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  Hold on to your hats!  Today we are pleased to present our brand new calendar collection, Fashion Forward!  This line is perfect for planners, daily journals, mini albums, cards, any of your scrapbook needs.  To make things even more exciting we have 12 chances to win our full Fall release, and we get to share a fabulous Desk Calendar Tutorial by Jim Hankins the Gentleman Crafter.  We look forward to reading your feedback and hearing what you want to create with Fashion Forward.  



Would you like a chance to win?  


We thought you might, so here it is… We have twelve $100 Fall Release Prize Packages!  To enter to win leave a comment on the blog, Facebook, and/or Instagram.  


Winners will be announced on the blog

Friday, November 1st, 2019!



Fashion Forward

Graphic 45 is proud to present a stylish new calendar collection, Fashion Forward!  With the pages of this collection, you’ll be able to celebrate the entire year with imagery of glamorous ladies, timeless sentiments, and art deco florals for each season.  Featuring a vibrant color palette of sapphire blue, amethyst purple, emerald green, ruby red, and citrine yellow. 


 Fashion Forward – Now Available




Fashion Forward Collection Pack 12” x 12”


  • New 24 double-sided 12×12-inch sheets – 2 each of 12 designs

  • Cover weight stickers

  • Features easy to use cut-apart and designer papers

  • Made in the USA – cover-weight papers are acid and lignin Free



Fashion Forward 12” x 12” Patterns & Solids


  • New 16 double-sided sheets – 12×12-inch papers – 2 each of 8 designs

  • Features easy to use cut-apart and designer papers






Fashion Forward 8”x8” Paper Pad


  • 24 double-sided 8×8-inch sheets – 2 each of 12 designs

  • Features easy to use cut-apart and designer papers

  • Made in the USA – cover-weight papers are acid and lignin Free


























 Fashion Forward Stickers


Fashion Forward Chipboard


  • Decorative embellishments

  • Sturdy die-cut chipboard – finished Size is 6 x 12.5-Inch


Fashion Forward– Die-cut Assortment

  • 51 Assorted Pieces 

  • Double Sided


Fashion Forward – Ephemera Cards

  • 32 individual journaling & ephemera cards

  • 2 each of 16 designs – (16) 4 x 6-inch & (16) 3×4-Inch




Armoire Desk Calendar

By Jim Hankins the Gentleman Crafter 


“The Fashion Forward Armoire is a fashionable way to keep important dates on dressy calendar cards.  Open the door of the armoire to store all 12 months. The cards are placed in the front center of the door each month to view important dates and events at a glance. The prints and graphics from this collection are just amazing!  Dress this project up with your own personal style.




The Fashion Forward Calendar Armoire

By Jim R. Hankins

The Gentleman Crafter

Copyright 2019


"As always, please read through the entire tutorial before beginning.  We will begin by building a simple box…this time it’s in the shape of an armoire.


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Black 12x12 Chipboard Sheets (10 pack)

Antique Brass Claw Feet


Other Supplies:

  • The Fashion Forward Armoire .SVG Files
  • Hitch Fastener
  • Button Magnet
  • Heavy Weight Chipboard
  • Scor-Tape
  • Adhesive to adhere large sheets of patterned paper to the chipboard
  • Extra cardstock that matches the chipboard
  • Glossy Accents
  • White PPA Glue


Let’s get started on this armoire that will hold and display all your calendar months with a fashionable look.


Building the Box-


Cut the following pieces from the template:


(1) Solid Armoire Back Piece

(4) 2-3/4 x 8-1/4-inch sidepieces

(1) Armoire Front Piece (Center Section Cut Out)

(1) 3 x 7-7/8-inch  “I” shaped Top Piece

(1) 3 x 7-7/8-inch Bottom Piece


Find the solid back piece to the armoire.  Next, find the (2) 2-3/4 x 8-1/4-inch sidepieces.  


Apply glue to the long edge of the 2-3/4 x 8-1/4-inch sidepieces and adhere to the left straight side.  Repeat for the opposite side.




Again, with the same sized 2-3/4 x 8-1/4-inch side pieces apply glue to the long edge and adhere the piece from the highest side of the armoire down to the bottom which is 1-1/8-inch away from the left and right sides respectively.




Apply glue to all the top edges of the armoire assembly and adhere the armoire front to the piece aligning the front with the sides, top and bottom.





Turn the piece right side up.  Apply glue to all the top edges of the armoire and adhere the “I” shaped piece to the top.  The wider cut out goes toward the front.



Now, turn the piece upside down and apply glue to all the bottom edges of the armoire and adhere the 3 x 7-7/8-inch Bottom Piece.




Adding the Door-


(1) Solid Armoire Door

(1) Armoire Door Frame

(1) Hitch Fastener

(1) Thin Magnet

(1) 1 x 8-7/8-inch Cardstock


From the template cut the (2) Door pieces.  The first thing we want to do is cut a strip of cardstock to 1 x 8-1/4-inch.  Score the piece down the center at ½-inch and apply Scor-Tape or similar to each side of the score line.




Pull one side of the tape backing and adhere to right side of solid armoire door from the bottom up leaving ½-inch untapped at the top. Please Note:  The left side of the door has a hole for the door pull.




Next, run a bone folder or similar down the side of the strip to flatten it.  Be careful doing this as you don’t want to tear the paper.




Place the door centered on the armoire.  Pull the remaining tape backing and adhere the strip down to the armoire front.  Perfect!




Apply glue to the backside of the armoire frame and adhere to matching area on solid door front making sure to place the piece where the hole for the door pull matches the hole on the left side of the solid door. Great!





Place the hitch fastener screw into the backside of the door out through the front.  Screw the Hitch fastener to it.  



Take a small button magnet and adhere it to the left side of the door where the screw will hit it.   The magnet will stick to the screw allowing the door to stay closed.





Adding Details to the Front-


Find/Cut the following pieces:


(2) Large 1 x 5-inch Frames

(2) Small 1 x 1-7/8-inch Frames

(1) Fleur de Lis

(4) Eyebrow Curls

(1) Circle

(8) Flowers

(2) ¼ x 1-1/8-inch Top Rectangles

(2) 5/8 x 1-inch Bottom Rectangles


Starting with the left/right large and small frame pieces apply glue to the backside and adhere the larger frames onto the left and right sides down 3/8-inch from the top and over from the sides 1/8-inch.  



Apply glue to the backside of the smaller frame and adhere directly under the larger frame coming down from the larger frame 1/8-inch.


Apply glue to the backside of the of the ¼ x 1-1/8-inch Top Rectangles pieces and adhere to top left and right flush with the left and right sides; just under the 3 x 7-7/8-inch top.




Apply glue to the larger 5/8 x 1-inch rectangles and adhere to the bottom left and right.  Do this 1/8-inch down from the smaller frame and level with the bottom.



Apply glue to the backside of the Fleur de lis and adhere to the top center. 




Apply glue to the backside of the eyebrow curls and adhere to the left and right of the fleur.




Find the center bottom of the front armoire door with a centering ruler.  Apply glue to the backside of the circle and adhere to the center.



Apply glue to the two remaining eyebrow curls and adhere them with the bow down to each side of the circle piece.




For the flowers, start on the larger frame and adhere the piece centered 1-1/2-inches down.  For the second flower come up 1-1/2-inch from the bottom of the large frame and adhere. Repeat for right side.


Adhere a flower centered to the smaller frame.  Repeat for right side.


Last, adhere a flower to the 5/8 x 1-inch larger bottom rectangle centered.





Adding the Feet-


Apply glue to the interior of the Graphic 45 Metal Claw Foot and adhere them to all four corners of the base.


Adding the Calendar Cards-


Cut (12) Calendar Cards from the template or (6) if you want to do back to back calendar cards.  Cover the cards with Graphic 45’s new Fashion Forward paper collection. Cut out each calendar and adhere centered.  




The cards are a friction fit into the center matching area of the armoire.  You my also choose to us a magnet set. Store the extra cards into the armoire.



 Great Work!  I hope you enjoyed making the armoire." ~Jim


Create your own Armoire with these

downloadable .SVG Files 

and Printable Step by Step Tutorial











ATC Matchbook Box & Album

Start your Holiday Crafting with this easy to follow project sheet and bundle.  




Happy Papercrafting!  



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