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Get Organized the G45 Way! Desk Organizer Tutorial

Posted by Graphic 45 08/16/2017 56 Comment(s) Home Decor,Tutorials,

Hello, G45ers!

We are so happy to have you here today as Marina Blaukitchen shares her super SnapGuide tutorial for a handy Household Bills Organizer featuring Graphic 45 collections such as Cityscapes and our Communique Deluxe Collector's Edition. This organizer is fully functional and completely customizable. Not only that, but it is beautiful decorative piece as well! Get ready to get organized and check it out below.


Household Bills Organizer City Scapes Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic  45 photo 6.jpg


“I know, I'm obsessed with order, that's why I love creating projects off the page that fit my needs perfectly, and that in addition to perfectly fulfilling the function for which they were created, they are also beautiful and attractive.


Here you have a recent image of my work table that shows what I was saying in the previous paragraph, everything by hand, everything in its place! If you love this Household Bills Organizer, check out the Mason Jar Lantern, and the Scrapbooking Tools Organizer.


Household Bills Organizer City Scapes Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic  45 photo 3.jpg

Household Bills Organizer City Scapes Tutorial

By Marina Blaukitchen


Today I am going to show you how I created the filing cabinet for house bills.


Household Bills Organizer City Scapes Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic  45 photo 4.jpg


It is much more enjoyable to organize house bills if the filing cabinet is as beautiful and decorative as this one. Graphic 45 collections Cityscapes, Communique or Typography are perfect for this kind of project.

It has enough space for pens and I have also included a notebook.


Household Bills Organizer City Scapes Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic  45 photo 5.jpg


With its vintage air, you get a very attractive look for everyday objects that are usually on the desks, making them very decorative and at the same time very practical.


Household Bills Organizer City Scapes Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic  45 photo 1.jpg


Custom projects have the advantage of adapting perfectly to your needs.

Before you begin, think about what you really need, measure the objects you put into it, such as envelopes, letters, or your own glasses!


Look carefully at the designs of the papers and choose those that, by their shape or size of drawings, are best suited to each area of your project. Papers talk to you!” ~Marina Blaukitchen


Check out How to Household Bills Organizer Graphic 45 City Scapes by Marina Blaukitchen on Snapguide.

Desk Organizer Step By Step Tutorial


Graphic 45 Supplies:


Other Supplies:

  • Cardboard 12x12
  • Pulley Wheels


3x3 Challenge, Patterns & Solids, Tags & Pockets, Vintage Hollywood, Portrait of a Lady, Midnight Masquerade, graphic 45, prize package, $95.50 value

This week's prize package is valued over $95 and includes three Patterns & Solids paper pads and Die-Cut Tags & Pockets from Vintage Hollywood, Portrait of a Lady, and Midnight Masquerade, along with a Deep Square Matchbook Box.  To enter to win this fabulous prize just leave a comment here and/or on Facebook.  The winner will be announced on Friday, August 18th blog post.  


Thanks for joining us for this eductional, organizational project by the ever-talented Marina Blaukitchen. We are so grateful to have her intuitive SnapGuides to keep us crafting through the week. Getting organized can seem like a daunting task, but turning it into a hobby is a great way to build that motivation to get started. We would love to hear your organizational crafting tips in the comments below. See you back here tomorrow for more Graphic 45 craft inspiration brought to you by our fantastic Brand Ambassadors. 


Happy Papercrafting!

56 Comment(s)

Bettina Kreuer:
08/16/2017, 09:52:47 AM

This organizer is beautiful. Love it!

Jean Marmo:
08/16/2017, 10:03:37 AM

One gorgeous organizer!!

Rosann Barnes:
08/16/2017, 10:15:16 AM

Awesome organizer ... such a creative idea !

Michele Lewis:
08/16/2017, 10:21:23 AM

I love this organizer! It could also be adapted to a recipe file, or address file. Thank you for the tips too!

Marina Blaukitchen:
08/16/2017, 02:32:16 PM

These are great ideas Michele! I imagine this organizer to recipe file using French Country Deluxe Collector's Edition.

Shannon Dario:
08/16/2017, 10:24:24 AM

Love to make organizing pretties for my room. Thanks!

margaret comella:
08/16/2017, 10:25:00 AM


Deborah Cox:
08/16/2017, 10:45:52 AM

Wonderful project, thanks for the tutorial!!

Pat Ford:
08/16/2017, 12:05:31 PM

This is such a clever, useful, and attractive project!

Heather Park:
08/16/2017, 12:06:47 PM

The scrapbooking tools organiser is a great idea!!

Sally Spurr:
08/16/2017, 12:16:15 PM

I love this idea. It's such a fun and creative way to make a boring task more appealing.

Sue LD:
08/16/2017, 12:16:43 PM

Fabulous way to be organized.

08/16/2017, 12:38:00 PM

Wonderful idea. Thank you!

Theresa Bush:
08/16/2017, 12:56:00 PM

Great way to make an everyday item look beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial.

Becca Yahrling:
08/16/2017, 01:00:02 PM

What an awesome project! And a great way to keep the craft room supplies organized.

08/16/2017, 01:11:18 PM

a good way to keep some things organized

hana harpaz:
08/16/2017, 01:25:33 PM

love the project. thank for the tutorial.

08/16/2017, 01:38:49 PM

What a great organizer - so beautiful and perfect for bills and other papers! I'm wondering - What kind of glue did you use to put the parts together?

Marina Blaukitchen:
08/16/2017, 02:27:22 PM

Margaret, I used binding glue. Thank you for your comment and question.

08/16/2017, 01:40:18 PM, @marusaneeva

Очень практично и оригинально! Прикольный дизайн!

08/16/2017, 01:41:49 PM

Stunning! :)

Julie Taylor:
08/16/2017, 01:42:51 PM

Wow, how fun is this and so cute besides functional! I can't wait to get started. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

08/16/2017, 01:46:24 PM

What a clever idea made from one of my favorite paper companies!

Sue MacFall:
08/16/2017, 01:57:01 PM

Great project - thanks for all the instructions to make this.

Beth Williams:
08/16/2017, 01:59:25 PM

Fantastic! I need to make this with Good Ol' Sport for my son the football coach. He would love it. thank you so much for the how to-makes it doable for me.

Marina Blaukitchen:
08/16/2017, 02:29:27 PM

Good idea!

Patty Fuller:
08/16/2017, 02:15:54 PM

I love this!

Malin Jacobson:
08/16/2017, 02:21:29 PM,

Wow! I love this oginazer and your tutorial is so perfect, even I would try too make this, looks so easy when you show us how to. :) Now I'm gooing too have a look att the one for tools!!

Carol G.:
08/16/2017, 02:22:39 PM

What a great project! So clever and useful.

Michelle Nettleton:
08/16/2017, 02:22:42 PM

I did something similar with typography. What fun to see prettys when you pay your bills!

Janice Davis:
08/16/2017, 02:25:53 PM

Love this so much that I just ordered 2 sets of pulley wheels. Quite a feat, since I just had cataract surgery an hour and a half ago and I have a patch over 1 eye. Had to keep correcting because I was hitting all of the wrong things. These inspirations are the joy of my day.

Marina Blaukitchen:
08/16/2017, 02:48:58 PM

Get well soon Janice!

08/16/2017, 02:32:46 PM

I love projects that are practical and beautiful at the same time. Graphic 45 products are perfect for so many uses.

Brenda Moehlig:
08/16/2017, 02:39:30 PM

Thi project is perfect for me and her desk scrapbook organizer will also be a great addition. I need things organized. Thank you so much. Everything is so lovely.

08/16/2017, 02:54:14 PM

The Cityscape collection is just perfect for your desk top organizer. I love things that are organized AND pretty...and this fits the bill!

Kathy Lutter:
08/16/2017, 02:59:43 PM

Graphic 45 is absolutely the best for making customized and useful items for the home or office! Choose whatever paper collection suits your fancy, and go to town! Love, love!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

What a pretty way to organized house bills, lovely project!

Mathilde S.:
08/16/2017, 04:01:00 PM

Love the project,great tutorial.

Janet Ingraham:
08/16/2017, 04:26:47 PM

WOW way cool. If my desk looked like that.....

08/16/2017, 05:51:35 PM

Love the organizer on wheels! And beautiful paper!

Joyce Goode:
08/16/2017, 07:14:06 PM

Great organizer, just love it and the collection of papers you used to make it.

Marie Weddle:
08/16/2017, 07:25:28 PM

Love this organizer, and the linked one for the scrapbook tools. Beautiful and useful, can't beat that! :)

Natalie Godfrey:
08/16/2017, 08:15:01 PM

I love it! I might have to make mine extra large just to keep it on my desk!

Kate LeBlanc:
08/16/2017, 08:35:06 PM

Marina, what an awesome project, I love the wheels! Graphic 45 has so many lovely papers to choose from, it makes getting organized fun!

Carla Hundley:
08/16/2017, 10:22:22 PM

This is awesome and will look great on your desk! Carla from Utah

Pirjo Callies:
08/16/2017, 10:52:56 PM

Marina, your organizer looks great. Where did you get the wheels?

Marina Blaukitchen:
08/17/2017, 04:32:41 AM

Pirjo, they are a Tim Holtz staple number #TH93008 Pulley Wheels. I'm sure you will find them on online shops.

Maryann Laursen:
08/17/2017, 12:03:47 AM,

What an awesome idea and it can just be transformed to suit any of your or anyone else´s needs too. I imidiately saw them on the girls rooms too for different projects, like one is loving to craft and always get new ideas and this would be perfect to save all these ideas, so they´re not forgotten again and another always makaes lists with her homework from school in different classes and again this will work, and the 3rd is into all kinds of sports and can never hold track on which it is this day and what she needs for that, so again this would be just perfect, and I can use several for all the classic purposes. Wauw this is amazing, thanks sooo much for this great tut here.

08/17/2017, 12:40:09 AM

Very innovative and inspiring idea which could be customised to suit. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Rhoda Lynch:
08/17/2017, 06:11:45 AM

What a wonderful idea. I'm going to make one today to hold all my coupons. I'm always misplacing those little bits and can't seem to find them when I go shopping. Now they will be organized.

Dorothy McCarthy:
08/17/2017, 06:17:07 AM,

So functional and beautiful!!!

Debbie Siddle:
08/17/2017, 06:30:18 AM

Ha! What a great idea. x

Jan Ross:
08/17/2017, 09:57:27 AM

That is so functional and perfection. I love it. That's a great use of Cityscapes too! You must dream ideas all the time!

Martie Rollin:
08/17/2017, 01:28:47 PM

Interesting project. I'm not so sure about the wheels...I'd go for just corner feet. I like this idea for my frequently used recipe cards.

Sandy Carroll:
08/17/2017, 02:14:31 PM

Beautiful organizer! Love those little wheels. Thanks for the tutorial.

Sherri Mitchell:
08/17/2017, 02:23:53 PM,

Stunning work! I love it!!! Beautiful! I want to make one ♥

Karen Young:
08/17/2017, 05:04:30 PM

I love this idea! I'm going to make mine Steampunk! I just wish I could find index cards with letters on them like you have!

Marlena Hojda:
08/18/2017, 07:29:34 AM,

wow, great idea, is so functional :)

08/18/2017, 12:58:00 PM

Is the box size the same as a photo box? This is a very creative project Thank You for sharing! I Love it!

08/18/2017, 06:17:49 PM

Hi Marina, Great idea! Thanks, now I know what to do with my Graphic 45 Safari Line Extras and the cool pulley wheels!

Piia Hiltunen:
08/22/2017, 10:14:27 AM,

The organizer is so cool! Color combo fits perfectly. Someone is going to be really happy with that prize!

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