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Hello, G45ers!

  We are thrilled to share a 3-in-1 Christmas Time Snow Globe with you today!  This holiday home decor project and step by step tutorial are by the talented and fabulous, Boule de Scrap.  We love how versatile this project is, it can be displayed on a mantle as a snow globe, on a tree as an ornament, and also holds candy or other small gifts.  Grab a cup of tea and get ready to be inspired!  

Christmas Snow Globe

by Boule de Scrap


“Hello, G45ers!

today, I am delighted to meet you to present you a new tutorial.


I had in mind for several weeks to make a Christmas symbol, an object that puts directly in the holiday mood, a Christmas globe.


So I’m going to teach (#G45technique) you how to make a Christmas globe, the base of which hides a secret compartment to slip in sweets. The globe is removable and becomes a Christmas ball to hang in the tree.


Graphic 45 Supplies:


Other Supplies:

  • Miniature

  • Christmas tree

  • Gray paint

  • Golden glitter

  • Plexiglass ball 14 cm 







The first step will be to paint half of a plexiglass ball. This will create our background, to subsequently set up a decor. We do this step first because it will take a drying time, time that will allow us to make our base.




To give a festive side, and especially to bring shine to our project, we are going to add glitter. It is important to bring shine, this will give depth to our project.

The next step will be to reproduce the templates provided on our cardstock graphic45. It is the ideal cardboard paper for this type of project, it will give you the resistance necessary to support the weight of the ball and especially last over time.





Once all the necessary parts are done, we will create a hole in the smaller square part. This will allow our ball to be placed for more stability, but also to create the opening of our box to insert the Christmas chocolates.


Once this step is done, we will mark the folds to facilitate the gluing of our parts. We can move on to collage.


We are going to cover our montage with paper, to decorate it. This step will consist of reproducing the templates again, but this time, removing 0.5 cm from all measurements.



To bring depth, an aged look and better finishes, I will ink the edges of my sheets and create a fake seam with a felt pen.



We are now going to decorate the front of our plinth.



Small Tip / Technique

so that your project is better finished, color the sides of your 3d cube, this will make them more discreet to the eye, so your collages will become invisible. Do the same by inking the ribs of your chipboards.




Once our base is finished, we will decorate our Christmas ball, the two assembled will form our Christmas globe.


Realize the decoration of your choice, the trick is to fix the decoration well for more stabilization. We must also bring shine with rhinestones for example to bring contrast and have a balance in our creation.


Do not hesitate to also use different materials, for a more harmonious project. Here, I used lace, wood, plastic, paper, glitter, metal …



To finish we are going to decorate the top of our globe, by putting a string, which will allow us to hang our plexiglass ball in the tree.






Happy Crafting,

by Boule de Scrap




  Christmas Time invites you to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with festive images of vintage steampunk Santa’s.  Emerald green trees, red holly berry, glittery gold gears, and coal-black trains set the tone for this holiday season.





Happy Papercrafting!  


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