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Welcome to our latest blog post featuring an exciting project by the talented Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Phoebe Tonosaki. Today, we’re thrilled to present a fantastic desk organizer tutorial that seamlessly blends functionality with style, all adorned with your beloved Imagine – Collector’s Edition. Delve into this step-by-step guide to crafting your very own organizational masterpiece, designed to store and showcase your tools in a manner that’s both practical and visually appealing. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, gather our materials, and embark on this crafting journey together.


Desk Organizer

Tutorial by Phoebe Tonosaki


“Hello friends, I am sharing a desk organizer for you to store and also display your tools with your favorite Graphic 45 collections!



-Video Tutorial-

Craft Storage Solutions – DIY Desk Organizer


I have a tutorial for you to see how this is created. And these are the details of what you need for this project: 


Kraft Card stock (every piece score on ½” on the 1” side)

1″ x 4″ 4pcs

1″ x 2.1/2″ 4pcs

1″ x 6.1/2″ 9pcs

1″ x 4.1/2  4pcs

1″ x 3.1/2  4pcs


Kraft Card Board

6.1/2″ x 4.1/2″ 1pc (back)

6.1/2″ x 2.1/2″ 1pc (front)

6.1/2″ x 3.1/2″ 1pc (base)

3.1/2″ x 4.1/2″ 2pcs (two sides)

3.1/2″ x 6.1/2″ 1pc (divider)


Here is what I have used : 

Imagine Collector’s Edition 12×12 Pack with Stickers

Antique Jewel Set – Ivory & Champagne


This project is simple, but I like that it is useful and you can make it bigger or smaller to fit your needs. It is not a lot of math you need to do, just add or deduct the size difference and you are good to go!


I hope you like it!”
Phoebe Tonosaki 







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Happy Papercrafting!


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