Craft Storage Drawers Tutorial


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Get ready to organize in style! Join Sabaa Hassan, in this captivating Craft Storage Drawer video tutorial, where she showcase the exquisite Mon Amour – Collector’s Edition and Flower Market paper collection. Watch as we dive into the world of elegant design and practical storage, bringing beauty and functionality together. Let’s unlock the secrets of a clutter-free crafting paradise!


Craft Storage Drawer

By Sabaa Hassan    


“This is Sabaa and I welcome you to my beautiful world of creativity.

Today on this blog I am creating a Craft Storage Drawer using our Mon Amour 12×12 Collector’s Edition. I have also used  Flower Market 12×12 Patterns & Solids Pack to cover the inside part of the drawer. 

Every time we think of creating something, we hardly think about making something for us. Hence this time I am bringing a project to you all, which you can make and gift yourself. Sounds great… isn’t it?

So, without much delay



Craft Storage Drawers Tutorial by Sabaa Hassan



I have used Mon Amour 12×12 Collector’s Edition. I have also used  Flower Market 12×12 Patterns & Solids Pack to cover the inside part of the project.

I have used Black-12×12- Chipboard sheets to make the base of the drawer boxes.



I have cut the chipboard sheet as per the measurements below

5”*4” – 3 pcs

4”*3.9” – 2 pcs


Now I will attach all these layers to make a box, using white cardstock strips. I took 1 inch wide strips, scored and folded it in half lengthwise. Now this can be used instead of the tape. I found it stronger than tape (you can see the way to use it here)

Now we will cover this box from the outside using pattern paper. I have painted the inside part of the box using chalk paint. If you wish you can add the pattern paper inside.

This way we will get our 1 box ready. The same way we need to make total of 4 drawer boxes.



Now I have taken chipboard of approx. 1200 gsm, which I have cut into the sizes as mentioned below:

10 5/8” * 8 ½”  –  1 pc (this will be the back side)

10 5/8” * 4 ¼” – 2 pcs ( this will be the side wall)

8 ½ ” * 4 ¼” –  2 pcs ( this will be the side wall)

Now we will attach all these layers using the same technique of above box making.


Once it will be attached from all side, we will paste the inside layers.

Measurements are as below:

10 7/16” * 4 1/8” – 1 pc

4 1/8” * 4 3/8” – 2 pcs


Now we need to fix it inside the main body as shown in picture.


Next, we will cover it using pattern paper. Also, I have used Black & Gold Washi Tape to cover the edges.




Now I took different sizes of circle and will paste it on top of each other using chipboard cutouts in between (this will give dimension to the box puller hook)

On top I have used Rose Bouquet Collection Triumphant Red (big size)




I took a chipboard piece of 10 1/8” 3 ¾” which I will cut and make a window. Also, I took ¼” wide strips to give dimension to add the shaker sequins. Now I will paste it on pattern paper and will add sequins and secure it using another pattern paper on it.


I have done some fussy cut outs of flowers from pattern paper; I will start arranging it on top part of my storage drawer and will add handmade flower to make the floral cluster.  

I have also covered the left side area with floral cluster

And this is how my beautiful Craft Storage Drawer is ready. This will definitely be going to enhance the look of your craft room. 

I hope you loved and enjoyed this project thoroughly. So, it’s time to create something beautiful for yourself.


Supply List

Mon Amour 12×12 Collector’s Edition

Flower Market 12×12 Patterns & Solids Pack 

Black-12×12- Chipboard sheets

Black & Gold Washi Tape

Rose Bouquet Collection Triumphant Red




Thank you so much for stopping by and investing your valuable time. To create and make sure to tag your Graphic 45 creations so we can find them on social media.”



Lots of Love, Sabaa Hassan


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Happy Papercrafting!


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