Craft Room Tour 2024: Maria’s Scrapbooking Sanctuary

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Step into the whimsical world of Maria Smeshkova‘s craft room, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Phuket Island, Thailand. Despite the challenges she faced during the upheaval of war, Maria’s creative spirit persevered, manifesting in her cozy crafting haven. Join us as Maria unveils her sanctuary, where palm trees sway outside large windows. With a blend of resourcefulness and ingenuity, Maria has transformed her space into an oasis for papercrafting. Enjoy the video tour as Maria shares brilliant craft storage ideas and solutions. Be sure to thank Maria in the comments below and share your favorite way to store your papers.

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Craft Studio Tour

with Maria Smeshkova


“Hello everyone! Today I would like to share my craft room with you. Until February 2022 I lived in Kyiv, Ukraine. But when the war started, I was forced to abandon home and leave my scrapbook goodies. I have been living in Thailand on Phuket Island since June 2022. I was able to transfer only a small part of what was left at home. I already bought something when I lived here. Now I don’t have as many scrapbook supplies as I used to.

   My room is not super big but it works for my needs. The things that I love most about my craft room are the large windows. I really like the palm trees outside.


-Video Craft Room Tour-


I have two desks. One is for my crafting, another is for my computer work. I’m keeping all my scrapbook treasures in my drawers and on the shelves. 



I’m using a cutlery tray to organize all my tools that I use very often.





I’m using a plate holder to keep my tools.





I’m making my own stamp and die sets.


And I like to use a makeup brush organizer for my art brushes.


This is my space. I hope you enjoyed looking through all my goodies and that you’ve got some ideas for your craft space. Thank you for joining me. Have a nice day!” ~Maria Smeshkova




Happy Papercrafting!


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