Craft Room Tour with Joanne Bain 2019


Hello, G45ers!

  Step inside this Shabby Chic Paradise Craft Studio.  In this post, you will be transported into Joanne Bain's craft room, where she shares, organization tips, beautiful projects, and so much inspiration it will make you want to clean your space and start creating.  We hope you enjoy this room as much as we are, and be sure to leave your own storage tips and gratitude for Joanne in the comments below.  





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Craft Studio Tour

By Joanne Bain 


“Hello G45ers!

 Joanne here today to share my crafty space with you. Our home has a very large family room and because of this i am able to have my craft space in it. I much prefer this over a craft room as I don't like the feeling of being segregated away from everyone. I love that I can still craft while interacting with my family.


My craft space is about 4.5m x 2.5m. Because it is in the main family room it is mostly white so it blends in with our home decor.



I have a large window to the left of my desk so my craft space has a lot of natural light. I like to keep a clean workspace so I clean up after I finish every project. Its my pretty corner and I often find myself smiling while looking at it and thinking just how lucky I am.





My entire craft space has been constructed from IKEA. The shelving is perfect as the storage boxes fit anything 12×12 in them easily. They are not labelled as I know what is in each and every one of them.



The top shelf is filled with all of my mixed media supplies. My wonderful husband built me some step shelves to fit inside so I can see all of my products easily.



I have my most used Graphic 45 smaller items stored in baskets beside my desk and in the shelf just underneath I store the newest Graphic 45 collections for easy access.




All of my other Graphic 45 paper collections are stored in my pretty paper tower.



My main tools are stored on the top shelf of my Raskog trolley which was purchased from IKEA. I store other things like my flowers in glass jars placed around my crafty space so I can see them.




All of my 8×8 paper pads are stored standing up on their sides with the top spine visible. This way I can see which pad I need to go with the collection I am working with.



All 12×12 Patterns and Solids pads are also stored standing upright on their side so I can see the colours. As most G45 collections have similar colour schemes I like to mix and match these with the collections I am working with.



I store all my G45 chipboard & G45 Tags and Pockets cards sets standing up in a box. This is great because I can just take the whole box to my desk.



All of my G45 off the page products are stored in the storage boxes. I have two and a half boxes of these goodies.



I love that I am able to have finished projects on show. I have shown just a few here but as you can see in the images above there are lots to look at.


I have other projects that are stored away in boxes or have been given away as gifts, but I love to be able to see my favourites.



My craft space isn't as big as some, but it is mine and I love it! It has taken me a very long time to get it to where it is now. I have purchased a lot of products but I am also extremely lucky to have been on many amazingly generous design teams.


Dreams can come true, just never give up!


Well, I hope you have enjoyed your look into my crafty space and I have given you some storage ideas. Happy Crafting!!” ~Joanne


Happy Papercrafting!  



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