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 Welcome to a spectacular post, today Marina Blaukitchen gives us an inside look through her TWO Craft Studios.  Marina’s creative spaces are gorgeous and organized, and she shares photos and two YouTube videos filled with her tricks and tips with us below, so we too can spruce up our crafty spaces in style.  Along with the tours Marina shares a brand new Matchbook Box filled with wonderful heritage photos that will be a wonderful keepsake for generations to come to enjoy.  This is a doozy of a post, so grab a cup of tea and let’s get started.


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Blaukitchen’s Craft Room Tour


“Since I was a little girl, I have been lucky to have a place to develop my creativity. Sometimes it has only been a small desk in my own room, but enough for me.


I often read the complaint of many people about how small is their space to create and I have to say that although a large room full of furniture for storage, work tables, huge windows through which natural light enters in abundance and mountains of supplies is the dream of all of us, many times it is not the most important matter.


I believe that the most important thing is inside us, in our own creativity, in the way we manage to get a project out even with few staples or a simple piece of paper and, of course, it is very important to be organize, to keep order into our heads and also into our craft room no matter how small or big  it is.


I’m very lucky and I actually have two crafts rooms, a big one in my house of the mountain and a small one in the city. I can say that I feel as good in one place as in the other. Not everything is the size but what you carry within you and what you want to express in your projects.



Let's see where is my big craft room. I took advantage of a space next to the garage, closed that area with windows and put a prefabricated roof.


Blaukitchen's Craft Room Tour for Graphic 45

The place where I live enjoys a very mild climate and most of the year I can have all the windows open and enjoy the mountain air.



And this is the small one in my apartment in the city.  A table, an Ikea trolley where I have my Stitch Happy, a triple rack for papers, a closet, two shelves, a panel and a chair. That’s all!



Craft Room Tips by Marina Blaukitchen Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador 


1.– Criteria for a uniform decoration. Look for a decorative style that makes you feel good, that identifies with your personality or that reflects your work style.

You will feel much better and work more at ease since you will spend many hours there or most of your free time.



If the room is small or dim, you should choose light tones for the walls or even pure white, but always taking into account your personal tastes adding touches that identify you, your space cannot seem like an aseptic laboratory but a functional but pleasant workspace.





Leave space on the walls to hang some of your work or support them on the furniture as if you just left them there.



2.- Storage: the ideal would be to have furniture made to measure for all our tools and materials but think that maybe you can take advantage of furniture in your house that you have not used.



Do not hesitate to reuse or upcycle any furniture that you think may be functional or pretty for your craft room. In this way, it will seem less standard and will be more original and special.



Sometimes a painting hand works miracles!



Storage furniture with drawers is very practical. You can also label each drawer in a way that makes it easier to find things.



I love multi-drawer box unites because they are perfect for storing those many tiny crafting supplies we all collect as scrapbooking embellishments, flowers, pearls, brads, eyelets etc.



The shelves to classify materials or furniture with showcase will come very well and everything will seem to be in place.



As for the storage of small things and tools, I really like the baskets, boxes and tin cans. It can be very entertaining and fun to recycle some boxes of fruit such as those of strawberries for small things or large boxes of fruit to organize decorated papers.



I really like to move furniture! I prefer that they are manageable and can be adapted to any other place in the room.



Every time I do general cleaning thoroughly I decide to put things differently because experience makes me notice what is really comfortable or practical and what is not at all. I like to try other possibilities of furniture organization.



It also depends a lot on the type of work I am doing at the moment, so in one of the tables, sometimes there are machines like Silhouette Curio or Sizzix and other times I have mix media products for example.


I adapt the decoration and organization according to my projects.



3.–  Work surfaces: Large table or small table? A large table is really very comfortable but if you do not have much space and you organize well at the time of work, a table of regular size will be enough. You should not sacrifice other furniture for storage in favor of a very large table.



Particularly I prefer to have two small tables to a large one and in general, this preference serves me for the rest of the furniture.




4.– Be organized.



I love to create my own off the page projects to store my tools.


You can classify all staples by type of material and within each type by colors or themes. It is much easier to find what you are looking for at a certain time if it is well classified. I do this with flowers, ribbons, chipboards, stickers, etc. Store it in small drawers or in boxes.


The same goes for the small tools, grouping them by type of use in pencil holders, cans or small baskets. I use baskets for my glues to have them all at hand.



And finally the papers! Undoubtedly, there are many ways to classify them and save them but what I find very important is to be able to have the collections and the remains of the same papers together. For this, I bought some plastic bags with a zipper.

This way when I finish working with the collection I keep everything in the same bag, the complete paper pads and the cuts, the chipboards, the stickers and the ephemera cards.

Each collection has its own bag and each has its place in a large box and also on shelves.

I classify them by theme such as Summer, Spring, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Steampunk, romantic, children, stories etc.

As for the sheet papers, in addition to that, I also classify them by type of design, cheerful, informal, labels, ephemera, floral, vintage, botanical, children, polka dots, stripes,  etc .


That’s all for today! hope you like my favorite places for crafting


Brand New Featured Project By Marina:

Family Album II and Box Little Darlings

By Marina Blaukitchen


This is my second family album made for my daughters. I have compiled all the photos since the birth of my brothers, who were twins, and from my birth, until I was three years old.

For this, nothing better than the precious Little Darlings collection, adorable papers full of beautiful designs and pastel colors so appropriate for these issues.



Deep rectangle matchbook box is the perfect complement to keep it and I have decorated it with the same collection of papers adding some fussy cut flowers from the Secret Garden Deluxe Collector’s Edition.


It is an album with the double ring binder, made to measure for the box.



This is the first part with pictures of my brothers.




I have rounded the corners of the sheets and added pockets in some of them to contain more photos. I have decorated them with stickers and chipboards from the same collection. I have also included small reviews with names, places, and dates.

On the last page I put a band for large photos.



Here begins the second part of the album, which includes the photos from my birth, follows the same pattern as the first part, with decorations to match the pages and some pockets.” ~Marina



Graphic 45 Supplies:

Staples - Deep Rectangle Matchbook Box

Little Darlings - Deluxe Collector's Edition

Secret Garden - Deluxe Collector's Edition



Marina’s 2 Featured Projects:

Botanicabella Shadow Box Album

By Marina Blaukitchen


Shadow Box Graphic 45 Botanicabella Square Album Show from Marina Blaukitchen on Vimeo.


See full post here…






 Family Album and Box Portrait of a Lady

By Marina Blaukitchen


“My daughters have grown up, the little girl got married in September and the older one will do this year. Time passes quickly and surely the family will increase!…

See full post here…



We are awe-struck from all this inspiration and beauty.  Marina, we send you an extra special thank you for giving us a tour of your not one, but two craft rooms!  We now have new #CraftGoals.  We want to send crafty hugs to you as well for joining us!  We hope we have inspired you to either pull out your stash and get busy having fun creating, or pull out your stash and get busy organizing, or perhaps both!  Be sure to join us this weekend for more non-stop ideas on Facebook, and Instagram, YouTube!  As always…

Happy Papercrafting!  

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