DIY Halloween Centerpiece


Hello, G45ers!

  With Halloween just around the corner we are excited to share this thrilling DIY centerpiece with you.  This Halloween Centerpiece has been created for us by Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Boule de Scrap.  Grab some festive papers and follow along with this Step by step tutorial.


By Boule de Scrap



  • Candy sweet crate

  • Color wash paint black and gold

  • Brush

  • Embellishments (wood chipboards)

  • Black cardstock

  • An Eerie Tale collection (retired)

  • 2 candles


  1. The first step will be to paint our crate. As I know that I will cover it with paper, I will paint only the parts not covered with paper, the corners, and the edges.



2. The second step will be to prepare all our papers. Papers that will allow us to cover our crate. I take care to take my dimensions, as well as to age the edges of my papers by inking them



3. We then glue all our papers



4. The next step will be to decorate our project. For this I use all the beautiful decorations of our Graphic45 papers by cropping these.


I also use wood embellishments, which I will paint in gold to complement my decor.




I proceed in the same way to decorate my candles


The last step will be to create a pumpkin out of paper. For this, I will cut 8 circles, which I will fold in half, and stick to each other as in the photo.


For more stability, I created a support with a strip of paper. Just glue the two ends of our strip together.



We are going to create the pumpkin stalk with a piece of paper


We finish by covering with paper to decorate








Club G45 Vol 9 2019 Magic of Oz DCE Kit





Happy Papercrafting!  


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