Craft Room Tour with Marina Ignatova

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Do a little spring cleaning with Graphic 45.  Today on the blog, Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Marina Ignatova opens the door to her balcony that she has so brilliantly turned into a Craft Studio and gives us a tour.  This beautiful craft room is filled with great storage solutions and craft organization ideas.  Be sure to grab a notepad and jot down your favorite craft storage tips to try out in your own home.


Before we jump into the tour, we wanted to remind you that our 2022 Brand Ambassador Call in now Open.


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Craft Room Tour

By Marina Ignatova


“It’s Marina Ignatova here with greetings from Maykop, a small town in southern Russia. Today I’ll invite you to visit my creative space, my craft room, which is actually a craft loggia))

My workshop is quite small, it is difficult to photograph it. But it is very cozy! And thanks to the fact that the balcony is insulated, it is comfortable both in winter and in summer.




I keep the most frequently used materials in prominent places so that they can be easily accessed. Also, your favorite works are mixed with materials. They inspire me, energize me. Periodically, I change them, putting new projects before my eyes.

So, let’s go through the shelves. Here I have the molds and the clay for them.



Below are boxes with metal embellishments. Very functional and roomy.




 Even lower down are my gliders and various blanks (mainly for albums, postcards)



At the top is the most favorite lace in a pleasant-looking design, a chipboard, which is arranged by theme and signed.




This is not the whole chipboard, there is still a seasonal one and the one that remains from the projects and in large packages can break. Such a chipboard is stored in drawers.




Lace isn’t everything, either. Which I do not often use, I store in a regular plastic container.



Just at the top there are flowers and please the eye. I keep them in glass jars, for me it turned out to be the most convenient option.

The buds on the legs are wonderfully arranged in a vase.



To the right, on the wall, are tools, pastes, and sprays. Since I am right-handed and create exclusively standing up, it turned out to be very convenient! After all, now the desk is free and you can work on such large projects as albums on it.




Big shot takes part in every project, so it is also at hand.



Cut dies down I keep in a homemade magnetic folder




Moving on)) Drawers contain a lot of interesting things)))

There are toppings here



There are different boards here



 Leatherette curled up snugly here



And here’s the fabric. Recently, I love to use suede.



Not far from the fabric in the box are stored threads. Take a closer look! Visually, right? Each color is visible, accessible, the threads are not confused!



And then all sorts of different things: stamps,  embossing folders, brads



In the largest drawer in the middle of the table are my favorite treasures for mixed media technique





And most of all, of course, I have collections of paper! It’s kept here, in the newsstand at the side of the desk. Under the table itself in cardboard boxes (there is also a sewing machine)…



And recently I bought such a beautiful thing that takes up very little space and at the same time admires its roominess! In fact, this is a shoe box, but I have almost all the G45 paper stored in this way. The paper that did not fit is waiting for the second such thing (soon, soon it will come to me)




In the bottom drawer are sets of 30×30 cm



At the top – sets of 20×20 cm and embellishment for collections.



That’s pretty much it) It is not easy to take and show the creative behind the scenes, but I hope you were interested!




Happy Papercrafting!


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