#Craftroom Tour with Tips by Babi Kind

Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to a fabulous new blog.  Today, we have a Craft Studio Tour by the Queen of Class, Babi Kind.  This is a part of our #CraftRoom series where we feature a different space each month to help give our G45ers great organization tips and tricks for spaces of all sizes.  So let's dive into this beauty.


Craft Studio Tour

By Babi Kind


“Hi Everyone!

I’m very happy to share with you my favorite place in the house, my craft studio.  Until a few years ago, I had lived in NYC and my studio was confined to a small corner of my living room. Since moving to a house, I’m so happy I now have a room I can dedicate to what I loving doing, CRAFTING!

Since this space is also my home office, I try to keep things as clean as I can, so I don’t have a lot of decorations and projects displayed. I found it very distracting during my creative process.


These are my work tables: one of them I use for creating and recording my videos and the other one is my computer table. I can do multiple things without stressing about cleaning my craft table. It can get crazy sometimes.  



I like to keep the products and tools that I use regularly on my table shelves. It’s easier for me to find them, specially during my videos. I try to keep everything within reach. I realized after a few years of crafting that if I don’t see the products I forget about it and never use them. I’m sure you guys can relate to finding boxes full of products you’ve only used once and forgotten about.




I keep my favorite stamping pads organized by color and brands. You can see all my beautiful Graphic 45 Decades organized in the picture above.


I bought most of my furniture at Ikea. It’s affordable and functional for my needs. I hope one day I can have something custom built, but for now I’m very happy with them.


I keep most of my die cuts in plastic bags, assorted by type and brand. My small dies such as words, flowers inside plastic pockets within a folder.




I use the same method to store my stamps. The plastic bags are from Avery Elle and the

bins I bought on Amazon (refrigerator organizers).




Things which I don’t use often are kept in bins at the bottom of my shelves.




It took me a while to find a good storage system for my papers. But in the beginning of this year  I found these We R Memory acrylic organizers that fit perfectly in the Ikea shelves.





I place my small paper pads, die cuts and tags in these cute carts. It’s easy to move around and I keep it close to my table when needed.




Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you like my favorite place and some of these storage ideas. Just remember that your craft room should represent your personality and needs. The important thing is to always enjoy the creative process and have fun.” ~Babi


What a gorgeous room indeed!  Babi thank you kindly for giving us the royal tour and sharing your amazing organization secrets.  Be sure to leave your feedback below, and as always…

Happy Papercrafting!

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