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  We love a Leveled Up Club G45 project, and this one really takes the cake!  Today on the Graphic 45 blog, Kristine Woods teaches us how to create our own Ephemera Queen Purse Accordion Album from scratch, no chipboard kit needed!  This project is a part of our #ClubG45LeveledUp series, where we ask our Brand Ambassadors to take one of our tutorials and make it their own.  We are thrilled to see these techniques repurposed, and showing off the endless possibilities in papercrafting.


Leveled Up Ephemera Queen Purse Accordion Album

By Kristine Woods


“If you’re anything like me, you fell in love the first time you saw Annette Green’s adorable Ephemera Queen purse and double accordion album (Volume 11, 2020 of Club G45). This month, I will show you how you can level up this project by combining the purse and accordion album into one project! And if you don’t have all of the supplies in the Club G45 kit, I’ll show you how to make your own.


Video Tour:

Chipboard Purse Mini Album by Kristine Woods | Graphic 45


Leveled-Up Directions for the Purse

  1. Cut one piece of chipboard 1 ½” x 5” for the spine. Cut two pieces of chipboard 5” x 5 ½”. Mark ½” in from the top corners. Draw a line from the bottom corner to the mark. Cut on the line and round the top corners.

  1. Follow Annette’s purse instructions #1-3. Cut an extra piece of Treat Yourself to 1 ½” x 5 ½” for the spine.

  1. Cut a piece of cardstock  3 ½” x 5 ½”. Glue the spine to the middle of the piece. Measure ⅛” on each side of the spine and glue the covers on each side. Trim the paper along the purse angle. This will be the inside of the purse.

  1. Glue the papers from Step #3 to the front of the purse.

  1. Lay the entire piece on top of String of Pearls on the B-side. Trace and cut out.

  1. Cut two strips from the B-side of Simply the Best to 1 ¼” x12”. Score at ⅜” from each side. Fold over and add glue to make the two handles. Use a bone folder to curve these pieces.

  1. Measure  1 ½” down from the top and ¾” from each side. Add glue to the strap and press to the cover. Pierce a hole ½” from the bottom of the straps, through the chipboard and use a brad to secure the handles. Repeat on the other side of the strap, and with the second handle on the back side of the purse.

  1. Skip to step #25 in Annette’s tutorial, but cut this piece to 5” and round the corners on one end. Before gluing the sides in, place a magnet about 1” from the bottom edge and fold the paper over to cover the magnet.

  1. Add glue to the bottom 1” of the strip on the side without the seam and adhere to the inside of the back cover in the center (1” down from the edge). I added masking tape over my strip in addition to gluing it down.

  1. Glue the piece from step #6 to the inside of the purse, covering all of the chipboard and the end of the clasp. Gently score in the spaces between the covers and spine.

  1. Follow Annette’s purse instructions for steps 26-27. For step #28, I used the heart chipboard instead of the metal keyhole.

  1. Attach a magnet to the front of the purse to align with the magnet in the clasp. Mine is aligned with the brads. Cover with the round pink sticker. TIP: add glue to the back of the sticker and press down until the glue dries completely.

  1. Follow Annette’s purse instructions for steps 29-32. I completed this step at the end with strips from my patterns and solids. Follow step #34 to attach to the purse.

Accordion Album Directions

Start at steps #10 and 11 for the accordion album tutorial. If you have the Ephemera Queen die cut assortment, you can follow Annette’s tutorial on how to decorate the pages. Below, I will show the changes I made to each panel using the various G45 metal dies and alternate pieces from the Ephemera Queen collection. They will be shown in the same order as Annette’s tutorial (starting at step #12).

  1. Starting with the panel on the right, use your G45 die to cut out the frame label and heart die cuts. Add the hat sticker and chipboard piece.

  1. On the second panel, only add glue to the sides and bottom of the card in order to make a pocket behind the cut-apart card.

  1. On the third panel, follow Annette’s directions (#14).

  1. On the fourth panel, make the cut-aparts into a pocket. Substitute the die cut by making a banner from the yellow flower label.

  1. On the fifth panel, cut the frame portion from the Ephemera Queen cut-apart. Glue the sides and bottom, leaving the top open. Back the Ephemera Queen sticker on cardstock and pop up with foam. Add the two floral stickers.

  1. Flip the accordion over and start on the back side from left to right.

  1. Cut a 3” x 4” piece from the B-side of Simply the Best and make a pocket by gluing the bottom and sides to the center. Attach the two stickers and chipboard piece.

  1. On the second panel, do not cut the floral border around the cut-apart card. Attach the border stickers and Eiffel Tower sticker as shown.

  1. On the third panel, follow Annette’s instructions (#20).

  1. On the fourth panel, trim the sides and use the “Oh Happy Day” cut-apart card to make a pocket. Use your G45 metal dies to cut a label and heart for the bottom of the page.

  1. Begin the second panel, working left to right.

  1. Cut the dress form card from If the Shoe Fits and glue in the center. Cut a 3” piece of the border strip from Oh Happy Day. Use your G45 metal heart die at the top and add the chipboard to the side.

  1. On the second panel, follow Annette’s instructions (#25-26), except make the card into a pocket. Use your metal G45 butterfly die to add a butterfly.

  1. On the third panel, follow Annette’s instructions (#27).

  1. On the fourth panel, follow Annette’s instructions for the Eiffel Tower card, but make into a pocket. Cut the “Be Happy” lady from Oh Happy Day for the top left and use your G45 metal butterfly die to add a butterfly.

  1. On the fifth panel, use your G45 metal clock die to make the clock face. Trim a piece off the right side. Place the yellow floral sticker in the center. Add the small yellow rose label to the lower left side. Use your G45 metal butterfly die to add a butterfly at the top.

  1. Flip the accordion over and start on the back side, working from right to left.

  1. Cut the Queen playing card a second card on the B-side from A Winning Hand and make into a pocket on the bottom left. Add the leftover piece from the clock face (previous step) to the right side of the pocket. Back the “Be Amazed” sticker on cardstock and add to the bottom right corner. Add the green corner sticker to the top right.

  1. On the second painel, follow Annette’s instructions (#32).

  1. On the third panel, follow Annette’s instructions for the pocket (#33). Add the hat sticker above the pocket and the two floral stickers to the top.

  1. On the fourth panel, follow Annette’s instructions except use you G45 metal die to cut the frame from the blue Patterns & Solids.

Attaching the Accordion Album to the Purse

  1. Cut two lengths of ribbon to 24”. Add adhesive to the back side of each accordion album in the center, and place the ribbon on the paper.

  1. Line the accordion album up ⅛” from the spine, and 1” from the edge of the purse. Add adhesive to the entire back side of the accordion album and press firmly to the purse to attach. Repeat with the second accordion album.

  1. To make tags for the pockets, cut one of the small gift tag templates from the inside cover of the Ephemera Queen collection pack. Trace onto paper 9 times. I used the Patterns & Solids from the collection. Decorate with pieces from the collection. I used small pieces of the border strip. Punch a small hole in the top of the tags and add twine. Place one tag in each of the 9 pockets.

  1. Fold the purse together and close with the magnetic clasp.

Graphic 45 Supply List

Ephemera Queen 12” x 12” Collection Pack

Ephemera Queen Patterns & Solids

Ephemera Queen Chipboard

Graphic 45 Policy and Decorative Dies

Graphic 45 Tag, Pocket, and Butterfly Dies

Graphic 45 Folder and Sentiment Dies

Graphic 45 Square Tag and Clock Dies


I hope you found it helpful to see how you can substitute similar pieces when you don’t have the entire Graphic 45 collection. Grab your favorite papers and create something beautiful!

Happy crafting!”




Chipboard Purse Tutorial


Double Accordion Mini Album Tutorial


Happy Papercrafting!


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