/2017, 07:58:12 PM

Great presentation by Lena. Thanks for sharing well designed pattern paper colletions with matching cardstock

Judy Albertson:
08/14/2017, 07:58:20 PM

I love the vibrant colors in the Graphic 45 paper line.

08/14/2017, 07:59:40 PM

I love all your design! Thank you for sharing with us all your beautiful work

Laurie Black:
08/14/2017, 08:02:54 PM

The notebook project is gorgeous! Nature's Sketchbook is my favorite collection so far!

Nicole Brown:

I could have so much fun crafting with these wonderful G45 products! Thanks you for the chance to win.

Natalie Godfrey:
08/14/2017, 08:10:49 PM

I love how you created this album.

Kelly Wood:
08/14/2017, 08:10:51 PM

I have never seen the nature collection. It's so pretty. I love the butterflies and vintage feel.

08/14/2017, 08:11:36 PM

Pretty please and thank you!

Tara Kramer:
08/14/2017, 08:12:25 PM

Love these ❤️

Nancy Hodgee:
08/14/2017, 08:15:39 PM


Ginger McElwain:
08/14/2017, 08:15:50 PM

Love, love, love G45!!!!!! Best products and designs!

Barb Slater:
08/14/2017, 08:18:12 PM

Love all these collections! Thanks for the ideas!

elizabeth mcgovern:
08/14/2017, 08:32:40 PM

I like all the collections

Leona Needham:
08/14/2017, 08:38:40 PM

Always such beautifully designed paper. Yet difficult to cut into to feel that it is ruined once cut. As always, a good design team to help for inspiration and creativity Thank you for a chance to win something beautiful.

Jill Beattie:
08/14/2017, 08:40:56 PM

Adore Graphic45,you can never fail to be inspired by their designs and this set is no exception

Maria Mendoza:
08/14/2017, 08:44:09 PM

Love the project

Gerry Wolfe:
08/14/2017, 08:51:35 PM

Nice project. Graphic 45 papers are great for all my projects.

Robin Bissland:
08/14/2017, 08:51:36 PM

Such a beautiful notebook. Any Gardner would love it!!! Love it!!!

D Brown:
08/14/2017, 09:00:39 PM

Would love to win the prize package...thanks

Jaimi Bailey:
08/14/2017, 09:15:14 PM

Love the notebook! Nature's Sketchbook is such a beautiful collection.

08/14/2017, 09:20:26 PM

I love adore the wonderful greens & aqua colors in this Nature Collection. I want to make a fall journal out of this collection! It will be so much fun! Keep designing G45 peeps

DC Thoms:
08/14/2017, 09:24:53 PM

Love the matchbook box. Haven't seen them around here. Must look harder!

Sudha Kabra:
08/14/2017, 09:24:57 PM

Lovely papers and very beautiful creation....

koalabc barb:
08/14/2017, 09:30:02 PM

Wonderful collection here..I want to make my wedding scrapbook with your lovely products.This would really help out..Lovely giveaway..

Priya Mishra:
08/14/2017, 09:30:59 PM,

Wow... What a fabulous use of the beautiful papers. I would love to win this fabulous giveaway. Thay are gorgeous as always.

08/14/2017, 09:55:38 PM

This is beautiful! Love this paper, what a great idea to try. Thank you for the inspiration!

cecilia mcculloch:
08/14/2017, 09:59:17 PM, facebook

G45 is the greatest. all the products are amazing and to be able to win some G45 would be wonderful.

Carole Effting Lohr:
08/14/2017, 10:00:53 PM

Nature Sketchbook is an especially beautiful collection for cardmakers because the designs are appropriate for so many occasions. I love the journal project and the additional use of envelopes for tuck ins. Thanks for sharing.

08/14/2017, 10:01:53 PM

Nature's sketchbook is a beautiful collection that would be perfect for so many projects all through the year.

Sabrina Correa:
08/14/2017, 10:23:10 PM

Such lovely projects! Love g45 papers!

Karen Waldner:
08/14/2017, 10:36:35 PM

What a beautiful project, I'm a big nature fan, so this is perfect, thanks for the change to win.

08/14/2017, 11:06:00 PM,

Thank you for sharing this adorable Nature's Sketchbook. It is a beautiful way to use this great paper collection. WOW.

Tammy Valley:
08/14/2017, 11:07:54 PM

This notebook is a wonderful way to portray this gorgeous collection. After spending a couple days in the northwoods, I love the collection even more, so much beauty!

Lisa Streeff:
08/14/2017, 11:20:55 PM

I would love to win some Graphic 45 papers!

Andrea Terletski:
08/14/2017, 11:24:15 PM

Oo- ah! Great package! Brains already rollin with ideas as fabulous as the package! Thanks for the opportunity!

Dianna Dean:
08/14/2017, 11:32:00 PM

This is such a fun and beautiful notebook! Thank you for the tutorial.

Bettina Kreuer:
08/14/2017, 11:37:07 PM

This notebook is beautiful. It is just the right place to collect dried flowers.

Jan Maytum:
08/15/2017, 12:03:49 AM

Another lovely project using fabulous papers. Thank you!

Kate LeBlanc:
08/15/2017, 12:04:23 AM

Lovely, lovely project. It would be a great gift for any gardener. Fantastic giveaway this week, I would be ecstatic to win!

Cynthia Xavier:
08/15/2017, 12:10:57 AM

Love G45 paper, tags and die-cuts. Beautiful colors and patterns

Scrap by Eszter:
08/15/2017, 01:08:48 AM,

Beautiful project! I love this paper collection! ❤

Sheri Plasker:
08/15/2017, 01:16:20 AM

Beautiful album and wonderful idea! Would love to do this myself!

Debbie Siddle:
08/15/2017, 01:46:13 AM

Love the idea of using envelopes and tags to make albums. Great idea. Such a pretty prize too. x

Maryann Laursen:
08/15/2017, 02:03:51 AM,

Such an awesome album here, and a great way to make it. Would be perfect to make for some of all my many grandkids here. I love it, and would love to give it a try too.

08/15/2017, 02:07:15 AM, HTTP://

Wow this Notebook is gorgeous!! I love it ❤️

Susan Yang:
08/15/2017, 02:21:41 AM

Love these ❤️

08/15/2017, 03:08:21 AM

I absolutely love G45 for the beautiful designs, ideas and their versatility, I use them for everything from cards to mixed media projects but have recently been shown how to create an album with all the flips and flaps by Sandra Carey and now have a list of different styles I want to try so thank you for the chance of winning some amazing producrs to play with

08/15/2017, 03:18:29 AM

Beautiful mini album!

Marlena Hojda:
08/15/2017, 03:27:28 AM,

Fabulous notebook and mega gorgerous giveaway. Thanx for beaty inspirations and a chance to win <3

Marlena Hojda:
08/15/2017, 03:28:03 AM

*beauty inspirations <3

Robin Mowat:
08/15/2017, 03:59:34 AM

This is such a beautiful line of paper. It would be ever so nice to win it.

Jackie Pollock:
08/15/2017, 04:14:19 AM

What a great idea for a lovely paper collection ! I am an avid Nature lover so I love this idea. How nice it would be to win this !!

Kate Williams:
08/15/2017, 04:43:26 AM

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

08/15/2017, 04:45:33 AM,

I think this collection would go wonderful with all my garden themed ideas. I would love to win this. I spend much of my time creating gardens to attract beautiful birds butterflys and humming birds. How wonderful would it be to scrapbook my cottage garden with this.

08/15/2017, 05:03:29 AM,

This Lena`s Nature Sketchbook is wonderful! Лена, чудесная работа!!!

08/15/2017, 05:10:37 AM

Wow!! What could be better than this?? Amazing products from an amazing company!! LOVE ❤️ G45!!

Dorothy McCarthy:
08/15/2017, 05:19:05 AM,

Such a beautiful book!!!

Ricki k:
08/15/2017, 05:35:39 AM

Fabulous book!!! I love everything about this paper!!!!! Love G45

Wanda Smith:
08/15/2017, 05:37:20 AM

Wow this is gorgeous! I love Graphic 45...thanks for the opportunity to win!

Vicki Morris:
08/15/2017, 05:41:54 AM

The notebook is so beautiful.

Sharon Clabaugh:
08/15/2017, 05:47:20 AM

Cute album with a great collection of 45 papers.

Annette Klasinz:
08/15/2017, 05:51:06 AM

Graphic 45 is the best paper and subject matter that is in the industry!

Theresa Pollack:
08/15/2017, 06:19:27 AM

Love the notebook! Great papers.

08/15/2017, 06:20:11 AM,

Чудесная бумага Graphic45 вдохновляет на замечательные работы!!!

Judy Hodges:
08/15/2017, 06:20:25 AM

Beautiful project. I love G 45!

Kathy Lutter:
08/15/2017, 06:28:11 AM

Oh, I just love all things Graphic 45! I especially am drawn to the Nature Sketchbook collection. What Lena has done with this latest notebook is magical- real flower and all!

DeAnn R.:
08/15/2017, 06:32:09 AM

Oh the possibilities!

Amy Green:
08/15/2017, 06:55:57 AM

A beautiful notebook! Nature sketchbook is one of my favorites!

Fran Perkins:
08/15/2017, 07:04:50 AM

I just love all the projects, paper and the extras you all come up with

Lin oz:
08/15/2017, 07:13:31 AM

Just gorgeous! I adore these products - they make me want to create something each time I view them. Thanks.

Mary Bourgeois:
08/15/2017, 07:31:19 AM

Such stunning papers. I just bought some Graphic 45 paper in another design. I might have to make another run to the craft store if I don't win this.

08/15/2017, 07:31:46 AM

Love all of this!

Sue MacFall:
08/15/2017, 07:33:00 AM

What a great tutorial - makes it all look easy !!! I love the finished project, and so useful too.

Sue MacFall:
08/15/2017, 07:33:00 AM

What a great tutorial - makes it all look easy !!! I love the finished project, and so useful too.

Susan Zacher:
08/15/2017, 07:52:07 AM

Beautiful mini book made with beautiful papers.

kathleen doyle:
08/15/2017, 07:55:06 AM

What a great idea, can bind my existing G45 stuff to make this. This is the best give away yet!!!

Kim Persinger:
08/15/2017, 08:03:38 AM

Awesome papers and project. I am looking forward to trying this.

sharon barrett:
08/15/2017, 08:32:02 AM

my #1 Favorite paper to go to always, always something on a sheet of paper thst crches your eye, no to mention all the embellishments you can make out of a sheet of paper--its a money saver folks!

08/15/2017, 08:33:23 AM

I meant to write === catches

Debbie Baez:
08/15/2017, 08:36:03 AM

Love, love, love G45papers! Would really love to have this collection.

Lillian Schostak:
08/15/2017, 09:20:41 AM

I love everything from G45. I'm addicted.

Pirjo Callies:
08/15/2017, 10:32:32 AM

Great nature project with this beautiful paper collection. Love it.

Ana Maria Costiniu:
08/15/2017, 10:37:51 AM

Great collection!:)

Janet Trim:
08/15/2017, 10:40:09 AM

I love all of your products G45. This is a beautiful album that would be a treasure for whoever was lucky enough to receive it. Great job.

08/15/2017, 10:41:42 AM

This is such a pretty project. Graphic 45 papers are my favorite.

Benita K Stiver:
08/15/2017, 11:01:58 AM,

You have done a wonderful job using the Graphic45 products! My favorites from Graphic45 are French Country, The Detective and My Lady. All of the are flexible for a multitude of media projects. Thank you for sharing.

Beth Williams:
08/15/2017, 11:13:39 AM

Should not have let this collection get by me. I love everything I've seen on the blog using it. Birthday coming-got to find me some.

Glenda C:
08/15/2017, 12:37:21 PM

So beautiful project. Congratulations!

08/15/2017, 12:38:07 PM

Really nice project. I will be using that idea for a gift.

Sandy Carroll:
08/15/2017, 02:56:03 PM

Cute project. I LOVE Nature's Sketchbook.

Deborah cook:
08/15/2017, 03:29:14 PM

Lena's little book with Nature's Sketchbook is fasinating !! Love it so much. Also Love the prize this week. Wow !!

Arianna Barbara:
08/15/2017, 04:06:18 PM

Stunning project!!! I love how you used Nature's Sketchbook!!!

michelle unningham:
08/15/2017, 04:06:24 PM

Awesome tutorial Lena. Love your work! What a wonderful prize package this week.

Phaline Mays:
08/15/2017, 06:34:42 PM

I love the versatility of g45 paper! So many fun projects! This little album is adorable.

08/15/2017, 06:48:58 PM

I love this project. I will definitely try it. All of my projects start with Graphic 45 papers. I love the return of the old sets and cannot contain my excitement when the new lines are announced. Great Job Graphic 45.....

08/15/2017, 10:05:03 PM

Such beautiful & creative ideas! I love coming here for great tips! Keep up the great work!!

08/16/2017, 12:34:49 AM

Absolutely brilliant project idea! I've just begun collecting seeds from our gardens this year, now I'll have a beautiful place to tuck them away in!!

Kelly Stanoyevic:
08/16/2017, 04:58:47 AM

What a beautiful album I love the paper choice as I love nature very much thank you for sharing. Kelly S

Eyvonnia Taylor:
08/16/2017, 07:46:53 AM

Would LOVE Midnight Masquerade paper for Mardi Gras layouts.

Olga Dostovalova:
08/16/2017, 08:16:55 AM,

Невероятно красиво)

08/16/2017, 01:15:31 PM

This is lovely, and I really like the unique size. Thanks for the snapguide!

Carol Loumeau:
08/16/2017, 05:02:35 PM,

Love the choices. A creative challenge.

Denise Bryant:
08/16/2017, 09:32:36 PM

Love this beautiful notebook!

Carla Hundley:
08/16/2017, 10:28:20 PM

Lovely pages inside the notebook. Carla from Utah

deb calvin:
08/17/2017, 06:53:10 AM

we have a card ministry and so would like to have this please pick me

Dee m:
08/17/2017, 03:17:57 PM

You always have to most beautiful paper collections.Full of nostalgia from yesteryear. It transports us and inspires us in our creativity.Thank you for the giveaway. It's a beautiful collection that has me inspired.

08/17/2017, 10:11:00 PM

Beautiful! Never Dissappointing!

Frances White:
08/25/2017, 10:18:22 PM

The Nature Sketchbook is astonishing, the butterflies are in great detail and the colors so vibrant. Thank for all the giveaways.

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