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Hello, G45ers!

Come One,Come All!  Join us for another installment of our #ClubG45LeveledUp Series.  For this series Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Jenn DuBell has taken our Keepsake Album Project Sheet and made it her own by adding even more technique and interactive details.  We encourage you to try this project out at home, and when you are done be sure to share your projects with us on Instagram using the #Graphic45 hashtag.


Come One,Come All! Leveled Up Tag & Pocket Album

By: Jenn DuBell 


“Hello G45ers!

Today I have a walkthrough and instructions on how I have leveled up the Vol. 1 – 2020 Le Romantique Tag & Pocket Album project designed by Annette Green! For my project I have used the Come One, Come All!Collection. I have changed the cover and spine as well as a few of the pages and types of inserts. My cover includes a focal point created with the wrapped chipboard technique. (link below) In my walkthrough, I will explain these differences in detail.


Wrapped Chipboard technique


Printable Project Sheet






Graphic 45® Supplies:

1  Come One,Come All! 12X12 Collection Pack
1 Come One,Come All! 8X8 Pad
1 pack Come One, Come All! Journaling Cards
1 12X12 Come One, Come All! Patterns & Solids Pad
1 pack Come One, Come All! Chipboard
1 Classic Ivory & Natural Linen Trim
1 Rectangle Tag & Pocket Album – Ivory
1 pack G45 Staples® Regular Tag Album – Ivory
12X12 Black Chipboard
G45® Regular Tag Die

Additional Supplies, Tools & Adhesives:

Double sided tape (scortape)
Solid teal, black cardstock (can also use the P&S)
Black ribbon
Scoring board and bone folder
Liquid adhesive
Dimensional foam adhesive
Paper trimmer
Waxed Twine (optional)
Hole Punch
Corner rounder



-Step by Step Instructions-


Note:P&S refers to the 12×12 Patterns & Solids pad

1.As Annette does in the original project, I started with my cover. For the front and back of the album I added a teal cardstock matte. Cut two solid mattes (can also use solid from P&S) 5 ⅞”x 7 ⅞”. Cut two 5 ¾”x7 ¾” pieces from the 12×12 The Big Show(B)(black w/white dots).



For the spine create a template as done in the original. Cut a 2 ½” x 7 ¾” piece from 8×8 Floral Gala (use template). Cut a 1” x 7 ¾” strip from the leftover sheet of The Big Show(B) and a ¾” x 7 ¾” strip from the red solid P&S. Adhere as shown.Fussy cut out one of the large Admit One Tickets from the 12×12 Come One, Come All! Sheet and adhere to black chipboard. Use a hole punch on the corners to remove the chipboard. Make a bow with a piece of the striped trim and adhere to the top.



For the cover pieces I created them and set them aside. I adhered them last when the entire inside was finished. Using the wrapped chipboard technique, I cut out an image of the Magician from 12×12 That’s Incredible!, A piece of solid cardstock 4 ½”x6 ½”,Chipboard piece at 3 ½”x5 ½”, and black chipboard at 3 ¼”x5”.(follow wrapped chipboard technique tutorial). The Magician image was cut to 3 ⅛”x4 ⅞” and mounted on the black chipboard piece then onto the wrapped piece. Fussy cut flowers from both the 12×12 and 8×8 sheets of Floral Gala.(TIP**Do the fussy cuts at the end from leftovers to conserve paper)


***Tip** For the next steps label your stacks and clip them together.


Next I will cut and label the pages for the inside of the album. Beginning with step 6 from the original project. Follow the instructions through step 9 for the inside front and back cover pockets. Cut the following for these steps from Come One, Come All.

2-5 ¾”x4 ¾” – Come One, Come All 12×12 (side b) stripes
2-5 ¾”x3 ¾” – Floral Gala 12×12 (side a) floral
2-5 ¾”x1” – P&S Blue Solid



Step 10 in the original is for the two side tag flap pages. For this album cut the two 5 ¾”x7 ¼” pieces from the following:
1 – 8×8 The Big Show (side b)
1 – P&S Red Words

Score these at ½” down the right side per the original instructions. Label and set these aside.


Next cut the following and place them in a stack with a label of Right pages as done in step 11.

There are 8 right pages. These are 5 ¼”x7 ¼”
1-P&S Red solid
1-8×8 (side b) That’s Incredible!
2-12×12 (1 each side) Floral Gala
1-12×12 (side b) Fun n Games
1-P&S Blue Solid
1-12×12 (side a) The Big Show
1-P&S Black Solid


Next cut the following and place them in a stack labeled Left pages as done in step 12. There are 10 left pages. These are 5 ¼”x7 ¼”

3-P&S Black – 1 Floral, 1 Solid, 1 Text
2-P&S Brass – 1 Design Side, 1 Solid
1-P&S Red
1-8×8 (side a) Get Your Tickets!
1-12×12 (side b) Step Right Up
1-12×12 (side b) The Big Show
1-12×12 (side b) Fun n Games


Next cut the following and place them in a stack labeled pockets as done in step 13. There are 12 pockets. These measure 5 ¼”x2 ¾”

3-P&S Black Solid
2-P&S Blue Solid
1-12×12 (side b) Come One, Come All!
2-12×12 (1 each side) The Big Show
2-12×12 (side a) Fun n Games
1-8×8 (side b) That’s Incredible!
1-P&S brass Solid


In the original instructions steps 14 through17 are cut instructions for strips, tag covers, and inserts. I did not follow these exactly and did not pre-cut them. I decorated my pages after they were all in the book and used my leftovers, scraps, journaling cards, stickers, and fussy cuts to decorate. Please read below before adhering the page11 and 12 papers. (optional interactive step)


In step 20 two scored above pockets are cut. I have only made one. Cut the following piece and label it top hinge page.

1-5”x 4 ¾” -12×12 (side b) The Big Show score at ½” across the top as done in the original.


Next cut the following and place them in a stack labeled above pockets as done in step 18. There are 10 above pocket pieces in the original, however I have 11. I only did one top flap tag page instead of the two in the original. These measure 5”x4 ¼”.

1-12×12 (side a) The Big Show
1-12×12 (side a) Fun n Games
1-P&S Blue Solid
1-12X12 (side b) Come One,Come All!
1-8×8 (side b) Come One,Come All!
1-P&S Brass Solid
1-P&S Red Solid
1-P&S Black Floral
1-8×8 (side b) That’s Incredible!
1-12×12 (side a) Floral Gala
1-P&S Black Solid


In my walkthrough video I show a page by page in pictures that you can refer to if you would like to place your pages in the same order. You can also rearrange them any way you like or use an entirely different much loved G45 collection because this project is so versatile.

Just have fun!


Next cut the following pieces as done in step 19. These will be for the folded pages. There are 2 of these. Label these scored pages.

1-1”x 7 ¼” – Floral border from 12×12 (side a) Get Your Tickets!
1-3 ⅞”x7 ¼” – Blue Floral Pattern from P&S

1-1”x7 ¼” – Blue Admit One border from 12×12 (side a) Get Your Tickets!
1-3 ⅞”x 7 ¼” – 12×12 (side a) Fun n Games


For the optional pocket inserts in step 45, I cut six 5”x7” pieces of black solid cardstock and rounded all of the corners. To create my tabs I used the blue Admit One border strip from the 12×12 Get Your Tickets! Paper. For each tab I cut a length of two of the tickets and folded them over each page cascading down each one. Each one has about ¼” that sticks out as a tab.



Now you can assemble your album with the original instructions. As I did, you can decorate your pages as you go using leftovers and scraps from the above cuts.

The differences in my album from the original are as follows:
Page 4. I made a photo matte rather than a tag for this pocket.
4”x6 ¼” – Teal cardstock – corners rounded
Journaling card cut to 3 ¾”x6” (postcard side) – corners rounded


Page 6. Photo matte  using teal cardstock
3 ¾”x6” corners rounded fussy cut ticket as the tab


Page 12. This page was done differently because of the paper differences. I wanted this to be a focal page as it was in the original so I made one. I used the Magician 4×6 cut apart from the 12×12 (side a) That’s Incredible and a piece of blue solid from the P&S.
Cut the blue solid to 4 ½”x6” and score at ½” down the side. Adhere the cut apart image to the flap using score tape. Fussy cut a ticket or other similar element and back it with black chipboard.
To create this page as I did you will need to place the image on the black solid page cover cut above and mark where to put the closing piece. Once marked, pierce a hole through the page and the piece and put a small brad through both making sure the legs of the brad are as flat as possible.. Now adhere the papers to pages 11 and 12. This will cover the brad legs. Next adhere the image to the page. Close and spin the closure on to the top.


**Tip** I will explain this better in my walkthrough video.


Page 16 – I have a photo matte using black cardstock cut to 4”x6”. Round the corners and add a tab using a large fussy cut red ticket or similar fussy cut.


Page 19 – Fussy cut the girl from the 12X12 Come One,Come All! Paper. I added a decorated tag  to this page.


Page 21 – I made a card insert for this pocket rather than a tag.
Black cardstock 8”x6” scored at 4” and folded in half
4”x6” cut apart from 12X12 That’s  Incredible! (marvelous Highwire Acts) cut down to 3 ¾”x5 ¾” and adhere to the front.
The inside is a journaling card cut on the postcard side to 3 ¾”x5 ¾”


Page 22 – Photo Matte – 4”x6” black cardstock with rounded corners and sticker tab


Page 24 – Photo Matte – 3 ¾”x6” teal cardstock with rounded corners and fussy cut ticket tab


Page 26 – Small cut apart used as a tuck spot


Page 27 – This is a flap top in the original mine is the decorated tag insert


Page 28 – Photo Matte – 3 ¾”x6 ¼” teal cardstock with rounded corners. Sticker border and sticker tab.


Page 33 – Interactive insert option – To make this cut the following or similar.

1-Black cardstock – 10 ½”x 51/4”
6-P&S 3 ¼”x5” 2-bBrass, 2-Blue, 2-Red all solids
Score black cardstock piece on the 10 ½” at 3 ½” and 7” fold on score lines like an accordion. Round corners while folded. Unfold and after rounding all corners of the solid pieces adhere them  and alternate colors as shown on the below photos.Cut an image from the cut aparts or small journaling cards and adhere to the front.




Page 34 – Photo Matte – teal cardstock 4”x6” with rounded corners and sticker tab.


Page 35 – For this page I added a side pocket using borders from the 8X8 Get Your Tickets! I also added a photo matte using Black Solid from P&S. This measures 4 ½”x6” and a sticker was used to create a side tab.


Be sure to watch my walkthrough video for more details!


– Video Tour –

Come One, Come Album Tour by Jenn DeBell



Happy papercrafting!!”
Jenn DuBell 




















-Original Video Tutorial-

Keepsake Album Tutorial



Happy Papercrafting!


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