Fairie Dust Album & Coordinating Storage Box

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 Today we have Brand Ambassador Alexandra Morein here with her fabulous Fairie Dust  Handmade Box & Album. We love the clean finishing and layered cover imagery. The round album is the perfect compliment, both functionally and aesthetically. Check it out below. 


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Fairie Dust – Round Storage Box and Album

By Alexandra Morein


“When I saw the designs of the Fairie Dust collection, it was love at first sight. The patterns, graphics, and colors were so special. I wanted to create an equally special project with this collection. 


So here is my round storage box, created from scratch out of medium weight chipboard, with a matching circular shape album inside.


The box is 9” in diameter and 4.5” in height. It has 2 compartments, one of which holds the album. The other one can be used for storing more pictures, cards, or other knick-knacks.


The album has a fabric cover, and I did my best to match its color to the tones of the paper.” ~Alexandra














Graphic 45 Supplies:


Announcing Club G45

Last Thursday in our newsletter we announced our first ever kit club for 2018, Club G45!  This took off faster and with more enthusiasm than we had ever dreamed of.  All of Volume 1 kits sold out in less than three hours.  As thrilled as we were with the popularity, we wish we could have been more prepared to meet the needs of our G45ers. We are adding as many additional kits as possible for Volume 2, and will continue to increase availability with future volumes in hopes that we can meet the demand.  

Fortunately, we are still able to offer the project sheet and YouTube video tutorials to everyone.  You can swap out the sold out Fairie Dust 8×8's for the 12×12 collection pack and still create a stunning project, or try using another one of our paper collections.  Below you will find all the info for our new program including a FAQ section below.  


Club G45 Subscriber

Club G45 – 2018 Monthly Class Series

Due to popular demand, we will be offering a kit club, including all items needed to complete two projects in a single easy to order SKU!  The kit includes full-color step by step project sheets for two projects.  Each month will include new techniques, products, and tips & tricks.   

Workshop 1: 2 hours

Workshop 2: 15 to 20 minutes

Designers: Maria Cole, Kathy Clement, and Annette Green


Vol 2 available February 8th at 11 am PST.
Limited Availablity so mark your calendar!


  • Each kit valued at $50+  

  • 10% Discount and FREE shipping (USA lower 48) for auto-ship members

  • kits will be processed second Thursday of each month.  

  • New Staples (surface and embellishments) each month

  • New Collection each month

  • Includes YouTube workshop videos and project sheets


By subscribing to Club G45, you are agreeing to be auto-charged monthly for recurring shipments until you cancel. We require that you cancel by the 1st of the month prior to that month's shipment being processed on the second Thursday.

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Printable Project Sheet 

Club G45 – Vol 1: Fairie Dust Box & Mini Tutorial


Club G45 – Vol 1: Fairie Dust 8×8 Layout Tutorial



Club g45 Vol 1 Substitute Kit:


Club G45 FAQ:

Q: Sold out already?
A: Yes, we are as surprised as you! We prepared 500+ kits for our first round not knowing what to expect. We pre-sold some kits to our retail partners and sold the rest out in less than three hours. Please contact your LSS if you are lucky enough to have one to check if they have kits.


Q: When can I sign up for Club G45 auto-ship for the future?
A: We will start taking Vol 2 orders on Thursday, February 8th at 11 am PST.  We have increased our kits for Vol 2 to the maximum amount that our inventory will allow (800, and will increase to even more for Vol 3 and all future kits.)  Please mark your calendars and purchase as soon as they are available.

Q: Can I still get the project sheet and video tutorials?
A: Yes, you can find everything here in our newsletter.

Q: Free Shipping?
A: Yes, we are offering free shipping on Club G45 kits that ship to the USA lower 48. The coupon code is case sensitive (for future reference it is: rclubg45 ) Any orders that apply that came through with shipping charges will be manually taken off when your order is processed.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, however international shipping rates can be very expensive and we don't have control over the prices. We hope that more of our international retail partners will take advantage of this program in the future to better service all of our beloved G45ers around the world. We can also try to help find the best shipping prices for you or a G45 retailer in your area. Just email or check our Store Locator.

Q: If I signed up for auto-ship will I get the next month's kit?

A: Yes, Auto-ship subscribers monthly kits will be processed the second Thursday of each month, the same day the project sheet and YouTube video tutorials are shared in the newsletter. We will not be sending out a preview prior.

We hope all this info helps, and thank you all! We are so thrilled with the success of this program and look forward to continue to improve and reach more G45ers with each month. Thank you for the support and feedback.  better



We are so grateful for the response to our latest collection, Fairie Dust . Thanks to Alexandra for sharing this lovely set of projects featuring it and thanks to you for being here. We also want to say thanks for the tremendous response to our new monthly kits. Volume 1 featured this collection and future volumes will feature a different collection each month. We'd love to hear about which collections you are most excited to see in these kits in the comments below. See you back here tomorrow with more Graphic 45 inspiration.


Happy Papercrafting!  

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