Create a Stunning 3D Multiple Layers Card


Hello G45ers!

Are you ready to take your card crafting to a new dimension? Join us as the talented Phoebe Tonosaki, Graphic 45’s brand ambassador, shares her final project for the year—a stunning 3D multiple layers card created with the enchanting Imagine – Collector’s Edition 12×12 Pack with Stickers. Inspired by themes of flying and exploring, this project embodies the essence of creativity and adventure that Graphic 45 is known for.

In Phoebe’s detailed video tutorial, you’ll learn how to build up layers to create depth and dimension, bringing your artistic visions to life. Each layer invites you to dream and imagine, making your cards and paper projects unique masterpieces. We hope Phoebe’s projects bring you as much joy and fulfillment as they have brought us.





3D Multiple Layers Card

Tutorial by Phoebe Tonosaki


“Hello friends,

I am showing you a final project of myself as the brand ambassador of this year. In the spirit of celebration, I am creating a 3D multiple layers card using the Imagine Collector’s Edition 12×12 Pack with Stickers


I love the concept of flying and exploring, which fit perfectly with my crafting journey, especially with Graphic 45. So this is just the paper collection I had to pick!


As you can see, the card has quite some dimensions, you can see in my step-by-step video how to build that up.


-Video Tutorial-

Create a Stunning 3D Multiple Layers Card with Phoebe Tonosaki


All the layers show such depth and lots of imagination space for you to daydream!


I hope you find my projects with Graphic 45 fulfilling and I wish to see you again in the future! Until then, please stay safe and happy!


Thank you again!
Phoebe Tonosaki







Happy Papercrafting!


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