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  We love a handmade card especially one with a secret compartment.  Today’s blog post features a Blossom Card Set with interactive pockets and flaps and folds by Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Boule de Scrap.  Boule took inspiration from our G45 Card Club Voyage Beneath the Sea Set for our #ClubG45LeveledUp series.  



Blossom Cards #ClubG45

by Boule de Scrap


Hi everyone, today I come to present to you a series of cards, made for Mother’s Day or any other special occasion.

For the realization of these, I was totally inspired by the work of Ginger Ropp, for the G45 Card kit Vol 3 – 2021.



Steampunk Card Set Tutorial


I am a fan of his work, the dimensions and the composition of his cards.

I wanted to bring my touch, by bringing relief, shine, and secret compartments.



Graphic45 Supplies:

Blossom 12×12 Collection Pack

Blossom Chipboard

Matte Pearl Gems

Premium Double- Sided Tape 1/8″


Others Supplies:

Spray ink (Gold, blue, purple)

3d cube adhesives

Small tags


Step by Step Tutorial:

Card 1: “Be at peace – Be Peace”



For this card, we are going to create a zipper system, by lifting the tag, we will be able to discover a second message.

We will ink our card, as well as all our papers as and when it is assembled.

We are going to glue a first paper of 12 x 12 cm (4.72×4.72 pouces). Then a second top, 5.5 cm x 12 cm(1.97×4.72 pouces).

Once this step is completed, we will create our pull-tab system, quite simply using a frame already present on one of our papers. Follow the steps as in the photos.

To create the system, a tag will be used to move up and down our message.

For decoration, we use flowers, leaves and chipboards from the collection.

Finally, we ink with spray inks.





Card 2: Serenity



For this map, we’ll create a page on the cover that opens.

We will follow the same steps as for the first card, ink the edges, cut a 12 cm x 12 cm (4.72 x 4.72 pouces) paper and stick it on the card.

Then we will glue a second paper vertically, 7.5 cm x 11.5 cm (2.75 x 4.33 pouces).

For the page system, we’re going to cut 14.5cm x 10.5cm (5.51 x 3.93 pouces) paper, fold it in half, and glue the back onto our card. The page will be held with a chipboard sticking around the edges with a 3D adhesive cube.

For decoration, we use flowers and text on our papers.




CARD 3: Blossom



For this card, we are going to create a compartment to hide two tags.

We will follow the same steps as for the design of the first two cards, for inking and for the background paper.

On this one, we are going to glue a second paper measuring 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm (3.93 x 3.93 pouces), and a third one measuring 6 cm x 12 cm (2.36 x 4.72 pouces).

We are going to use an image from our paper, we are going to mat it and stick it only on the sides, it is very important, otherwise we will not be able to insert our two tags, from the top and the bottom.

We cut two tags then we insert them. All you have to do is decorate your card like the first two.” ~Boule



Happy Papercrafting!


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  1. These lovely cards really showcase the beauty of the Blossom Collection. Nicely done, Boule de Scrap! Imagine the surprise the recipient will have when they discover the hidden elements!

  2. This paper collection is so beautiful and now you have given me some wonderful ideas as to how to use it to its fullest advantage. I only hope I can follow your directions and that my cards will turn out as delightful as yours.

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