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Fall in Love with this Notebook Tutorial

Posted by Graphic 45 09/18/2017 67 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Tutorials,Videos,#SimplyG45,

Hello, G45ers!

 Autumn is upon us (for all of you reading from the northern hemisphere) and we could not be more excited to celebrate the season with warm layers, cozy nights at home, and, of course, seasonal craft projects! Today, we have a variety of handmade notebooks by Aneta Matuszewska, featuring a variety of Graphic 45 product, including French Country - Deluxe Collector’s Edition, Cafe Parisian, Botanicabella, Master Detective, Place in Time, and Nature Sketchbook. These seasonal notebooks are simple to make and perfect for all types of uses. Check out the YouTube tutorial for full details. 


(3%2F2%2F 2 claimed) Hallowe'en in Wonderland Prize $30 Value.jpeg

This week's blog prize includes a Hallowe'en in Wonderland - Deluxe Collector's Edition set, each DCE includes 24 double-sided 12"x12" papers, a cardstock sticker sheet, and a chipboard set, a $30 value.  Just leave a comment here and/or Facebook to be entered to win!  Winner will be announced on Friday, September 22nd on the blog.  



Autumn handmade notebooks for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 1.png

Handmade Notebooks

By Aneta Matuszewska


Hello everybody,

Today’s projects are very easy and quick to make.

Handmade notebooks.

They can be used as planner inserts, diaries, recipe books ect.

Use your favorite G45 papers and stickers.

My books are all about Autumn:

Autumn handmade notebooks for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 1a.png


Autumn handmade notebooks for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 2.png


Autumn handmade notebooks for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 3.png


Autumn handmade notebooks for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 4.png


Autumn handmade notebooks for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 5.png


I have for you a video tutorial where you’ll find a complete supplies list:


Handmade Notebook YouTube Tutorial 


Thank you so much for visiting us today and have a crafty day!

xoxo” ~Aneta


Graphic 45 Supplies:

French Country - Deluxe Collector's Edition

Midnight Masquerade, Notebooks, Magda Cortez, Graphic 45.jpg

If you love these notebooks check out Magda Cortez’s Midnight Masquerade #SimplyG45 tutorial here


Thank you for joining us for this beautiful selection of notebooks by Aneta. As we transition into Fall, we will have more seasonal creations to share with you in the coming months. We'd love to hear about your own Autumn projects in the comments below and remember each comment here and/or on Facebook is a chance to win this week's blog prize. We will be back tomorrow with more craft inspiration. 


Happy Papercrafting!

67 Comment(s)

Michele Lewis:
09/18/2017, 11:15:12 AM

This is a wonderful idea! it also gave me further ideas as to how to decorate school workbooks so they are unique beautiful and and something our kids are proud to won!

Carmen Kraft:
09/18/2017, 11:37:45 AM

Another beautiful project!!

Deborah Cox:
09/18/2017, 12:13:24 PM

Great simple and wonderful projects!

Vanessa LeClear:
09/18/2017, 12:17:00 PM

I love Aneta's notebooks! Thanks for the inspiration!

Terri Wilbanks:
09/18/2017, 12:35:54 PM

What a great idea for using all my beautiful leftovers. I don't sew, but I can find another way to bind the pages. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Cali Crafter:
09/18/2017, 12:42:12 PM

Stunning notebooks! I would be thrilled to carry one of these around with me. The G45 papers really make this project special.

Shirley Sumption:
09/18/2017, 12:44:16 PM

Wow! You make everything look so easy! Love them! Thanks for the inspiration Shirley

09/18/2017, 12:52:05 PM,

I like the way Anita incorporated the seasons into her journal. And of course, the paper is lovely.

Martie Rollin:
09/18/2017, 12:58:40 PM

Love the pear image from French Country! This collection is so versatile. Well done!

Barbara Millar:
09/18/2017, 01:05:32 PM

Wow a great idea for kids to take to school , be a eye stopper You are very talented

Mendy Bowman:
09/18/2017, 01:07:13 PM

What a great project to make ahead and have on hand for quick but thoughtful gifts!!

Theresa Bush:
09/18/2017, 01:36:30 PM

What great ideas. I've only made mini albums but you made this look so easy and versatile, I'm anxious to make many more things. Thank you for sharing.

Mary Nagy:
09/18/2017, 02:08:41 PM

Love these papers to make the notebooks. What a beautiful gift for friends. So easy to put together but how exquisite looking.

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Oh such wonderful project!

Lesley Attary:
09/18/2017, 03:44:43 PM

I can't wait to try this project! I'm always looking for new ways to show off the beautiful papers!

Suzy Hilborn:
09/18/2017, 04:33:36 PM

That is one of my favorite things about Graphic 45, you can 'mix n match' and use up even little pieces.

09/18/2017, 05:14:20 PM,

So happy to discover Graphic 45 papers. Just back into papercrafting after a 4 year hiatus. Thank you for the beautiful papers and fantastic ideas.

Glenda Buster:
09/18/2017, 05:16:28 PM

These seasonal notebooks are such a wonderful idea! Love Graphic 45! Also loving the Midnight Masquerade notebooks.

09/18/2017, 05:21:38 PM

Practical and beautiful project. Easy to create too. Thank you!

Sandy Carroll:
09/18/2017, 05:38:26 PM

It seems that fall is the season where I create the fewest cards. Well, I guess I mean that I don't create a lot of fall cards. I am busy with Christmas cards and presents! Usually around Thanksgiving, I manage to get a few cards out! Also, our fall goes by so fast!

Kelly Stanoyevic:
09/18/2017, 06:29:03 PM

Oh I love all your beautiful papers and I would love to win any of them thank you so much for the opportunity. I♥G45

09/18/2017, 06:55:26 PM

What a great and practical project. Thank you, Aneta!

Jan Ross:
09/18/2017, 07:01:23 PM

The notebooks are adorable! Don't you just love love love the G45 papers - every collection! Thank you for the inspiration. Good tip - not to put too much paper in the notebook.

Kerri-Jo Sharp:
09/18/2017, 07:01:58 PM

I so wish this collection would get brought back, I love anything Alice in Wonderland!!!

Phaline Mays:
09/18/2017, 08:43:01 PM

The possibilities with g45's beautiful paper collections are endless!

09/18/2017, 08:43:20 PM

You keep getting better and better all the time, with your paper and ideas. Thank you so much

Idania Salcido:
09/18/2017, 08:46:56 PM,

I love your papers. There's no others like you!

Irina Sidorova:
09/18/2017, 08:53:47 PM

It's amazing set! I love anything about Alice:))))

Kitty T:
09/18/2017, 09:02:41 PM

Yes!! I can't wait to make one of these with my Midnight Masquerade papers!! ❤❤❤

Carla Hundley:
09/18/2017, 09:09:25 PM

These notebooks are so fun and love the papers used. Carla from Utah

Jane Balitskaya:
09/18/2017, 09:20:47 PM,

Your paper is exciting my imagination! I made an album with a school collection - just amazing! I dream to get Hallowe'en in Wonderland - Deluxe Collector's Edition!!!

Heidi Hill:
09/18/2017, 09:27:06 PM

I love these, so many great uses!

Viri Díaz:
09/18/2017, 10:28:10 PM

Que hermosos proyectos, me encanta el diseño.

Babilone Céline:
09/18/2017, 10:37:58 PM

I love this papers! Wow! So wonderful. I love Alice and this collection gives me a lot of ideas

Alaisha Seely:
09/18/2017, 10:38:36 PM

Beautiful projects, papers and ideas, can't wait to try them out! Have a blessed day!

Gillian Brown:
09/18/2017, 10:39:20 PM,

I need Halloween in Wonderland in my life! What a gorgeous collection.

Deeann Siler:
09/18/2017, 10:44:26 PM

The colors in the Halloween in Wonderland collection are gorgeous! I would love to win the collection.

susie doucet:
09/18/2017, 10:45:44 PM

Lovely collection!

susie doucet:
09/18/2017, 10:45:55 PM

Thanks for the chance

susie doucet:
09/18/2017, 10:46:24 PM

This is one of my favorite collection!

susie doucet:
09/18/2017, 10:48:02 PM

I would use these to embellish some shoe boxes in my room!

susie doucet:
09/18/2017, 10:49:59 PM

I do not have a Deluxe Collector's Edition yet! Hope to win this set...

09/18/2017, 11:09:03 PM

Very nice. So inspiring to get to crafting myself.

Veronica Roske:
09/18/2017, 11:25:55 PM

All these wonderful idea's dancing around in my head. Just love all the Graphic 45 inspiration!

Sheila Styre-Briere:
09/18/2017, 11:52:45 PM

Fantastic idea for inserts in our planners, cookbooks, and gratitude/prayers and blessings journals!!

Debbie Hallamek:
09/19/2017, 01:30:39 AM

I love it!

Marlena Hojda-Łuczka:
09/19/2017, 01:37:40 AM

Cudowna kolorystyka, piękna kolekcja, idelanie nadawałaby się na okładki albumów i folio <3 piękna robota

Karen Martin:
09/19/2017, 01:53:02 AM

Those notebooks are just beautiful. Unfortunately I won't be crafting with anything new this Fall because, for the first and now only time, I ordered well over $100 worth of supplies from one website and the PO says they delivered the items. Apparently they put the package by my front door & I live in a busy location so someone helped themselves to my purchases. (Beware: PO insurance is worthless in this case because their records indicate the package was delivered & they are not responsible for criminal activity) It's very sad & upsetting when things like this happen.

Alexandra trigili:
09/20/2017, 08:46:02 AM

So sad that your stuff was stolen. It's a huge problem in our area...especially during the holiday season. People follow delivery trucks and grab packages just after they're delivered. Have you checked with your neighbors to see if any of them have surveillance cameras that might have caught them doing it? I think the post office and companies like Fed Ex ought to be doing more to prevent this since it's become so prevalent. Hope you win this weeks blog prize...and may your stash be ever overflowing!

Yulia Mulyukina:
09/19/2017, 01:53:20 AM

Thanks Aneta and Magda for sharing the videos! So simple, yet inspiring! I've heard that Nature Sketchbook collection will not be produced anymore. Is it true? It's such a beautiful collection, I adore nature prints!

Debbie Siddle:
09/19/2017, 02:55:53 AM

This is the most perfect prize xxx

Debbie Siddle:
09/19/2017, 02:56:15 AM

And those note pads are great xxx

rovianne thorpe:
09/19/2017, 02:58:08 AM

Oh such sweet Notebooks. To pretty to use ;) Love Nature with it's gorgeous colors and prints

09/19/2017, 03:21:20 AM,

Very beatiful!

Joan Currie:
09/19/2017, 03:40:53 AM

Love it!Love it!Love it! Which one you ask? Well must I choose? At every opportunity I try to get At least a few loose page's to make some dreamy tags or add to my PL journal's but it's almost crime to have to cut graphic 45 paper.... Oh don't get me wrong it sits on my table for days whilst I dream of ideas to do with the gorgeous pages and how to cut them to benefit from them without throwing one small piece away...but then if I just frame them on there own! Well I've still used them and it's pleasing to the eye...everyday

Sue Webster:
09/19/2017, 05:18:39 AM

I love all Graphic 45 paper, but the Halloween paper is my absolute favorite!!

Kim Bush:
09/19/2017, 06:10:28 AM

Love these paper packs, great ideas and inspiration. I have always loved the style of Graphic45 papers. My favorite for junk journals and pretty much my go to for everything. Halloween in Wonderland is one of my absolute favorites!

Judy Hodges:
09/19/2017, 06:54:29 AM

Love this paper! I need if for Halloween crafting. The queen is my favorite. "Off with her head!"

Carmen Olson:
09/19/2017, 07:03:14 AM

Always fabulous inspiration here, thank you! I ❤ G45.

Dorothy McCarthy:
09/19/2017, 07:10:12 AM,

Very nice and so easy!! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Siddle:
09/19/2017, 07:37:06 AM

Can't stop looking at the super prize xxx

erin calevro:
09/19/2017, 12:07:31 PM

That Halloween in Wonderland shall be MINE!! Love love love it!!!

Kathy Jo Wood:
09/19/2017, 12:19:52 PM,

I really like how the team creates truly wonderful projects- like these notebooks. Graphic 45 can be used for so many fun projects!

Sandra Rich:
09/19/2017, 05:40:54 PM, g45papers

I am so addicted to Graphic45!!!!!

Kim Persinger:
09/20/2017, 08:02:12 AM

Awesome cute Halloween papers. Thank you very much for the chance to win!

Debbie Siddle:
09/20/2017, 08:51:44 AM

Fingers crossed because I so want to win this super gorgeous prize. It's been a very busy, sad and expensive year, but I would so love to be able to craft with this beauty of a prize to take away my woes. xxx

09/20/2017, 07:50:56 PM

Wonderful little notebooks! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Denise Bryant:
09/21/2017, 11:16:56 AM

Love these handmade notebooks! Gorgeous papers and colors!

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